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Episode 263 - A Different Kind of WoW
« on: September 23, 2021, 12:18:00 PM »

The boys sans one get into Spelunky, all sorts of Warioware goodness, Deathloop and more! Plus another dip into the mailbag and our latest poll results. Direct news came post recording, so we will cover all that next episode!

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While Casey's away, the big boys play!

Casey is neglecting his friends for work (sell out!) so Alex and Perry are left to hold down the fort. What we got is a two hour show filled with WoW...but not the kind you might be thinking!

After some Dark Arts, Perry tells us all about Spelunky and his co-op adventures in WarioWare: Get it Together. Alex then shares his kid-in-a-candy store experience with the Wii U eShop. From that shopping spree, he chats about WarioWare: Smooth Moves (a Japanese Wii launch title!) and Wario Land: Shake It! (you really need to play this one if you haven't).

Alex also picked up the Metroid Prime Trilogy, and we used the chance to formally announce that we're doing an I Demand You for the first Metroid Prime. It'll be Episode 268 (October 28, if I did that math right) because Alex the MADMAN never played it.

At the end of our What We've Been Playing, Perry talks Cruis'n Blast and Alex remains enamored with Deathloop. Closing things out, we do some listener mail centered around trading card games and breaking controllers, and we got a poll time! What series do you really want to come to Switch?

P.S. We record on Tuesday, so you're getting a BIG Nintendo Direct episode next week.

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