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I actually used Larvesta in Ultra Moon. Between the EXP share, it's absurd attack stat, and the fact that the evolite is a thing, it's actually really solid and you can reasonably evolve it before you reach Ultra Necrozma so your overpowered hell moth can help you with that, the last trial, Victory Road, and the Elite 4.

Anyways I'm exploring some side content right now. People complain about Black and White being painfully linear but there is a lot of side areas you can explore and things to do.

yeeeeeeeeah, mine is Timid. :I still usin' Evolite on it, though. that's a really stupidly good hold item.

a lot of first party DS games in general have held on to their value for the most part. $25 is actually pretty good.

Heart Gold and Soul Silver are incredibly pricey.

Looks like you're right on $25 being the decent fetching price for Black/White.  I'll probably dip in this week. 

There was another DS set of Pokemon games that had a sticker price of $50-60 on the shelf too.  Forget if it was Sapphire or something else?  Just the sticker shock still taking me aback.  Man, they should really offer these older ones digitally if just to make them available for something other than bloated prices.

the DS's lifespan encapsulated (at least as far as core games go, becuase I'm not going to list off every pokemon dash, mystery dungeon, conquest, torzei, typing tutor, and ranger game here.)...

Pokemon Diamond
Pokemon Pearl
Pokemon Heart Gold
Pokemon Soul Silver
Pokemon Platinum
Pokemon Black
Pokemon White
Pokemon Black 2
Pokemon White 2

I imagine between Nintendo never really discounting pokemon games, the reason these games retain their value so much is because of how interconnected their eco systems are. I remember at the realization that Diamond/Pearl/Platinum HM fodder 'defog' got a very strong buff to make it a competitive viable move that people scrambled to breed up viable pokemon in the gen 4 environment and then jump through the various hoops to get them transferred up.

I took a really bad spill on friday and haven't had much motivation to play pokemon over the weekend, but I'm heading to celestial tower. although Chandalure is a favorite pokemon of mine, I don't want to double up on fire types, so I'm interested to see if we have something fun lurking within like Duskull or Misdreavus or the like. it's been fun to see what they've mixed into the unova dex to spruce it up from BW. I'm also starting to FINALLy see some evolutions in my party, which is nice considering one of my main critiques of BW.

for some reason, weather it was a balancing choice made based on the way the EXP calculation scales or what, someone at gamefreak decided almost every Unovan Pokemon is an INCREDIBLY late bloomer.

Sure, some of your weaker varieties like the likes of lilipup, Pidove, and the starters are still relatively early, but even the early bug types are late bloomers. Sewaddle is your early game quickly evolving bug type that has low potential for a final evolution is 20 for Swadloon and Friendship for Leavanny. Venipede similarly is 22 for Whirlipede and 30 for Scoilopede.

these are the sort of numbers that most normal pokemon from earlier generations would hit their Evo at.

that's not even getting into the likes of Deino, who's stuck in it's base form all the way to 50 to get to Zweilous and 64 for Heidreigon. I'm of course using Larvesta, which doesn't get to become Volcarona all the way until LEVEL 70!!!

there's other ones like it too, such as Mienfoo at level 50 to Mienshao, 54 for Rufflet/Vullaby into Braviary/Mandibuzz, 52 for Pawniward into Bisharp, etc.!

if I have any big tip for you folks playing, it's that the trade evo and stone evo stuff in Gen 5 is very good because it's available so relatively early in comparison to everything else. in BW, I remember half of my team being the likes of Whimsicott, Conkeldurr, and Accelgor for that reason.

Sorry, one more, because I found it and it really craps all over USUM's rendition of this song.

Made it to chargestone cave, wherein my hunt for a tynamo has been a tecious one. Eelektross is a pokemon that fascinates me because on paper it should be amazing but in practice it kinda is mediocre. if it had like... a leaky battery eel look and was Electric/Poison with Levitate? it'd be brilliant and might actually see play as a superb walling pokemon instead of just existing. oh well. still seems neat to be this pokemon with no weakness but just doesn't have the stats or diverse movepool to take advantage of this fact.

Can I take a moment to gush about the soundtracks here? something went VERY wrong with the way pokemon games are scored after Gen 5. I don't know if it's that they were no longer limited by sample-based sequencing, Junichi Masuda finally broke, or what, but the Gen 6 pokemon music with few exceptions sound like the sorts of compositions that are trying to parody what your standard Masuda composition for pokemon sounds like, or are really annoying sounding and forgettable EDM.

BW's soundtrack I feel has it all. memorable battle tracks, catchy and chill town themes, route themes that inspire grandeur or in the case of the BRILLIANT Route 10 theme, finality. BW2 only gets BETTER about this. I've been grinning ear to ear as I get to each gym and hear it play it's own remix of the Pokemon gym theme. the music at the world tournament is incredible. Hugh's musical themes get me boppin' my head, Colress' theme is amazing, and then there's stuff like Virbank City, which is so chill that I've just been listening to it while I do art. I've been taken aback by how much has immediately struck with me. I also love the idea of the Critical HP music theme, using the traditional 'you left your car door ajar' style alarm as an actual instrument, and think that it's a crying shame that this wasn't adopted into Gen 6 or Gen 7's soundtracks and expanded upon; I'm thinking compositions that are Panel De Pon style critical themes for each major battle theme.

I feel like the instrument choice is superb as well, which is why there's a whole youtube cottage industry of people who make remixes of songs using the BW/BW2 sample library to recreate tracks and do their own thing. this phenominon does exist with the other pokemon games (particularly Gen 3 and it's trumpet-heavy samples), but I feel it's most prevalent with the Gen 5 stuff.

yeah, as I said, the badges only level gate traded pokemon's obedience. HMs are a tool of sidequesting and sequence breaking, which makes them feel less tedious as they did in the past, as rather than progress gates, they serve as bonus incentive if you bring your HM Specialists into the unexplored depths of a cave.

PokéStar Studios was the best thing to ever come out of any of the games, I'd gladly take a full spinoff game like that.

That is all.

That'd actually be awesome. it's an idea that could ACTUALLY be fleshed out into something amazing. especially with a Super Mario Maker-esque scripting component to it. sadly, that's an idea too awesome for Gamefreak. better call Genius Sonority up on the phone.

... thinking back, I did play this game with Oshawott originally, which meant I got milage out of Pidove at this point in the game and probably didn't notice that AS badly.
The encounters are rigged so that Pidove won't appear before you beat the first gym.

Wow, really?!? I thought I remembered Pidove being available in Dreamyard, but I guess maybe that's Pinwheel forest I was thinking of? that's a good example of my memory failing me pretty hardcore, I guess. like I said, I totally forgot the Pokemon Musical was a thing until the guy handed me the prop case in BW2.

... thinking back, I did play this game with Oshawott originally, which meant I got milage out of Pidove at this point in the game and probably didn't notice that AS badly.

I'm not going to pretend Gen 5 is perfect, because it isn't. there's a lot of stuff where they try an idea and half-heart it, like... rare encounter spots... the shaking grass, clouds of dirt, shadows in the water, and shadows cast on the bridge are all gigantic missed oppertunities, as with the shaking grass, 99.99999% of the time you can expect to see Audino. Drillbur with the dust, Ducklett/Swana with the shadows, and Jellicent/MAYBE the ooposite color of Basculin that's native to your version of the game.

Although dream world and the entralink are dead features, the Dream World Website was actually kinda terrible and I disliked every time I had to navigate that website that felt like it was a product of the AOL Fun and Games gate.

there is a LOT of ansulary bloat that I had honestly spaced out of my mind until I saw it, like the Pokemon Musical. BW2's Pokestar studios falls under this too, but at least Pokestar studios has a bit of a puzzle element to it that makes it... I dunno, kinda neat? I wish it had more immediate and tangible rewards. could be a fun feature to bring back in one of the Pokemon games that has trainer cosmetics.the 3DS Dream Radar App that was released with BW2 also falls into this category. and Entralink missions in general, but that's a criticism of all pokemon I can make post Gen 3. there's just a LOT of it in Gen 5. Black City/White Forest. there's another example.

Triples and Rotation battles are fun formats they thought up and then consequently dropped them for future releases because they were both under supported in the games themselves and also caused the poor 3DS performance to start chugging like it's Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.

I also feel like the Unova League in Black/White 1 kinda takes a massive back seat in relevance because of the sharp, nearly blinding spotlight put on Team Plasma. I don't think even Team Rocket over the course of two games has ever felt so monolitic as Team Plasma does, and it actively serves to choke out some other elements of the adventure when so much of the game is Team Plasma, Team Plasma, Team Plasma.

it's kinda tough...

Samurott is a water type with equally decent attacking stats, but no bulk nor speed to back them up.

Emboar is all right, but feels like he's just blaziken with a thicker body thanks to the type combo and distribution of his stats. I have a soft spot for him.

Serperior is actually pretty bad without it's dream world ability, which you can't access without a website that went defunct even before Nintendo pulled the plug on Nintendo WFC. that being said, nowdays in modern pokemon games where you have access to Contrary, Serperior is used pretty widely because of how dumb the Leaf Storm nonsense is.

Gen 5 I think was the first generation where I actually boxed my starter after getting Samurott for the Pokedex. My plan was to use Jellicent anyway, and Unova has plenty of wonderful pokemon to chose from.

Actually, one of the joys I've had with playing BW2 is seeing the way they've distributed encounters. This seems to be the first game where they adopted the mentality of making various areas of the game very densely occupied by wild pokemon, which struck me when I played X/Y for the first time as a good move; in that game's blatant Viridian Forest paralell, they specifically packed in just about every early bug-type line that you could ever want along with some other goodies new and old. Seeing early game Koffing, Grimer, Riolu, Mareep, Magby, and Elekid sprinkled in with your BW early game staples like Pidove, Lilipup, Patrat, and trubbish made me genuinely smile. (I'm the sort that in Sun/Moon ended up trying to SOS chain me the early game salamence) experience with the series is Blue/Red, and then dabbling in X/Y before dropping it.  Sounds like B&W2 are what the majority are playing here, so I'll look-out for a cheap copy near me and see if I can scoop it up.

I'd take Pokepal's advice; play BW1. the big thing is that BW2 is so heavily remixed it's almost like a different game. VERY different narrative, completely different early game, refers to plot elements of BW1, etc. You even play as a different trainer and have a different rival.

also, the thing about BW1 is that they very tightly keep the Unova Ecosystem shut in. you will not see a Pikachu or any recognizable pokemon until after you have bested the endgame of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, whereas BW2 is less concerned about that.

as I said in discord, I've already been playing BW2 just for grins, and Pokepal is absolutely right so far on a lot of things. it does make me sad to play and see how many features are just broken or destitute from the death of Nintendo WFC.

Playing this has reminded me of so many small QoL changes that Black and White made that got dropped like a bad habit for X and Y and had me angry at the time of playing that game. little things like very smartly placed Doctor/Nurse trainers that offer your trainer their services to refresh your team without having to take a trek back to town if you are able to best them, or BW's own abolishment of the HM involving making them strictly for optional goodies rather than roadblocks for the main path. this left Gym badges to strictly be the obedience threshold for non-OT pokemon.

Dungeon design is brilliant non-linear affairs sometimes that will only give you a peek at some of it's goodies, as dungeon and route layouts can end up changing with the new seasonal system, along with the wild pokemon table and such.

Some of the gyms are the most brilliant things that they ever had in the series. I still hold and maintain that Cilan/Chili/Cress of Striaton Gym is one of the most brilliant opening gyms to a pokemon game ever, and offers a tight set of tutorialization opportunities WITHOUT doing things like feeding the player free pokemon or new exp share or such.

Some of my favorite pokemon designs overall belong to the 5th gen alumni. as a matter of fact, I feel I should point out at this point that since my BW2 run is pretty casual and such, I decided I wanted an alternative starter and Pokegen'd myself a larvesta, because I thought it'd be amusing to have a starter that has no chance to evolve until well into the post-game of my journey. also, Volcarona has rapidly become one of my favorite pokemon. Pokegen will also be used if I need a trade evo or want to mess around with a pokemon that has it's dream world ability, such as Shed Skin Scrafty.

I'm currently at Nimbasa city. I remember in BW1 that some pretty important character development for Bianca happens at Nimbasa, and that struck me as being something bold and WAY Different for a pokemon game to be doing at the time.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 609: Anime Word Cloud
« on: February 12, 2019, 06:00:18 AM »
To elaborate on James' point about games that have a "GBA-ish look", it's that a lot of GBA games would use brighter pastels that were easier to see without a backlight, with sprites that are either rather low detail and chunky, or consumate to their SNES counterparts, but obviously at a more zoomed-in and intimate scale. I personally just think that's a 'this is an indie game' sort of look. i'd lump celeste in that category too.

I'm more just happy that Chucklefish is showing that that Stardew Valley publishing money is being put into their internal projects to make them not as decidedly stiff looking as Starbound was. as much as I love the dickens out of Starbound's setting and find it's gameplay to be a far more zen-like experience than say... terraria, it feels like Wargroove on the whole is a far more focused game than that.

... which is to say, it is focused on outside of a few small liberties, filling this niche that feels comparable to Black Hole Rising but with a more fully featured editor (since the editor is the same tool they used to make the story mode), rather than how crazy fully featured Dual Strike on DS was. it effectively has a near identical roster of unit types if we take Md.Tank out and have a water based infantry unit. the real big diffrerence is that units are even more disposable in Wargroove considering the fact that you can't passively repair your units by just sitting them on a property, but rather have to pay to heal them. you also can't combine platoons as a cost-cutting measure to repairs. it's got juuuuuuuuuust enough there to not be the exact same game, but it's sooooo close. I also agree that Regna is a pretty annoying character by design. then again, considering the nature of what Regna is, it kinda makes sense?

Also, fun little fact for those of you who may actually read this post; The Floran are actually something lifted straight from Chucklefish's other first-party offering, the aforementioned Starbound. Nuru is even a character you encounter in that game as a space-faring hunter who decides she wants to help your character save the universe. I Guess after all that happened, she decided to take it easy and do some old-fashioned primitive hunting on an under-developed world!


I started Octopath Traveler with Primrose and feel like I was immensely rewarded by both having the most compelling of the 8's story front and center to grab me, and having the best party member in my party at all times to get EXP and money when those resources were in high demand.

I also had a merchant around quite a bit to toss BP around a lot and really got into the extra classes who can give you a head start on having boosted attacks, and that speeds things along quite a bit for the mid to late game if you're the sort who's skilled enough to beat those optional super bosses. Said Super Bosses are where the likes of poison damage, because it's percentile, can often outpace the turn-to-turn damage your party is doing, especially if your focus is keeping the boss pinned down as much as possible. Leg Trap is invaluable in this regard as well.

so, I played through this again later last year. I did it within the span of a day and a half. it was my first time I ever got 100 Super Jumps and thus the might of the Super Suit and the Attack Scarf. if you can get 100 Super Jumps, the game effectively ends at Monstro town, as the super suit is so disgustingly powerful, especially when given to a character like Mallow who's crowd controlling weather based magic effectively nullifies all normal enemy encounters outside of the most stalwart of foes. it was quite the trip to play that way though.

I also got the Star Egg and Sheep Attack. the Star Egg is a pretty sutpid and overpowered item too.

once again, thank you guys for having me. sorry I had to keep it brief, but I didn't want to hold you guys up enough to push the last game out.

In hindsight, I wish I'd have gotten to talk about Game 4 with you guys. that's a game I feel passionately about and would have probably called Syrenne out on-stream, preaching from the mountaintops on how it is one of the most refreshing experiences in it's genre that i had had in a LONG time.

TalkBack / Re: Dragon Marked for Death (Switch) Review
« on: January 31, 2019, 04:53:59 PM »
that's super unfortunate. this game looked hella slick in it's trailers. :C

TalkBack / Re: Wargroove (Switch) Review
« on: January 30, 2019, 07:54:02 PM »
You forgot something.

+Features the best Starbound waifu as a commander

TalkBack / Re: 9th NWR Charity Live Stream
« on: January 23, 2019, 09:05:50 AM »
Seriously, thank you for putting your 1%er power towards helping a noble cause, Pdoksus.

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 606: Flexing on Undead Taxmen
« on: January 22, 2019, 09:03:13 AM »
if Gui gets to put Katamari on his list then I get to put Freedom Planet on mine because that came out on switch in 2018!

All kidding aside, it's always fun to hear these sorts of things. honestly, 2018 was a weird time where I've done a lot of gaming, but it was moreso concentrated in a few spots rather than a chance to sample a lot of games. According to steam, I'm up to 1847 hours in Final Fantasy XIV. granted, some of that has been AFK idling, but MAN has Eorzea sucked me into it's gaping maw like Fortenite absorbed Jon.

I don't even think I purchased a retail switch game until Octopath Traveler. granted, I loved the dickens out of that game, but something happened where where Octopath Traveler and Syrenne divided by zero and simultaneously killed my desire to play my Nintendo Switch and listen to Radio Free Nintendo for a good several months. maybe it was also that 2018 has been one of the roughest patches in my life as well...

I feel like Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon needs a nod. it may actually be one of my favorite Inti-creates games I've ever played, and I'd play it again over the likes of Castlevania 3 at any oppertunity.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been a strange journey for me.World of Light and it's highly symbolic and allegorical narrative had me stop and question the nature of something that I always think of as the celebration of... well, at this point, I think it's safe to assume "all of japanese gaming" is an apt description of Super Smash Bros. now. I feel a strange and somber feeling come over me whenever I play the game. I don't know what else can be said about it that hasn't been beaten to death by the rest of the internet or that woulnd't start a nuclear flame war in the comments here.

Mega Man 11 exists and isn't even the best Mega Man game I played this year. it did make me consider some things I should and should not do in a little game dev project I did work on during 2018?

and then... I know I sent an e-mail having a small existential crisis over this, but... then there's La Mulana 2, a game that does SO much right in my book, but then also does things that I cannot excuse. as of the writing of this forum comment, La Mulana 2 ver. is still the current version of La Mulana 2, and it is a broken version of La Mulana 2 where you can soft lock he game in an area with a save point that you are more than likely to use. I did this to my save file 39 hours in, and had to look up a trick to revert my version of the game to a previous patch via use of the steam console in order to fix a bug that has been reported to the devs for the past 3 months now and there has been no hot-fix.

I suppose I finally played Undertale this year, and... it's all right? I still have a LOT of problems with it, but I cannot deny some of it's qualities.

Deltarune is immediately a better game, and it's literally just a free demo, sooooo....

I started playing and Dropped Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition! that came out in 2018... I guess... maybe...

otherwise, everything I can think of that i played this year was either a fan game of some sort, a Doom WAD, or Rivals of Aether, which isn't a 2018 game but had some relavent 2018 DLC.

I think at this point I have to accept that I enjoy very different JRPGs from the standard JRPG playing members of this show. I LOVED Octopath traveler so much, even if there's some repetition to be had with it's opening hours.

If I had to say what I really love about it, art direction aside, is that it's straightforward in the ways it needs to be and then invites you to just go nuts and be a party of adventurers with different quests who are just hanging out together because it's just safer to go about traveling like that. it reminds me a LOT of the sort of feelings I get playing Dungeons and Dragons a lot of the time, actually. Especially given the path action driven sidequesting, it REALLY can feel like a JRPG lens on my favorite parts about tabletop RPGing.

I also feel like it lets me have freedom to go about exploring without outright crushing your skull in unless you do something CLEARLY stupid. it'd be easy to compare to Final Fantasy 2 on the famicom if the areas weren't clearly delineated.

I love this game because I can clearly see the vision the team had for it and the unflinching way they stand there instead of compromising it to make little tweaks that would appease the sort of people who like conciets like the affinity chart make me smile.

There's a reason I stuck with Octopath traveler and dropped Xenoblade Chronicles 2 like a bad habit.

I feel like I SHOULD play Xenoblade 2 again, but like... I feel like as long as I'm playing Final Fantasy 14 and that continues to be a more engaging experience for me that I won't be able to enjoy Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

... I have a busy April ahead of me.

TalkBack / Re: 9th NWR Charity Live Stream
« on: January 01, 2019, 11:19:43 PM »
It begiiiiiiiiiiiins~!

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 159: No More Mettsing Around
« on: December 29, 2018, 06:11:27 AM »
I embarrassingly went 2.3 out of 5 for this episode. The only game I got right away is game 5, which is weird because Dark Souls is a game that almost exclusively doesn't have a soundtrack, much like Breath of the Wild. Yet, the compositions for Dark Souls left so much more of an impression on me. Funny how that works.

Anyhow you can probably figure out why if you listened to the episode what I meant by getting .3 of a game correct. Still fun to have TYP playing for a change.

TalkBack / Re: The Thirsty Mage Podcast - A Look Back and Then Ahead
« on: December 28, 2018, 02:30:17 AM »
Man, that'd be so great, but they've  done such a good job of dancing around the Jugdral games. Had there not been a clear groundswell of fan support for Fire Emblem Heroes, I feel like the only artist renderings from those games that wouldn't be from the mid 90's would be the Seliph and Lief units in Awakening. Even in that case, the only Fire Emblem duology that's less represented on Fire Emblem Heroes is the Tellius stuff.


So... I actually started listening to this episode.

I think it's kinda funny that the opposite thing happened with me than most people where I loved the dickens out of Octopath Traveler and wanted to love Xenoblade 2 but just... fell out of it after the combination of bad tutorialization and frustrating systems compounding one-another really turned me off hardcore. I almost feel like I should try Torna because it might not mystify me as badly as the main game did, but I'm hesitant to do so because Xenoblade 2 just... doesn't feel good to me. I think my comment to people at the time was that I was having more fun playing Tiger! Tiger! than I was  doing anything else in Xenoblade 2. I then promptly started playing Final Fantasy 14 and was amazed at how much better and more fulfilling of an experience that game's Main Story Quest and side content is than Xenoblade Chronciles 2's from strictly a single-player with minimal interaction with the community sort of angle.

I also artisically am not upset about the nature of over-sexualized designs, but rather how little of a splash said oversexualized designs seem to have had as an asset to Xenoblade Chronicles 2. as someone who works adjacent to quite a few different communities, it should be noted that in a wash of fanart that centered on the likes of Breath of the Wild's female champions, ARMS' Twintelle, the duo that make up Off-the-hook, and yes, even that Canada Goose nonsense, I saw almost NOTHING of Xenoblade 2 outside of maybe the occasional fanart of Pyrrah in a game loaded to the breaking point with Waifus and the Noppon equivalent of Dr. Slump.


Undertale is about as much of an RPG as Detroit: Become Human is. or Gargoyle's quest. it's a bullet hell shooter trainer that tries really hard to wave it's stick of morality at you and... there's part of me that still really doesn't like that, but as someone who finally forced myself to play through it at least once, I can now say that I have night terrors now and don't sleep. Thanks for the Nihilism, Toby!

oh, music is bangin' though. Best character in that game is Burgerpants.

TalkBack / Re: The Thirsty Mage Podcast - A Look Back and Then Ahead
« on: December 27, 2018, 04:26:59 AM »
If I had to have a gander at it, it'd probably be because Final Fantasy 8 was developed during a hectic time at Squaresoft where a lot of the game was done quick and dirty. FF8's initial English translation was initially done not with a script of all in-game text, but by Square literally mailing a Japanese master to the translators and having them play through the game.

likewise, the Eidos and Square-USA folks that were in charge of FF7's PC port claim that they weren't given source code of the final build, but rather an incomplete and bug-riddled version to work with for the PC port.

there may not actually exist a complete version of FF8's source code any more. Of course, re-releasing the PC version on steam is an easy process, but they likely didn't have a clean version for mobile porting and thus console porting.

in addition, FF8's Steam PC rerelease just... sold bad. The truth of the matter is that the 8th Final Fantasy's reputation has caught up with it over the years. a game that left me confused and uwilling to finish it in the 90's is now a game I deride and mock when watching friends play it for the first time like one might mock some of M. Night Shyamalan's worst work. Granted, this isn't everyone's opinion, but it is the opinion of quite a few popular and formative members in internet communities. Heck, even this PC re-release has some serious problem with controller support, uses general MIDI for the music, and tends to bomb regularly on modern hardware.

Some other folks on the internet also have a suspicion that "Eyes on Me", FF8's vocal track that topped Japanese charts at the time may be caught up in some licensing limbo, but that's probably more solvable than the problem of the source code and high res assets for FMVs and Pre-rendered backgrounds being lost to time because as soon as the game got out to stores they flashed the golden master of the source code from orbit!

Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 603: A Hell of a Way to End the Year
« on: December 23, 2018, 01:54:04 PM »
Gosh, James brings up ALL excellent stuff!

We're the Robots is such an interesting and Jazzy remix and I love it to bits. that being said, MM9 and MM10 had arrange albums that came out with those games.

That being said, I cannot get that stupid F-Zero earworm out of my brain, and I still love it. It's so over the top and cheesy.

Getting to remixes sounding worse than the original songs, that's... a LOT of the Splatoon stuff. They somehow turned Splattack into elevator music.

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