Author Topic: Episode 139 - E3 Hype Train + Mario Maker 2 Direct  (Read 719 times)

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Episode 139 - E3 Hype Train + Mario Maker 2 Direct
« on: May 16, 2019, 11:22:00 AM »

Bobby, The Nintendo Guru joins the boys to start the E3 Hype Train! But before all that we get into Boxboy + Boxgirl, Shakedown: Hawaii, Fortnite, and the Detective Pikachu movie.

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As E3 draws near the boys are tossing the coal into the engines to get the hype train ready for its departure. What better way to amplify that hype with The Nintendo Guru himself, Bobby! Bobby drops to help ignite the E3 flames, but before all that we got games to talk about! The Guru has been busy diving back into Fortnite and losing hours of his life to the fresh season which shakes things up and has gotten his interest back. But when he needs a break from blasting fools, he's kicking back with some the soothing puzzles of Boxboy +Boxgirl! It's more of the game, but that ain't a bad thing!  

As for the boys, Casey has been playing a super secret game he can't talk about until next week, so he brings his impressions of the recently release Detective Pikachu movie. Perry figured to shake things up a bit, he'd actually have a game to talk about and that game just so happens to be Shakedown: Hawaii. He dubs it the best pixel art of all time, but does the gameplay live up to that standard?!

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on who you ask, Pert had to step away, but Casey and the Guru continue on by getting into the eShop Roundup as well as a healthy dose of News. But then we get into the main attraction! That's right it's time to stoke the fire, the E3 fire! Originally planned to talk about our favorite E3, it evolved into going over every Nintendo E3 since 1995! We talk about hardware and big games released for each and then cap it off with our favorite year!

Perry returns after Bobby departs for some hot Mario Maker 2 Direct Reactions! There was a bunch to talk about as the Direct gave us tons of news, in fact that convo lasts for about double as long as the Direct itself!

We'd like to thank everyone who joined our first eShop Giveaway, but congrats to TalesOfHyrule aka @Bookworm13X over on Twitter for winning! Make sure to check the tweet below to enter for this weeks giveaway, Mutant Mudds Collection!!

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