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Re: Rate The Last Game You Played
« Reply #625 on: July 31, 2012, 09:41:56 PM »
I just beat it with every treasure, and I thought the game was...boring. I remember loving it back in the day, but it hasn't aged well. Very slow-paced, the level designs are lazy, and the bosses are unbelievably easy. Wario Land 2 is where the series really started to take off.
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Re: Rate The Last Game You Played
« Reply #626 on: July 31, 2012, 11:36:26 PM »

Just finished up my third indie game, Torchlight-the slash and hack diablo clone. 

A bit mixed about this one, first off it took me 1hr+ to get the game running.  Not sure why but the game doesn't run if you change your operating system's (windows 7 for me) DPI (meaning I use larger icons on my desktop).  Why?  I have to freaking idea and there hasn't been a game patch for this for three years?  So I had to change my DPI, logoff and on again just to play this game.  Oh, the solution wasn't even found on the website troubleshoot forum, nope found it on  *rolls eyes*

As for the game, there's zero story so all you'll left with is the combat.  You get an pet companion who can help in fighting but it also's doubles as a mule pack--you won't have to teleport back to town to unload equipment just send your cat or dog back instead.  There's a few neat spells to play with but there's not point reset option other than "retire" your character and start from the beginning, which brings up another point.  There's only one character slot option, meaning you can have multiple characters saves which might be troublesome if people share accounts with others.

Another thing this game lacks was multiplayer.  Not that I do much co=op missions with others but I wouldn't minded trading items with others, so often I found equipment that I couldn't use or missing one piece of that set armor (though I did get three of the same helmets for that set :( ).

+diablo clone with plenty of loot
+the UI works great
+plenty of extra storage back in town

=One save file
=no story to speak of
=no multiplayer

For the $5 that I paid, I did enjoy myself but I can't recommend this to many since it's just another hack and slash game--an 6/10  unoriginal and forgettable.   
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Re: Rate The Last Game You Played
« Reply #627 on: July 31, 2012, 11:45:52 PM »
I just beat it with every treasure, and I thought the game was...boring. I remember loving it back in the day, but it hasn't aged well. Very slow-paced, the level designs are lazy, and the bosses are unbelievably easy. Wario Land 2 is where the series really started to take off.

I have to concur.  I'm playing the game off-and-on right now, and man I'm struggling to stay awake as I play it.  The game just moves so...slowly, and the levels just don't seem to have any flow to them.
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Re: Rate The Last Game You Played
« Reply #628 on: August 01, 2012, 12:55:06 AM »

This was made by the ex-Diablo guys on a shoe string back when Diablo 2 was still the only real game in town. TL 2  should address the flaws you have mentioned, except story. This is pon of Hack and Slash, the story is only really getting in the way.
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Re: Rate The Last Game You Played
« Reply #629 on: September 07, 2012, 05:55:54 PM »

Knocked down a few titles in the past week that have been on my backlog for awhile now:

First up, lets start with the bad, Ninja Gaiden 3 (XBox 360).  When the first NG reboot was released on the Xbox I loved it and now, Tecmo might as well hand out pink slips to "Team Ninja" because when Itagaki left the developer (2008) they released two subpar titles back to back. 

In NG3 there's way to many QTE (quick time events, ie God of War), feels like even the lowest minor characters ending with an QTE.  Awful, not only is it in combat but in platform selections as well.  Instead of awarding challenging platform selections like in NG 1 or 2, you'll get QTE events instead.

As for the combat, you'll end up fighting the same handful of enemies and bosses over and over again.  No real skill is required.  You get this "rage" meter that fills up quite fast allowing you to plow over enemies.

So what's missing from the sequel?  Items/upgrades for one, you no longer have to look for weapons or items thoughout the map because there isn't ANY.  You'll get one sword and the same damn attacks from the beginning of the game and one bow you get about 1/3 in.  No upgrading weapons, no added additional combos, increasing health--NOTHING.

Nippo, NG's magic system is reduced down to ONE spell the entire game, and if you use it you'll refill you health to 100% while killing everything on the screen--not overpowered or anything *rolls eyes*.

And lastly, there's no dismemberment, which worked well in NG1 and 2 because it allowed multiple ways to defeat enemies.

In short, save you time and money and just skipped this dud, Team Ninja lost all it's magic, an 4/10.
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Re: Rate The Last Game You Played
« Reply #630 on: September 07, 2012, 06:29:02 PM »

Next comes up Saints Row 3 (Xbox 360):

If you never played an SR game, it's an GTA clone with a sense of humor.  A couple of small gripes, for one the assassin's missions were an utter waste of time.  It was supposed to be a fun way to explore different options in the game but alot of times the game didn't defined the objection clear enough so you either had to waste a few hours guessing on what to do or use an guide.  Though "streaking" in front of window shops to lure out the target did get a giggle out of me.

Also issues with a couple of glitches, in a couple of missions where you had to escort the AI whores, they ended up running in place instead of entering the car.  In Insurance Scam side quest, anytime I went flying into the the air the game would reset my character back on the ground (kinda pointless in this sidequest since the whole idea was to cause major damage to your character to begin with).

Overall the game is just more or less the same, nothing really new but still good enough for us GTA freaks looking for more.  An 8/10.
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Re: Rate The Last Game You Played
« Reply #631 on: September 24, 2012, 09:23:18 AM »
I just beat a Boy and his Blob on Wii. I LOVE this game and I give it an 8.5! It's a great puzzle platformer and the puzzles are easy enough to solve if you just pay attention and take a sec to think about it. The controls, however, are a little janky and, in my opinion at least, there are far too many of those situations where you're parachuting through a minefield (which can be troublesome with the controls). However, this is a great game that every puzzle game fan should have!!!

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Re: Rate The Last Game You Played
« Reply #632 on: October 02, 2012, 11:06:50 AM »
New Super Mario Bros Wii

Meh. It's a good game, and the co-op is an interesting addition even though it makes actually finishing levels more difficult most of the time. But it's also bland and something about the movement physics felt off - character momentum never seemed to click for me. Despite the complaints, a mediocre Mario game is still a better choice than most other platformers.


Monster World IV

Retro fans should pick this up. The game has some rough edges around level design but is a great example of late 16-bit games. Nice graphics, solid controls, and a simple but fun story. There are some unexpectedly nice ideas in the game - seeing the light RPG elements tied into the action/platforming, and watching the story unfold by seeing how the town changes over time - and the whold package feels like it received a lot of attention during development. That we are getting an official translation for the first time years later is a gift to fans of old-school gaming.


The Legened of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

I went in with low expectations, as the idea of stylus controls didn't really appeal to me. By the game's end my opinion hadn't changed: stylus controls are still unappealing, but I have to admit they did a good enough job implementing them into this particular game that it didn't make playing a chore. With that out of the way, I have to say I was impressed with Phantom Hourglass. Not one of the finest moments in the Zelda series, but a solid game that tried some new things. Be warned though: the repeated use of a single temple might annoy some, and the controls are not as accurate or convenient as using buttons.


WarioLand: Super Mario Land 3

Enjoyed this game greatly as a child, but was worried that it wouldn't hold up to nostalgia. Well... it 's still a good game, but just not as good as I remembered. Levels are very simple, although do contain some nice secrets to look for. Wario controls very slowly, making the pace an issue at times, but has some interesting power-ups including the Jet Hat that speeds up his general movement. Playing through and trying to get the best possible ending was still fun, but it's impossible to ignore how short and easy the game is. I had fun and would recommend for fans, but I would have a hard time recommending to everyone.


Bonus impressions: Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave  Incident

Really didn't expect much form this game, and it largely is what I expected. A few simple puzzles, and some large images that you have to search for a list of specific items. What I didn't expect (and was very pleased to see) was how much my non-gaming family members enjoyed playing. Not a game I would've bought for myself, but being able to game with my wife is something I always appreciate.
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Re: Rate The Last Game You Played
« Reply #633 on: October 16, 2012, 02:34:53 PM »
     Since I was planning to unplug my Wii this weekend with every game I currently own finished (gonna buy a few more nonetheless, but keep them on-hold) I decided to play through one last game. My choice turned out to be the Gamecube version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, a game I have not touched ever since it came out about six years ago and I had mixed feelings about.

The control schematics is easy to understand, since it is mostly the same as in The Wind Waker, with a few minor changes to it. A serves as the universal action button, B is for attacking, X & Y are for items, Z calls Link's sidekick Midna, R is a secondary action button and L is for targeting or placing the camera behind Link. Unlike in the other 3D installments of the series, Link uses his shield automatically when pressing L unless a different item like the slingshot is in use.

I found combat to be rather challenging, especially in the latter areas where you face off against foes that can not be taken down by one hit. It is also far more dynamic than combat in Skyward Sword which felt a little too puzzle-esque since the sword was controlled by the Wiimote instead of a series of button combinations. Despite that, I would have wished for more mass-fights as it rarely occurs that you are facing more than five to six enemies. On the other hand, the game's main bosses seemed a bit too easy for me and I've had more trouble dealing with the mini-bosses at times although even they did not do a lot of damage. Being knocked around by an Iron Knuckle isn't "fun" when it deals a blow that results in only 1 heart of damage.

The main quest's plot is overall good, but the way the main quest is executed is not the best I've seen. During parts of the game, I felt like I was being unnecessarily sent throughout the world just for the sake of getting to the next dungeon and it seemed to me that the makers just wanted to stretch the main quest. The dungeons were well-designed, but their structure is not vastly different from that in Skyward Sword – you still are given one single correct way to get through the dungeons. That being said, this is something the Zelda series has – more or less – always been doing, but it never was as clear as in the last two installments.

The game had much to offer aside from the main quest, but these tasks were not exactly thought out well. Yes, you get a lot of stuff to do, but many give off a vibe of being built in just for the sake of being there. Especially the two major side tasks, the bug catching and the collecting of poe souls. Both take a lot of time, the poe soul quest more than the bugs and the rewards do not live up to the time you need to pour into it. Because they're rupees. Yes. Fucking rupees which you have an abundance of throughout the entire game – I had to ditch a lot of treasure chests because I didn't have the space for all those rupees which I never needed because items like bombs were literally everywhere and since the enemies were quite "weak" (as in "not doing a lot of damage"). At least a piece of heart should've been in it for me.

Speaking of more positive things: The soundtrack is well-made and it is far better than Skyward Sword's, even though it isn't orchestrated. The graphics are really great and it has very beautiful lighting, even though the textures could probably have been a little better (which I won't count as it is a rather old game).
All in all, it is a good game, but it's lacking on the content side. A little less would've been better. Twilight Princess managed to positively suprise me in some ways, but disappointed me in others. Even after six years.

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Re: Rate The Last Game You Played
« Reply #634 on: October 19, 2012, 12:46:25 AM »
Hydroventure (Fluidity)

Beat the last influence ("boss") level. Damn it was hard. That place where you have to throw a cog over a very high rock and then come back is just brutal. At first i couldn't believe that this is what exactly i am supposed to do since it was hard at first and had to check walkthrough video to check if it's indeed what am i required to do there.

Collected all drops with just a few puzzles missing.

Loved the overall feel of the game, music, art all contributing to the look and feel of a school textbook or PSA poster. Clean, inoffensive imagery, soothing music and a great gameplay make for a great game.

Controls were okay, i saw many complaints for jump being tied to shake (which is BS cause it's fine imo), which makes me think these people didn't actually played the game up to world 3. Because cloud form you unlock there is much worse. I think i had to reverse cloud form controls it in options for it to start make sense. But once i did that, it clicked. A few of the challenges i felt were too harsh for this controls though (like that one spot in last influence level).

Still overall the game is built competently around controls and around the fact that you are a body of fluid.

Loved the upgrades system and how you unlocked more and more of your abilities to explore more of the world. I wish rainbow drops you already collected wouldn't get in the way, because if you touch them the game stops and you are teleported back to start point of the page. I get that it's kinda of Mario 64 system, but why would you do that in Metroid-style game?

Which Fluidity totally is. And i'm sad to see the overworld go in 3ds game.

I checked Nintendo channel yesterday and i think i clocked a whooping 20+ hours into it. Really enjoyed it.
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