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TalkBack / Re: Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition Review
« on: July 07, 2014, 08:36:25 PM »
I'd expand and say rarely are steam sales or other system sales (PSN, Xbox Live) sales one time sales.  They often come around many times with increasingly steeper discounts.  Nintendo has at least started having digital sales.  But they pale compared to the big steam sales where games can reach 90% off.  And everyone has access to PC gaming whether they've opted to install steam or not.

If I need a game day 1 and the current Nintendo price is as good as other systems I'll consider the Nintendo version.  If I'm waiting for a sale I'll almost always wait for Steam to come through with a great price.  A dollar is a dollar.  Seems the comparison is pretty straightforward to me. 

English voice acting - worse reward ever. 

This sucks.  And I say that as someone who will probably buy this game as day 1.

I've grown to terms that kickstarter is a thing (fan funded development).  But two rounds for one game?  Especially when the first round was a complete success passing all stretch goals?  This sucks.  Oh, well they've come up with new ideas to implement, possibly DLC.  It still sucks and you'll never really know what this second round accomplished since they never really lay out the whole game you are funding in the first round. 

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Official Sales Thread
« on: July 07, 2014, 08:04:47 PM »
Swerd, I didn't know that about them. I was looking for another site to corroborate the facts I read on NEOGAF and MiiVerse. That was the site that linked from a google search. Thanks guys, I will no longer use them and will find a more legit source in the future...MUCH UNSATIN.

You won't find any legitimate sales sources outside of paying alot of $ or reading annual financial statements from the big 3.  Japanese sales are released regularly and posted here.  Some NPD data gets leaked but largely the data is paywalled.  Europe has some countries that track but it's rough to get a picture of that region. 

I like for what it is.  They do do some of their own tracking, but their standard deviations are much higher than paid groups as they don't have the resources to track as well as an NPD.  They release data fast and update to the most official #'s available.  Their current #'s may not be the most accurate, but they do update historical #'s which increases their utilization in my mind.   Current #'s and games that aren't big releases do tend to be off.  But historical console sales and big game releases (in time) tend to be very accurate.  You could spend some time verifying their historical #'s in accurate financial statements (the only true official reports) or you can take their historical #'s for what they are.  Fanboys get all riled up when you use because they can only take being wrong once a year (when annual reports get released). 

TalkBack / Re: FIFA 15 Heading to Wii and 3DS, Kicking Wii U Aside
« on: June 24, 2014, 10:49:09 PM »

No. I find both practices reprehensible.

I'm glad we both agree that EA and Nintendo at times use inappropriate practices. 

The difference is one company (EA) is being disingenuous about the product it's trying to sell.

I disagree, they are making changes just not significant changes to graphics/gameplay thus the budget price.

Which is exactly why I think saying that "arguing EA's price gauges are pointless" is wrong (or any company for that matter). They totally deserve to be called out in public for their crap.

Also, Nintendo price gouging? At what point exactly did Nintendo raise the price of the Wii in a manner that wasn't considered fair market value?

I thought it was pretty obvious I was arguing that Nintendo overcharges just like EA in response to quotes like yours.
Last time I checked these legacy editions were selling for $30. I guess that's ok but that's way too much for a literal roster update.

Price gouging is used synonymously with overcharging in our society. ""  The CEO of JetBlue is using price gouging where technically he means overcharging.  The article talks about airline consolidation allowing them to increase charges and fees that never go away and aren't the result of a specific increase in demand or drop in supply.  What an idiot, right? 

Either way I do agree with you.  Businesses are going to charge what they can get away with so not much point in talking about overcharging or price gouging.  It doesn't seem to stop people from weighing in on EAs practice though, even though I doubt any of you would be interested in this game for $5.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Bayonetta 2 (should be) delayed
« on: June 23, 2014, 09:47:46 PM »
Doesn't matter, most in NA own multiple systems, weather it's old generation, pc, or handheld.  August is a slow month, which means a game like Bayonetta would be able to standout.

So every holiday Nintendo shouldn't release anything because Sony and Microsoft push hard to release during those times?  Maybe Nintendo should only release games in January, so they stand out of course. 

I'm sorry, Bayonetta is never going to stand out.  It's just not.  I'm excited about trying it, but it's not going to be a commercial success.  Timing of the Bayonetta release is probably the least of Nintendo's problems. 

TalkBack / Re: FIFA 15 Heading to Wii and 3DS, Kicking Wii U Aside
« on: June 23, 2014, 08:03:27 PM »
Remember when Nintendo allowed Gamespot to reprint Metroid Prime trilogy and X Chronicles and raise the price $20?  Brilliant.

Last time I checked, Gamestop wasn't selling those reprints as "Xenoblade Chronicles 2" or "Metroid Prime Triology 2".

So bad to release a minor changed sequel for the same price, but good to release the exact same game as $20 more? 

TalkBack / Re: Miyamoto: Not the Time for Dual GamePad Experiences
« on: June 23, 2014, 11:02:42 AM »
I guess I think we are saying the same thing. If it was easy to implement then of course it would be worth doing.  Nintendo released the circle pad for 3ds for like 3 games. They released gba to gc cable for like 3 games. They can sell the gamepad at a profit and use dual gamepad as a marketing scheme. The only question is how much effort/cost is it to get software ready to use dual pads. Is it flicking a switch for something like sonic transformed that already had player 2 offscreen so now players 1 + 2 are offscreen?  Or are we talking about $500,000 more in MK 8 development costs?  I think the latter is what stops this from happening and it seems that is what you are saying too.

It is dissapointing to me though because I think dual gamepad would be awesome.

TalkBack / Re: Miyamoto: Not the Time for Dual GamePad Experiences
« on: June 23, 2014, 09:56:41 AM »
The screen is the most expensive part. The rest of the GamePad uses fairly cheap parts. I've seen bananas with high quality cameras. According to an article I'm too lazy to dig up again, the parts for the GamePad cost about $80 at launch (not counting manufacturing). In 2014, that amount has only gone down so even if Nintendo insisted on making a small profit, they could get the price down to something reasonable.

Streaming to two GamePads apparently cut the framerate in half. It's feasible, but if a game isn't already running at 60 frames per second, it isn't worth it.

I wonder if they could release one with a 4" or 3.5" screen and save money. Those would still be very usable and might actually increase comfort and look better (sort of a gba micro effect).

The second part is the reason I believe we'll never see it. It seems technically possible, but the tech is limited. Thus, I think there would require a great deal of software optimization to get it to work right with each title. At this point, Nintendo would be loathe to add to the development cycle.

I mean 2 Gamepads seems like a selling point to me and they already manufacture them. Seems like creating an sku is the easy thing. It probably takes more of Miyamotas time to explain why their isn't 2 gamepad connectivity than to get it to retail shelves.

TalkBack / Re: FIFA 15 Heading to Wii and 3DS, Kicking Wii U Aside
« on: June 23, 2014, 09:38:29 AM »
Quote from: Soren
Some companies even re-package their old game, stick a new title in it and sell it again! Brilliant!

Remember when Nintendo allowed Gamespot to reprint Metroid Prime trilogy and X Chronicles and raise the price $20?  Brilliant.

Re: Wii
Why would they cut the price of a console they could keep stock ask the first 3 years!? That would make 0 (zero) business sense.
  That's my point. If EA can make money off these low cost efforts then it is a good business decision. Just like Nintendo's decision to take advantage of the Wii market and price gouge their consumers.

You're totally right.  I mean, the Wii never had a reputation for being a shovelware console or anything.

I really don't give a crap about reputation. I enjoyed my Wii console. I don't need external validation to enjoy things.

General Gaming / Re: Retron 5 - ???
« on: June 21, 2014, 05:18:59 PM »
I really haven't played this much or had a good opportunity to do back and forth comparisons directly to the SNES. 

I'm kind of torn on it right now.  Graphically some of the games look amazing.  But surprisingly, there isn't a one filter works for all games approach.  Some of the games just look odd with the graphical filters.  But you can show the games without filters so not all is lost. 

* The cart slots are tight, but I didn't find too much of an issue with it.  I've found pulled the cart on the corner loosens the cart without providing a great deal of force. 
* I haven't tried all the controller ports, but all my cartridge slots work I've tried the famicom/gba/master system.  It also recognized all the carts I've tried thus far.  I want to update the firmware before I go crazy with some combinations though. 
* It works well with an SNES controller.  I actually haven't played with the Retron 5 controller yet.  It feels as bad as they say in my hand though so I'm not looking forward to trying it.
* Knock on wood, system seems to play fine now and I've not had some of the problems others have had.  I think it looks nice with the SNES grey/purple highlights. 

Probably the only negative (and why I'm on the fence) is there definately is some lag with SNES games.  I'll try some different TVs and see how much is being affected by my end.  I'll also compare to Wii U VC offscreen because I think I've seen some lag there too.  It's not a great amount of lag and changing TVs to my PC monitor lowered the lag so there may be further opportunities to lower.  SMK is a game that I feel lags right now.  On my plasma tv I tried a couple of races and didn't place.  I tried with the PC monitor and I won the first 4 races.  It feels better, but still not like playing on a SNES.  I don't think every system has lag though.  I'll have to do some more research.

TalkBack / Re: FIFA 15 Heading to Wii and 3DS, Kicking Wii U Aside
« on: June 21, 2014, 03:55:36 PM »
I don't see how we are better off getting fewer games ever.

I disagree.

Lol, I'm sure I could make some great wall of shames for the PS2.  The PS2 had 3870 games of which many were crap.  The Wii had 1222 games of which many were crap.  Seems to be the theme, win the generation and attract crap games that can't sale on merit but may sell due to high userbase. 

Really I've never played any of those games and the 15 seconds I spent looking at that visual wall of shame is the most time I've spent thinking about them (and actually that was kinda of entertaining).  It didn't negatively affect my life at all that they exist.  If it negatively affects you that they exist, I feel bad for you. 

I said "Profit Margin", doesn't mean they were actually making a profit. Just that they have to have that giant mark-up over actual cost just because it's an EA game.

Guess what, every business tries to make a profit.  It's just funny that you like to rag on EAs business practice, but give Nintendo a pass when they do the same exact thing.  But I'm sure your argument would be well Nintendo games are worth it, but if you don't think EA games are worth it they are easy to ignore.

Remember when the Wii when Nintendo was the only console maker to make a profit day 1 and they took 3 years to drop the price of the Wii while the others had already had multiple price cuts by that point? 

Remember when Nintendo took 5 years to come out with Nintendo Selects on the Wii (previously players choice on Gamecube).  Until that time there were no official discounts on any Nintendo first party Wii software. 
Remember when Sony would remaster PS2 trilogies for $40?  And then Nintendo whipped together an HD remake of Windwaker in 6 months and charged $50? 

The reality is it I don't see the point of arguing EA gauges.  Everybody tries to get as much as they can for their product.  If you don't think it's worth it, don't buy it.  EA games at least drop in price and I usually pick up their games 6-9 months after release for $10 which is what you think it's worth anyways.  So their model is only a loss if you absolutely have to have it on day 1 (hint you don't).  I still don't see how a lack of EA games is good in anyway for the Wii U.  Fifa 13 and Madden 13 were excellent games for the Wii U and are well worth the $10-13 they go for on Amazon. 


TalkBack / Re: FIFA 15 Heading to Wii and 3DS, Kicking Wii U Aside
« on: June 20, 2014, 11:05:17 PM »

I would rather have nothing. I'm tired of getting half-assed games that are used as justification to drop support on a console.

I don't see how we are better off getting fewer games ever.  There's really not anything else for them to drop.  And their games on other consoles sell quite well despite having flaws. 

I look at this as a positive. EA is making games on a Nintendo platform.

I personally congratulate them on doing the absolute minimum possible.

EA is in business to make a profit.  They don't owe Nintendo a minimum level of games.  If they could make money on Nintendo systems there would be more EA games.

*still gotta make that ridiculous profit margin

If they were making a ridiculous profit on Nintendo games, I'd expect to see more than they are turning out.

TalkBack / Re: FIFA 15 Heading to Wii and 3DS, Kicking Wii U Aside
« on: June 20, 2014, 10:09:35 AM »
I look at this as a positive. EA is making games on a Nintendo platform. No, it's not the platform we want it for, but this shows they will develop for Nintendo. As Nintendo continues to send Wii Us out in the wild and put the Wii U in a better market position there's a chance those games would be updated. I wouldn't say it's a great chance, but there's no vendetta where it will never happen.

TalkBack / Re: FIFA 15 Heading to Wii and 3DS, Kicking Wii U Aside
« on: June 19, 2014, 09:16:12 PM »
Really no surprise here.  The Wii U version of Fifa 13 sold terrible, much worse than the Wii version.  Plus, even a updated remake of an HD version would cost more for the Wii U.  This is a sound business decision but don't let that rain on the blast EA parade. 

TalkBack / Re: Nintendo Needs Another Revolution
« on: June 06, 2014, 10:06:28 PM »
Actually I think this is a big part of Nintendo's problem.  They knocked it out of the park once, so now they are determined to knock it out of the park again.  They are the homerun hitter that keeps striking out because they refuse to knock the single into the opposite field.  I think they just need to focus on doing the simple things right.  Video games aren't rocket science.  Provide customers what they want and they'll buy it.  They don't need to copy the competitors, but they don't need to be the anti-competitors either.

I'm not saying they can't work to innovate, but more innovations fail than make it and they are fools if they think they can catch the Wii innovation train even every other generation. 

Too bad about Reggie.  I used to think he had power, but it's pretty clear he was the Western figurehead.  He doesn't even seem to speak anymore. 

General Gaming / Re: PS3 HD Upgrade
« on: June 05, 2014, 09:12:08 PM »
Honestly the OS would not be affected in any way by a new HDD. It's all in RAM after you boot the console. Formatting doesn't matter, maybe there's some kind of partition on that drive already...but I don't think the PS3 would report it as "used" unless it could see it.

By O/S I mean it loads faster and loads programs faster.  As Oblivion mentioned, there are youtube videos that I could link to but I don't think it's altogether that important.  Certainly there is an argument that it is altogether insignificant, but I bought the 7200 so I'm there already.  I was definitely wondering about showing as 116GB used when 80GB were initially used.  I couldn't find anything on a google search and it seems as if nobody here has experienced something similar.  I'll probably just go about using it as it stands and if I find an error, I'll update this thread..

General Gaming / Re: Game Industry delayed to 2015
« on: June 05, 2014, 01:06:43 PM »
Marketing has always been key in the industry. Sony is better at marketing than Nintendo and that's how they've really built their empire. Microsoft bought their way into the big 3 with their infamous $500 M initial advertising budget.

General Gaming / Re: PS3 HD Upgrade
« on: June 05, 2014, 12:59:43 PM »
@bdog - My original drive was an 80 Gb. I've literally restored and now am using 116 Gb. I'm sure there was compression/decompression. I just don't know how I ended up with more than I started.

@ceric - I saw places posting 8-10% speed pickup. Not scientific but the O/S seems snappier to me. Either way, the price differential was negligible when I was looking at drives. I'm not going to lose sleep over potentially saving $3. I'm using the data the PS3 is giving me 339/455 available so I don't think formatting matters.

General Gaming / Re: Game Industry delayed to 2015
« on: June 05, 2014, 07:36:52 AM »
I think alot will change in the VG industry.  Dynamic pricing needs to happen to draw interest into some of the B+ games instead of pricing them at $60 out the gate when everybody knows they aren't as good as other games available in the genre.  I think this cycle may be the last cycle with physical media and the industry could move towards a steam based model which can provide a higher value at a lower cost. 

Everyone needs to look at their cost structure.  The big 3 charge too much in fees and third parties are layer on too much overhead.  But a game can cost whatever the developer wants.  And it seems too many times they spend too much.  Shenmue for the Dreamcast cost $47M to develop.  That was just stupid to put that much money into a game at that time.  Likewise, if you want to spend $100M today on a game you could.  But you need to do better market research and make sure you can recover the funds.  Likewise a well thought out kickstarter game can have a low production cost and be very successful.

One thing that confuses me greatly.  PC has had 1080p games it seems like forever. 
"In 2012, the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) of Canada gave the average development costs for various platforms as follows:

Console - $8,728,125
PC & Mac - $995,675"

How in the heck does making a console game cost 9 times as much as a PC game?  Is it all the fees related to console gaming?  Are PC games on average simpler?  I just don't understand how there would be such a discrepancy when the games should look very similar (some would say PC should look better) on a 1080p screen. 

General Gaming / PS3 HD Upgrade
« on: June 05, 2014, 07:13:33 AM »
I decided to upgrade my HD to ensure that I had enough space to patch all my games and download new ones.  Plus I figured a 7200 RPM drive wouldn't hurt.  So I had an 80 GB hard drive that was pretty much completely full.  My backup said it was 63 GB.  Then on my new hard drive I show 116 GB used after restore.  Did something mess up in the transition?  Do I need to re-restore?  Everything seems to work fine.  Games play, they all look there.  I put in a big enough HD that the extra space isn't too detrimental.  I'm just confused how I would end up with more unless something was corrupted. 

General Gaming / Re: Retron 5 - ???
« on: May 29, 2014, 10:19:17 PM »
Maybe I got a good deal, maybe the thing is a piece of crap.  I plan to post impressions so people can gauge what they may be willing to pay for something like this.  Hyperkin intends to get this to $99 eventually and I'm sure there will be sales prices.  This also has 5 cartridge slots and 6 controller ports which I'm sure adds to the cost over something like the Ouya.

You must need to clean your SNES controllers.  Mine works perfectly and play games from that era at least as good (if not better) than those other controllers.  I've certainly never heard it called terrible by someone that enjoys games from that era.  It's the gold standard from that time period.  The design was copied as recently as the Wii classic controller and many other controllers use the same basic design for retro play.  Most would greatly prefer it over the offset and poorly regarded 360 dpad.  Plus, I've always hated analogue shoulder buttons for retro games.  It messes up my timing immensely in something like Mario Kart.  But that's subjective and would give an idea why you prefer PC emulation as getting a 360 controller to work with that is easy. 

All the reviews I've seen say the added detail through HDMI looks much better than the composite that the systems use now.  Much like almost all PC emulation looks better than the original system.  But I'd rather have this conversation after I play the system.  Looking better is is a big feature and if it doesn't look better that would very negatively affect my impressions. 

Yes, this means that gamecube and n64 games can come to vc. Pretty sure they hadn't yet because of the lack of analogue triggers.

General Gaming / Re: Retron 5 - ???
« on: May 29, 2014, 02:12:58 PM »
It's more convenient in this box that uses actual controllers, carts, and has hdmi out. If you are happy with your pc emulation then this isn't for you. I know about pc emulation and I'm still but I'm still buying it. Others seemed to have an interest in it so I plan on posting impressions.  This product isn't for everybody so I wouldn't expect everybody to have an interest in it.

General Gaming / Re: Retron 5 - ???
« on: May 29, 2014, 10:12:33 AM »
Yeah, if you buy a 6 $20 adapters to use your actual system controllers and either have a pc connected to an hdtv or are willing to keep one connected you'll get a similar experience.

Some of us old timers have a nice collection of carts and would rather play those than work with emulators. For $76 that I'm locked in at, I think it has a feature set that seems worth the price. I'll know more when I get it and can see the execution.  I have my systems currently connected to a 32" crt. That will be my base point of comparison.

TalkBack / Re: Nintendo France Rep: Smash Bros. Wii U Uses NFC
« on: May 28, 2014, 09:54:21 PM »
@Adrock, that's a valid understanding.  Your initial post to Ian came off as, "Your opinion is different than mine!  Rage and Find STFU video because I don't like opposite opinions."  Your re-post is, I believe, a more adequate response which addresses your desire for some optimism. 

I don't like my own analogy so I'm going to try again. 
You go to a steakhouse (Nintendo) and get a $60 steak (Dinner).  The steakhouse is raising the price to $100 and including a few service extras like secluded seating, live music, romantic view etc.

Husband: "I like my $60 steak, I don't want to pay $100 ($60 game, 2x$20 Figurine) for the same steak, especially when I can get a competitors steak for $20 (Rayman Legends). 
Wife: "Some of those options sound nice and could be romantic.  Let's give it a chance, it could be worth $100.
Reality: Neither wants to pay $100 for the steak, but if the execution is good, they could still enjoy getting the $100 steak.  So it is all about execution for Nintendo. 

I actually think this would have been a much better idea to pull off with the Wii when they had a huge userbase.  Then if the figurines would work on Wii U games, it may give people a reason to get a Wii U because they have all these figurines laying around and would like to get more value out of them.  As it is, I don't think this will convince people to buy Wii Us. 

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