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I really need to buy the first game.  It's on sale so many times I keep telling myself I'll just wait til the next time and focus on the games that might not be on sale for awhile.  Well now it's been a few years so I should finally just do it.

For this new game I like that it looks to be incorporating Galaxy elements and looks like Ubisoft has been allowed to make a new villain and Rabbid companion.  I'm guessing with how successful the first game was Nintendo is letting Ubisoft have more freedom which should be interesting to see what they do.
Never got very far in the 1st game + DLC, but thought it was alright. The game just struck the completionist side of me the wrong way and I kept getting hung up on trying to get perfect combat chains. Good to see Ubisoft continuing a good thing.
Blue / Re: Today is my 9-year anniversary on NWR.
« Last post by ThePerm on Yesterday at 09:37:54 PM »
Megaton was all the rage.
Finally one of my predictions comes true.
Movies & TV / Re: SPOILER ALERT: MCU Thread (Livin' La Vida Loki)
« Last post by Shorty McNostril on Yesterday at 08:32:40 PM »
I'm hoping for the opposite.

While I did enjoy the Loki character I think it's time for him (at least this portrayal) to be retired. I was pleased when Thanos bumped him off in Endgame. After all he is a mass murderer and I think he got off far too lightly for leading a murderous army and trying to subjugate a planet. What I did like is that the show didn't handwave this to get the most milkage of the fanbase. They brought it up front and centre and discussed it.

Having said that I am still hoping this is his last appearance in the MCU. The fact he is reportedly not in Love and Thunder lends a bit of credence to this (still won't be surprised if he turns up though). I think he's had his run and would like more time in another villain in future projects.

Am still watching this show with great interest though. Still promises to tell a very interesting story and will contribute with some significant world building.
Blue / Re: Today is my 9-year anniversary on NWR.
« Last post by BeautifulShy on Yesterday at 07:36:40 PM »
Does anyone remember the MEGATON thread I want to say in 2003 or 2004 in the Planet Gamecube days?

I think my first posts were in there under a different account. I think I picked a really generic user name to post under.  Something like NintendoFan80 or something like that.

I think after a few posts I left and lurked on Gamefaqs, Go Nintendo and VG Chartz before coming back here in 2008 under my Maxi moniker before leaving in 2011 for 5 years and then coming back here under my BeautifulShy name in 2016. Been here since. 
TalkBack / Re: Nintendo Accidentally Leaks Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Early
« Last post by Crimm on Yesterday at 07:58:21 AM »
Truly, the Ubisoft is contagious.
Movies & TV / Re: Mandoverse: Disney's Other 'Cinematic Universe'
« Last post by Stratos on Yesterday at 12:55:22 AM »
So Book of Boba Fett finished filming, and wording of crew memorabilia seem to indicate it is a first season, would may mean we'll get more in the future as well.

I completely agree with both points. I enjoyed Rebels more than Clone Wars. That B-Swing episode really stuck out to me and I just adore it. But that space whale ending let it down something fierce. Just came completely out of nowhere. However the bright side was that it removed Ezra from everything. I think he was by far the least interesting character in the show.

An interesting thought I read elsewhere was that Kalani (sp?) the Tactical droid and it's Separatist droids should have been the surprise to show up and save them from Thrawn. I'd have rather seen Thrawn actually fail and be shamed into exile by Palpatine to line up more with what happened to him in the EU, but either way the goal of getting him out of the picture was achieved, space whales or not.
I enjoyed S4 a lot. Sure, some of it felt off, almost like it was rushed. Belmont's obsession with the trinkets didn't make sense until the end when he put them together and the pregnancy was not hinted at before then that I saw, but it was still an enjoyable ending and final fight.

Also thought it was funny how basically three major series deaths were undone in the epilogue( Belmont, Dracula, Dracula's wife...blanked on name). Nice for future content I am sure, but I would have been fine with Belmont staying dead since his line carried on.

Its a weird change to remove a 300 year jump but it might be because of deals with the voice actors? I have seen some shows do that with their film adaptations because of a belief that they now have fans of the characters and don't want to reset that following/fandom with an all new cast (The ill-fated Shannara show comes to mind as one example). I'm not huge on Castlevania lore so I'm not sure how detrimental the lack of a time jump would be for the next story. But there's time for them to change their mind on some of these details if they go back to a major time jump. Could also be a disconnect between marketing and writers, and they meant 'descendants' unless there is more confirmation elsewhere.

It was far better than S3 and the animation was phenomenal.
Movies & TV / Re: SPOILER ALERT: MCU Thread (Livin' La Vida Loki)
« Last post by Stratos on Yesterday at 12:36:47 AM »

Been saying it since Infinity War. He lives. This is the key. He now knows how he dies and avoids it later by faking his death. The end of the file is just the end of that tape, I bet you there is more tape as Loki lives on. Either he switches places with Infinity War Loki, warns his other self, or some other solution, I'm still confident Loki lives past his encounter with Thanos.
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