Author Topic: Sega Adds a Quirky RPG to Switch in June With Citizens of Space  (Read 435 times)

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Today in sequels to games you forgot about or never knew existed...

Citizens of Space, the follow-up to the 2015 Atlus-published Wii U game Citizens of Earth, is coming to Switch on June 19. This time, the Eden Industries-developed RPG is being published by Sega.

Much like its predecessor, Citizens of Space puts you in control of the Ambassador of Earth who fills out his RPG party with recruitable citizens. Tragedy strikes when the planet Earth goes missing and the story follows the Ambassador's quest across multiple planets to recover his home. Combat is seemingly inspired by timing-based RPGs like Mario & Luigi as opposed to the raw EarthBound stylings of the first entry.

Citizens of Earth had a mixed reception back in 2015, though my review of the 3DS version was more positive, saying "The stunted, load time-induced pace of Citizens of Earth is hard to tolerate at times, but the overall adventure, gameplay, and world make this RPG a worthwhile experience on 3DS." Our Wii U review, from Kim Keller, wasn't scored because of game-breaking bugs.

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