Author Topic: Building A Computer - $800 Budget - New Build for 2021!!  (Read 99076 times)

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Re: Building A Computer - $800 Budget - New Build for 2021!!
« Reply #100 on: March 03, 2021, 01:35:58 AM »

I pretty much gave up on getting the Liquid Cooler ARGB lights to work with the software. Something I may revisit at some point....

New Project... upgrade old computer and setup in daughters room.
hows it going you ask? Well, the computer works fine. That's the good news.
the bad news is that I can't access the Windows key from my old harddrive still in that computer, and I didn't write it down becuase it said it would auto detect on new install in new computer. :facepalm;

initial issue was I installed the Win10Home instead of Win10Pro, so I just had to overwrite that install w/ a Win10Pro install. but it still didn't autodetect the other installation of Windows on the other HDD still in the computer.

Does anyone know a way to get that Win key?

p.s. I did replace the motherboard, so my next venture is to rebuild a 3rd computer (but i need to get the Windows key off that one before I do anything, first got to get the video output to start working again). So I was just thinking that I would rebuild the 3rd cmouter w/ the MB of the 2nd, so maybe I'll just steal the SSD from the 2nd computer and initially boot it with that and get the Win Key before putting it back in the 2nd computer, then use the Win Key and correct Win 10 version for the 3rd computer to redo that computer (does that all sound terribly complicated? please tell me there is an easier way)

Long story short, is rebuild of 2nd computer also exceeds specs for Oculus, but also turned into something far more expensive than what I set out to do originally.... Originally I meant to upgrade the MB and CPU. ended up also having to upgrade the RAM and bout 2 new m.2's for it.
Only thing not new in that "re"build was the case.

This 3rd rebuild will be easy though, because it will basically be the old 2nd computer, just in a different case.
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Re: Building A Computer - $800 Budget - New Build for 2021!!
« Reply #101 on: March 03, 2021, 08:43:55 PM »
It's hard to say what to do about getting the key since it depends on how you got Windows 10 in the first place. If all else fails, find one of the programs that gets around that for you. You have a legit copy, so it's not pirating.

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Re: Building A Computer - $800 Budget - New Build for 2021!!
« Reply #102 on: May 23, 2021, 12:24:07 PM »
My plan to upgrade to a new laptop probably won't be happening this year so I'm still rocking my mom's old Dell XPS l501x with it's first generation i5 processor. However, I managed to track down a FHD screen for it so I plan to upgrade from it's current 1368 x 736 resolution.

The CPU on it is a socket style CPU so I should be able to upgrade that as well but when we're talking about 10+ year old processor technology I'm not convinced the jump from a first generation i5 to an i7 would be worth it, especially since the i7 requires me to invest in a higher watt charger and the quad core i7 has a slower clockspeed than what I currently have.

The thing is an absolute champ though. It's a big bulky thing that has a fairly powerful cooling system and that combined with the SSD upgrade I did last year has bought it alot of life. Combined with how easy it is to repair for a laptop I suspect I'll be keeping it around for something even after I upgrade unless it completely dies out somehow.