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Mafia:XLI Looney Toons Mafia Players list and Roles
« on: January 11, 2010, 01:33:37 AM »
Players List
According to sign up order
Mop_it_up-Marvin the Martian
Stratos-Instant Martian #1
Golden Phoenix-Instant Martian #2

Thatguy-Bugs Bunny-Day 1 Taz kill
The Fleece-Lola Bunny-Day 1 Marvin hit
Dasmos-The Martian Queen-Day 1 vote out
Khushrenada-townie-Day 2 Taz kill
Rabicle-townie-Day 2 voteout
ShyGuy-townie-Day 2 Marvin hit
DAaaMan64-Granny the Doctor-Did not follow voting rules on Day 2
Vudu-townie-Day 3 Taz kill
Toruresu-townie-Day 3 Marvin hit
Plugabugz-Taz the Killer-Day 4 vote.
The Perm-Townie-Marvin hit
Bugs Bunny the Investigator
Granny the Doctor
Lola Bunny the Vote Changer
3 townies.

Marvin the Martian
The Martian Queen
Instant Martian 1
Instant martian 2

Other Role
Taz the killer

Mafia Win! via tie.
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