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Mafia LVIX: Jurassic Park. List of players and roles.
« on: November 06, 2013, 12:28:37 PM »


Stogi - Velociraptor 1[/color]
Thatguy - Velociraptor 2[/color]
Jrlibrarian - Velociraptor 3[/color]
Lolmonade - Velociraptor 4[/color]


Mop it up - Dr. Harding
Thatguy - Velociraptor #2

Shaymin - Townie (Killed by vote)
lolmonade - Raptor 4 (Killed by vote)
Stogi - Raptor 1 "Clever Girl" (Killed by T. Rex)
jrlibrarian - Raptor 3 (killed by vote)
stratos - Dr. Grant (killed by mafia and T. Rex)
Spak-Spang - Townie (killed by T. Rex)
Pokepal148 - Townie (killed by vote)
Toruresu - Townie (killed by T. Rex)
Lucariofan99 -Robert Muldoon (killed by vote tiebreak rule)
Oblivion - Townie (killed by vote tiebreak rule)
ThePerm - T. Rex (killed by vote tiebreak rule)
Nickmitch - Townie (killed by mafia)
Silenced - Townie (killed by vote)
Stevey - Townie (killed by vote)
Nwr_Insanolord - Townie (killed by mafia)

Active Roles[/u][/b]

Townie Roles
Dr. Harding
Mafia Roles
Raptor 2
And there are 0 townies still alive.
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