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1 Source isn't 100% verified, but that's... interesting. Japan seems to be moving away from wanting smaller devices as well. the fact that this is winding up is... unsurprising, though.

Nintendo Gaming / Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows Over Valentia
« on: April 07, 2017, 01:29:52 AM »
I am so ready for this game, man. I may not be able to play it right away because I've fallen between jobs, but Golly, I'm liking what they've decided to keep the same (besides maybe 60 Avo. on tombstones) and what they've changed. the art direction is great (even if it is weird that they gave Silque a gigantic rear end for no reason) and now that I know they've better fleshed out the dungeon stuff and put in Thracia's fatigue system, I'm seriously ready to enjoy what may be the west's first TRUE taste of some classic, pre GBA Fire Emblem!

Also, Gaiden is the fire emblem with the best soundtrack, hands down.

because I want Yacht club to keep making games and I didn't feel like abusing clerical errors made in the value of pesos, I got Shovel Knight Treasure Trove for my switch! I've been playing Shovel of Hope in Body Swap mode to acclimate myself and to maybe do the achievement hunting I did on the Wii U version. I think the joycons are fine for this game and people are blowing the whole buttons for Dpad thing out of proportion. sure, it's not ideal, but it works fine, and works better than an analogue stick and has not resulted in horrible death just yet!

I want to first comment and say I'm loving Body Swap mode. I got a laugh out of Queen Knight's overhaul and Plague Knight's whole wicked witch look. She's also the one who seems to have been effected the most so far dialogue wise. Also, Specter Knight is stacked.

I made a gaffe that upset me and made the mistake of eating a death in the second enemy gauntlet that wanders the map while I was playing the game portably and it auto-saved a death, so I had to delete the file and start over... so then I checked out Specter of Torment.

And Just like with Plague of Shadows, Specter of Torment is magical and how many awesome ideas they have for making the platforming interesting and challenging. in particular, there's a mini-game tucked awya that kinda has you climbing a proceedurally generated tower of various platforming challenges while a line of death chases you, and I was addicted to playing that for hours this morning, really mastering Speccy's homing attack like dash Slash and the quirks of his wall run and wall jump.

I love what they did with the soundtrack, levels, bosses... everything is amazing here. <3 Specter of Torment still has some bits and bombs that are recognizable bits from Shovel of Justice and Plague of Shadows' level design, a lot of it is so very heavily remixed (much like the AMAZING soundtrack) that I really feel like it can't be held against the game.

The remix of the bosses is where it gets really special , though. I was surprised playing Tinker Knight how DIFFERENT that was.  they really put some work into this one, and I really do think Yacht Club has earned the extra dosh I've given them to double dip on this amazing title.

Reader Reviews / Shantae Half-Genie Hero; TOMODACHI DENSETSU
« on: December 18, 2016, 06:15:58 AM »
Hoo boy. I know, I need to get the other part of my pokemon review up, but... this kinda plopped onto my lap over a week that's been financially and emotionally trying for me, and I think I needed it. Shantae is a series of catharsis for me. Hell, I rank the original game among my top 3 favorite games of all time. There is so much heart and charm put into these games.

Disclaimer before we begin, I obviously obtained my copy of the game as a backer via kickstarter. I backed at the $75 tier, but if I had had the funds at the time, I initially intended to back at the $350 tier.

Whereas with Pokemon my review wasn't for the consumer who is on the fence about Sun and Moon, but rather was for the grizzled veteran or casual fan who needed a different prism to look at the game through, I aim to make this review with the uninitiated in mind, since this may very well be the last third party but officially licenced game released on physical disc for the Wii U.

Shantae Half-Genie Hero is a 2D platformer with wonderfully animated 2D HD Art. if you're more familiar with Nintendo product, it's easy to compare this game to Wario Land Shake-it! or Wayforward's previous Ducktales Remastered, with 2D art and 3D environments. The game looks like a very high quality Flash cartoon. Whereas the pixel art of the series' previous entries were all manually animated, there's some spots where you can tell that maybe bits on each character look a little bit like they're animated with Flash tweens, but I think this looks fine and completely acceptable. the modeled out environments can look a little muddy in a spot or two. this was also present in some of the environments of Ducktales Remastered, which I imagine is where the engine this game is running on came from. This isn't the case in most of the environments though, where the use of warm pastels or deep cool colors really work towards painting the mood in each environment.

Further bolstering the presentation is another amazing Soundtrack from Jake Kaufman. I feel that the instrumentation veers a little closer to that of the Mighty Switch Force games, that is to say... there's a lot more electronic instruments employed here. Pirate's curse more appropriately tried to use Accordion to get more of a pirate chantey feel going on, and previous games have stuck to trying to sound more middle eastern sounding with use of oboe and such, but here it's certainly more modernized. it's still a wonderful listen, and only minimally utilizes past games' themes outside of the opening stage and character themes.

The plot is where this game feels the most odd to me. The events of Half-Genie Hero play out much more like a serialized saturday morning cartoon than a right and proper adventure with a central theme. there is a secondary plot that comes to the forefront at the end of the game, but most of the time, Shantae is off doing one-off adventures in this game that have nothing to do with one another. The writing is still hilarious and infused with that humor and charm that I love SO much from this series and characters are consistent with Shantae being the well meaning but sometimes Ditzy heroine and her friends being total doofuses. it doesn't get as much into those characters' motivations like Pirate's curse did, but I still enjoy Sequin land greatly. It should be noted that while they did not meet their goal for full voice acting, Cristina Vee did provide vocals for the game's theme song, Shantae, Risky Boots, and one or two other female NPCs including one particular one that was added by a backer.

I think what compounds the whole 'episodic' nature of this tale is how the game is structured. whereas Previous Shantae games took you through an overworld to a dungeon with key finding and puzzle solving with new abilities found in the dungeon, Half-Genie Hero plays out more like a slightly more traditional 2D Platormer, where each area in the game is very much a world divided up into levels. you can't backtrack between levels besides with use of the Warp Dance upon revisits, and most of the 'exploration' of these stages occurs after you've beaten them once and then the game demands you backtrack with a new transformation dance and collect goodies! more on that later.

What I want to get at first is that between the structure of the kickstarter and how the final product turned out, I theorize that this game was planned to be an episodic game in nature. they had a design document at hand and were prepared to essentially add in chunks or remove chunks they had planned based on the success of the kickstarter. possibly if crowdfunding the base game would have failed, they may have developed this game on the slow as an episodic title. there is a few items they crammed into some of the stages that feel like they were going to maybe distribute them more evenly about the game as well had they met their extra stretch goals. 

This shift from a metroidvania style of game to something more linear has... a strange effect in that certain mechanics no longer work. The original Shantae was a game that had a lives system and that was horribly out of place in a metroidvania game where you're meant to explore, but now this is the opposite, where you are in a situation where falling down a pit or getting hit by an 'instankill' only takes a piece of heart and sends you to the beginning of a stage or the last door you entered. All of the metrodvania progression is here with finding life upgrades, buying things from the shop, finding upgrades for the animal forms, doing NPC fetch quests...  but it's for linear levels that need to be replayed in sections again and again and again and again and AGAIN!

don't do what I did. Invest in the warp dance early, and if you're going to trade it with Tuki the Naga for the Gempot dance, make sure you grind out all the money you will ever need first in the hot spring in scuttle town and then get your warp dance back ASAP. it will save SO much time on your playthrough.

Another casualty of the mentality of trying to focus this game in on the raw platforming is that there's a very powerful couple of platforming tools you can find early on that allow for intended platforming challenges to be bypassed for free. as a matter of fact, this game's difficulty curve is VERY much out of whack, and attempting to get 100% completion will result in buying and finding a combination of items that provide shantae with a god mode. Challenge runs will be a must for any challenge to be had here whatsoever. As a tip though, getting all the gallery keys is well worth your trouble, even if you don't get the reward of seeing one of my pieces of art in the game because I couldn't afford to get to that backer tier at the time...

Even still, each chapter is bookended with mandatory side questing. this was present in Shantae and the Pirate's curse, but never was so invasive, so time consuming as it feels here to go around on a Macguffin hunt for random NPCs. there's lots of trying to remember what you can and cannot collect in each level every time you get an upgrade, and while the warp dance will let you cycle between levels, you can't exactly quickly get to the spots where you abilities may be applicable. Also, make sure to look at items in your inventory, as Shantae will often instruct you as to how to use an item. I got stuck at one point because I didn't understand the application of a fairly late-game item I had discovered.

As for the game it'self? Shantae handles like a dream. Wayforward knwos how good platformer controls work, and here is no exception. Dancing to transform in previous games was a time consuming process, and thankfully there's an item to speed up shantae's dance tempo and make it super quick to jump between the myriad of forms she has at her disposal. the shoulder buttons quickly cycle through her sub item magics and back-dash and use them. there isn't any fancy moves outside of the necessities here. One thing to note is that time does stop when dancing between forms too, and one of the half-genie's animal transformations has completley invincibility as long as you stand still and hold down on the D-pad. there is no special use of the gamepad. it just mirrors the TV for off-TV play and... yeah, tha tlooks good too.

Overall, the game took me 7 hours to complete 100% on my first go-through, with a new mode unlocking,a nd several DLCs planned to add new playable characters. there's also an unlockable extra gallery for speedrun times and such.

should you get this game for your Wii U? HECK yes! it oozes personality and in spite of my complaints of padding and metroidvania mechanics being at odds with a new focus on linear level design, this is still a wonderful game. Shantae has not felt better. there are plenty of characters coming, and it's a fun little romp! If you can look past the mandated backtrack padding, by all means, enjoy~!

Reader Reviews / Pokemon Moon: Thoughts from someone in FAR too deep.
« on: December 01, 2016, 10:40:09 PM »
So, I've been simultaneously giddy and dreading writing this piece. Without getting into the nitty gritty of things, Pokemon Sun and Moon are awesome. All the Gamefreak developed main line Pokemon games are awesome. If I throw any shade around in the following rambling essay on the merits of Sun and Moon, think of it in the same way as someone might come at say... Mega Man 7 or Rocky 5 or something. my analogy is bad, but... basically this is something i'd rather spend my time playing than a vast majority of what is on the Nintendo 3DS, and at the moment, I feel this game is leaps and bounds better than X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire.

If you are here expecting me to go over surface things like the overall style switch to proper proportioned models at all times or surface level changes like the nature of the island challenge or the alolan forme pokemon, you've come to the wrong place. (the place that hosts this fine little forum review) has not one but TWO reviews for the flagship titles in the seventh generation of pokemon, and both are fine for the avid consumer.

The purpose of this review is to lay out my in-depth thoughts on the ways that fledgling director Shigeru Ohmori took the franchise and to help those who have already bought the game better quantify their experience through the lens of an individual who is so deeply immersed in the mechanics of these games that they can give you an educated look into what is really going on under the hood. That being said, I feel that's about enough preamble to prepare you for the long and meandering ride ahead of you lot.

The push towards a world lived in.

I would be remiss if I didn't touch on the bit of the presentation that struck the strongest chord with me. It wasn't the machinations of evil teams or the drastic evolution of several of the cast members that resonate much stronger than the group of jobbers that followed you around in X and Y... what struck me the most is that this game finally gets over that bad uncanny valley hump that Pokemon has struggled with for years and years. Pokemon has always felt like an artifice because of the way everyone seems to ramble on about the critters. There's plenty of that here, don't get me wrong. This game though has something that normally isn't a part of this franchise at all besides one specific example in celadon city...

This is a world built for humans. there are clothes stores and salons and restaurants and tourism bureaus and golf courses that don't immediately cater to "Hey, aren't you an animal nut?!? you can totally stay here with your animals and bring your dog in for a haircut too and share food with your pet cat and blah blah blah!" Little things like the Pokemon centers having a spot where you can sit and have a brew for yourself while a creepy old man makes suggestive hand gestures at you  while you wait for the nurse to check out your pets adds to this (bonus points if you read the cafe guy's dialogue in the voice of Team Four Star's Mr. Popo or some other silly voice like that). Houses aren't cookie cutter any more. your character has strange commentary on other individual's beds as they try to lay in them... the only copy and pasted rooms in the game are rooms in a hotel chain and the uniform marina terminals at each island. I dunno, I'm just happy to finally see folks give a **** about something in the world of pokemon that isn't pokemon. also, seeing an actual super market in a pokemon game with pokemon branded food items struck this amazing cord with me too.

To understand the meat of what was added in, we must first understand what was cut out.

This is the part of this whole thing where I dig in on the steps backwards that have been taken so i can quantify what exactly is progressive about this game. not since Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum has most of the feature set survived in the generational transition. Some of this is understandable to avoid feature bloat in a bad way, but there's quite a few times where the baby has went right out the window with the bath water.

Player Search System is gone. The replacement for PSS is not adequate nor acceptable. there were a few vestigial parts of PSS I could have lived without, but the easy organization of individuals to interact with at any time right there on the touch screen was Gen 6's greatest accomplishment. connecting with folks to battle or trade was such an incredibly easy thing to do. finding friends online was simple, The O-powers after enough use were potent and effective, and it kept track of folks you interacted with online in case you wanted to interact with them again. this could have been iterated on in a big way, and in stead we got by far Sun and Moon's worst feature to replace such a pivotal advancement in quality of life for Pokemon players.

Super training is gone. This is the second biggest sin. although there is... somewhat okay replacements on this front, Super Training did something very important for my play style. The Mini-game itself was a tad rubbish, what with the inexplicable premise of your pokemon getting mounted to a flying goal and trying to take their sweet revenge on the pokefloats stage from Super Smash Bros. Melee with weaponized footballs. The function of this mini game with being able to distribute Effort values to your pokemon in a way that would actually give the players numbers and with a graph was the first big step in making the gears that make pokemon tick transparent for the player to see, and thus making the mechanics that people bemoan are too complex accessable to the layman. Also, a couple of the bags that the mini-game would reward for your pokemon to cookie clicker to death had some really good effects, like EV reset. There really isn't universally accessible EV reset in Generation 7.

Triple Battle, Rotation Battle, and Hoarde Battle are gone. Granted, these were modes the games did a poor job of implementing into the main game in a meaningful manner, but both were actually fun, and in Triple Battle's case, the most efficient way to gather EXP thanks to the tweaks to the EXP formula in generation 6. These battle types were not removed because of some sort of fear of feature creep. A combination of poor optimization, listening to the criticisms leveraged against the poor performance of the X and Y engine, and the future-proofing of models that they weren't going to downgrade for the purpose of optimizing the hardware are our main culprits. see, The pokemon Models used by Pokedex 3D, X, Y, OR, AS, Sun, Moon, and Pokemon Go are all high polygon models that were rendered with use in HD in mind. this is so they wouldn't have to make new models when it came time to ditch the 3DS. that being said, the 3DS chugs MIGHTILY under the weight of these things. combined with rendering full environments AND trainers? they simply couldn't figure out a way to make it work wtihout the game devolving into single digit frame rates. Thankfully, they did have the insight to put in something almost as potent as Hoarde battle as far as training your pokemon goes.

Friend Safai, DexNav, Soaring, Mirage Spots are gone. These are all lumped together as ways to get obscure pokemon or get pokemon with hidden abilities and guaranteed perfect individual values. this all got lumped into one mechanic. Friend Safari is the one I was the biggest fan of, as I liked the sheer volume of pokemon that became available through it, and it made me eager for the first time to add 3DS friend codes in since they had a chance to generate Friend Safaris with rare pokemon. REALLY cool feature, but it's well and truly dead for now.

Sky battle, Inverse Battle, destructable environments, panoramic areas, grid based movement are out. These I've lumped together because little to nothing of true value is lost here. Panoramic areas seems like a dumb thing to include, but being able to go to lumiose city and holding right on the D-pad with a party full of eggs while looking away was a good way to hatch eggs. in spite of the more than ever dynamic approach, there's no such area where you can just hold one direction and circle around. all of these do take something from the game, but as I said, nothing of value was lost.

HMs, Flat EXP gain, used key items, Fish Chaining, Poke Radar, National Dex are all gone. These are things for the better. I know, arguing that methods of shiny hunting are gone is something I bemoaned at first, but... all these are things that got flat-out improved upon. fishing in general is better. not having to fill an 800+ pokedex for a shiny charm and just having the national dex as an update coming to Pokemon Bank is fine by me. The liberation of HMs is something EVERYONE is happy for, and heck... not even having to worry about itemfinder, Bike, Vs. Recorder, or the bloody awful Poke Radar is just amazing.

Hoo, that was a lot. The next bit is important though.

SOS; the single most defining game mechanic of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

For something the PR material for this game didn't talk about and reviews don't go into depth, this is the thing that I've spent the most time dealing with. SOS battle is an essential part of this game, and it is the key ingredient to a lot of how Sun and Moon rewards it's most persistent players who look for reward far after the main campaign is over.

So, what is SOS battle? after the first trial on Melemele isle concludes and you've defeated your first totem pokemon who called for help, Ilima will off-handedly make a comment about the pokemon of alola being more inclined to help one another. This is the signal that SOS battle is now possible.

SOS Battle Occurs whenever a wild pokemon feels like they are in great peril. in between turns, they have a chance to make a desperate cry for help! depending on their remaining HP primarily, another pokemon may show up! This could be another member of the species or something in the evolutionary line, something that that species lives a symbiotic relationship with, or a predator, come to take advantage of already cornered prey. As per usual, you can only throw a pokeball if it's a one-on one affair... but allow me to explain deeper what exactly this does other than get you some rare pokemon or annoys the **** out of you because you just can't seem to get out of a battle!

A pokemon who is asleep or frozen will not call for help. if an Adrenaline orb is used out of your bag, it will double the call rate of the pokemon involved. if you faint the original pokemon, the partner can call in help, but only if they were of the same species as the original caller. these are about the only rules to your chances of keeping an SOS battle going or ending it. Oh, and you get none of the experience or Effort points if you run before you faint all enemy pokemon or perform a capture.

So, what are the benefits of SOS? well, I'm glad you asked, Hypothetical reader! for starters, any pokemon that isn't the original caller from the start of the battle will yield double Effort points. this is a multiplier on top of any hold item and pokerus bonus your pokemon give. along with a buff to the individual Power EVing hold items, it makes it possible to max invest in one stat by fainting a mere 7 enemy pokemon! since you're doing it all in one battle as well, you don't exactly need to rely on old methods of going to a specific route where pokemon that give out the EV of choice are the most common encounter.

In addition, the game keeps count of how many pokemon has come in as part of a single battle. as you continue to do this, you will start seeing such benefits as perfect IVs, Hidden abilities, and increased Shiny rate. these were features the friend safari and Dexnav provided, and before that Fish Chaining and the Pokefinder provided. you can now shiny hunt for almost anything you find in the wild now as long as it's willing to call for help and you have smartly prepared your team and your medicine for the long haul without any pause.

SOS battle is now the key to... really, everything you need for competitive battling. Does your pokemon have a way more rad hidden ability then it's normal ones? SOS chain! need to EV a new pokemon? SOS Chain! trying to amass an army of ditto with good IVs? SOS chain! looking for a rare pokemon? SOS Chain! want a shiny without having to rely on the uncanny luck it normally takes to naturally bump into one? SOS chain! Just have the leppa berries ready and be ready to switch off in case your opponent is out of PP and starts to struggle!

The barrier of entry is lower than ever, yet still stands as a nigh impregnable wall.

So many of the game's features SCREAM quality of life improvements meant to get folks playing more than just the main RPG. Many of the new Pokemon seem to be far more carefully crafted to be amazing doubles pokemon than ever before. Nerfs were made specifically to respond to the problems that plagued the Gen 6 Meta (RIP Talonflame, Mega Kangaskahn, Mega Pinsir, Mega Salamence, Mega Gardevior, Mega Altaria, Sylveon...) and more than ever before, it's possible to make your pokemon battle ready beasts.

Poke Pelago lets you idly give your pokemon EVs, make sure you have plenty of berries, and get items like the new bottlecaps passively even when you're not playing. the methods for getting effort values have been made much stronger. hitting Y in your pokemon's summary tells you it's Effort Value spread, and PC boxes give you full, proper summary of your pokemon just by hovering your cursor over them. the Stat Judge NPC has been turned into a function for the PC that gives you nice graphs to understand your pokemon's build. the NPC that tells you your pokemon's Hidden Power type is right there where you breed pokemon. Hyper Training now lets you correct imperfect stats on your pokemon and makes it powerful to have pokemon with perfect stats and with a hidden power type that compliments their movepool.

Yet with all this crazy advancement, they don't do the two most important parts of bridging this gap; Explain in game how all this stuff works and how to exploit it, and give raw numbers for all this! notice for EVs and IVs I said they give you graphs? great, that's a visual indicator of where my pokemon is, but it tells me NOTHING about exactly where they are so I can understand what I need to do to conitnue on. I have to learn about all this sort of stuff from the internet.

Pokemon is the series that conditioned me to look at the internet to learn about a game. over-complex crafting survival sim with obtuse mechanics? look at a wiki! suggested dark Souls builds? there's tons of Youtubers talking about that kind of stuff! Pokemon? goodness, go to the community because Gamefreak aren't going to help you with ****. they'll throw some sort of bullshit RNG at you instead that you either have to brute force or just plain cheat to get to the real meat and potatoes of the game, which is bettering yourself at utilizing your pokemon rather than simply getting builds together that work! So much of Sun and Moon still requires you to put in a ton of time and get lucky. the game gives out bottle caps a woefully slim number of times. for all the things SOS battle increases the chances of, it doesn't set **** in stone and doesn't give you the info to know if you're wasting your time or not with what you're about to throw your ball at... it's why people will continue to cheat.

To be continued...

I realize this hasn't been the best organized, and that's because I'm woefully tired at the moment. I'll be making a second post tomorrow. Perhaps I'll even use less profanity. anyhow, thank you if you struck through and read up to this point.

EDIT!: the info that will be coming out from this point forward is at . I also know that yesterday's 4chan leaker "Lurantis" has dropped the .CIA file for those with custom firmware on their 3DS family devices to be dirty scumbag pirates enjoy. I will not direct you to where you can find this nor can I condone it. However, as someone who hasn't signed any sort of NDA and is merely spreading the word, I feel that it is important to bring this info to light so that the reader can understand the current situation and how rapidly information may spread.

Yesterday was one heck of a ride. the 4chan leaker provided us with all sorts of choice bits of information before the Pokemon Project people got their hands on the games and have begun the full datamine. there's a lot of info all over the place I could go over in this post, such as the full info on the starter pokemon, the story related spoilers, the fact that the EXP curve has been reverted to Generation 5's calculations, the CRAZY stuff we've learned about Z-moves and other pokemon, or just a number of little buffs and nerfs about (Dark Void has purposefully been nerfed so bad so it will never see viability in VGC ever again, Leech Life now has the same Base Power as moves like Scald and basically outclasses X-Scissor as the physical bug move of choice), but... really, the flood of information is so crazy that I feel that it's best if you folks use the thread posted above to do your own research. a lot of false and true info is flying around, so... please be smart.

Anyhow, feel free to discuss, and please... don't let coverage of dumb pokemon datamines and details pirates are finding distract you from getting out there and voting in the 2016 United States of America presidential election. even if you don't think your vote counts on the macro level, keep in mind the importance of voting on your downballot and doing so in an informed manner. Google even lets you search for what is on your ballot if you go to google and search "Find My Ballot" and put in your address.

until next time, see ya!

so... it turns out that while Gamefreak was extra careful to remove all unnesesary pokemon data, models, move data, and text from the demo... They left in the Pokedex images.

if Ultra-beasts are to be counted towards our total pokemon count here (and the argument that they are pokemon seems compelling considering they have Shiny data...) we are looking at a current total of 802 Pokemon!

this also means that other than a few standouts, the pokemon company has actually revealed a good majority of the new pokemon and alolan forms to us. The Chinese leaks of the final evos for starters were true, although among the art assets found, there was no snowman pokemon or dolphin pokemon. that being said, we have Tapu Koko's counterparts, pre-evolutions/alt forms for Solgaleo and Lunala, 8 ultra beasts, and a slew of other things, like wimpod's badass evo and a boat anchor pokemon.

The most stark and shocking parts of this whole thing is that the only alolan forms that were found in this data were Geodude line, Diglett and Dugtrio, and Persian, which also contradicts some of the alolan forms we heard about from the chinese leaks that predicted Salandit, Morelull, Oricorio, Passimian, and Pyukumuku. as it stands, there are currently only 17 alolan formes that were in the data for the special demo.

It seems VERY strange that gamefreak would be so thorough but at the same time make such a huge mistake, Especially given that the ORAS demo is what leaked out all the megas in that game. something feels amiss about this all. could they really have given away so much of this game's mystique in pre-release material, or is the pokemon company finally on top of their game when it comes to the usual suspects delving into the data of their games to find out everything they can and gave leakers just enough data to throw people off and really surprise us?

Nintendo Gaming / obligatory RetroUSB AVS thread.
« on: August 23, 2016, 03:58:20 PM »

so, this is a bit special!

This, right here, is an HDMI After-market NES/Famicom with the four-score built in that can play NTSC and PAL carts.

No, it's not an emulation machine. it has a FPGA core in it, so it's actually reading your cart. I imagine if they designed this thing with the RAM expansion in mind given that it has the Famicom Expansion port, you could get the FDS running as well. yes, it does seem to also support various mapper chips and such too, so feel free to plop in your copy of Akumajou Densetsu and rock out.

also, the whole thing is USB Mini powered, which is a hell of a lot more appealing than having a brick eating up 2 spots on my power strip.

The main hiccup is the asking price for admission; $180 USD. is that worth paying for something closer to what people wanted from the NES Classic?

EDIT: Also, it's worth noting that this probably saves you on say... buying a Framemeister and then modding your NES/Famicom for RGB output via SCART.

Reader Reviews / Nendoroid #544: Hoshii no Kirby
« on: May 25, 2016, 09:12:25 PM »
I have no clue where the **** else to post this other than the general chat forum, but I feel that maybe it's best posted here given that I'm about to gush about how goddamned cool this thing is.

I figured I'd share this pic of it first since it gives you a good sense of scale here. Kirby is made of a soft plastic that's textured to feel simultaneously smooth and... not quite plyable, but he certainly has a plushness to him. he's even on the smaller side of things for a nendoroid figure, but I think this works given the petit nature of the character as is.

Kirby here is fully articulate around his entire body on all limbs! it's an amazing feat that's all thanks to the magnetized limbs and core parts of his body! the magnets that hold the limbs on are nice and firm too, ensuring that kirby can actually take a semi-decent bit of jostling before any limbs come loose from the magnetic body! the only signs of him being a toy here are really the seam along the center of his body, and the peg that slots into the stand. One thing to note is that his feet are not flat, and thus he does not stand on his own, so you will need to use the stand to display Kirby. another thing to note that while the eyes and blush are painted, his mouth actually has depth and is moulded in properly.

Kirby comes with 4 seperate faces. a happy smiling face, a serious face complete with his american boxart scowl, an inhaling face, and a cheeks puffed face, perfect for post-inhaling and flight poses! I will tell you right now that I'm a much bigger fan of this kirby nendoroid than I am of the Mario figma shown above.

Kirby comes with a fire hat and a sword hat, which are also magnetized like the limbs, although it doens't feel like the hat magnets are quite as potent, and as such the hats can slide around a little when repositioning, especially given their extra weight. the fire crown and the fire breath employ a less textured clear plastic and certainly feel like the cheapest pieces of resin to the whole package. the little stand for the fire is tiny and the ball peg that slots into the fire on mine feels a bit oversized and i had to force it.

the sword is held in by an alternate flap with a cylinder peg in it. there's also a star rod in the kit to use with the peg hand. one thing to note is that the peg is in the side of the hand, making it hard to pose kirby just holding out the sword or taking a swipe.

here's the entire package minus the bit of cardboard with a sky background, a scarfy, and a bronto burt printed on it. the stand is kinda weird in that it's got all these's slots in it, but you can really only peg the stands into the slots on the outside. I also haven't seen any defects with the paint or such in my own Kirby.

I got mine for $50 at a con this past weekend and I love it! honestly, it depends on how much you like figures like this or how much you like kirby. I myself could have used with another peg hand to wield the accessories differently or a beam hat, but eh. I'm already having so much fun messing with it.

General Gaming / Am I the only one who has the blues over Konami?
« on: April 29, 2015, 06:41:36 PM »
The recent Konami meltdown seriously has me bummed super hardcore. the signs have been there for like... the past 5 years. actually, I did a write-up for my tumblr. allow me to Copy-pasta.

"okay, so in my half-awake stupor, I have to comment on this one, about how unsurprising it is, and how it plays into Konami’s current plans as a whole.

Guillermo Del Toro has now had his second shot at making a video game shot down in horrible flames thanks to this. I’m personally not a horror fan, but i have so many friends who are, and one in particular who I grew up with and is very loyal to this franchise, and PT was the most excited he had been for just… a video game in general in a looooooooooong ass time.

Silent Hills’ canning is just another step in Konami’s systematic downsizing of their video game development division. I actually noticed this around the time they liquidated all assets of Hudson soft until all that was left was an office of about 12 people making ‘social’ games. At some point, the top brass in that company lost ALL their love for any video game development. I think the only reason they stayed the course so long was because they had a guy who’s name alone could sell games under their employ.

I’m actually happy for Kojima. he will be laughing ALL the way to the bank. there are companies who will pay him the big bucks to do projects for him. he could even sucker his fans into giving him millions for a dream project via Kickstarter if he really wanted to! He’s been wanting to do something that isn’t Metal Gear for a long time. I’m personally hoping for a spiritual sucessor to Snatcher/Policenauts where the protagonist looks like Dolph Lundgren and it has a plot that parallels inception or something.

And… that just leave Konami. Konami, the little Jukebox refurbishing and rental place. Konami the pioneers of the early arcades with stuff like Vangaurd and Juno First. Konami, who defined some of the platforms their games found their home on (MSX, NES, PC Engine, Genesis, SNES, Sharp X68000, PSX) Konami who took their ****-off castlevania and Metal Gear money and dumped it upon Kazuki Takahashi so they could start a cardboard merch and anime division. Konami the health and fitness/Real Estate agency… Console gaming dried up hardcore in japan. Nobody ever wants to play a console game there and wants their content on their flip/smart phone. anything that isn’t a woeful attempt to cash in on western audiences or a mobile game must be PURGED for profit.

Pro Evolution Soccer still exists because Europeans eat it up. Metal Gear still exists because americans eat it up. Everything else needs to have more of that western appeal if it’s gonna live on a console! Bomberman Act Zero! (made to appeal to edgelords or something I don’t even) Castlevania: Lords of Shadow! (developed by a spanish developer, made to be more generically… Lord of the Rings? ) that stupid ass game where you’d lose your limbs! in this push for west or bust (which they’ve clearly seen the writing on the wall as ‘bust’), they have forgotten some of the most important things about Konami games that they HAD up until about… 2008? 2009?

Konami IP all OOZE personality. It’s not just that they are mechanically solid games or that the graphics are nice or that soundtracks are rockin’ (All those things help!) It’s that Konami games all just have something about them that is so absurdly goofy and lovable. it’s references to other game sor just something so out of place or distinctly video game-y. sometimes these sorts of things were turned up to eleven, such as in the Ganbare Goemon series or Parodius. sometimes it was a lil’ more toned down things like Symphony of the Night having weapons that shot out gradius shields or finding a hot dog in a wall and the game trying to explain how in the hell Dracula’s castle in the late 1700′s just shat out a frankfurter that a vampire is stuffing down his throat for sustenance, or the konami code blowing you the **** up in Gradius 3, or Gillian Seed calling a sex hotline in Snatcher and the game actually having this whole very awkward exchange. Almost every example of a Konami game I like has an example of something silly like this happening.

Hell, I remember the first time I opened up a rise of destiny booster for Yugioh (kinda disappointing set, but I remember the Creator at least being interesting to play with for the time, even if it’s after the great boon of chaos.) and I saw

This staring me in the face. (Yugioh has a TON of konami game references in their cards. there’s a huge set of Gradius/Life Force bosses, Getsu Fuuma and Ryu Koki from Getsu Fu-maden, a set of Goemon character cards, a card based on Nanobreaker, Koitsu from Parodius…)

I’ve wanted a new Parodius/Wai Wai game ever since Konami bought hudson back in like… 2006, was it? (C’mon, bonk flying through space spinning around in the air to shoot rock projectiles with dinosaur options would be pretty hilarious.) but… it can’t be helped. Konami is looking  to double down on the health and fitness centers since they’re looking to put them out in america. I think the last 3DS game they put out was Yugioh Zexal; Duel Carnival as a digital release only for eShop. I can’t think of anything else they put on the platform other than Lords of SHadow: Mirror of Fate and the 3D Classics remake of Twinbee… which strangely enough is the first time they ever released Twinbee outside of Japan.

Anyhow, I’m sad to see them shrivel into nothingness like this, but… I suppose not everything can go on forever."

Yyyyeah... Jim Sterling did a great episode of Jimquisition on the subject, and I also mailed RFN on it, so maybe they'll chat it up, but... I just feel really down from the recent turn of events. Konami has made SO many important games, and it's really, REALLY hard to watch this all unfold as they double down on their health and fitness business.

I suppose if they do indeed bow out, their legacy will live on in many forms of media from the various VRC6 compositions that are out there on youtube to the myriad games that try to emulate what it is that Konami games do so well.

Hell, La Mulana in it's original, non-remade form was basically a giant Konami MSX game throwback, complete with a Parodius and Snatcher Mini-game, a whole area based on Knightmare II: The Maze of Gallious, and the software for the MSX laptop you have in that game being populated almost entirely by Konami games. The Software that increased your whip's attack power was Vampire Killer (The MSX Version of Castlevania)!

Maybe Nintendo can get the rights to Twinbee's likeness so we can put Capsule-J back into Kirby games? I dunno... this sucks, even if they stopped giving a **** 5+ years ago. :C

Nintendo Gaming / A list of Smash 4 musings...
« on: March 11, 2015, 04:57:43 PM »
out of not wanting to bump a stickied thread that should be de-stickied and double posting, I'm going to make this thread here. Please indulge me.

I had a pretty long day at work that felt like an eon, especially with a lot of the driving i had to do. with the Super Smash Bros. For Wii U/3DS playing while i was driving all over town to bring folks their food on the nicest day since mid-October, I kinda let my mind run, and it ran on Smash 4, which is a wonderful game that more than nailed things where it counts, and I love the breadth and depth of content therein. that being said, there can always be more, and I’ll be the first one to say that Masahiro Sakurai works too hard and I would never want to push these ideas in exchange for more years off of that man’s life, but I have grandiose ideas! ones that probably would have pushed Smash 4 into that game of the year territory that stuff like Bayonetta 2 and Shovel Knight occupied.

[/color]1.) Asymetrical Multiplayer mode: Create-a-classic mode!

This would probably take the Wii U’s processing to it’s limit, but one HUGE thing the game is missing in the grand scheme of Masahiro Sakurai’s fetish of using every useless feature of a console (LAN in Kirby Air Ride, AR Cards in Kid Icarus Uprising, Amiibo, WiiConnect24 for stage builder data in Brawl) is a multiplayer mode that involves a character on the gamepad doing something vastly different then the players who aren’t. With Classic going co-op, it only seems natural to have the gamepad devoted to a mode where the gamepad user actively tries to build and generate a classic mode challenge! decide what your opponents are going to face, place targets for a target test stage, assume control of fighters during matches, or use the touch screen for limited-power trolling! of course, the gamepad player would have a resource limit based on the intensity the other players chose.

The end of this mode would lead to entirely touch-screen controlled Master and crazy hand…! maybe even Master Core…!

and of course, pre-made Create-a-Classic mode runs could be set-up as well and shared with folks!

2.) Masterpieces Remix

Masterpieces is one of the most ill-conceived ideas for Brawl or Smash 4, allowing people to demo games with such strict timers that it’s impossible to really get a feel for most without the use of speed-running, although one of the more genius things was linking to these games’ VC releases on the e-Shop from game.

You know what else sells VC games right out of the box like this? NES Remix! there’s also the 3D Classics team at Arika that has to basically reassemble an engine so it has the 3D effect. I’d say rather than the truncated demos we get in Masterpieces that we instead get recreations of those games in a demo set-up, with completion with certain achievements, such as time/score/hidden items found/etc. rewarding players with character-specific custom moves/Equips! This might sound a bit unreasonable considering the depth of the roster and such, but some of them (Dr. Mario, Pac-Man, Duck Hunt) wouldn’t need remixing, and a lot of these would be only the matter of making the sort of one-level platformer sort of thing that indie devs make at a game jam in a day!

3.) Smashing Emblem

Intelligent Systems is a developer with it’s fingers in many, many pies. I’m honestly surprised they let them at another Fire Emblem this soon! I mean, yeah, Fire Emblem Awakening was a great commercial success, but there’s so many other things that you’d think Nintendo would be keen on them working on!

If Nintendo really wanted a unique way to utilize them, they’d have put them on alongside Bandai-Namco and Sora to assist with the development with the new adventure mode instead of Smash Tour, which is by and far the biggest disappointment in the game as-is.

Smash Bros 4, not including Mii Fighters, has 48 fighters. This is the average size of a Fire Emblem game’s cast. By using a grid and turn-based strategy map for the basis of an adventure mode, I think there would be a ton of potential. enemy behavior developed for Smash Tour monsters, Miis, and a couple of alt colors for fighters could be used for oppponents for these 10 second speed-matches determined by initiating attacks and such with opponent’s. Percentages would be carried over, and stat points ala’ Smash Run could be grown in similar fashion to how Fire Emblem growths work. the Pair-up mechanic could even be used for team battles, and a lot of funny writing could go into having support between the cast. most importantly, this mode would get insanely hard without level grinding your favorite fighter (Who could be claimed by perma-KO) to insane power, or more importantly, utilizing equip builds for taking on opponents. This is where the ease of farming equips in the 3DS version of the game would have it’s symbiotic relationship, and connecting the 3DS version would let you bring your leveled up Smash Emblem character into Smash run, abeit with their stat growth dulled a bit so they can still have stats to hunt down.

This creates the symbiotic loop that I feel the 3DS and Wii U version failed the close, and fills the adventure mode check-box while bypassing the criticism of Subspace emmisarry and people complaining that Smash Bros. really isn’t a good platformer.

if you need a multiplayer lilt, you can assign characters with one of your saved profiles and map said profiles to different controllers, especially for the matches that result from pair-ups.

4.) Online All-Star/Survivor

here’s a fun one! nice and easy too. when you get on the horse, you get the room that usually contains the bean bag, but it’s got your usual 2 heart containers, a Maxim tomato, and a fairy, and you get thrown into a stock based for fun/for glory match. losers get immediatley booted, while winners are paired up with other winners, with percentage carrying over. Matchmaking is based entirely on lengh of streak.

5.) Equip shop

This one isn’t hard. you have a trophy shop as is. Why not also include a shop that gets a random stock of equipment/Custom Moves/Mii clothes? This wouldn’t even be that hard! or maybe a capsule dispenser/weird pachinko thing like Melee/Brawl?

SO! this is a game that I am excited about and I hope I can get some of you excited about as well!

If it weren't for Shovel Knight, I think Freedom Planet would have been the big 2014 indie game that folks would have been heralding as the properly done retro game. outside of maybe sonic purist goofballs who maybe don't like a couple of the physics quirks or those who can't appreciate the sort of homage the story is going for, This game is pretty great, with extremely solid level design and outstanding spritework that's very expressive. I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention Woofle's soundtrack, which is probably the greatest stuff she's done since her contributions to the CD version of Sonic 1 Megamix.

If you're one of those crotchety old folks who only liked their sonic on the genisis and constantly herald Treasure and Konami's efforts on the platform, you owe it to yourself to play Freedom Planet and give it a home on your Wii U when it comes. By then, maybe the free DLC will be out for PC and included in the Wii U build?

Nintendo Gaming / 3DS System Transfer issue
« on: February 20, 2015, 08:55:17 PM »
well, uh... I got a New 3DS XL today, and started the system transfer process.

It started transferring the SD Card Data, but now it's been sitting at about 25% for the last hour or so. pikmin still run by, but none will pick up the pieces of the box and continue moving it.

I'm not getting any sort of error messages, they're both connected locally... what should I do? will I damage my data if I decide to break the connection or such...?

Nintendo Gaming / Bravely Default: Mammon and her Elixer
« on: January 04, 2015, 11:19:22 PM »
Okay! so, I got Bravely Default for Christmas and have been steadily working at the game. i am kinda befuddled by this one, especially since I don't really know if I love or hate this game yet.

At any rate, I'm here to ask you all about help with Norende Village! particularly...

This particular Nemesis boss (bosses that appear in your Norende Village map after a street and/or spotpass) has a special elixir item that is a rare steal. but... not every version of this nemesis has the Elixir to steal. Why go through all this trouble for an elixir?

For some reason, the ones you steal from this boss are 25,000 PG a pop. by stealing and running away  4 times successfully, that's 100,000 pg.

I won't be heartbroken if none of you have this special Mammon to pass me, as I've been making Pg just fine by leaving my 3DS on overnight while spamming the Merchant's "Big Pharma" with auto battle, but it'd save on my poor in game clock if one of you had an Elixir Mammon to spot pass to me.

My 3DS friend code is 5455-9389-2608.

Nintendo Gaming / Clex's streaming thread?
« on: November 20, 2014, 08:43:23 PM »
this seems like the most appropriate place to put this thread. if not, I would ask that a mod move the thread to it's appropriate sub-forum!

I've decided that although I've been doing Final Fantasy Tactics streams and not announcing them here that maybe you'd like to come in for a bit of general Nintendo faffery and then move on to Smash 4 as my friend gets in with my copy!

I'll be starting in about 20 minutes or so from this posting! I know it's short notice, but I'll be going the whole night, short of an act of god!

EDIT: And all done! Alas, I'll have to advertise earlier or something! I dunno. what I did discover is that my Amiibo plays suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper lame.


A new version of what I feel is the pinnacle of Romhacking has been released, So I figured it's time to get some discussion in these forums about a mod that takes Mega Man 4 from being one of my least favorite classic series games and turns it into something amazing!

Rockman 4 MI (Minus Infinity) is the brainchild of one PureSabe with additional coding help from others around the Mega Man romhacking community. it slightly tweaks the basic ruleset of the Classic Mega Man games to create a fast-paced, challenging but fair, and technically marvelous re-engineering of a Famicom game that pays lip-service to all other Mega Man classic games, Gradius, Kirby, For the Frog the Bell Tolls, and a few games that are even more obscure than that!

For those of you diving in, it's a good idea after switching on the horribly engrish-y translation done by Puresabe himself (Language select in a Famicom game!), I suggest going into the menu when you select your robot master of choice and hitting B to check out all the items in your inventory! they're all very interesting to note and change the dynamic one uses to play!

-Rock Buster MI: Much like the Mega Buster, you can have 3 shots on screen at a time, each shot doing 1 HP of damage to most enemies. the Charge Shot is wider than Mega Man 4's native shot and passes through enemies even if it doesn't kill! as a result though, charged shots only do 2 HP of damage...
-Rush Search: This works like it does in Mega Man 7, only it works much faster in a pinch and is FAR more useful, as Rush will often dig up Large health pickups or E-tanks and Extra lives. Rush Search is a big reason why Rockman 4 MI is easy to brute force for the inexperienced. Also, if you're a Final Fantasy 8 fan (HA!), you'll notice a pattern with the new Rush abilities in this game...
-Energy Balancer: This is something you have to find or buy in other classic games, but Mega Man X Has it by default! if you pick up weapon energy and your current weapon doesn't need it, it'll go to your lowest weapon!
-Energy Charger: If you die, you're not hosed! you get 33% of all your weapon energy back for all weapons!
-Exchanger: if you pick up Health pickups while full on Life, it gets converted into 50% of it's value in Weapon energy!

Mega Man doesn't take as much knockback in this game, but he also isn't invincible after a hit for as long, so keeping in mind, you should be set to go!

Also, the Special menu has difficulty sliders to mess with if you're really super masochistic, but I suggest trying the game in it's default setting before you go making it easier or harder!

Also, give all the wepaons in this game a fair shake. ALL the robot Masters drop stupidly broken and OP Weapons. :3


Actually, it occurs to me that some people might want to have a list handy of all the really powerful weapons and Upgrades Mega Man can obtain. Everything from this point on will be behind Spoiler Text.

-Spark Manbow: This creates a lightbulb out of the Mega Buster that makes a very Kirby-ish noise while the attack button is held. hits do 2 damage a pop, and when the bulb is let go, it becomes an exploding missile! Hold Up+B to stop time for a little bit ala' Bright Man's original weapon, the Flash Stopper! 28 Ammo
-*Toad: When Mega Man casts this Final Fantasy 4 inspired Black Magic, all enemies, items, etc. on the screen all turn into little frogs! touching these frogs crushes them, and converts them into health! for some reason, Dust Man doesn't like getting frog guts wound up in his Recycle Inhaler. 8 Ammo
-Drill Torpedo: fires drills up, down, and straight ahead. when the vertical drills hit a surface, they'll travel along it. firing cancels the attack, and this does a whopping 4 damage a piece. 28 Ammo
-Pharaoh Shotgun: One of the best weapons in Mega Man 4 gets a drastic upgrade and somehow is my least favorite weapon of the bunch. it functions similarly as before, with a sphere that charges above Mega Man's head, but when it's fired, it goes in a 5 way spread. 28 ammo if you're just using regular shots.
-Holdable Control Ring Boomerang (HCR Boomerang for short): This thing is stupidly strong. For starters, it's essentially 8 directional Shadow Blades from Mega Man 3, but if you hold the B-button, you hold the boomerang in place for a cost of 2 ammo per second and does 2 damage per... well, a lot faster than a second. It can also grab items, including hard to reach E-tanks and 1-ups! 56 Ammo
-Recycle Inhaler: instantly kills almost any non-boss enemy within the conal inhale range, and converts them into some sort of item, including but not limited to Small and large health and ammo pickups, Extra Lives, E-tanks, and even special passive items if certain enemies are Reduced, Reused, and Recycled. This is really great for destroying annoying **** like Mets and Sniper Joes. 8 Ammo
-Water Cutter: Highly spammable, 8 directions, pierces through enemies, and has the same bajeezus ammo count as Metal Blades. the shots may only do 1 damage, but they hit multiple times and fire based enemies just die to the Water Cutter. 84 Ammo
-Hell Wheel: Hailed by many as the most broken weapon in the game in early versions, and still probably is! Hell Wheel is in essence the Wheel ability from Kirby, but in a Mega Man game. Mega Man goes BLASTING through enemies with a skull barrier that nullifies projectiles, does 3 damage a piece, and lets him rocket through levels and most importantly, bosses and certain mini-bosses. Seriously, most of the bosses are soft-weak to each other's weapons, and Hell Wheel chews through bosses and regular enemies alike! just be careful to watch your health and make sure you don't hit too many walls, which ends the Hell Wheel use. 10 Ammo
-Rush Cannon: A very hard to use weapon with a HUGE payoff. Rush will land in in his Rush Jet form and if you're standing in the right spot, Mega Man will fire him off using the Mega Buster, causing a huge explosion, doing a whopping 28 DAMAGE!!! that's the standard health bar of a boss! but don't think some bosses will allow you to just use Rush Cannon to end boss fights easy! 2 Ammo
-Wishing Star: This is a unique one. It's a screen nuke that does 14 damage and costs the entirety of Wishing Star's ammo count, but the damage goes up the lower Mega Man's health is. I am seeing a pattern with the Rush abilities here. 1 Ammo.
-Wire: This... is quite a bit different from it's original incarnation. Mega Man throws out a grappling hook that does 2 damage in an arc. if it hits any terrain, Mega man is drawn in. if he's not standing on ground when the hook is reeled in, he can jump once to try and get over the lip of the surface he's clung to. Unlimited ammo
-Baloon: this is pretty much Mega Man 3 Rush Jet, although without quite as good programming behind it, and a heck of a lot less ammo. still... it's Mega Man 3 Rush Jet. 3 ammo


-Metall's Helmet: Sometimes halves the damage Mega Man Takes, especially if he's hit on the head of his hitbox. this half damage is signaled by a "TING!" Noise. It should be easy to figure out where this is obtained from.
-Skull Amulet: in earlier versions of the game, this item would place a curse upon players, causing Hell Wheel to move backwards for some reason. regardless, what it does is protect Mega Man from a killing blow. if something would drop him to 0 HP from 2 or higher, he hangs on with 1 HP!
-Super Star: This mysterious Shuriken causes the chance for Critical Hits [random double damage, indicated by a spark] to occur! There's an even better version of this called the ???? Kunai.
-???? Kunai: Causes ALL attacks to become critical hits! if you have earned this elusive item, the rest of the game should be a cakewalk! In case you were wondering how to get this, it requires getting all the way to the Dr. Wily Capsule fight without taking damage once and beating a special boss who is meant to test your ninja skills.
-Energy Splitter: This item breaks the game, and is WAY better than the other thing you could have instead of this. The Energy Splitter makes it so weapon energy is multiplied and given to ALL WEAPONS! This exponentially increases the usability of Rush Search and Recycle inhaler as a weapon energy engine.
-Shock Guard: This is a godsend! should Mega Man hit spikes, he's left with 1 HP and given a moment of invincibility!
... okay, seriously, it bounces you out of bottomless Pits in exchange for 8 HP. Pretty darned awesome.
-Beat: only obtained on some levels, he works much like the trampoline, but he only costs 4 HP a Fall...! He also helps you descend slower through a section of Skull Man's level.

Nintendo Gaming / I think Nintendo may have brick'd my 3DS.
« on: December 19, 2013, 09:01:25 PM »
Today, I was playing some Donkey Kong 94 and went to go back to playing pokemon X version, where they asked me to download the version 1.2 patch. I went to the eShop and they were explaining the linked ID system because I haven't been to the eShop since linking my Nintendo Network accounts.

It said something about there being another system update before it'd let me connect to the eShop and without looking, I accepted it, and it went to go from the eShop to the System Settings app, but the system hung on a black screen. I let it sit like that for a while, and... nothing. so finally I turned the system off and on, and now... it just doesn't boot to the 3DS menu. black screens, no sound, but the power indicator is on. tried taking my SD and game cards out. Still no dice.

I wasn't paying that close of attention, but really, it seems like the system update might have bricked my system! At no point has an R4 or anything NEAR unofficial software came close to my 3DS if that rumor is true. Should I complain to nintendo? Should I get them to fix this without charge, or is this something that's going to have to come out of my pocket?

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