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Re: Rate the last TV show you've seen
« Reply #4750 on: January 13, 2021, 11:02:21 AM »
The Expanse - This show has pulled off something that Person of Interest was the last show to achieve: get me invested in these characters and their stories. The characters in Season 5 are directly referring to specific stories and events thats happened through the series (notably 1, 2 and 4), characters are asking about their histories and everyone has distinct motivations that is both compatible and sometimes incompatible with those they consider allies. The show takes a serious, more frank look at scifi rapid acceleration and deceleration hurts, lack of gravity kills, characters wear seat belts in space, characters born in space almost never go to land because their bodies cannot handle it and then mines stories out of that.

Then there's some unconventional characters - Amos Burton is one of the most "simply complex" characters on TV. Everything is literal and direct he even says in one episode "if you're gonna kill me then kill me, you have a clean shot to the back of my head", and comes off as one-note until you understand why - and then the context changes everything he says even in retrospect. It's such a balancing act that makes the most potentially dull character very human.

Where Game of Thrones fell over was that the series outpaced the books. The Expanse never will because the series ends (season 6) before the books finish, and the writers are in involved with scripts and production.

If you haven't started this series you absolutely should.
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