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My brain just exploded.  Too much awesome to even handle.  Now can we POSSIBLY EVER GET a DVD release of the Pizza Cats series? 

TalkBack / Re: This Week's Virtual Console and WiiWare
« on: February 02, 2009, 01:59:44 PM »
Is anybody really buying Master system games, especially these downgrades of Genesis titles?  Real shame, there's a lot of great games that I'd like to buy on VC but I haven't picked up a new one in a long time.  WiiWare hasn't been supergreat either.  Oh well. 

TalkBack / Re: 2K Games President on Wii: 'Flooded by Crappy Titles'
« on: January 15, 2009, 01:35:28 PM »
I can't speak for the rest of 2K Games library, but my wife bought the original Carnival Games and you know... it has its flaws (no Mii incorporation Braaaah) BUT overall the games WORK.  They got the motion control to WORK.  Could it be better from a polish point of view?  Sure, absolutely.   But it's not an utter piece of **** by any means, and they really did a great job with the motion control and making you feel like you're "playing" the various games. 

That's the irony with the Wii.  My wife and I own about three multi-player games because so many are such crap.  I don't think there's been a single game that has ever really capitalized on the promise and execution of Wii Sports.  Most of the time you just waggle instead of pushing a button, and the games that try to do something more seem unable to pull it off so the game is broken. 

TalkBack / Re: Rock Band 2 Hits Stores This Week, Will Have DLC
« on: December 20, 2008, 02:18:12 PM »
Yeah that's another reason I'd rather get it on 360.  It's pretty great that all the DLC will end up available on Wii, but you can only fit so much on one SD card, and won't be able to bring the RB1 tracks in.  Eventually there will be a Rock Band 3 and I'm sure Harmonix will work to have all RB1/RB2 tracks playable in-game for it, too.  Due to the lack of hard drive that's really a no-go for Wii.  I like the idea of the old games being used in the newer game.  Makes the whole purchase seem more worthwhile in the long term.

TalkBack / Re: Rock Band 2 Hits Stores This Week, Will Have DLC
« on: December 17, 2008, 11:19:24 PM »
I am still wondering how RB2 will make use of the SD card.  It initially sounded as though you would have to leave DLC on the Wii's internal memory to utilize it in game, instead of streaming off of the SD card as in Guitar Hero World Tour.

That said, after the debacle that was my GHWT drum/activision customer support experience, I've decided to buy a 360 and RB2 on that and not deal with any memory limitations for this kind of game. Kudos to Harmonix for stepping it up on the Wii though.

What was your debacle with the drums/customer service?

I had two pads that werent as sensitive as the rest, it didnt make the game unplayable but i ordered the MIDI cable since it was free and i got it in a weeks time. To be honest, I haven't even downloaded the drum sensitivity program from their site yet since I dont think the drums are that big a deal. I know a few people who got their MIDI cables right away and were able to fix the drums, so my opinion of this matter is a more positive one.. so what happened to you that was so bad??

Back to the main news, its good to hear we won't be getting a gimped game but as nron10 mentioned it might me a little too late. Hopefully the disc-only sales will be well, so they can see the support is there, but i can see the band-kit sales taking a hit due to their delayed release.

I had sensitivity issues on all pads... it wasn't unplayable on the three drum pads.  The hi-hat was okay.  The cymbal pad was horrible however.  It registered probably one in every four hits and only if I bashed the living HELL out of the thing.  In general I had to pound the **** out of the drums for it to work, you could not play casually, you had to hit hard and in very specific sections of each drum pad.

I was willing to try the midi cable and try to adjust the sensitivity, but the software is PC only.  The initial customer suggested my orange cymbal problems were beyond sensitivity.  Then Activision required I personally pay to ship the cymbal or full drum kit in for warranty replacement.  I've had to warranty electronics and appliances before and usually the company sends you a pre-paid box or some such thing. 

By that point, I was unwilling to pay more money on top of the 200 I'd already spent, along with frustration with the game itself (just gameplay choices where Rock Band 2 is superior), and the limited DLC Wii owners have been getting, I simply took the whole thing back to Wal-Mart and got my money back. 

IGN's review of RB2 is posted and it is positive.  I'm still debating just getting a 360 and RB2, so that I can have as much DLC on one hard drive as I want.  Plus, you know, I haven't bought a new game for the Wii in eight months.  Though it's much cheaper if I just buy RB2 for Wii, especially since my GH3 controller is compatible.  *shrugs*

TalkBack / Re: Rock Band 2 Hits Stores This Week, Will Have DLC
« on: December 16, 2008, 10:54:24 PM »
I am still wondering how RB2 will make use of the SD card.  It initially sounded as though you would have to leave DLC on the Wii's internal memory to utilize it in game, instead of streaming off of the SD card as in Guitar Hero World Tour.

That said, after the debacle that was my GHWT drum/activision customer support experience, I've decided to buy a 360 and RB2 on that and not deal with any memory limitations for this kind of game. Kudos to Harmonix for stepping it up on the Wii though.

TalkBack / Re: Rock Band 2 Will Support a Competitor's Guitar
« on: October 16, 2008, 01:43:06 PM »
Buying World Tour was a no-brainer for me up until the past couple days.  If RB2 is playable with ALL the GHWT peripherals in the end, then I'll still buy the GHWT kit and RB2 disc.  Like the poster above, I was still going to get GHWT simply because I don't want to buy more peripherals - the GH3 guitar is going to be my bass. 

Drum Kit
Jimi Hendrix
DLC will be less of a headache (pulling it right off SD in-game)
Song Creator

way more DLC (if they put Who's Next up... that's a big sell for me)

It really comes down to how the games play.  Going to have to wait for the reviews now.

TalkBack / RE:November Brings More Mario to VC
« on: November 05, 2007, 02:28:50 AM »
Super Mario World is the greatest game of all time!  Or at least my favorite Mario game.  =)

TalkBack / RE:SPECIALS: Nintendo World Report's Greatest GameCube Games
« on: February 02, 2007, 11:11:30 AM »
I skipped the Cube, I never had the money when it was new, and then I got to a point where it was just like "There's a new system in two years.  Meh."

So far I own Wario Ware, Metroid Prime and F-Zero all for less than forty bucks combined.  The only real drawback right now is buying controllers and memory cards which are still going full-price.  I was able to pick up two wavebirds for 25 dollars each.  

I will definitely get my hands on Res4 since the Wii isn't giving me any deep one-player games for a while.

Good job guys!

TalkBack / RE:SPECIALS: Nintendo World Report's Wii Launch Adventures
« on: December 06, 2006, 05:11:00 AM »
I've never bought a system on launch, but my wife and I have been planning to get ourselves a Wii for a late wedding present.  We saved $400 worth of Zellers/The Bay gift cards from our wedding to use for the Wii.  Zellers is a Canadian department store, they're not going to get as many in as Wal-Mart but we shouldn't have problems if we pre-order...

Unfortunately, it turned out that Zellers was only offering the pre-order as a bundle.  Wii + Excite Truck + Rayman, all at full price.  Zellers was also charging an extra twenty bucks for the Wii for some reason, but whatever - we had gift cards.  With no discount or savings as part of the bundle, I really didn't want to send an extra 120 bucks on two games I didn't want.  There were going to be lots of Wiis, right?  I don't need to pre-order, they'll get in more than enough...

Yep.  Wrong.  Two days before launch Zellers here informed me that they had only enough Wiis to fill the pre-order.  The wife suggested calling Zellers in Langley thirty minutes away.  They were going to have a whole FIVE Wii's for walk-ins.  So we figured we'd try to get there about an hour before open, have a chance.  We pull up, there's not a lot of people in the line... unfortunately, there's not a lot of people in line because the manager just gave out tickets for their five systems.  Dejected, we drove back home and got ready for work.
So began the calling.  Zellers in three different cities.  The Abbotsford Zellers got five Wiis in Monday morning, long after I went.  The next morning, I found out a half hour before work that the Chiliwack Zellers got some in.  No time to get there and back (40 minutes).  And on it went, until we basically found out that Zellers was not getting any more Wiis in anytime soon.  It looked like it might be after christmas for a Wii.  

My wife and I struck a deal.  If I found a Wii anywhere else that weekend, I could use real cash to buy the system only... and we'd use our gift cards to do our christmas shopping.  Thursday night at 8pm, we stopped by Future Shop.  There was ALREADY a line-up.  Turns out they were getting in both Wiis and PS3's the next morning.  At 5am, we woke up and joined the line, about 20 in.  It was raining slightly and quite cold, but we bundled up good.  At 6am, they were supposed to hand out tickets.  Unfortunately the employees who were there couldn't get in the store.  Finally by about 645 they handed out tickets.  Would we get one?  Please have most of the first part of the line getting PS3s...

We got one.  Oh man it felt good.  Two people later, the girl announced "We're out of Wiis, we only have PS3's left."  The line dispersed quickly.  They had 15 Wiis and 10 PS3s, and they handed out all the Wii tickets before the PS3s.  I won't deny that gave me a giddy little thrill.  We left and went back to bed, the store opened at 10am.

There was a huge line-up for Black Friday sales.  To keep things orderly, they let in the Ps3 people first to get their systems from Customer Service, and "normal" customers in as well.  The Wii folks waited outside.  The reason was "Sony people are jerks, we don't feel like dealing with their crap if they have to wait..."  For some reason it took a good thirty minutes for the 10 PS3's to get sold.  We had a good time outside making fun of some women throwing a complete temper tantrum over not being able to get a Wii, chatting with the store guys keeping the door and whatnot.  Finally, I got in, picked up my Wii, got a cheap extra warranty (I don't expect many problems from Nintendo but my eMac recently had an issue out of warranty and I don't feel like taking another chance), and went home.  I set everything up, enjoying the whole process, and then waited.  Got the wife for lunch from work and then we tried out Wii Sports.

I'm enjoying the Wii, but I asked for Zelda for christmas so I'm mildly bored.  Ironically people who don't get a Wii til after christmas will have a lot more to do with the Wii online ... but I'm still quite happy to have it within the first week.  

Nintendo Gaming / RE: paying for VC games
« on: November 29, 2006, 04:37:56 AM »
Considering how much any quality NES/SNES even N64 game goes for at used game stores, flea markets, even pawn shops... five bucks for an NES game is great.  Personally I'm more interested in TG16 and Genesis games, having never owned either system.  Bomberman thank you!  But for NES, say, I'd love to pick up the Yoshi puzzle game.  I've never seen it for less than $20 used.  Legend of Zelda is a classic quality game out for NES.  I've never seen it for as low as $5 in a store.  What about Illusion of Gaia for SNES?  Mario RPG?   8 dollars used?  Try 40+.  I really want a copy of Mario RPG but I can't give up that kind of money for an old game.  8 dollars is fine.

For me the VC is about playing games I missed or don't have.  The cheapest I see actual physical old NES games for is five bucks.  Nintendo isn't ripping anybody off, unless you think that having to pay for things to have them means you're being ripped off.  Besides:  The Wii's only been out for about ten days.  If in six months the VC has hardly any games and most of them suck, then I'll consider it a let-down.  

I'm waiting for Blazing Lasers as far as top down shooters go, but how is this Super Star Soldier game?

Nintendo Gaming / RE:TG16 Control Unhappiness
« on: November 29, 2006, 04:18:02 AM »
I've been using the Wiimote on it's side for the TG16 games (the TG controller is essentially a Nintendo controller.)  I've no complaints about playing Bomberman as such.  Cube controllers for multi-player doesn't bother me.

The Classic Controller works fine for TG16 games.  I suggest using the Wiimote, if the smaller D-Pad bothers you, pick up a Classic Controller.  

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