Author Topic: Animal Crossing Announced For Switch: Isabelle To Turn Over A New Leaf In Smash Ultimate  (Read 648 times)

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Prepare to enter debt. Again.

Some big news has emerged from the world of Animal Crossing.

A new Animal Crossing title was announced in the Nintendo Direct. No subtitle was given, only a 2019 release date and an introduction from Tom Nook for the new game.

Before that, Isabelle will be a playable character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The dreaded stop sign and gyroids were among her attacks.

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Isabelle looks like a partial Echo Fighter. Trailer was cute.

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Animal Crossing fans getting the Star Fox Zero/SMTxFE treatment because Nintendo knew they were ready to riot.
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Almost the same treatment as the MP4 announcement.

For a moment, I thought both Isabelle and Tom Nook were getting in. Isabelle looked to be more of an original fighter with her moves so then I thought maybe Tom Nook (who's been in the series longer) was getting the nod as an echo fighter of Isabelle. Considering how Smash seems to be making an effort to have more series villains in it and Tom Nook has sort of been seen as the de facto villain of Animal Crossing, it seemed to be all coming together in my mind but then suddenly it was a reveal for AC Switch.

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Although nothing was shown, it's still nice to know an Animal Crossing game is in the works since the main series skipped the Wii U.

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Isabelle is officially listed as fighter 68, so not an echo.
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Welp gonna buy a Switch.