Author Topic: Mighty Mafia Power Rangers: Day 2 - A Mafia Adventure  (Read 9723 times)

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Re: Mighty Mafia Power Rangers: Day 2 - A Mafia Adventure
« Reply #50 on: May 12, 2010, 09:45:09 PM »
So, during Day 2, there was this spectacular battle between Vlad and the Rangers.  Sorta.  The Pink and Red Rangers fought Vlad while, I guess, the Black Ranger was too busy break dancing at the Juice Bar, trying to impress Angela or something.  The Red Ranger used his Power Blaster - unsuccessfully.  As Vlad stood up for his second wind and charged the Red Ranger, the Pink Ranger used her Power Bow, shooting Vlad square in the head... as the life faded away from Vlad, his monster form gave way to his human self... gasping for his last breath, the words "Avenge me!" were the last words Halbred managed to cough out...

Night Actions:
Zedd/Rita need to select a new player to cast a spell upon.
Bulk/Skull need to select a player to investigate.

There are no monsters active and no down Rangers, so Rangers and Zordon can turn in early tonight.

Zedd/Rita, Bulk/Skull, you will get your results tomorrow.
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