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Re: Mafia 83: F-Zero Strapped for Crash! [PODIUM CEREMONY]
« Reply #50 on: December 27, 2019, 07:22:18 PM »
This'll likely be my last game summary post, covering day 3 and on.

First, it was clear with a solid townie alliance that it didn't make sense to do anything but vote for what they voted for, regardless of what it may be, which was my day 2 and onward plan.

Second, my plan of a no-hit worked as best as it possibly could, at least from the perspective of the short term. While Khushrenada declared publicly that I had been investigated, shortly after, I received this message from pokepal.

So we actually have a lot of the game mapped out at this point.

Current driver line-up
1. Pokepal148 - Detective
2. Khushrenada - cupid
15. ThePerm, a Normal Townie in a AA-battery powered Bumper Car.

Semi/mostly confirmed roles:
13. Backwards Flying Dragons - Townie
4. Lolmonade - Claims to be the Doctor

8. Stevey, - lovebird - ThePerm did some digging by asking for a Role PM and deduced he was most likely a townie.
9. Stratos - lovebird

Unconfirmed roles
6. Nickmitch,
7. NRW_Insanolord
14. Lucario
10. Mr. Bungle
12. Mop It Up

There's a killer, godfather, 2 Mafia goons, and 3 townie roles mixed between the lovebirds and our completely unconfirmed playerbase.

We need to get some clarification on how the couple/lovebirds work before we can write them off completely. It is possible for example that either Stratos or Stevey were originally mafia goons or something. One of them might have even been the godfather which would explain why the Mafia didn't place a hit (after all, if the godfather is still technically alive even if the role is no longer active than the hit ability might not have passed to the goons). The Killer has been active since Day 1 so we can assume they aren't the killer at least.

Either way, of the five players in that unconfirmed list, Lucario seems to be the most suspicious, if anything because of how active he's been this time around, along with the fact that he totally would hit me on day 1 so keeping pressure on him seems like a strong play

This meant the guesswork in avoiding plain townies was gone. There was no reason to doubt lolmonade was the doctor, but, at the same time, if I were the one sending this message, instead of identifying lolmonade as the doctor, I would have picked someone we hadn't even identified yet, or crossed Khushrenada's role with lolmonade's, just in case I was the godfather.

I had not yet considered who to hit for the day, but this easily created a struggle. Before receiving this message, I had contacted Steef who clarified that the AA-Battery shield ThePerm had had been used. We, the mafia, suspected the doctor wasn't even active. We were heavily considering targeting pokepal again just to ensure he was killed. I was very, very on the fence about it, and at one point, even sent in the hit, but then later changed it.

Lucario was the victim of the town's vote. In PMs, I had encouraged the townies not to vote him out, acknowledging he was likely the killer, but at the same time, pointing out his kills had so far been easily deflected. Were I a normal townie, I likely would have made this same approach, while also reaching out to Lucario and aiming him at suspected mafia members. As a godfather, I'd want him alive to have him aim at townies with roles. Ultimately, I sent him one vague message, something simple, like "r u the killer?" to see what reaction I'd get. Depending on his response, I would have tried to ally with him. At the same time, it was too late to save him. Had I allied, I would have told him to target lolmonade, essentially washing my hands of a degree of culpability.

Ultimately, Khushrenada was the target that night. This was primarily because he seemed to be the only player really paying attention. Pokepal just accepted me into the fold, and no one else was really in contact. I would have taken out pokepal had it been possible, but I felt to fit in with the townies, I needed to start giving them advice, such as "Protect the investigator." It seemed like common sense, but they didn't use the doctor's protection on ThePerm the day prior, so by offering up helpful-but-not-actually-helpful advice, I could definitely blend in for a little while, and perhaps take up the mantle of the lead townie in the end. Killing Khushrenada could also potentially set up me taking the mantle of the race leader down the line, but I didn't end up following the threads for that plan. That plan involved keeping lolmonade in.

Anyway, the rest of the game was fairly transparent. We hit lolmonade since he was the doctor and the townies weren't appearing skeptical of me, then pokepal since he was the investigator, and after that, inactivity mostly set in. Only hiccup was the townies deciding to vote out the lovers, since I was going to save them for a later hit to drastically and suddenly reduce townie numbers, securing our win. I also thought we could stall Pokepal's investigations by using them, but it didn't work out. That scenario was a win/win from the perspective that we could kill them later and get them to soak up investigations, or just kill them by vote, which is another day we didn't get voted out.

Anyway, @BeautifulShy, I won't be signing up for the Resident Evil mafia, but that's because I have to moderate how much I play these things or I can go overboard.

@Steefosaurus, another mafia game worth checking out was one Khushrenada and I cohosted. It was DC-themed, with a focus on the emotional spectrum and the different lantern rings. It was likely a challenging game to play, but it was certainly a challenging game to host. We had point shops and different prizes that we secret-auctioned off. I recall there was a lot of participation, but it was an earlier time, so I won't say that the format drove playing. One thing we did with the points, though, was encourage posting. If you posted in the thread, you earned points that could be spent in the shop. I don't even recall who won, but I do recall my favorite piece of the game was when UncleBob, who was Joker, which was our "Killer" role, bid 0 points for a ring, which allowed modification of the daily vote, and we decided it was perfectly in character for him to successfully win the bid because there were no other bids for the item that day.

What I liked about that game is that it did encourage and reward participation, and allowed all sides to be rewarded by participation, thus the strategy of laying low and playing very quietly by the mafia wasn't necessarily the best play, as it seems to be in games now.

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Re: Mafia 83: F-Zero Strapped for Crash! [PODIUM CEREMONY]
« Reply #51 on: December 27, 2019, 07:54:28 PM »
Anyway, @BeautifulShy, I won't be signing up for the Resident Evil mafia, but that's because I have to moderate how much I play these things or I can go overboard.
That is okay.  Everyone has to manage how much they play or not as these games can get very in-depth in someones mind.   See you another time. I was going to send out invites once this thread is locked.   It was a joy to play with you again even though I didn't get to play that much. 
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