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Nintendo Gaming / Re: What will Nintendo release in 2023?
« on: January 29, 2023, 12:53:42 PM »
As for my own predictions, here's what I got:

  • Nintendo will publish a virtual card game (in the vein of Heartstone, or Marvel Snap). It becomes a fairly big deal for a month or two, so they begin producing physical cards, but by the time those release interest will have died down.
  • NSO+ will add the following games: Hybrid Heaven (N64), and Crusader of Centy (Genesis), but will not add any new systems like Gameboy.
  • Advance Wars Re-Bootcamp will remain unreleased. We will see some credible reporting indicating NoA had contracted WayForward to also produce a remake of the 3rd and 4th games, but have canned the project.
  • EA revives the Medal of Honor series with an exclusive Switch game. It's a top-down tactics game, kind of like the Ghost Recon game on 3DS.
  • Yokai Watch 4++ gets localized for Switch.
  • Namco produces a Ridge Racer collection for all major consoles, but the Switch version gets delayed last-minute for unclear reasons.
  • We'll see a Mario Sluggers sequel get announced late in the year, with a tentative release date of Q1 2024. People speculate it will be the last major Nintendo game before Switch 2.
  • Around November a new entry in the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games franchise releases, ahead of the 2024 Summer Olympics. Someone wears a beret in the trailer since the Olympics will be in France. I'm thinking Luigi?
  • Bayonetta Origins becomes a modest success with the YA crowd. A manga or graphic novel adaptation will be announced.
  • Luigi's Mansion 1 gets a HD remaster which also includes the multiplayer component found on 3DS. Releases around Halloween.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: What will Nintendo release in 2023?
« on: January 29, 2023, 12:12:38 PM »
Jeez I screwed myself out of points last year once again by going into too much detail.  Seriously, need to be brief this year to get the win.

Yeah, I'm hoping people will just post things they actually expect or want to happen. The points are just an afterthought for fun, not the actual goal here. Maybe we should count interesting predictions differently as opposed to punishing people for them since they didn't 100% pan out.

I'm seeing some of y'all post what Nintendo won't release. Looking at the Rules/Suggestions, this is more of a general predictions thread. Since that's the case and it isn't like there are real stakes here, we can all go 10 for 10 posting what won't happen. "Nintendo won't release a Star Tropics remake developed by Platinum Games" or "Nintendo won't license Jak and Daxter from Sony and release a Switch exclusive reboot" both work and would likely be easy points.

I don't mind predicting things which won't happen, but would prefer if those went against general expectations (e.g.: "Nintendo will not publish a Zelda game this year" is an interesting prediction, as opposed to near-certainties for easy points like "they probably won't sell Mario to Xbox").

For now I have a simple solution: Not-Khushrenada will be paid out in Not-Points this year, done. :)

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Upcoming Switch games! What's on your wishlist
« on: January 16, 2023, 11:28:59 AM »
Zelda is the big one for me as well, though I may not have time for it until Summer. Trying to keep expectations in check though. Bayonetta Origins feels rather soon after Bayo 3, and I haven't even gotten that one yet, so it'll stay on the wishlist for a while.

Still hoping we'll see the Outer Wilds port materialize. It was scheduled for last Summer, but sort of vanished since then. Supposedly that game is really quite special, kind of a time loop thing like Majora's Mask, but in space. Maybe it's just too demanding for the hardware, though.

Fatal Frame 4 and Pikmin 4 are both in the maybe category for now. Will certainly wait for reviews on those. Reckon both will be solid, and Pikmin might even be great, but I don't know if I'll actually play them right away. Fatal Frame feels like it should be an October game, rather than releasing the same month as Resident Evil 4 Remake and Koei Tecmo's other game (Wo Long Dynasty).

Nintendo Gaming / Re: What will Nintendo release in 2022?
« on: January 01, 2023, 06:47:35 PM »
I s'pose I gotta stop putting in so many conditionals with this strict scoring system, as vague seems to be the way to go! But I won't try to argue with the tally, hee hee.

What I will mention, however, is that there was a new Wii port announced: Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe! It didn't release in 2022 though, so not full credit, but I think I should get a half point for it being announced in 2022.

Shoot, forgot about Kirby. Bumped you up to 4 points and updated the overall tally too.

And yeah, like Safe Khushrenada proves, it pays to be boring and not mess up predictions by getting too specific. Bet that's why horoscopes always keep it short too. I'm not really gonna demand people make interesting predictions, but it would be more fun if they do.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: What will Nintendo release in 2023?
« on: January 01, 2023, 12:01:40 PM »
Reserving this post to move the rules down to, once everyone's predictions are locked in.
You're free to start submitting predictions right now!

Look at all these winners, that could be you by this time next year! Invest now!

Safe Khushrenada: 5 points [WINNER]
Mop It Up: 4 points [RUNNER-UP]
Adrock: 3 points [BRONZE MEDAL]
M.K. Ultra: 2½ points
Tophatant123: 2½ points
MrGlubGlub: 2 points
Nickmitch: 2 points
Bold Khushrenada: 1½ point
Luigi Dude: 1½ point
Pokepal148: 1 point
Order.RSS: 1 point
Evan_B: ½ point
Madness Khushrenada: ½ point

And finally, here's what the combined leaderboard of the past 3 years looks like.
Lifetime achievements ranking:
M.K. Ultra: 15 points
Nickmitch: 11½ points
Mop It Up: 9½ points
Luigi Dude: 7 points
MASB: 6 points
Khushrenada: 5½ points
Stratos: 5½ points
TopHatAnt: 5 points
Safe Khushrenada: 5 points
Order.RSS: 5 points
Insanolord: 4 points
Adrock: 3½ points
Pokepal: 3½ points
MrGlubGlub: 2 points
Oedo: 2 points
Bold Khushrenada: 1½ point
Lemonade: 1 point
Fawful: 1 point
Broodwars: ½ point
Evan_B: ½ point
Kairon: ½ point
Madness Khushrenada: ½ point
Shaymin: ½ point

Nintendo Gaming / What will Nintendo release in 2023?
« on: January 01, 2023, 12:00:37 PM »
Welcome to the 2023 predictions thread, where you can win points and eternal glory!
How it works: please post 1-10 Nintendo related things you think will occur this year, that's it!
Previous threads: 2020, 2021, 2022.

I will try to update this thread with all the major Nintendo releases of the year.

  • You may submit between 1 and 10 predictions for the year.
  • If you write your predictions in numbered list/bullet point format that’d be helpful, but it's not required.
  • You get 1 point for being right, half a point for being half-right.
  • You have until the first Direct of the year (probably in January of early February latest) to submit predictions. Obviously we can continue speculation afterwards, but it won't net you any tasty points.
  • No points for guessing stuff we already know! See what we already know… below the line!

What we already know:

2023 Games/Software
- Fire Emblem: Engage January 20th, 2023.
- Kirby's Return to Dreamland Deluxe February 24th 2023.
- Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon March 17th 2023.
- The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom May 12th 2023.
- Pikmin 4 2023.
2023 Hardware/Major merch
- amiibo: Sephiroth. January 13th 2023.
- amiibo: Kazuya. January 13th 2023.
- The Super Mario Bros. Movie April 7th, 2023.
- amiibo: Pyra. 2023.
- amiibo: Mythra. 2023.

2023 DLC (paid/free/demos)
- Fire Emblem: Engage - DLC: Wave 1 January 20th, 2023.
- Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - Expansion Pass: Wave 3 April 30th, 2023.
- Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - Expansion Pass: Wave 4 latest by 31st December, 2023.
- Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Booster Course Pass: Wave 4 2023.
- Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Booster Course Pass: Wave 5 2023.
- Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Booster Course Pass: Wave 6 2023.

2023 Nintendo Switch Online / Services / Mobile
- Game Trial: Uno January 24th - 29th.
- Game Trial: Snipperclips January 27th - February 3rd (PAL only).
- Games added to NSO Retro apps:
  • Goldeneye 007 N64. January 27th.
  • Mario Party 3 N64. 2023.
  • Pokémon Stadium N64. 2023.
  • Pokémon Stadium 2 N64. 2023.
  • 1080 Snowboarding N64. 2023.
  • Excitebike 64 N64. 2023.
  • Harvest Moon 64 N64. 2023. JP only.

Announced projects without dates/beyond 2023
- Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp TBA. Previous date: April 8th 2022.
- Cruis'n Blast - Multiplayer & DLC TBA. (Nintendo owned IP).
- Detective Pikachu TBA. Previous date: 2020.
- Fire Emblem: Engage DLC - Wave 2 2023?
- Fire Emblem: Engage DLC - Wave 3 2023?
- Fire Emblem: Engage DLC - Wave 4 2023?
- Metroid Prime 4 TBA. Announced June 2017/January 2019.
- Pokémon Sleep TBA. Previous date: 2020.
- Pokémon Trading Card Game Live TBA. In beta since February 2022.
- Splatoon 3 - Expansion TBA.

2023 Directs
- None yet!

Nintendo Gaming / 2022's Best Predictors!
« on: January 01, 2023, 11:41:25 AM »
All right folks, this is it, time to distribute Eternal Glory. Let's find out whose crystal balls were the least foggy this year!

First up is Luigi Dude. After scoring 5th and 7th, will this be the year of the Dude?
1.  Metroid Prime 4 will finally have a reveal trailer, but then be listed as a 2023 release.
2.  A remake of a previous Fire Emblem game will be released later this year. 
3.  The rumored Toyko EAD Donkey Kong game will come out later this year.
4.  Xenoblade 3 will be announced but will have a 2023 release date.
5.  The rumors now say there was never a Metroid Prime Trilogy HD but instead Retro has been remastering the first Metroid Prime.  There seems to be enough smoke coming from this that I'll say Metroid Prime 1 will be coming to the Switch this year.  Whether it's considered a remake or remaster, Switch owners will at least get to play the first Prime game this year.
6.  Pikmin 4 will finally be revealed.
7.  Good Feel will make a new Wario Land game again.
8.  A new 2D Zelda using the Links Awakening remake engine will be revealed, but will have a 2013 release date.
9.  A new 2D Mario will be revealed this year and will be their big Spring 2013 game.  Nintendo is probably hoping the Mario movie at the end of this year will be a huge hit, and will want the first new 2D Mario in a decade to come out shortly after in March of 2013.
10.  Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD will either be announced in the next few months and be out by June, or they won't come out until at least second half of 2023.  Breath of the Wild 2 will be Nintendo's big holiday title but they don't want to risk any thing similar taking attention away, so if they don't come out at least 6 months before Breath of the Wild 2, it'll be 6 months after.  This is the same reason I believe the rumored Xenoblade 3 will be a 2023 release, since I doubt Nintendo wants another one of their open world games taking any attention from Zelda and if Xenoblade 3 was going to come out in the first half of this year it would have probably been announced by now.
  • Xenoblade 3 was indeed announced in 2022 (during the February Direct), but released just months later. ½ point
  • Pikmin 4 was indeed revealed! 1 point
Total: 1½ points. Lot of ambitious calls, Fire Emblem is an unfortunate one with it being both a new game but also remixing elements from past titles. The Mario Movie delay also threw a spanner in the works, and it's very unlucky you went big on Zelda during the one year they break their "a Zelda product releases annually" cycle.

Next up is the sophomore effort from TOPHATANT123,
  • The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 is NOT coming out this year. It's been moved back to the launch of the Switch 2
  • Speaking of the Switch 2, it's going to be announced at E3, with one of its features being backwards compatibility.
  • Metroid Dread gets a DLC expansion, again, I don't play it either.
  • Xenoblade 3 gets announced and released, it's got a whole new art style for the characters, different from 1, X & 2.
  • A brand new Fire Emblem releases, not a remake. Releases in the 2nd half of the year, after E3.
  • A port with new content for NES Remix.
  • I want to try and guess some new IPs with these next few. So let's go with an Intelligent Systems developed puzzle game with multiplayer.
  • Under represented genres on Switch? Let's say Nintendo put out an eShop only, 2D platformer roguelike game.
  • Nintendo release some internally developed visual novel, beautiful art style. The phrase "passion project" is used in the marketing material. Doesn't chart once on the US eShop monthly listings.
  • Lastly let's say some cool rhythm game that's a new franchise, not Rhythm Heaven or Band Brothers or Donkey Konga or something.
  • Zelda was indeed delayed, although we don't know if this is Switch 2 related. ½ point
  • Metroid Dread did indeed get DLC, albeit a boss rush and difficulty modes. Hopefully you didn't play it, so you can cash this 1 points
  • Xenoblade 3 is indeed announced and released. Not sure if I'd call the art style very different, so let's say ½ point
  • Fire Emblem Engage is a new game, but not out this year. Don't think you meant to count Fire Emblem Warriors 2 either so let's say ½ point
TOTAL: 2½ points Bit of a safe year for Nintendo, with mostly iterative releases, so that really hinders your score.

Up next is, well, myself:
Don't have a lot of great ideas this year, but here's what I got:
  • Nintendo will port one first-party GameCube or Wii game to mobile, charge $40 for it, and be flabbergasted when it doesn't sell.
  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night gets ported to Switch, but something significant is wrong with it. Could be technical performance, or maybe it's always-online, or has weird microtransactions, idk.
  • Splatoon 3 releases in Summer and becomes a Really Big Deal. It gets some kind of professional league in Japan.
  • NSO N64 adds the following games: Lode Runner 3-D, Tetrisphere, and Hybrid Heaven.
  • People will hope for a new Mario game alongside the movie, but Mario+Rabbids 2 gets that holiday spot instead.
  • A new Kingdom Hearts spin-off is announced exclusively for Switch.
  • Netflix Game Studios publishes a Squid Game themed battle royale thing on Switch/mobile/other platforms.
  • Bandai-Namco resurrects Lost Reavers and somehow gets Nintendo to sign off on adding various character skins. I'm thinking Captain Falcon and Princess Zelda maybe?
  • Koei-Techmo announces Fatal Frame 6 for Halloween 2023, Nintendo's involvement remains unclear.
  • Hollow Knight Silksong is announced as a timed Xbox Game Pass exclusive, Nintendo fans riot on Twitter.
  • Splatoon 3 released in Summer and was a big deal, but I haven't heard about it becoming an eSport. ½ point
  • Koei-Tecmo did announce a Fatal Frame for 2023, but it's a remake and Nintendo seems fairly uninvolved. ½ point
TOTAL: 1 point, oof. Was pretty close with my Mario + Rabbids 2 prediction but missed by a month, and also the movie got delayed. Ditto on Hollow Knight, but went too specific.

Next up, the beating pulse of the forum and overall reigning predictions champ M.K. Ultra:
Here we go 2022
  • Breath of the Wild 2 launches in Summer 2022, Bayonetta 3 launches in Fall 2022
  • Kirby is delayed to Summer 2022, Splatoon 3 is delayed to 2023
  • A third Game in Watch is released (Metroid themed) edit 2/3/2022 Kirby themed
  • Metroid Prime 4 trailer with 2023 release window
  • Mario Paint is revived in some way
  • A new Donkey Kong game from Good Feel is announced edit: It's all mine cart levels  ;D
  • Xenoblade 3 (or X 2) is announced from Monolith Soft
  • No (non-Pokemon) mobile games are released by Nintendo in 2023
  • I will double down on last year's failed prediction for a Switch release of the Battletoads reboot
  • Nintendo will launch the first round of Nintendo Selects titles for Switch
  • Right on the money with Bayonetta, but the dual-prediction costs you. ½ point
  • XB3 right on the money. 1 point
  • Another one with the mobile games. 1 point
TOTAL: 2½ points. Another strong showing from M.K. Ultra, who leaps to a shared 1st place so far. Will they hold onto it...?

Moving on to the loremaster Evan_B
Breath of the Wild 2 is 2022. It happens. The world is changed for the better.
Xenoblade 3 is announced for 2023.
Metroid Prime gets a trailer but no release year/date. Make us suffer.
Some stupid platformer gets made that is very milquetoast.
Nintendo experiments with roguelike design, or at the very least, Pokemon releases a Rumble game using the mechanics.
  • Some stupid platformer in a year with just two Kirby games, and one of them being good. I'm gonna count ½ point for Dream Buffet for including platform elements and supposedly being quite milquetoast indeed.
TOTAL: ½ point, unlucky with the Zelda and Xenoblade 3 predictions both falling the other way. Nintendo should make a roguelike, maybe that could be Star Fox's next genre change?

Let's hear from last year's shared 3rd place, Nickmitch:
  • Detective Pikachu finally comes out. I think this year offers the most room for that game to breathe. With Legends Arceus out soon, I don't think we get Gen IX this year, so it's that or Johto re-remakes. And I think Detective Pikachu 2 is more likely. The other option is DLC for SwSh or Legends.
  • Splatoon 3 is delayed to 2023. I think the game is due for a delay.
  • Metroid Prime 4 happens in trailer form.
  • Breath of the Wild 2 is the big holiday release.
  • We got Wario Ware last year, so the party game for 2022 is Rhythm Heaven.
  • I know there are rumors of new hardware, but I'll say no new hardware announcements this year. The Switch is doing great, and the supply chain is not. I think Nintendo would want Switch sales to peter out a little more.
  • There will be at least one HD remake of a GameCube game released on Switch this year. I think Nintendo would want to explore HD ports over putting games on NSO, and I base that opinion on absolutely nothing. I will also count this as a win if the Zelda port rumors are true.
  • Might as well dust this one off: Bayonetta 3 is the Halloween release.
  • I think there's been enough time for a new Donkey Kong game to be announced. I'm not confident enough to predict who's developing.
  • I think I want my wildcard to be either Chibi Robo or Pikmin. So, I'll go with a Chibo Robo announcement this year.
  • Correct on the no new hardware front, unless we count the Splatoon and Pokémon OLED themed editions (which we don't). 1 point
  • Bayo 3 for halloween let's go. 1 point
TOTAL: 2 points. Unlucky with the Chibi-Robo/Pikmin coin-flip. Pokémon gen 9 probably should have been delayed, but 10 million units sold say differently...It's also a year in which Nintendo released zero remakes/remasters (I guess Live-A-Live kinda qualifies), so that didn't help Nickmitch either. Still, a respectable haul of points!

Adrock is back from hiatus, let's see if they meant business:
  • A new Mario game will be released in December to coincide with the movie. It will have nothing to do with the movie.
  • Nintendo will acknowledge Metroid Prime 4's development without mentioning a release date then charge full price for a Metroid Prime remaster. This is very specifically not Metroid Prime Trilogy. (I’ll begrudgingly buy it anyway)
  • Nintendo will also charge full price for a remaster of Metroid: Samus Returns.
  • Splatoon 3 will be released in the Summer.
  • Bayonetta 3 will be released in October. PlatinumGames will justify Hellena Taylor not returning as as the main character because you play as Cereza even though canonically Cereza is Bayonetta. Taylor cameo at the end and to voice grunts and screams for Bayonetta as an unlockable character.
  • The follow up to Breath of the Wild will be delayed. It won't be a sequel to Breath of the Wild.
  • A multiplayer Legend of Zelda will be released for free on Nintendo Switch Online, $19.99 USD to play local/offline.
  • A bunch of Rare games will show up on Nintendo Switch Online including GoldenEye 007. There will be cross-platform online play with the inevitable Xbox Live version.
  • Some weird gimmick peripheral like Labo or Ring Fit Adventure with an accompanying game will be released. Either no one will care or everyone will.
  • I need something outlandish so something something F-Zero something, developed by the Mario Kart team.
EDIT: clarified #9. Also, I wanted to add a prediction not about a release (outside of the numbered list): Nintendo will acknowledge a Switch successor then release no other information. Waiting out the chip shortages before committing to new hardware seems like a more Nintendo thing to do.
  • Splatoon 3 release you had nailed on. 1 point
  • Bayo 3 completely correct too, although the circumstances around the voice actor change were harder to follow. Still easily 1 point
  • ½ point for the Zelda delay, but it does kinda seem like a sequel
  • Very good shout on the Rare games coming to NSO. Banjo-Kazooie appeared, and Goldeneye 007 was announced but did not release. ½ point
TOTAL: 3 points, rocketing to the top of the charts so far! Will Adrock still be surpassed?

Newcomer MrGlubGlub is here to mess y'all UpUp.
Here's my predictions purely for the first half of 2022 aka the Nintendo Direct for feb 2022
1) F-Zero
2) Kirby 99 style game
3) Mario Odyssey 2
4) Zelda 2 remake
5) Content updates to Mario Kart Live, Pokemon Arceus
6) More weird cloud ports of games too intense for Switches hardware.
7) BOTW 2 release date
8) Kirby Game and Watch
  • Kirby Dream Buffet kinda counts as a battle royale I think. ½ point
  • A Plague Tale: Requiem was this year's perfunctory cloud release. 1 point
  • BOTW 2 did indeed get a release date, but not in the February Direct I believe? ½ point
TOTAL: 2 points! Very solid first showing, bit unlucky on the Mario Kart Live call when they instead spent the entire year rolling out updates for the previous Mario Kart.

I'm going to predict that we'll see a remake of the second set of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games this year. The Pokémon Company is blatantly milking nostalgia from that era of the series and those games did get some references in BDSP as well.

Oh and BOTW2 will be delayed to 2023
  • Pokémon Company were too busy rushing Scarlet/Violet out, so just the BOTW 2 delay here. 1 point
TOTAL: 1 point. Bit of a letdown after last year's solid 2½ points, but in fairness your hit ratio is basically 50% this year.

-The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 will release this year! Probably in November. "Oh, so you're spouting that nonsense again."
-Some sort of new Fire Emblem game will be announced this year, but may not be for release this year. "Yeah and it'll probably still be for you filthy casuals."
-Possibly in celebration of its 30th anniversary, some sort of new Mario Kart release will be announced. "This is at least the 30th time you've said something stupid."
-Super Mario Odyssey 2 baybee it's still gonna happen you'll see! "Do you enjoy embarrassing yourself?"
-We'll finally see footage of Metroid Prime 4 but still no release window, or maybe a vague 2023. "A vaguely sane prediction."
-Some sort of new game as an NSO exclusive (like Tetris and Pac-Man 99), possibly needing the expansion to play. "Your mind needs expansion."
-Crazy guess: something Star Fox-related will be announced. "Cocky little freak."
-Monolith Soft will announced a new game. Probably Xenoblade, but may not be called "Xenoblade Chronicles 3."
-Another HD port of a Wii game, no guesses as to what it could be though. "Wii Port"
-No new Switch models or a successor will be released nor announced this year. "A shortage of brains too it seems."
-Call of Duty finally comes to Switch in some form or another. "Heh heh, heh heh, you said doody, heh heh."
-At least one more port of a Wii U game, could even be the Xenoblade game mentioned earlier with Xenoblade X. "X is such a cool letter."
-At least one more apology for Joy-Con drift. "Your mind is clearing drifting."
-Game Boy added to NSO expansion at the end of the year, no GBC functionality. "I'm colorblind anyway."
-Microsoft finds a way to buy Nintendo, probably for $100 billion. USD, so whatever that is in yen. "You heard it here first folks!"
-Mop it up wins the award for "lamest poster ever" on the NWR forums. "Finally an accurate prediction."
- Oh yeah, I guess if the pattern holds, Next Level Games is due for a new game soon eh? I'll boldly state that they're working on a new Donkey Kong game!
  • Correct on Fire Emblem, and it's already seeing complaints about being too casual too! 1 point
  • Mario Kart 8 did get new content, but the anniversary was not highlighted. ½ point
  • MonolithSoft did release a new Xenoblade, but it was called XC3 after all. ½ point
  • No new Switch hardware. 1 point
  • Next-Level did release a new game, but it's soccer instead of DK. ½ point
TOTAL: 4 points! Very close with Wii Port, but Wii (s)Port(s) got a sequel instead. [EDIT: whoops forgot about Kirby, added half a point.] We did get Phil Spencer mumbling about a Calladoody Switch deal if only those pesky regulators let him complete the biggest deal in this industry ever.
Also a big whiff on MopItUp being the worst poster, that prediction was way off the mark. 

Speaking of the worst poster, here's Safe Khushrenada:
Safe Khushrenada
1.   Nintendo will finally talk about the Switch Successor, their next gaming system, and when it will launch.
2.   Games will be shown for the Switch Successor including Mario Kart 9 with BotW2 also to release on it.
3.   Earthbound will finally be released for the Switch SNES Online app.
4.   Nintendo will release three non-Smash (or Monster Hunter) Amiibo figures for the year.
5.   More DLC will be available for free to those with the Online Expansion + subscription.
6.   A spinoff Pokemon game will revealed and released this year.
7.   Metroid Prime 4 footage will finally be shown.
8.   A new Xenoblade game will be revealed.
9.   A Fire Emblem game will be revealed.
10.   There will be a new Mario platformer game released this year.
  • Early get with Earthbound way back in February. 1 point
  • Exactly 3 Monster Hunter amiibo did release. 1 point
  • Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion got added to NSO+ so that's also 1 point
  • Xenoblade, check 1 point
  • Fire Emblem, check 1 point
TOTAL: 5 points. Big score for Safe Khushrenada, once again proving how safe and dull predictions are the way to victory.

If only we got more daring prediction from people like... Bold Khushrenada:
Bold Khushrenada
1. Game Freak reveals and releases a non-Pokemon IP game.
2. Two new Nintendo IP’s are revealed with one released this year.
3. Ring Fit Adventure gets some DLC content.
4. Another non-Nintendo System is added to the Expansion + subscription
5. Goldeneye 64 is released on the Switch N64 app with online multiplayer.
6. Ever Oasis gets a Switch port.
7. Style Savvy has a game released on the Switch.
8. A new Donkey Kong game is revealed.
9. Super Mario Strikers gets a new entry.
10. A Mario RPG is revealed for the Switch.
  • Mario Striker is a bingo. 1 point
  • GoldenEye got announced, but not released. ½ point
TOTAL: 1½ point. See, this is much more like it. Finally a respectable poster. Get out of here with those winners, 2022 was all about madness!

Speaking of Madness...
Madness Khushrenada
1. Pikmin 4 is revealed and released.
2. SNES Remix (a sequel to the NES Remix games) is released.
3. A Zelda Mobile game is announced.
4. A Star Fox game is released this year.
5. Fortune Street gets a new entry for the Switch.
6. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is re-released.
7. Ice Climbers get a new game.
8. The Switch successor has a second screen on the controllers
9. Chibi-Robo returns from the grave and has a game release on the eShop
10. F-Zero Demolition Derby (a sort of Battle Royale)
  • Pikmin 4 got announced but not released. ½ point
TOTAL: ½ point. Rounding out a mad year with some mad points for a mad last place. Happy new year.

Whew, that's all our entries done & dusted. Congratulations to Safe Khushrenada for the most boring victory of all, next time I'm disqualifying you for submitting late though. Big congrats to Mop It Up for another close-but-not-quite victory.

Safe Khushrenada: 5 points [WINNER]
Mop It Up: 4 points [RUNNER-UP]
Adrock: 3 points [BRONZE MEDAL]
M.K. Ultra: 2½ points
Tophatant123: 2½ points
MrGlubGlub: 2 points
Nickmitch: 2 points
Bold Khushrenada: 1½ point
Luigi Dude: 1½ point
Pokepal148: 1 point
Order.RSS: 1 point
Evan_B: ½ point
Madness Khushrenada: ½ point

And finally, here's what the combined leaderboard of the past 3 years looks like.
Lifetime achievements ranking:
M.K. Ultra: 15 points
Nickmitch: 11½ points
Mop It Up: 9½ points
Luigi Dude: 7 points
MASB: 6 points
Khushrenada: 5½ points
Stratos: 5½ points
TopHatAnt: 5 points
Safe Khushrenada: 5 points
Order.RSS: 5 points
Insanolord: 4 points
Adrock: 3½ points
Pokepal: 3½ points
MrGlubGlub: 2 points
Oedo: 2 points
Bold Khushrenada: 1½ point
Lemonade: 1 point
Fawful: 1 point
Broodwars: ½ point
Evan_B: ½ point
Kairon: ½ point
Madness Khushrenada: ½ point
Shaymin: ½ point

Nintendo Gaming / Re: 2022 NWR Forum Awards - Best Nintendo Game
« on: December 15, 2022, 05:29:47 PM »
Thanks for running all these awards, MK Ultra.  :)

I didn't play a single notable 2022 release so didn't have much to add. I'm half-interested in almost the entire list, but Bayo 3 is probably the only one I'll actually pick up at some point. This often happens to me when Nintendo is doing well, I usually prefer their output during less successful cycles for some reason. The new Kirby game does seem criminally cute, though.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: What's Next For The N64 Expansion Pack?
« on: September 17, 2022, 06:45:22 PM »
As for Harvest Moon 64: The Japanese SNES app also got Harvest Moon. Isn't the problem with these games now that they no longer have the rights to the Harvest Moon name outside of Japan?

I'm not 100% sure of the details, but it seems like the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons split happened in 2012. Broadly I think Natsume holds the rights to the Harvest Moon brand name, whereas Marvelous has (some) rights to the game design. That's presumably why they were able to re-release Friends of Mineral Town, and will re-release A Wonderful Life next year with some in-game names changed under the Story of Seasons brand.

Regardless, Harvest Moon 64 was re-released on Wii U virtual console in 2017 according to Wikipedia, well after the ~2012 split. So unless that involved some sort of special deal where Natsume and Marvelous had to play nice together, I don't really get what the hold-up would be to put it on NSO in the west.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: What's Next For The N64 Expansion Pack?
« on: September 13, 2022, 12:48:30 PM »
Bunch of new N64 stuff was announced in the Direct today. Interesting Japan is getting Harvest Moon 64, but it wasn't mentioned in the US Direct - despite that game being on Wii U virtual console.

- Pilotwings 64 So I guess if there was a rights issue, it has now been solved.
- Mario Party I had wondered if the thumbstick turning would have ruled this one out.
- Mario Party 2

- Mario Party 3
- Pokémon Stadium
- Pokémon Stadium 2

- 1080 Snowboarding
- Excitebike 64
- Harvest Moon 64 Japan only (for now?).

The gameplay itself however, feels a little shallow. For some reason I was under the impression that this was more of a dungeon crawler, but it's actually just a series of rooms full of enemies that must be defeated to open the entrance to the next room full of enemies. The camera doesn't do a very good job of keeping enemies on screen, instead showing a focus on the protagonist and often making visible far too much of the out-of-bounds areas. Each weapon has few moves at its disposal. With how many runs it takes to complete the story, much less everything else on offer, it starts to feel repetitive sooner than it should for this type of game.

Just out of curiosity, did you try playing with the various Pact of Punishment/Heat levels? Those change up the gameplay considerably, and I don't think the game does a great job advertising them. For instance, the Extreme Measures condition completely changes all the major boss fights, giving them entirely new phases, weapon load-outs, altering their arenas, and adding entirely new storylines for those bosses to unravel over subsequent runs.

I felt using the Heat levels greatly extended the longevity of the game, since the higher you go, the more radical you need to be in upgrades. From Heat 32 onwards I would play with zero boons for instance, relying on the Keepsake from Sisyphus to double strength of moves without an attached Boon. Likewise there are points at which you have to start sacrificing your Mirror upgrades, which in turn leads to characters remarking on that.
Another fun challenge is to only collect the Revenge Damage boons, and stack those. You can absolutely finish boss fights by standing still, doing nothing, and watch your quintuple stack of thunder/poison/drunk/pain/infatuation wreck them.

You do need to make your own fun at some point, though, and the game doesn't do the best job in my opinion to incentivize taking those restrictions - unlike the Predictions Scroll which clearly maps out combinations to try. But a lot of it is still rewarded in the same melding of gameplay and story you find in the first 50 runs.

Things are looking grim.

I'll agree. More and more people have been pulling me aside wanting to know how I'm doing and what it's like going 7 days without seeing a credits reel. Gotta say, it's been hard.

I got your back Khush, here's two more for the pile in my slow bid to start Sega World Report:

Daaaaaytoooooonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa USA

I'm not very good at this, but with only 3 tracks and a few tries it's still pretty easy to land some first place finishes and call it a day. Really good Sega vibes on this one, an iconic soundtrack, great sense of speed, and since there's so many other racers you get to do loads of overtaking.
I didn't realize Nagoshi directed this, but in retrospect the Monkey Ball to F-Zero GX transition makes even more sense now.

Continuing my Sega journey I also tried NiGHTS Into Dreams... but didn't finish it, so probably shouldn't count it for Backlaugust.

I guess I had somehow convinced myself this would be a really good, overlooked game, and the Wii sequel didn't do it justice at all. But nah, NiGHTS on Saturn has aged terribly. You can't see far ahead enough to really chart a path, it has issues with basic depth perception, and the curved design of everything gave me a headache.

Failing to finish a level within the timeframe is amusing since it suddenly reverts from a 2D flight game to a 3D platformer of sorts with absolutely awful controls and a really warped sense of scale. The game also has issues indicating what the various collectables are needed for, or at an even more basic level... just you're supposed to do. It's not a huge problem, but it stinks to head into a boss battle not sure whether your attack is damaging them or hurting you. I hate to say it, but the Wii game is at least a lot easier to grasp. I suppose the air of mystery around the Saturn title does make it more interesting, though.

It's a very creative setting, and stuff like Christmas NiGHTS is very forward-looking for where the industry would eventually head in terms of expansions/DLC. This whole series feels like something I want to like, but almost everything about it (from the gameplay to the graphics and even some of the music) is kind of off-putting. Maybe I just don't like clowns.

NWR Forums Discord / Re: Safe Words XX: #2 Is #1 - The Final Four
« on: August 28, 2022, 06:46:22 PM »
Congrats on the win loss Khush!

NWR Forums Discord / Re: Safe Words XX: #2 Is #1 - The Final Four
« on: August 27, 2022, 05:55:30 PM »
Requesting Insano to use his mod powers for the Greater Good and change Khush's forum signature to "Signed, an Untrustworthy Liar", so other innocent victims may be spared this indignity in the future.

NWR Forums Discord / Re: Safe Words XX: #2 Is #1 - The Final Four
« on: August 27, 2022, 09:28:25 AM »
Would Khush really do that? Log onto the Internet and publicly tell lies, forever tarnishing his stalwart reputation as a beacon of truth...?

I pick Luigi. Surely Khush wouldn't knowingly deceive another, undermining his position as trusted community leader, for the mere benefit of minor personal glory.

NWR Mafia Games / Re: Mafia XC: Theme to be determined. Sign-up Thread.
« on: August 25, 2022, 12:51:37 PM »

NWR Forums Discord / Re: Safe Words XX: #2 Is #1 - The Game Begins
« on: August 24, 2022, 06:48:48 AM »
Picking Andy Richter, hopefully that choice won't register on Richter's scale.

Congrats on the Platinum completion Broodwars. Sounds like a very frustrating affair to get there though.

Continuing my Dreamcast throwback mood with Rez HD, from the same team who did the Space Channel 5 games. Not sure which of the two came first though.

I like this one a lot better. It's still a rhythm game in some sense, but plays much closer to a rail shooter. Tag targets and watch them blow up in sync to the beat. Every world is 10 stages which get progressively harder, with a boss you need to clear in one go. Unfortunately I didn't unlock the last world, since it looks like it requires a 100% hit rate to unlock.
Still counting it as done, though. It's very easy to see how Rez feeds into Lumines, which eventually becomes Tetris Effect. There's a very obvious lineage between these games, unlike Space Channel 5 which seems more similar to the rigid PlayStation rhythm games (like PaRappa the Rapper and Gitaroo Man) which don't allow for mistakes.

I am also playing this. I am currently at Level 35: Intro to Calc for Art Majors. I am curious how far into the game you were before falling off?

I don't exactly remember, but looking at a walkthrough I think I dropped it somewhere between level 22 and 25. So you're ahead already!

NWR Forums Discord / Re: Safe Words XX: #2 Is #1 - The Game Begins
« on: August 16, 2022, 09:40:41 AM »
Everything's coming up Milhouse... I hope.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: What's Next For The N64 Expansion Pack?
« on: August 16, 2022, 05:12:58 AM »
The next addition will be Wave Race 64, fun title for the Summer. Both the Custom Robo games hit the Japanese NSO a month ago, too.

I doubt anyone is surprised by Wave Race getting added. Always felt like the surest bet, even over 1080, Excitebike 64, and DK64.

Like Khush, I got my dancing shoes on, but with Space Channel 5 Part 2 instead.

It's a short rhythm game (think PaRappa) from around 2000ish in which TV-reporter Ulala (pictured above) must rescue Space Michael (Jackson) and President Peace from the devious Rhythm Rogues. You do this, of course, via song and dance battles.
The game starts really strong with impeccable Dreamcast ~vibes. Every new situation is surprising to the player, but nobody in-game treats it as strange, so you don't bat an eye when you're saving schoolkids from plants, or racing the police to get a scoop.

However, the back half of the game does kind of drag. It's annoying you don't get a visual indicator to time button presses to like in Rock Band/Guitar Hero. Towards the end I had to retry a lot of sections, so I changed all the inputs to a single button which made it easier.
There's a new game plus style second loop, but I'm not gonna bother with that.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 781: War Gods Is My Religion
« on: August 06, 2022, 08:46:49 PM »
Low-key a really funny episode  ;D

Starting off Backlaugust strong this year by... giving up on Human Resource Machine.

It's a puzzle game with a strong concept: you're a mailroom clerk tasked with moving mail from one conveyor belt to another. However, to sort the mail in the right order you need to create what are essentially programming routines. Some pieces of mail you can stack, others you want to skip until a certain condition is met, etc.

The game's not quite as fleshed out as Little Inferno (from the same team) was in the story/setting department, but gameplay wise a lot more interesting. The only problem in this equation is that I'm an idiot who can't do maths, logic, or independent thought.
As a result I was already googling solutions after a third of the way in, and I had no idea what the solutions I was copying were even doing. So, time to shelve it.

I have a theory that if I moved to some remote location with electricity that I would have enough games to last me the rest of my natural life.  I could crunch the numbers and confirm that but that project would eat up too much time I could be spending on the backlog.

At some point it's probably more about curating a personal collection than finishing everything lol

NWR Forums Discord / Re: Safe Words XX: #2 Is #1 - Sign Up Thread
« on: July 30, 2022, 04:12:06 AM »
Signing up!

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