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Puyo Puyo!! - Puyopuyo 20th Anniversary Preview
« on: May 31, 2011, 07:26:09 PM »

Sega's colorful blobs are turning 20 this year, and a new title is underway.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Sega's color matching puzzler, Puyo Puyo, also known as Puyo Pop in the West. First released in 1991 on various consoles, including the Japanese MSX and the arcade, the series has since then spawned several titles, including a Sonic-themed version called Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, as well as a Nintendo-exclusive version called Kirby's Avalanche.

To commemorate the anniversary, Sega will release a new game featuring gameplay from previous titles, as well as new modes and characters exclusive to this game. The DS title is simply called "Puyo Puyo!!", following the naming scheme set up by the 15th anniversary "Puyo Puyo!".

The classic set of rules is the simplest, with the objective being to remove colored blobs (Puyos) by aligning blobs of like color as quickly as possible. Creating chain reactions causes hindrance Puyos to fall into the opponents playing field. Puyo Puyo Sun mode features a special sun Puyo that will dump a ton of Puyos into the opponents playing field when activated. In Puyo Pop Fever mode, after several Puyos are cleared off the stage, a fever meter builds up. When it is filled, several lines of colored Puyos will fall, aiding the player in full completion of the game.

Nazo Puyo, or "Riddle Puyo" is a version where players compete with each other in order to solve an assigned puzzle, such as clearing a set number of Puyos. Chibi-Puyo Fever, or "Small Puyo Fever", is a mode where players are in constant fever mode, but the puyos will be smaller. This allows for bigger chain combos. The final mode is Deka-Puyo Rush, or Huge Puyo mode where giant puyos fall down. Lining up three of them clears them.

In addition to these Puyo Pop variations, Puyo Puyo!! will also feature a story mode including a host of 24 characters from the original game through last year's Puyo Puyo 7. Story mode will feature eight distinctive stories. The mode is broken down into chapters and will include comedic cutscenes played after players defeat stages.

If this happens to be a player's first Puyo game, the "School" mode returns to teach players about the basic and advanced techniques of gameplay, such as lining up the Puyos for the highest score possible.

In terms of multiplayer, Puyo Puyo!! will feature download play, DS wireless play and online multiplayer courtesy of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. In download play mode, up to eight players can participate using only one cartridge. Players can also participate in co-op matches with each other or with an AI partner. Online mode features ranked matches.

Puyo Puyo!! will be released in Japan on July 14. There will also be a special anniversary edition version, which includes a Puyo Pop-themed pouch and cloth.

No announcement has been made for worldwide release.