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Since Playdate comes with 24 games in Season One, I wanted to create an official thread to organize discussion on the console and games. Honestly, I don't want to root through a mega thread to find comments on the various games.

Key Details:
  • Pre-orders begin July 29 at 10:00 AM PDT, full payment required (cancel any time for full refund)
  • Pre-orders will not sell-out as Panic will continue to accept pre-orders and will be shipped in the order they are pre-ordered
  • First batch of ~20,000 units will ship late 2021 (split between 16 countries, yikes), future batches will ship in 2022
  • Pre-orders are limited to two per customer
  • Playdate Cover will be available on launch day; Stereo Dock will be available "later"
  • Season One is included with the purchase of the console and features 24 games to be release two per week for 12 weeks

I recall reading that Panic will work with eBay to remove pre-orders (as that is against eBay's policies), but I don't remember where I read that. In case I imagined that, requiring full payment up front should deter scalpers.

Official website for Playdate

Here is the full reveal from June 8: Playdate Update — 6/8/2021

I don't think these work anymore, but in case they do for some people:

Two minute trailer if you can't be bothered to watch the 15 minute reveal: Say Hello to Playdate!!

Again, embedded video if it works for you:

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Thanks for this! For some reason I'd completely forgotten the cover accessory existed, so that threw me for a loop! Also, I don't know why I thought this but I was under the misconception that it was actually "launching" this month, lol. A first wave of units coming end of 2021 makes sense, and with just 20,000 units in that bunch it sort of makes sense with the scale of what this is and embracing its niche status.
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I kinda want one of these, but don't want to pay for it lol.

Curious though: if the games launch every week at a set time, but the launch is staggered after its initial (seemingly small?) shipment... Do people who buy/receive their units in say March 2022 just miss out on the first season of software?

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I got my preorder in. A lot of people were complaining about issues with the website about not allowing international shipment. It worked for me on the third time. Thankfully I got it in soon enough to get the "late 2021" version.

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Re: Playdate by Panic - [OT] for console/games/future season(s) discussion
« Reply #4 on: September 23, 2021, 07:53:06 PM »
Even after a friend reminded me on July 29, I forgot about the pre-order start time. I didn’t get on until 1:05 PM EST. That should have been curtains for me if not for the issues Panic had with international pre-orders Lemonade mentioned. Apparently, a lot of people were frozen out. Whomp. I managed to snag a pre-order in 13000s. That almost makes up for the fuckery last year with Analogue Pocket which still has not launched. The universe is balancing itself out.

Here’s a link to Panic’s podcast detailing how they came up with Playdate if anyone is interested: Panic Podcast: Season 1, Episode 6: The Story of Playdate

It’s a little long, but I thought it was super interesting.
I kinda want one of these, but don't want to pay for it lol.
That seems to be the general consensus for people who weren’t all-in like me. I made the terrible, terrible mistake of commenting on a YouTube video. This one dude was saying outlandish stuff like it should be $50, $100 max. I get it. $180 is a lot especially when some of the games are surprises. Personally, that’s the entire appeal to me. I love kitschy stuff like Playdate.
Do people who buy/receive their units in say March 2022 just miss out on the first season of software?
No. I believe you get two games a week as soon as you connect your Playdate with Panic’s servers, and you get the same two games everyone else does that week so it sounds like the games are released on a schedule. My guess is if Games A and B were Week 1 then they will be sent out again for new users on Week 13. The thing you miss out is the Day 1 community aspect of it though you’d get some of that later on for those who download those specific games at the same time as you.
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Re: Playdate by Panic - [OT] for console/games/future season(s) discussion
« Reply #5 on: December 27, 2021, 03:44:37 AM »
Panic ran into an 11th hour battery issue that it announced on 11/11/2021. It got the first 5000 units and after testing some, the battery wouldn't charge or power on at all. Panic sent all the units back and replaced all the battery with a different one.

Anyway, this delayed launch out of 2021. I'm in Group #2 estimated for "Early 2022" which I presume will be in March 2022 while Group #1 will be in January or February. I'm kind of bummed about the delay because I was looking forward to playing it on my week off. It's fine though; it doesn't even matter. Time is an illusion.

Panic updated how the season rollout will go. The season starts as soon as you set up Playdate for the first time. You get two games immediately then two games every Monday for three months. I presume this means you could technically receive Playdate on a Saturday, set it up, get two games then two more games two days later.

Finally, the full Playdate SDK will be available in February 2022. I won't be making games, but I will gladly reap the benefits of others' hard work.