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Nintendo Gaming / RE: Nintendo and Emagin?
« on: January 06, 2006, 11:11:04 AM »
Sega did have a virtual reality system of sorts for the Master System.  A friend had one.

As one of the few proud owners of a Virtual Boy I must say that I would without hesitation almost buy eveything single game for that system if it was released vy the virtual console.  The games rocked.  It was the hardware itself that stank.  Most importanly that there was no way to just wear the thing on your head.  That would have been nice.

Now Nintendo has actually mentioned in passing that it has been working on the VR stuff since the VB went flop.  They still have hope for it and with as much RnD that Nintendo does I'm sure that they have there own VR units they could use.  I don't think that is why they bought the head sets.

I personally think the bought them to allow serious hardcore game reviewers to play some of there more "sissy", it's the term I'm going to use, Revolution games without having to worry about peer pressure or anything of the sort.  Plus as an added bonus you can fit more Reviewers in a small kiosk that way while they still have optimal sound and screen size for what they want to show.

$900 really isn't that much for a top of the line monitor.

If these actually work well that would be the ideal use. (Like using Headphones at a listening bar instead of speakers.)

Yet again, I'm with Spak-Spang on this.  I don't like things in games that are just there to be there.  I view games like I view good Cartoons, think Batman: The Animated Series (the Fox one).  Everything in the cartoon to is deliberate and placed for a purpose.  When done well in a 30 minute time frame a cartoon can tell a story that would take any other medium more time to tell and do it in a complete way.  I like sidequest but I feel that should pertain to the main quest even if it's a loose connection.  That said I don't mind it taking most of the game to figure out what that tie in was.

I guess what I'm saying is there shouldn't be anything in a game that doesn't advance the game itself in someway. That is all.

Convenience stores are too high risk for video games.  Now grocery stores that's another story.  

Nintendo Gaming / RE: Online Developers Supporting Revolution
« on: January 06, 2006, 10:26:35 AM »
After Reading more,  I do say that you should be able to put up and run an arcade with the games you've bought.  Charge x amount of Bells per game just like a real one.  Even make a custom building for it.  That be neat.

Nintendo Gaming / RE: Online Developers Supporting Revolution
« on: January 06, 2006, 10:18:09 AM »
You know I like how Nintendo does online.  Knowing when to not add the kitchen sink is just as important.  I like how they do there online stuff.  You sacrifice the buddy thing but a simply mail account with a registered DS or Rev could fix that.  I really don't like in game chat in most games.  It detracts more then it helps a lot of the time.

Nintendo Gaming / RE: Rev Predictions
« on: January 04, 2006, 04:00:53 AM »
Wow.  You know on the subject of people thinking the PS2 is the strongest this gen.  Most people think the Gamecube is the weakest.  It doesn't get to me as much when it someone I consider uninformed in the area of Hardware.  But when it's one my Computer/Electrical Engineering friends that sort of bothers me.  I correct them and go on.  The funny part is I keep seeing games that were originally GCN titles showing up on the 360 and hearing rumors the reason is that the original Xbox was just not powerful enough to do the game how it was planned on the GCN.  Everyone will admit that the Xbox was the handsdown raw power house this generation.  Nintendo just makes smart choices on there hardware in comparison.  Know what to dedicate to hardware and what not too is very important.  I have Karoake Revolution Party for my GCN (That was a hard find, ironically enough I finally found Cubivore on the same day.  The three year search is now over, so far that game rocks.  Someone needs to go over and Kick Atlus around because this isn't the only game of there's I want and they limitted the release.), from the screens I've seen of the PS2 version it looks a lot better on the GCN and the sound is just great and they didn't sack any songs.  Go Ogg Vorbis.

ok Prediction:

$250  Full Package
No Rev game included
Tutorial built into snazzy new interface
2 "Downloads" from a set list
Unfortunately it will come with RCA hookups like every other Nintendo console except the VB, maybe even the same connector but rumor has it this will be wireless.
May be able to get the USB Wi-Fi adapter for the cheap with the purchase of a new System
Rev will actually be smaller then it is now
That whole outer case will be able to be replaced for skinning
The system will have a mysterious "Exp" port that will never be used outside of Japan

Nintendo Gaming / RE: Online Developers Supporting Revolution
« on: January 04, 2006, 03:37:15 AM »
Pokemon Online would be interesting.  But better yet... Monster Rancher Online... Yeah...

Go Alpha-Beta Pruning Tree.  I will live my life by thee.

Nintendo Gaming / RE: No Revolution loving from the analysts.
« on: January 04, 2006, 03:26:36 AM »
Yeah but the DS tapped a genre that has been severly lacking since my Childhood.  Good knowledge games that can be played by an adult.  Like Dr. Brain.  I hope that Transfers to the Rev.   Redoing some of these "Lost" genres may strenghthen the Rev in weird and mysterious ways.

Nintendo Gaming / RE: Rev Predictions
« on: January 03, 2006, 04:56:26 AM »
Plus Tales and Baten were later in the GCN lifetime.  Not to mention everytime someone would announce an RPG of some sort of the GCN it was ALWAYS a card based system.  Baten did it right and I can easily say that everyone else did it wrong.  Lets face it the only thing I can think of for the Cube off the top of my head that could lousely be termed an RPG that didn't use cards was Paper Mario (Not nearly as good as Mario RPG ever), Crystal Chronicles (That was a let down. I was expecting an actual RPG but it could have been bettter and even good if they would have just incremented those little stories at the start of the level each time you had to redo one.  That was probably it's biggest failing, oh and a non-compelling very real world like plot.),  Tales of Symphonia (I liked the game, there should have been more sidequests throughout the game towards the beginning and no teasing me with places I can't go, that door in the mines), and thats about it.  The rest was ruined by the evil card.  Or in the case of Crystal Chronicles and many other franchises it was, "Yay were getting this much needed style of play!  Oh Wait, you telling me you are going to do what... with what..."  and it would come out nothing like the franchise that spawned it when that was what was so desparetly needed.  And Wind Waker.... Yeah... That game could have been great if it wasn't for that stupid ocean.  "Here let's give you a great battle system... Oh but we're never going to give you a chance to use it and make you sail around a boring Ocean instead."  I even like the visual style.  Just hated the lack of enemy and that Ocean.  Liked everything else about it.

Also did anybody realize it took a while for an actual honest to god suppose to be cards game to come out.  I mean it took Yu-Gi-Oh most of the systems life to get on honest to god version on the Gamecube and that is a franchise that could have actually benefitted from the GBA to GCN link.

And no Pokemon doesn't count either because well... They should have just made it a different game because it wasn't actually Pokemon like on the Gameboy.  They dropped the ball big time on that one.

P.S.-  Also Sky of Arcadia and PSO.  I love PSO but it's not really an RPG and eventually went to cards too and well Sky of Arcadia... Yeah that was just bad... and a port.  Sorry about the rantage I just had to get it out.

P.S.S- After re-reading this I realized that the new IP, there probably should be 2, should be a FPS and a "Traditional" RPG franchise.  Some will argue that Zelda is an RPG.  Lets face it deep down it's an action title.  It's a beast of it's own and shares in a way more with Metroid than a traditional RPG.  What it does it does well and uniquely.  Both of these need to be unique and not use any of Nintendo's characters except maybe for a cameo.  It should also try to stay away from the style that is deemed Nintendo artisticly, except for maybe a homage level (Like the 8-bit one in Baten Kaitos).

P.S.S.S-  So I'm not totally off topic I also predict that the Rev will use the same digital hookup for the Progressive scan cables as the Gamecube therefore meaning I won't have to buy a new set of cables.

I think at the very first Nintendo won't fiddle with this.  I mean in all actuallity they have a fairly large line-up of ranked games.  So them and each countries respective rating system will duke it out to get the games rated.  Once that is settled then they'll start offering them but the M ranked ones... well they may never be offered because of advocacy groups.  We'll just have to see this played out.

Nintendo Gaming / RE: Online Developers Supporting Revolution
« on: January 03, 2006, 04:27:33 AM »
You know this might be a good time to bring this up.  Back in the beginning the GameCube lifetime Sega developed middleware that let you program the network type stuff for one console and it would work on all the consoles.  Effective making them be able to easily talk to each other with out you having developed the underlying networking things.  Considering the neither the PC or the Rev are changing any API's or anything this software still might be used to easily interact the two.  Just throwing that out there.

But in all honesty on an online game the Rev controller could take crafting to a new level.  I don't think it be used to it's full advantage for fighting because of the data that would have to go over the network.  But Crafting could be done locally and only the results need to be sent over the wire.  Just imagine swinging the controller to chop down a tree or carving it.  Ok I thought of a way to do fighting to but it wouldn't really benefit that much from it.  

Nintendo Gaming / RE: No Revolution loving from the analysts.
« on: January 03, 2006, 04:17:45 AM »
Ok just putting this out there but, can we agree that PSP is just a portable Video player with an exclusive format that just happens to be able to play games at a decent level?  If we use that logic then the harddrive, if large enough, will make it able to rival the ipod.  Which means in theory that yes the harddrive could produce that level of business, unless you can get the superior PDA with a harddrive.  Sony dropped the ball with the PSP on something which is funny because they use to sell a top of line PDA.  Go figure.  Plus it can surf the web.  Well I've never seen anything else portable that can do that, oh wait I have.

These "predictions" have no real bearing it seems where the Revolution is concerned.  It sounds to me they are using the numbers from the Virtual Boy to make the "prediction" instead of the DS.  *shrug*  They'll change there tune when it sells 5 million within the first year, if not half a year, without any shortages.

I have Nintendogs and you know I ended up getting a Chinchilla.  Go figure.  I must say the Chinchilla is order of Magnitudes better then Nintendogs.  But then I would have to say that I found the game so extremely boring and the interaction not that great.  *shrug* I guess I like more direction with my games.

Heres a little light math for everyone to put things in prospective.  Lets say there is a ten dollar price jump in games.  So the Premo title that doesn't require a peripheral will cost $60 bucks.  Ok Thats great.

If it takes us an hour to beat we just paid a dollar a minute to play a game.  Wow that stinks

So how long would it actually take to get are "money worth."  If we go by the mantra that time is money,  .... therefore girls are evil ,  then we can simplify this.  Lets assume we all make minimum wage.  For simplicity sake then I'll say we make $5.00/hour American, after taxes and everything this is what it about works out to.  So we paid $60 dollars for the game and at are current rate of $5 an hour we have sunk 12 hours into that game alread by just buying it.  To make up for this "lost" time we therefore need to get 12 hours worth of gameplay out of this game.

So there you go.  For me at least if I don't get 12 hours out of the game then the purchase was fiscally unsound.  That is unless I am willing to pay a premium for it but that's opinion.  Now if we also take into account food in the time period and electricity I'm fairly sure that would bump the game up by at least an hour so the true magic number is probably somewhere around 13 hours.  So if you don't hit your 13th hour, spooky hay, then you've been gipped, fiscally wise, by the power that be.

(Ironically enough this could become even more complicated if we used oppurtunity cost.)

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Rev Predictions
« on: January 02, 2006, 05:04:08 AM »
Oh and to keep on topic, sorry about the double post, the new feature of the Revolution is....  A place to keep your Tea warm.   That's right.  You heard it here first.  Using complicated cooling features and the heat from the Triforce of Processors it will keep your tea or Coffee, we're equal oppurtunity, warm.  

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Rev Predictions
« on: January 02, 2006, 05:00:58 AM »
Back to the K.I.S.S. principle.  I mean if there is anything other then the basic unit.  Tech support would be a nightmare in a way.  There are more things to go wrong.  If it's anything like the 360's debauchery then people who want units as gifts will end up getting jipped.  In the end 1 bundle to rule them all should be it.  

Nintendo Gaming / RE: Rumour come True? Zelda: TP Forward Compatible?
« on: January 01, 2006, 08:50:19 AM »
Three Games for the Fans who look to the sky,
 Seven for the doubters in there hall of specs.
Nine for the Non-Gamers who are doomed to try,
 One for Miyamoto on his Pipe throne
In the Land of Nintendo where the Plumber lie.
 One Game to show them all how it's done, One Game to find them,
 One Game to bring them all and in the console bind them
In the Land of Nintendo where the Plumber lie.

Nintendo Gaming / RE: Rev Predictions
« on: January 01, 2006, 08:28:55 AM »
Magik:  I'm assuming you mean "infrequently".  Just to clear it up. and your right.  I mean I know I'm one of the few proud owners of the Dance pads, Network adapter, Progressive scan cables, Gameboy Player, and soon the Microphone.  When I can justify it I'm going to complete my set with the Kongos. (I do have the Wavebird and a Redant which lets me play my Cube on a Computer monitor.  If the Cube can hook up to it I can do it.)  So I am definetly in the minority about the peripheral thing.

Nintendo Gaming / RE: Super Second Parties
« on: January 01, 2006, 08:23:39 AM »
Time to weigh in after reading everything... Long read...  I'll work my way backwards, like tests.

1.  I own both a PS2 and all Nintendo Systems.(Literally I think now the only thing lacking are some Pre-NES stuff though I just got an SNES for the first time.)  I tend to avoid getting games for my PS2 for two reasons:  I find the GCN versions better and there is too much junk to wade through.  When I buy a game for my Nintendo System for the most part I'm getting some quality gaming.  They all have there bad games but I find it easier to avoid them on Nintendo products.  Also Monster Rancher and KoH.  Yeah Love Monster Rancher.  I hope they make one for the Rev it would be glorious.  Especially if they could take the tournaments online. But I digress...

2.  I wish I could link that article but it's been a while.  They discussed what was a second party game maker anyway.  In the end it is so lously defined that it doesn't actually exist.  Your either third party or first and thats about it.

3.  I do have to agree that RPGS are the same old same old.  I mostly play for the battle system.  Which I really like in Baten Kaitos.  It was well thought through and not sparkling innovationy,  In fact it's the only use of cards in a non-card game that the creators shouldn't be mamed for.  (Though the FF that used them did a good job they should just be disfigured but the people who did KoH: Chains of Memory should be horribly deformed and there arms removed to prevent future coding debauchery.  I hate to see how Square would explain that. Wait I know... "This is what you get for taking the best part of a game and butchering it.")

4.  I like more variety myself.  Even though all "Jock" genre, sports 1st person shooter Fighters etc., that are missing on the GCN I really don't play except for some variations new ideas are always welcomed... Like Monster Rancher.

5.  IF the Camelot RPG is how Golden Sun was for the GBA I will go hunting and buy it at launch.  It will have graphics that will make you swear that your looking out the window, even if they go cartoon style.  It will have a clever system to deliver emotions.  The voice acting will either be not present or used only when appropriate and be unarguably excellent.  Your character will be transferrable to the next one, like in Hero Quest (I think it got rename to Quest for Glory, yeah I'm old school like that yo).

6.  Mentioning Hero Quest.  Dr. Brain for Revolution.  Excellent game back in the day.  Great puzzles made you think.  The original is the best though, besides Brain Drain game and a select few from some of the others.

These are my thoughts I know that some of them should probably be posted in other threads too but I'm to lazy for that right now.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Revolution Goes Gold?
« on: January 01, 2006, 07:37:30 AM »
Only if they make or build in an e-Reader for Revolution.  Which ironically enough would make the buying of Game downloads on cards much much more feasibly and easier on everyone.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Sell Revolutions on the Home Shopping Network! AAAH!
« on: January 01, 2006, 06:15:24 AM »
Isn't the Revolution something you need to feel?  Plus the shopping network feels clugey(sp?) and, I think the technical term is, icky.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Revolution Goes Gold?
« on: January 01, 2006, 06:07:02 AM »
Maybe something retro.  Or something nice showing you are with the "Reggie-lution" or whatever  the marketing is. (Though who would be interested in Reggie-lution shirts and like to wear to launch?)

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Rev Predictions
« on: January 01, 2006, 05:46:22 AM »
Definetly $200.
Nintendo will not do the multiple system bundle thing.  It sounds like a good idea ...but its not.
Instead maybe some accessory packages.
Just a side note.  I remember the NES being $200 at some point as a bundle.  Which is a lot more expensive when you account for inflation from the 1980's.
3rd party will swear exclusiveness for certian titles and then when they are successes break the exclusiveness.
Feel the Magic: Revolution (You know you'd love it)
After the overwhelming complaints.  Rev controller will have a built in battery and charger station. (Though it would be cool if they used the technology that let it just be near the Rev to recharge)

Thats all for now this was done on a PDA.  It took a while.

Nintendo Gaming / RE: Revolution Goes Gold?
« on: December 31, 2005, 08:32:32 AM »
I would love a shirt too.  The thing is to keep it simple.  The tour idea is a good thing but I think that an equal oppurtunity launch would be better.  Let the press get theirs early and have a giveway to have the Fusion tour come to your neighborhood and be the first regular citizen to own a Revolution.  That Sound the best to me.

Ok, if you can find me a place without an abused DS then they should get the Rev demo kiosk early because they are obviously watching there consoles. :-P Good Luck...

(On a side note I was probably the first person in my town to get a DS, midnight at Walmart first to get one.  Without any protection unless you look at my bottom screen just right you couldn't tell it wasn't new.  Trust me it's been played.)


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