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TalkBack / Re: Nintendo Direct To Air September 23
« on: Yesterday at 09:55:03 PM »
It's that time of the year, when more games are dropped that I want to play, then what my wallet can handle. Self control... self control

I loved that Amiibo Trivia game. I will proudly say I managed to get all of them correct, although that last question stumped me and I had to think on it for awhile. Great inclusion!

As far as bad endings go, I really struggled with thinking of something. A lot of my favorite games, especially first party Nintendo games, have endings that are the least enjoyable part of the game (the third floor Boo hunt in Luigi's Mansion, Corona Mountain in Super Mario Sunshine, the backtracking of Chapter 7 in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, etc.) but none of them ruined the game for me. The Zelda series has several games where the last act of the game isn't as enjoyable for me (the Triforce hunt in The Wind Waker, the Ganon fight in Breath of the Wild, facing the Imprisoned and collecting Tadtones in Skyward Sword, etc.). If I had to pick one game with an ending I didn't really care for that kinda stepped a bit harder on my enjoyment of the whole package, I guess I'd go with Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. I won't spoil anything, but I think the conclusion was not quite what my expectations were hoping for, and narratively, it spoils just a bit of the mystique of the prequel series' arc.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 739: Catching Feels for 5-Volt
« on: September 21, 2021, 10:56:29 PM »
Sunshine slander aside... (try saying that five times fast!) great episode gentlemen. I enjoyed that conversation about the re-releases strategy experimentation. James' point about Mario Kart having the inverse issue of F-Zero was something I had never thought about in regards to there being an inverse. I wonder how much that Fire Emblem timed release was a part of the "experiment". It makes some sense, have one big game, the grand 3D Mario collection be a test, and then also have a smaller, less-likely to be picked up title, also test the waters. Maybe in the future, we will see timed releases, but only for "smaller" titles. I wouldn't actually call Fire Emblem small, but you understand.

Can't say 5-Volt made me feel anything, other then fear.


Arguably too much Alexander.

Resident editor Alex de Freitas and resident doctor (Mario World expert) Xander Morningstar fill in for John and Neal to cover the Pokemon Presents and Indie World events. But first, Xander gives a report on Dr. Mario World as he feverishly rushes to beat the game before its final days this fall. Alex shares his gripes with the less-than-stellar Garden Story and his hopes for Eastward and Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. Finally, the Alex/Xander duo wraps it up by discussing their favorite uses of photo modes and photography in video games.

Connectivity has joined Twitter, so be sure to follow @ConnectivityNWR to be up to date on any announcements. We are wanting more listener participation, so feel free to ask questions, they may show up in the show! Please send in some hard-hitting questions for the Connectivity gang to ponder over: the address is

TalkBack / Smashterpieces Podcast Episode 36: Luigi's Mansion
« on: August 09, 2021, 08:47:32 AM »

Tonight I’ll make an old family recipe. Pickled dandelions with barnacles in a diesel marinade!

Hello and welcome to our latest seminar on the housing market in the Mushroom Kingdom, I know you’re all dying to get started so I’ll make this quick. Our usual speakers are here but we have also prepared a guest speaker presentation on the subject of what to do if you win a mansion in a contest you don’t remember winning, only to find that the mansion is full of ghosts and the boss of all those ghosts has trapped your brother in a painting, forcing you to equip a weird vacuum to destroy those that have come from the realm beyond who stand in your way. You may be thinking that this is a very specific subject on which to hold a presentation, but apparently it happens frequently enough that it’s warranted.

Presented by Anonymous Dinosaur and Nintendo World Report, this is Smashterpieces - a casual walk through the history of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster. On this show, hosts Joe DeVader and Matt Zawodniak are playing one game for every fighter in the newest Super Smash Bros. game, from 1984's Duck Hunt to 2019's Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Each game will be live-streamed by both of us, and then we'll convene to talk about it on the podcast.

Our guest, Mr. Xander Morningstar, joins us to tell the cautionary tale of Smashterpiece #36: Luigi’s Mansion. How do we feel this game stacks up against its more recent sequels? Why is Joe over the moon about the sound design? And why are the boos so mean? All that and more in today’s semina- er, episode!

Join us next time as we crash land on a distant planet in Smashterpiece #37: Pikmin!

You can find previous episodes at Anonymous Dinosaur's website!

Our list of games can be found here!

You can watch Matt and Joe stream these games on the NWR Twitch channel!

TalkBack / Re: Smashterpieces Podcast Episode 27: Pokémon Snap
« on: July 23, 2021, 12:20:09 PM »
Like many, I have a lot of fun memories playing this as a kid. I think it is surprisingly still playable, and enjoyable despite its age and limitations. I also think, it and Paper Mario may have had kiosks in some locations? I want to say McDonalds, and I am pretty sure they had one at a hospital in my area many years ago. I remember struggling to figure out how to snap a picture of Muk, who was the last Pokémon I snapped as a kid, and years later as an adult. That Grimer challenge is tricky!

I've never heard of these, they look interesting, and I'll check them out. I'm also hoping they add some more obscure first party games too, like all of those spin-off Mario games, or maybe even some of the Satellaview content.

I wonder if the majority of business practices would shift and merge the free to play / predatory practice of gatcha  and a flat rate, creating that cap (The Kirby Clash game comes to mind). Perhaps a subscription service is a looser version of that, where the option to partake in gatcha is removed and instead you are drip-fed said rewards throughout the course of these timed events. With this, it’s a way to not hit a ceiling so quick, and people don’t feel like the game they pay for is unfinished.

I’ve been playing a lot of Nintendo’s mobile game’s, and some of them don’t really represent what I expect from the series. Take Pocket Canp for instance. It’s events expect you to check in every three hours for two weeks (for that one event) to alleviate having to use premium currency to get all of the items. And the multiplayer component of this is strictly menu based. Not really what I expect from the series. Maybe conceptually, but this is a bit extreme.

I've been playing several of the mobile games lately (predominantly, Mario Kart Tour, and Pocket Camp. And then I check in with FEH, Super Mario Run, and Dr. Mario World). It's been frustrating with Pocket Camp, in that it's quick to hit the ceiling of the fun aspect of the game, because it is not generous with its premium currency. But even that game is subject to the summer festivities.

TalkBack / Re: Mutazione (Switch) Review
« on: July 06, 2021, 12:12:13 PM »
Great review, sounds very interesting. I enjoyed Night in the Woods, but didn't feel compelled to return to it or look up similar games like it so I don't think this is something for me. But it is great to hear that there is solid character writing happening.

TalkBack / Re: Nintendo Announces \
« on: July 06, 2021, 11:47:45 AM »
Not at all a product for me, but I dig the white and black aesthetic.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 251 - We're All Impermanent Guests
« on: July 02, 2021, 07:13:16 PM »
Since the audio was lost, I might add that I still reign supreme in a no-loss streak on TN, haha. Just teasing. Great work, gents!

TalkBack / Re: Quality of Life Updates Announced for Skyward Sword
« on: July 02, 2021, 07:12:00 PM »
Interesting that they didn't acknowledge the autosaves, which were not in the original release. But that was something I noticed when the trailer showed loading a game save.

At this point, it doesn't seem likely any new content is coming, which is unfortunate. I wonder if there are any QoL changes to that last act of the game. Maybe they didn't talk about those because of how far into the game that portion is. Still though...

TalkBack / Super Mario Odyssey levels in Super Mario Maker 2
« on: July 02, 2021, 03:03:00 PM »

Return to the expansive kingdoms of the greater "Mario" world, in 2D!

Hello and welcome! I have been having a lot of fun in Super Mario Maker 2, and one of the many fun things I have been creating, have been recreations of the kingdoms from Super Mario Odyssey! I have created several videos that show me playing the level, and breaking down the creative process I went through to make them. If you are interested in checking them out for yourself, I have included the course ID's. I welcome feedback on these, and am excited to share them with you. One thing I might note, is that I have noticed I tend to create more exploratory levels, rather than platform challenges, the ladder is what you may expect from a 2D Mario experience. That said, I tried my hardest to make these as true to the source material as possible, whilst also translating to something fun that can be experienced in 2D. Thanks for swinging by! As new kingdoms and videos are added, this article will be updated, and if you would like my Maker ID, it is: LC3-0JN-LRG.

Bonneton - Cap Kingdom

  • Course ID: MG1-J19-YCG
  • Description: You've landed in a dapper, yet spooky land: make your way to Top-Hat Tower!

Fossil Falls - Cascade Kingdom

  • Course ID: 1CD-BXS-N5G
  • Description: The Odyssey needs fuel! Collect Red Coins, then return to the ship! (Roar!)

Tostarena - Sand Kingdom

  • Course ID: MVC-6H1-QRG
  • Description: Explore the VAST desert! Find the six Power Moo- Red Coins! Why's it cold?

Steam Gardens - Wooded Kingdom

  • Course ID: 2TT-K6S-71H
  • Description: The evil UFO flower-thief, Torkdift, is stealing flowers from the garden!

Lake Lamode - Lake Kingdom

  • Course ID: SVS-M2R-KFF
  • Description: Search the clear waters for the treasure coins the Mermaids left for you!

Ruined-Cloud Kingdom

  • Course ID: 7YD-6SS-QDF
  • Description: Two fierce dragons await you: the King of Koopas and the Lord of Lightning.

Forgotten Isles - Lost Kingdom

  • Course ID: 2SR-4GL-FQF
  • Description: Yikes!! Cappy---I mean your Spiny Shell Hat has been cap-napped by Klepto!!
  • Video: Coming Soon!

New Donk City - Metro Kingdom

  • Course ID: VSK-GM0-G1G
  • Description: Mayor Pauline needs your help getting rid of Mechawiggler! How ridonkulous!
  • Video: Coming Soon!

Bubblaine - Seaside Kingdom

  • Course ID: 6SL-GN8-J1H
  • Description: Ride waves, sip Sparkle Water, collect coins, and beat Mollusque-Lanceur!
  • Video: Coming Soon!

Shiveria - Snow Kingdom

  • Course ID: 1YD-MKC-PBG
  • Description: Bound Bowl through races, and try the Frost-Frosted Cake when you're done! Brrr!
  • Video: Coming Soon!

Mount Volbono - Luncheon Kingdom

  • Course ID: MWK-YB4-P7G
  • Description: Cookatiel is stirring up trouble! Traverse Peronza Plaza and grab a bite!
  • Video: Coming Soon!

Bowser's Castle - Bowser Kingdom

  • Course ID: GMY-MK6-JBG
  • Description: Run atop the rooftops and race to the end... Watch out for RoboBrood!
  • Video: Coming Soon!

Honeylune Ridge - Moon Kingdom

  • Course ID: 2TX-X79-YBG
  • Description: Watch your step! The race is on! Save the princess from the royal wedding!
  • Video: Coming Soon!

Peach's Castle - Mushroom Kingdom

  • Course ID: N78-LBK-LLG!
  • Description: Return to where it all began. Explore the paintings, and grab a Power Star!
  • Video: Coming Soon!

Rabbit Ridge - Dark Side Kingdom

  • Course ID: Coming Soon!
  • Description: Coming Soon!
  • Video: Coming Soon!

TalkBack / Re: Mario Golf: Super Rush (Switch) Review
« on: July 01, 2021, 02:40:25 PM »
Bummer. Like many, I'm a big fan of these sports titles. I played Toadstool Tour a bunch and was really excited for this one. It's one of those (lately...common) things where you want to play and enjoy the game you just bought, and don't want to wait a year for it to become finished.

You guys made a joke about wanting to have a filibuster regarding Portrait Ghosts in Luigi's Mansion. I made that video already.

In regards to the Nintendo cast put in heist within a zombie-invested Vegas, I have developed my own list!
  • Love Interest - Pink Gold Peach from the Mario Kart series. (You can’t get much closer to a “trophy” than what have here.)
  • Muscle - Draguax from Ring Fit Adventure. (His physique speaks for itself. And while he did break out of prison, we can only hope his experience roughing up these zombies will lead him to break into the Smash Bros. series.)
  • Scout - Sheldon from the Splatoon series. (Owner of Ammo Knights, which doubles his role as an arms dealer. His zombie experience is paralleled with his time spent fighting salmon for Grizz Co.)
  • Crazy - Spike from the ? ? ? (We are unsure who this green creature is, where he came from, or why he is coughing up large spike balls.)
  • Safecracker - Gooigi from the Luigi’s Mansion series. (Rather than listening to the clicks of the locking mechanism, he/it prefers to take an approach that is more up close and personal.)
  • Company man who turns on the team - Louie from the Pikmin series, (It’s difficult to say if the grumbles heard around him are from his lust for food, money, or power.)
  • Helicopter pilot - Kapp’n from the Animal Crossing series. (There isn’t a vessel out there that this burly sailor hasn’t piloted.)

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 708: Can't Out-Edge Mario
« on: June 26, 2021, 07:28:16 PM »
I am greatly reminded of the conversation we had around Paper Mario: The Origami King, and Nintendo's transformation of control on their "golden goose". It's really become something that has fascinated me. Great question, and comparison, GX!

I'm not sure I ever knew was this was, and feel like I still don't.

I think, you could create a lobby in Splatoon 2 and it would connect to the app. Then it would give you a link you could share on social media for people to join. Can't say I ever did it myself, but it sounds useful for streamers?

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 707: Real Experts in Smurf Dancing
« on: June 25, 2021, 10:10:06 PM »
Great lists. The joke about G&G's Consulting Firm is a great response to the sleaze of J&J.

I have spent some time considering a personal list, and it echoes a lot of what was shared on this show.

Bug Fables
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Paper Mario: The Origami King
Manifold Garden

TalkBack / Re: RFN Covers E3 LIVE on Tuesday
« on: June 23, 2021, 10:29:11 PM »
Great show, gents! Bummed I missed it live, but it was still fun to catch after. I might be the first to campaign for an RFN Mario Party stream.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 727: In With the Old (E3 2021)
« on: June 23, 2021, 10:16:26 PM »
Aw c'mon James! Mario Party will be a blast! Just think, all four RFN members can get in on an online party stream now!


They sure lounged around when it came to making more games use it.

In an announcement on the Nintendo Switch Online app, as well as the official support page, the Online Lounge feature is being discontinued for Splatoon 2. Players will still have the option to utilize voice-chat, but the ability to send URL links to friends and create lobbies is no more as of July 28th, 2021. This is likely due to the release of Splatoon 3 in 2022.

Nintendo's full statement:"Players have been able to use the Online Lounge feature of the Nintendo Switch Online app to arrange Splatoon 2 online battles using their smart device, such as by sending a URL link that allows social media friends to join a room.

As of July 28, 2021, the Nintendo Switch Online app will no longer support the Online Lounge feature. However, the app will continue to allow friends to voice chat, and no other changes will be made to the app at this time.

You can also continue to start a local or online multiplayer game in Splatoon 2 without use of the Online Lounge feature."

TalkBack / Re: Smashterpieces Podcast BONUS - New Pokémon Snap
« on: June 16, 2021, 09:33:34 PM »
But guys, they aren't apples! They're "Fluff Fruit"! Just teasing. Awesome episode, as always! :)

TalkBack / Re: Advance Wars Returning In 1+2 Re-Boot Camp December 3
« on: June 16, 2021, 08:39:22 PM »
I was expecting a Fire Emblem remake or even remaster. But this is such a fun surprise!

TalkBack / Re: Leaked Box Art Suggests New Super Monkey Ball Title?
« on: June 16, 2021, 08:38:24 PM »
How fun! I was just playing the original last Winter, and it holds up great. So many fun side modes are included too, and it gets incredibly difficult. I'll be checking this one out.

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