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SMB2 locking
« on: March 17, 2003, 12:52:17 PM »
here's my story about what's going on with my friends working copy of SMB2 and my Indigo G.C. (pasted text from my original post on the Sega SMB2 forum)

Well, it looks like I am another victim of SMB2 not working on my new Indigo G.C. that my friend bought me for Christmas.  All other games I have tried on this system (about a half-dozen) have worked flawlessly on my G.C.  But when my friend brought his copy of SMB2 up here, it would lock up before beginning a party game, or a few moments into playing a party game.  At first we thought it might have been his memory card or Wave Bird causing the problem so we removed those and tried again.  We even stripped it down to just the one stock indigo controller and no memory cards and a cleaned SMB2 disk; but it still locked up.  I was using one of those 3-way combo AV cables to connect the G.C. to my TV, so I tried removing that and using the stock AV cable that came with my G.C. and it STILL locked up.
I just got off the phone with Nintendo and explained to him that all games I have tried work fine in this console but not my friends copy of SMB2; however, my friend took his disk home with him and tried it on his system (an older black G.C.) and it worked fine.

I gave the technician I spoke to my serial number and my friends serial number (along with the text on the bottom of his console that said it was manufactured at the Uji Factory - note: there is NO text on the bottom of my console stating what factory it was manufactured at - a fact that the Nintendo support agent found strange, too.)

Anyway, I'm shipping back my G.C. along with my friend's copy of SMB2 to Nintendo for them to examine closely.  Hopefully I can get some info back from all of this and let others that are having a similar problem know what I've found...  if anything.

I'll be back...

original thread can be found here.