Author Topic: Want FREE CBS All Access!? Just Follow the instructions inside to find out how!!  (Read 26364 times)

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Thought I would share.

Haven't personally tried it yet, but it may be worth sharing.
May cost you $9.99 upfront, but you may get that back if you don't opt for the extra months of Free CBS All Access

1. Go to
2. Sign up for 1 year subscription, and enter the promocode PLAYOFF
3. You will be charged 9.99
4. Then, go into your account infor at and click OFFERS
5. One offer is to give you free CBS All access commercial free. Select that, and follow the links to set up a CBS AA account and link it to your Sportsline account
6. Verify your CBS AA works by streaming something briefly (if desired.)
7. Go back to, and enter the account page
8. Select Cancel Subscription
9. A page will pop up that looks like this
10.At the bottom, click the button confirming you will continue your subscription. NO SECOND CODE was needed to get the extra 6 months.
11. You MUST set a reminder to cancel before the next billing date. Mine is 01/28/22. Or you'll get charged $99!