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PREVIEWS: Tetris Party
« on: October 07, 2008, 02:32:40 PM »
The addictive puzzle game makes its first appearance on Wii with online play, balance board support, and a number of new modes.

 Since its inception, gamers have been entranced by Tetris. Hudson Soft, playing off of this widespread love is developing a new version of the game called Tetris Party. The addictive puzzle game originally created by Alexey Pajitnov, is coming to WiiWare with a number of new modes and Wii Balance Board support.    

The basic mechanics of Tetris Party will be familiar to anyone who has played Tetris in the past. The goal is to rotate the falling Tetriminos (formations of four square blocks) so that once they land they will help form a horizontal row of blocks. Once a seamless line of blocks is formed, all blocks in that row will vanish.    

Of course, Tetris in such a basic form has been done to death. As such Hudson has created a plethora of brand new experiences and has crammed them into 18 unique modes of play. Furthermore, ten of these modes will feature multiplayer counterparts.    

The game will include two classic mainstays of the Tetris series, Marathon mode, where gamers try to score the largest number of points over the course of fifteen levels and Endless mode, where the game keeps going until players' reflexes fail and the entire screen is filled with blocks. Beginner's Marathon will also be included to easy new players into the game. The mode will start at a slower pace and the Tetriminos will be enlarged.    

Field Climber is a new mode in which an on screen climber will be hauling themselves over the rows of blocks, trying to reach the top of the screen. Players will help the climber by dropping Tetriminos to climb on. As the climber reaches a certain height they will pass through checkpoints.    

In Shadow mode gamers will need to align the Tetriminos so that they match a certain shape shown in the background. The shape will need to be built from a variety of Tetriminos, and there will be 30 different shapes to produce.    

Stage Racer tasks players with guiding a single Tetrimino through a set of courses in the fastest time possible.    

VS Battle is a variation on the traditional Tetris multiplayer mode. As gamers vanquish rows of blocks, their competitors may receive additional bothersome blocks falling on their screen. This mode will include ten items that utilize the Wii Remote. VS Hot Lines is a multiplayer mode in which gamers are challenged to get rid of all the glowing green lines first. Players who aren't able to challenge a friend will be able to take on the computer and still enjoy everything the Battle Modes have to offer.    

Tetris Party will also feature two modes which include a wider playing field. In Co-op Tetris gamers will work together to clear rows of blocks and try to get the highest score. A new turn-based mode called Duel Spaces will have players competing on the same grid to corral off the most empty-space by arranging the Tetriminos in a box. Each piece of the grid enclosed by a box of Tetriminos will provide a certain number of points to the owning player. Much like on paper games of similar influence, the person to close the box is awarded ownership.    

Players will also be able to choose from three special Wii Balance Board modes known as Marathon, Ultra, and Computer Battle where pieces are rotated using the Balance Board.        The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection will allow up to six players to compete in a game of Tetris and the game also allows for up to four players to play the game locally. As with nearly all other Wii games, Tetris Party will require the use of a unique game-specific friend code.    

Tetris Party will be released on WiiWare for 1200 Wii Points sometime this month.    

Nick DiMola contributed to this article.

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Re: PREVIEWS: Tetris Party
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2008, 01:55:22 PM »
This game is pretty beastly, I might have to pick it up.
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Re: PREVIEWS: Tetris Party
« Reply #2 on: October 07, 2008, 05:19:30 PM »
A little pricey for 12 bucks but who the hell cares, it is Tetris.
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Re: PREVIEWS: Tetris Party
« Reply #3 on: October 07, 2008, 08:29:59 PM »
A little pricey for 12 bucks but who the hell cares, it is Tetris.
Grr. Argh.