Author Topic: Why do you keep locking my thread? About Polls.  (Read 51943 times)

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Why do you keep locking my thread? About Polls.
« on: February 04, 2003, 06:49:18 PM »
Q:  Why do you keep locking my thread?

A:  Probably because the question you're asking is a poll.  Anytime you ask random people to give you the title of a game, based on some criteria, with little background information ... it's a poll.  This means that asking "What game should I buy?" or "What's a good *genre* game?" is a poll, and WILL be locked.

Q:  So how the hell am I supposed to know what game to buy???

A:  Here's my suggestion, and it works very well for me. Make a list of the games YOU already enjoy. Check out some reviewers online, and see what games they've reviewed highly. Find a reviewer who's reviews most closely parallel your own, and use them as your barometer for what to buy.  If all of that fails, go rent the ones that look interesting to you.  Only YOU know what games YOU are going to enjoy.  (On a side note, learn to be an independent thinker.  It's great that you want to make a good purchasing decision and are looking for infomation, but a random sampling is not the best way to get it.  There are a lot of websites on the internet devoted to giving you the information you're looking for.  Use them to help, but you've got to go with your own gut.  If all else fails, you have to try the game to be sure!)

Q:  But I REALLY want to know everyone else's opinion!

A:  Then find a more constructive way to ask your question, and put some THOUGHT into it.  Start a conversation, talk about games you enjoy, what qualities you think comprise a good game, feelings that these games give you.  LEAVE IT AT THAT.  Don't ask for other people's opinions.  

Q:  Don't ask for their opinion?  Then how am I going to get them?

A:  Because when you post a new thread in a forum, the fact that you're starting a conversation and inviting other people's opinions is IMPLIED.  There is nothing more redundant than asking for someone opinion on a message board designed to ask that question for you.  The fact that you've posted it asks the question "What do you think?" for you.

Q:  Thanks for setting me straight, Rick!

A:  No problem, now get in there start a thoughtful conversation!  
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