Author Topic: Electabuzz and Magmar Pokémon Distribution Event Coming to Europe  (Read 716 times)

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If you haven't caught these two yet, now is the best time to do so!

A Pokémon distribution event will be occurring this month throughout Europe.

Upon receiving a serial code from select game stores across Europe, Pokémon X players will be able to obtain a lv. 30 Magmar while Pokémon Y players will receive an Electabuzz of the same level. They will both come in the event-only Cherish Ball and will also arrive with their respective evolutionary items, as well as the "Vital Spirit" ability. Magmar will know Low Kick, Shock Wave, Light Screen and Thunder Punch, while Magmar will know the moves Smokescreen, Fire Spin, Confuse Ray and Fire Punch.

These distribution events have been confirmed for game stores across the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Australia. It is not known if or when this distribution will be held in North America or Japan.