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Re: Disney+
« Reply #200 on: February 26, 2020, 05:31:09 PM »
Pretty sweet.
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Re: Disney+
« Reply #201 on: February 27, 2020, 03:19:24 PM »
I don't know how long it takes for new eps to show up on D+, But, check out this poster for an upcoming Simpsons episode.

Now we have some context for the poster.  MCU creator Feige, and The Russo Bros to guest star!

Edit: more details

Kevin Feige, Tal Fishman, Tarran Killam Joseph, Anthony Russo and Cobie Smulders Guest-Voice

Bart accidentally sees a brand-new superhero movie a month before it comes out... and the world cowers before his newfound plot-spoiling powers. Thus, a new super-villain is born: Spoiler Boy! Can heroic movie executives stop Bart before he succumbs to the temptations of ultimate evil?

edit: did I mention that Kevin Feige is voicing "Chinnos" in this "Infinity War" parody episode?

Airs this Sunday.
How long does it take before new episodes of Simpsons show up on D+?

I'm kinda watching it with my daughter, but we're only on S2.... hopefully it will be there before we get caught up.

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