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Everyone was expecting them to tank for Wembanyama after trading away their 2 stars.
Including the Jazz. Even if they don't land Wembanyama, the Timberwolves appear to be doing a hell of a job making sure the Jazz will have lottery picks anyway. Sheesh.

Speaking of lottery picks, the Lakers are hilariously terrible and they owe the Pelicans a pick swap this year. They got a championship so it's hard to argue that the AD trade wasn't worth it. Regardless, imagine Victor Wembanyama on the same team as Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram. That frontcourt would be so stupid.

I went ad-free as well. I'm too used to not having ads. The Trio Bundle is like $5 more than Netflix per month with far more content I enjoy so it was worth it to me.

And yeah, I wanted to like The Dragon Prince. Not for me, unfortunately. Now that you mention it, one of my main issues with Netflix was its propensity for canceling shows. I didn't even watch the Resident Evil show because I figured it'd get canceled. I did watch Cowboy Bebop, and well, there's more to say about that than I feel like writing right now (most of it, bad). Even the shows Netflix renewed kind of fizzled out like Orange is the New Black and Russian Doll. I'll finish Stranger Things even though only the first season was really good.

General Chat / Re: Um, Apple thread
« on: November 11, 2022, 07:08:37 PM »
Recently snagged a new iPad Pro. I passed on last year's refresh as I was playing chicken with Apple on mini-LED on the 11" model as well as the rumored Apple Pencil 3rd Generation. Amazon had the 2nd Generation on sale for $90 (MSRP $129.99). If a new Apple Pencil was released, it'd be more expensive than the current one so I decided to finally pull the trigger.

Bought a screen protector that I immediately messed up. The adhesive was exposed for maybe two seconds, and I managed to get THREE hairs under it. I don't even... Screen protectors apparently affect drawing with the Apple Pencil so I will use that to feel better about the $21 I wasted.

Most reviews dunked on this year's refresh being largely a spec bump. I simply cannot understand that as valid criticism that every reviewer brought up. How many people upgrade every year? The last time I bought an iPad was in 2017, and I probably wouldn't have upgraded yet had I not busted the screen last year.

Anyway, Apple appears to have quietly delayed the M2 MacBook Pro refresh to March 2023. I'm planning to upgrade that too though so many expenditures weirdly landed in October. The delay will give me more time to save some money and credit card points. I'm still on the fence over 14" vs 16". insanolord, how's the 16" model? Is it too big? How does it compare to the old 15" model? I plan to take it places.

I did recently buy a Windows 11 laptop for my console hacking projects which likely won't leave the house often/ever. Let me tell you, friends, it has been a while since I felt this stupid futzing with modern electronics. Maybe a story for another thread.

I opted to sign up for the Disney Trio Bundle because Hulu seems more up my alley. No live TV; I don't think I'd use it enough.

There are a few Netflix things I want to check out eventually such as the previously mentioned Glass Onion. I also want to finish up Stranger Things when that returns as well as Castlevania. I can probably just sign up for a month here or there.

Y'all may have read my ramblings on The Dragon Prince. I watched one episode of Season 4 to see if they learned anything, and nope, officially done with this show. These mofos continue whiffing even the simplest expectations for good writing.
  • Characters are needlessly and overly vague about their intentions.
  • Characters talk about things they did that sound way more interesting than the conversation they're having about those things.
  • Nothing happened in an entire episode of a nine episode season. Why are y'all still stalling so much? So much time is spent setting up jokes that don't land instead of showing characters actually doing things.
There are so many options if y'all won't step up your game. I have Hulu now, motherfucker. I have access to Futurama again. Paramount announced THREE Avatar: The Last Airbender movies. I'm not spending any more time of this show when there are better alternatives.

Don't wait for the D+ stream, go see it in theaters.
I'm glad it's good, but I'm waiting for streaming. That's part of the reason I pay for the app. The only Phase 4 movie I saw in theaters is No Way Home because Spider-Man is my favorite and since it's Sony, it wouldn't be on Disney+.

General Gaming / Re: Shocktober III: Season of the Witch
« on: November 01, 2022, 07:02:55 PM »
How do y'all finish these games so quickly? I have three dungeons left in Spirit Tracks. I recently got past the point I reached on my initial 2009 attempt.

I've had a particularly busy work week so far so I just now checked some NBA news. Turns out the Nets:

-Still haven't done anything about Kyrie-being-Kyrie®, now with a Salt Bae sprinkle of anti-semitism, apparently
-"Mutually parted ways with Steve Nash"
-*adjusts glasses* Hired Ime Udoka

On that last bit, there was a perfectly good and capable Quin Snyder like right there yet Tsai and Marks picked one of the most controversial figures from the off-season to coach this team. Good coach, sure, but y'all really want to do this right now with everything else going on? To be fair, I can imagine Snyder looking at that dumpster fire and just:

Nintendo Gaming / Re: The Top 10 3DS Games (According to MetaCritic)
« on: October 28, 2022, 11:26:22 PM »
Do you agree with this ranking?
No. Personally, I wouldn't put an old port at the top of any best-of list. In fact, there are way too many ports on that list.

What missing games are in your 3DS top ten?
Metroid: Samus Returns, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, and Resident Evil: Revelaitons. That last one was only good on 3DS due to pushing the hardware. On Wii U, it was just another game.

Which game on this list is your favorite? Least favorite?
Favorite: Toss up between The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Super Mario 3D Land. I'll give you a different answer depending on the day though I'm leaning the former right now.

Least Favorite: Colors! idontevenknowwhoyouare.gif

Did you play these on another console? Which one?
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and Shovel Knight.

Any of these on your backlog?

Will any console have more than 3 Zelda's in the top ten?
Possibly Wii U?

Which console should we look at next?
Possibly Wii U?

@Adrock - Metacritic does not cover any games before N64
Or maybe... you're just making excuses.

I pre-ordered Bayonetta 3 almost five years ago to lock in the 20% off new games promotion that Amazon has long since retired. Existing pre-orders were grandfathered in. I set the shipping address as my employer since I don't like having any small and expensive deliveries sitting outside my door while I'm at work. One pandemic later, and I'm driving to the office to pick up this game. Amazon requires you to cancel an order to change the shipping address. I wasn't going to do that out of principle; $12 is $12, yo.

Anyway, I'll probably boot this up later and play the intro. I'm committed to completing Spirit Tracks first.

Anyone else pick this up?

TalkBack / Re: Reiko Kodama: 1963 - 2022
« on: October 28, 2022, 10:57:59 PM »
Skies of Arcadia is one of my favorite RPGs. Kodama was the leading voice at Sega trying to get a sequel or at least a remake made. The dream is over.

RIP, Kodama.

General Gaming / The morality of piracy and not buying games new
« on: October 23, 2022, 06:25:46 PM »
1. Have you ever pirated a game? If so, why?
2. How did you feel about it?
3. Do you have any moral hang ups about renting games or buying used?

I never pirate games on current platforms. I know I can, but I want to support new games when I'm able to. The reality is some slip through the cracks, and I have no choice but to buy used. My approach on PS4, for example, has been digital and under $20 only (sometimes under $10). It adds up, sure. For the most part, I didn't mind spending that money.

On retro platforms, the original developers/publishers aren't making money on those anymore. The money goes directly to the second-hand seller. For the rarer games, I try not to contribute to scalper behavior. I bought a lot of used GB/GBC/GBA games. Outside of maybe five games, I didn't think twice about spending that money.

My understanding is that retailers buy X amount of copies of a game that it expects to sell. Some publishers have policies in place so that unsold stock can be sent back or exchanged for "credit" on new games. Correct me if I'm wrong as I didn't dig that far since this isn't the main point of the thread. Outside of evergreen titles, publishers make their bread in the first few months from release. Publishers don't make any money on used games, and they only make money on a rental once upon the original purchase.

In most instances, I bought the games I wanted and I rarely rented, even when I worked at Hollywood Video. I'll resort to downloading ROMs under specific circumstances: never released in North America, no longer available, or if I already own a game. I don't feel even a little bad at all. With most games these days requiring patches, I won't feel any better about dumping a game myself and finding someone hosting the official patches than I would just finding the game with patches online.

Generally speaking, it's considered morally wrong to take something that isn't yours. Like most things when it comes to morality, there are different perspectives, gray areas etc. I'm not here to judge anyone as I'm merely curious what everyone thinks. For my specific use cases, I don't feel bad, and I don't know what that says about me.

General Gaming / Re: Shocktober III: Season of the Witch
« on: October 20, 2022, 12:55:04 PM »
Yeah, I think that's another problem I have is the rare drops, though I s'pose that can still fall under the "grindiness" umbrella. I was okay with this concept in Symphony of the Night since, far as I could tell, any rare drop was just an armor or weapon, so none of it was something that enhanced gameplay in some way and didn't feel necessary to collect.
Depends? The Crissaegrim, a rare drop, is arguably the best weapon in the game. Can’t speak for others, but I’d consider them enhancing the gameplay. Also, defeating Dracula in like seven seconds using the Crissaegrim was one of the wildest things I saw in a game at the time.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: The Top 10 DS Games (According to MetaCritic)
« on: October 20, 2022, 12:48:41 PM »
No. You're thinking of Swapnote for 3DS, which had online features.
Ah, okay. I doubt I’ll ever not mix up those two. I’m not even sure at this point if I even used Flipnote Studio on DSi. Maybe I only used Flipnote Studio on 3DS. I googled this and I’m even more confused. What is real anymore? Am I real? Is everything cake?

Nintendo Gaming / Re: The Top 10 DS Games (According to MetaCritic)
« on: October 20, 2022, 11:38:16 AM »
Do you agree with this ranking?
No. I don’t think aggregated scores is really the best method for ranking anything.

What missing games are in your DS top ten?
Not a full list: the other Castlevania games, Contra 4, Lunar Knights, any mainline Pokémon (I only have Platinum but haven’t played it much), Tetris DS, and The World Ends with You.

Which game on this list is your favorite? Least favorite?
Favorite: Dawn of Sorrow.
Least favorite: Flipnote Studios isn’t even really a game.

Did you play these on another console? Which one?
Only Chrono Trigger on SNES. In fact, I never completed it on DS.

A lot of DS games aren’t available on other consoles, and if they are (i.e. Chinatown Wars), they have the DS functions removed.

Any of these on your backlog?
Yeah… my backlog is almost discouraging. Not sure I’ll complete most of those games. I’m willing to give it the ol’ college try.

To be specific: Bowser’s Inside Story and Chinatown Wars.

What's up with Flipnote?
In what capacity? Wasn’t Flipnote Studios the app pedophiles in Japan were using to contact children?

Otherwise, it was neat to doodle. I was too lazy to make fun animations. Others made some awesome stuff though.

Which console should we look at next?
My vote is on Super Nintendo.

One thing I do want to stress is that you and I have always agreed that voice actors should be paid more than they are. Taylor's story just never made sense to me.
That's fair. It made sense to me mainly because I've seen worse with my own eyes, straight up clients asking for free labor in exchange for the "exposure". That **** can GTFOH. Pay the talent.

Just putting this this here for posterity.

For anyone who is not going to click into the article, here are the important bits:
  • Jason Schreier spoke to two people who asked not to be identified (which is normal).
  • Claim #1: Platinum Games sought to hire Taylor for at least five sessions, each paying $3,000 to $4,000 for four hours in the studio.
  • Claim #2: Taylor asked for a six-figure sum as well as residuals on the game which PlatinumGames declined.
  • Claim #3: PlatinumGames then offered Taylor a cameo for one session which she also turned down.
  • Schreier contacted Taylor by email who denied this account.
It's important to note that Schreier spoke to two people who were willing to corroborate each other's story. This is still one side's word against the other.

Taylor absolutely could be lying. This would be both stupid and hilarious considering how easy her account would be to disprove. Obviously, I'm pro-worker which is why I was more willing to side with the actor. I'm definitely more skeptical of her account than before. As stated earlier, I'm more than willing to hear different perspectives, and I reserve the right to change my opinion as more information is presented. I encourage others to do the same.

Also, it should be reiterated that it is still true that gig industry workers are frequently mistreated and given lowball offers. Regardless of who is lying, don't let that distract you from this fact. It has been known well before this story blew up.

Full Disclosure: If you're wondering why I'm so gung-ho about gig industry worker rights, I dated an arts writer, her father was a voice actor, and I've met numerous actors, directors, musicians, singers etc. etc. I've seen countless forms of clownery such as clients offering "exposure" in lieu of actual payment.

Ugh, that's hugely misleading but not entirely surprising considering how you've conducted yourself in this thread. For anyone who is not going to click into the article, here are the important bits:
  • Jason Schreier spoke to two people who asked not to be identified (which is normal).
  • Claim #1: Platinum Games sought to hire Taylor for at least five sessions, each paying $3,000 to $4,000 for four hours in the studio.
  • Claim #2: Taylor asked for a six-figure sum as well as residuals on the game which PlatinumGames declined.
  • Claim #3: PlatinumGames then offered Taylor a cameo for one session which she also turned down.
  • Schreier contacted Taylor by email who denied this account.
It's important to note that Schreier spoke two people who were willing to corroborate each other's story. This is still one side's word against the other.

Taylor absolutely could be lying. This would be both stupid and hilarious considering how easy her account would be to disprove. Obviously, I'm pro-worker which is why I was more willing to side with the actor. I'm definitely more skeptical of her account than before. As stated earlier, I'm more than willing to hear different perspectives, and I reserve the right to change my opinion as more information is presented. I encourage others to do the same.

Also, it should be reiterated that it is still true that gig industry workers are frequently mistreated and given lowball offers. Regardless of who is lying, don't let that distract you from this fact. It has been known well before this story blew up.

General Gaming / Re: Digitizing my entire physical game catalog
« on: October 18, 2022, 10:46:12 AM »
The biggest problem with digitizing our catalog is how unreliable platforms are for the long terms. Steam seems to last though.
Are you referring to hardware failure rates? From what I read on the world wide web, optical discs and flash ROM game cards break down faster than hardware, and as we all know, there are no lies on the internet.

How was Ouya?

We've reached the inevitable point where people scoured Hellena Taylor's social media and found some unfortunate personal views so now they're using that to rescind their pledge to boycott. Y'all didn't even have to get that far. And if you chose to boycott but were looking for reasons not to, the original choice seems performative.

We shouldn't make exceptions about things like worker pay because of someone's personal views. If we go down that road, it's so easy to find something. While someone may be a miserable piece of **** on their own time, they should still be offered fair pay for the work they do. Just because an entity can legally pay someone as little as possible, doesn't make it right. In my view, Taylor's original point about the treatment of voice actors stands. If people still want to call out her TERF nonsense, they should do so but, you know, separately. They're not mutually exclusive, and attempting to address them at the same time clouds the messaging.

Keep in mind the game was created by a full team of hardworking people and keep an open mind about what they created.
Yep. This is largely why I wasn't boycotting the game. The developers can get paid bonuses based on sales performance though I don't believe voice actors in the US get paid residuals for work in video games (which is ridiculous). The whole boycott became this weird trolley problem. Ultimately, it feels like there are no winners here.

My guess is that they didn't really want her, let her audition, then offered her that $4k that'd force her to decline.
It just seems so unnecessary. There's already an audition, a perfectly built in out if the producers didn't want to hire Taylor. And what if she accepted the offer? Would they feel stuck with an actor they didn't want?

I've spoken to enough gig industry workers to understand the prevailing attitude from clients is "Why pay someone more when I can pay them less?" so it's also possible PlatinumGames simply overplayed its hand. Kamiya gave Taylor a final offer instead of simply asking what she wanted to be paid.

Jennifer Hale is one of the few voice actors that has some name value.  She almost certainly would command a higher wage than what Taylor claims to have been offered.  I wonder if they wanted to go with Hale and making a low ball offer to Taylor was their way to "fire" her in a way where there was still the appearance of trying to continue with the same actor and they can claim that negotiations didn't work out.
I've seen this take, and I don't buy it. If this was Jennifer Lawrence, sure. You can market that casting because the general public knows who she is. Hale isn't earning the game more sales, and only voice actor nerds like me care about the casting. Grey DeLisle portrayed Jeanne in the series, and she's just as prolific as Hale.

What if they didn't even approach her for an offer and just went to a different actor?  Would she call for a boycott then?
Most likely not. Taylor's issue isn't that they hired another actor as she stated in one of the Twitter clips that she had to audition for the role because people's voices change after years. There was always a possibility during the whole casting process that she could be replaced. According to her, she passed the audition, won the role again, then PlatinumGames lowballed her pay. She only spoke out after Bayonetta 3's director made a deliberately vague if not straight up dishonest statement about why she didn't reprise the role. It's like, guys, just don't do that last part, and this would have went away almost immediately.

I encourage everyone to watch at least the first three clips (that fourth one can be skipped). Taylor was insulted by the offers but kept quiet about it. The additional indignity of Miyata's "various overlapping circumstances" statement was, in my mind, the straw the broke the camel's back.

It's been a while since I've witnessed a company have this many self-owns. The latest one is kind of hilarious. Way to whiff the easiest public relations layup. "We decided to go in another direction" or hype up the new actor without acknowledging the elephant in the room entirely. Either way, wait for the fervor to die down and move on.

Once again, there are no dates on that page, and the details are slim. Like, I know from the Bayonetta Wiki what her "Guest Star" appearance on Stargate Atlantis was as, but that's not listed here. How many episodes was she in? What season of Atlantis was the episode(s) in? How long did she play these various theatrical roles, and when were the shows playing?

Now, this is a CV not a wiki so just having vague information listed is somewhat expected, but you can't just point to that page and say "well that explains all the gaps in her IMDB history". Because as far as as that page is concerned, those roles could be 2 years ago or 40 years ago. And I fondly remember the role of "Lead" in Barcelona, but it just couldn't compare to the tour de force that was "Day Player" in The Sweetest Thing.  ;)

Her CV Voiceover page is at least far more detailed when it comes to the names of the roles and the nature of them, though it's still largely lacking in dates.
Dude, all five people left on the forums can see what you're doing here. You don't need the dates; you're moving the goalposts again. You have repeatedly dismissed the most important detail about the payment claim: Hellena Taylor has three lead credits in the Bayonetta IP alone. Full stop. That on its own should put her out of the conversation for a near-minimum union fee. I linked to a game director, J.E. Sawyer, going on record to state he has never seen this kind of lowballing for a protagonist role in two decades for union AND non-union voice actors. That was still not good enough. Sure, a company legally CAN offer the minimum union fee to veteran actors; that is NOT common practice.

Full disclosure: I saw this post last night, and I waited 18 hours to see if you'd edit it and address more than three cherryicked sentences in my previous-previous post. Nothing. At this point, I can only surmise that you were forced to confront your own biases and flawed logic, decided you didn't want to do that, then pounced on the part you could continue moving the goalpost on.

Seriously? How bonkers is this? You demanded proof from the actor while being so willing to accept the word of a man who said almost nothing, not even backing the previous statement by his coworker. And you've done this while making incredulous claims that you have yet to provide a shred of evidence for. Everybody is a hypocrite about something; most people are this brazen about it.

I knew what you were doing for several replies now, and I've played along because I'm genuinely curious what your endgame is here. Are you simply being contrarian? Do you have an ax to grind about Taylor? Or can you just not take the L? Again, I have no idea why you're digging your heels in about this. It's okay, encouraged even, to change your opinion when presented with new information.

And not for nothing, but this is gross:
She's played mostly one character with very little vocal range for a minor series from a failing developer in a handful of projects for 13 years.
You want to clutch your pearls about Taylor supposedly throwing shade at Hale but also insult Taylor and diminish her talent, skill, training, accomplishments, and body of work to what, try to prove a point (badly, I might add). surejan.gif

1. Be better than this.
2. That's a strawman. None of what you said is relevant especially when Taylor passed the audition and won the role then was kept on four additional times and almost a fifth. I know what you were trying to do, but don't.

That said, it is clear that you are not approaching this discussion with any notion of good faith or objectivity. This has been yet another painful reminder of why I don't stop by the forums as often.

So no, there was no reason to just assume she was doing theater acting during the large gaps in her IMDB listing, especially since trying to find her theatrical biography online appears to be somewhat difficult. Even the Bayonetta Wiki lists roles without a timeline or cited references.
What's there to assume? You literally posted a link to Taylor's website which has her CV on it.

General Gaming / Re: Digitizing my entire physical game catalog
« on: October 16, 2022, 11:52:55 PM »
I've dumped most of my retro games with a GB Operator, Retrode (SNES/Genesis), 6 hacked Wii, hacked Xbox, 2 hacked 3DS's and a stock DVD drive for PS2/1 games.
And a partridge in a pear tree.

Why two hacked 3DSs? How difficult was hacking Wii?

You can dump/play games with a Gamecube if you use Swiss/Cleanrip with a SDGecko or SD2SP2. There's even a replacement for the Gameboy Player disc that has better input lag or better filters.
Interesting. I stand corrected. I don't remember where I read that a Wii/Wii U was required. Maybe I read that it was easier?

I was able to snag a GC Loader in January which I've yet to install because of the kind of person I am. I had no need for an SDGecko at that point. I only bought an SD2SP2 to serve as a memory card because Extrems recommended it over using the GCLoader for write support.

It's a dubiously legal argument that no company will actually bring to court for fear of it being thrown out and setting legal precedent.
Yeah, the prevailing belief from what I read is Nintendo largely focuses on those who share ROMs which is partially why I don't F with that. I have one game so far that wouldn't dump correctly so I didn't not look for alternatives...

If you let that fear control you, they win.
That's fair. And I don't. Like you said, 3DS games dump slowly. It wasn't as fun as dumping DS games.

I have another thread brewing so I don't want to get into the weeds here. Besides the speed, my concern was 3DS patches and DLC. Since I'm not dumping Wii U and Skyward Sword is the only Wii game with a patch, 3DS is the only Nintendo system so far in which this posed a problem. Despite the dubious legality, I literally don't feel even a little bad about taking the hShop shortcut for games I already own.

"Her experience?" WHAT experience?


You mentioned she has stage experience, so I'll concede that, but just going by her IMDB she is a minor-tier voice actor at best and seems to be quite content not pursuing voice-over roles besides Bayonetta.
Taylor has been acting for 30 years. In that first Twitter clip, she detailed over seven years of training. She's had numerous lead roles including and especially Bayonetta, a performance she has been praised for. We currently don't know how much Taylor considered to be fair compensation to reprise the role, only that the offers she recieved were so close to the minimum union fee she was insulted by them. With three decades of acting experience under her belt, she should never be offered the minimum union fee for a lead role. Her IMDB voice credits are irrelevant here. What did you think she was going between those IMDB credits?

since you asked I'm inclined to side with Kamiya (despite the lack of proof on his end) because the man has no filter and he has very little reason to lie about this.
Seriously? As a founder and current employee of PlatinumGames, Kamiya has every reason to lie about this.

That said, he is not the accuser in this situation. Taylor is. The burden of proof is on her.
A little over a week ago, Bayonetta 3 director, Yusuke Miyata, stated: "Various overlapping circumstances made it difficult for Hellena Taylor to reprise her role."

This reads like scheduling conflicts prevented Taylor from returning, a claim she refuted. PlatinumGames shot first so the burden of proof is on the company to provide evidence that "overlapping circumstances made it difficult" for Taylor to provide like 16 to 20 hours of work at some point in the last what, five years.

Granted, there's nothing stopping Taylor from releasing Kamiya's email or the communication of her original offer. However, I really don't see how that's anything more than a footnote given what else is known about this industry, and I haven't heard a compelling explanation of why Taylor would lie about this.

Miyata's comment appears to be the impetus that set this whole thing off. Before that, Taylor was a good soldier and mostly kept her mouth shut aside from what, this Tweet over a year ago. I can't blame her for wanting to defend herself when it certainly looks like PlatinumGames decided to lie about why she didn't return. Kamiya, as a rep of Platinum Games, easily could have backed up Miyata (assuming they can prove the original claim) instead of putting his foot in his mouth, as usual.

On a separate note, it's so weird that you're digging your heels in about this while acknowledging on record the low pay for voice actors.

The situation she was discussing was literally a business negotiation.
I'm being pedantic, but these clauses don't make sense together: "This is a business negotiation, not a sexual assault claim." Why would a sexual assault claim be compared against the payment negotiations themselves rather than Taylor's claims that PlatinumGames disrespected her and conducted those negotiations in bad faith?

The low pay that Voice Actors accept for their roles is not the industry secret you apparently think it is
Don't put words in my mouth. I've said repeatedly it's a problem, not a secret. The unfair treatment is known and documented yet nothing has been done about it. Considering how much this story blew up, the average person clearly did not know about this so it's good that this is getting some traction. That was one of the main reasons for Taylor speaking up.

I was specifically referring to Taylor's comments about Hale not winning her any favors with her colleagues, not the failed negotiation altogether.
Sure, and I replied that Taylor's colleagues have so far focused on her main points about being disrespected and lowballed which implies to me that they did not read into her comments the same way you are. Again, feel free to back up your claims if you really believe Taylor's colleagues took umbrage about any references to Hale.

I don't see the "bad faith negotiation" here. In Taylor's scenario and using your math, Platinum wanted to hire her, so they made an offer that complied with Union standards.
Actors with Taylor's experience are not offered the minimum union fee for lead roles, and in this instance, one they've held for over a decade. Everything about that was done in bad faith.

Notoriously pro-union Hale would never be offered the minimum union fee for a lead role. Ever. The only time she would entertain an offer for the minimum at this point in her career would be for background roles. If an ADR director already has a good working relationship with her, why not see if she has four hours free on a random day? Otherwise, the minimum fee is typically reserved for new actors trying to build their resume.

Yes, I am asking for proof of her allegations, something I would also ask for if someone like Troy Baker had made a similar claim. This is a business negotiation, not a sexual assault claim. She could provide a copy of the offer contract likely in her possession.
Sheesh. Where to even begin? You demand proof from Taylor yet are "inclined to believe Kamiya on this one" when his response *checks notes* didn't provide any proof refuting Taylor's claims. You're not even attempting to be objective about this.

And this is, in fact, not a business negotiation. It's a woman airing her grievances about an industry that attempts to takes advantage of people at every turn and a company she feels disrespected her, both in the hopes that it will help her colleagues get better working conditions.

This matter is something that Taylor should have kept behind closed doors. She has a union and probably an agent that handles situations like this on her behalf. Development costs are rising across the board, and everyone has less money than ever thanks to sky-rocketing inflation. She didn't help her career and she certainly didn't help her fellow voice actors by putting all this into the public eye in such an unprofessional and, frankly, petulant manner.
1. Why? That's how this and other industries got so bad in the first place. Corporations don't want this out in the public so they can continue low-balling talent.

2. That's not what a union does. Also, Taylor appealed directly to Kamiya, and she was given a final offer. Her agents weren't going to change that.

3. By the eye test, Taylor decided her voice acting career was over as soon as got her final offer for Bayonetta 3. If she can't even be properly compensated for a role she's held for over a decade, there's no point in dragging this out. And no, she absolutely is helping her fellow actors by bringing this issue to light. Most won't speak out for fear of being blacklisted especially if voice acting is all they do. It's the same reason it often takes decades for certain people to be held accountable for malfeasance. Someone has to go scorched earth in order to merely be heard, not even believed, but it's hard to be the one who does it. If Taylor isn't going to pursue voice acting anymore, she decided she might as well try to be the agent for change.

Incidentally, I noticed you side-stepped her comments on Jennifer Hale, which also wouldn't win her any favors with her colleagues and prospective employers.
No, I simply disagreed with your assessment while understanding that it's possible to have different interpretations. If you truly believe in your bones that Taylor was being unprofessional, well, I'm not here to argue with you over it. I am, however, willing to give Taylor some leeway when talking about a situation she's obviously still emotionally raw about. My reading of Taylor's statement was how strongly she feels about her personal contributions to Bayonetta rather than aggression toward Hale who Taylor even wished well. Had she straight up said, "Yo, **** Jennifer Hale!" I'd sing a different tune.

Additionally, your assertion that Taylor's comments wouldn't win any favors with her colleagues doesn't track with the responses from industry vets who have largely corroborated her statement that $4000 was a lowball offer and/or shared similar stories about their own careers. Since you're all Proofy McEvidence over here, do you want to back up your claims?

Even though I feel bad for Taylor, I do have to wonder why she hasn't done any voice work in 8 years.
Taylor is primarily a stage actor. She was living in Los Angeles and likely received a casting call for someone who has or can do a British accent. In a gig industry, you often have to take the auditions that are available to you.

Not saying that's the case here, but people need to be careful about just taking one person at their word, since we don't know if Taylor is telling us the whole story.  Especially when I see so many post on other sites and Twitter saying **** Nintendo for be so cheap, when in reality Hale is probably costing way more then Taylor would have.  Someone with the resume of Hale certainly has an agent and that agent isn't agreeing to the union minimum when she can easily get larger roles that pay better.
That's fair. I am more than willing to hear different perspectives, and I reserve the right to adjust my thoughts as more information is presented. Currently, in my view, it's important to consider who has more to gain here: an actor making a claim that aligns with countless stories about gig work, or corporations that have and want to continue taking advantage of workers.

Everything I've read tends to implicate PlatinumGames more than Nintendo. However, it isn't as if Nintendo hasn't pulled similar **** in the past. Nintendo thoroughly screwed actor and radio host, John Hulaton (short version from DYKG: 3:21 to 4:11). The full interview can be found here (starts at 14:30).

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