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Which was $502 of pay.  The literally went into my time card and put PTO days on 3 of the days I worked the last week I was there.  So not only are they screwing me out of 3 Days of pay they are also making me a criminal for working without pay those 3 days.

I bent over backwards trying to make for a smooth transition from the company and they just stabbed me in the back.  They know I don't have the money for a lawyer so I have no recourse.  I should have not transferred any of my knowledge or helped with anything.

I worked there for 5 Years.  Over 4 different Managers.  Lack of Funding.  I kept that place running without the resources I actually needed.  IT = being Screwed.

General Chat / Merry Christmas All!
« on: December 25, 2014, 07:05:03 AM »
Merry Christmas!

This is where we would be lamenting are Secret Santa Gifts if Nintendo still had a Gifting System.

Par normal with every Christmas since having my Son You are all welcome to watch my Christmas Stream this morning.

It use to have all the past Christmases but uStream stopped being cool last year.

Nintendo Gaming / Let's Talk Amiibo!
« on: November 21, 2014, 02:53:01 PM »

Went by Toys R' Us at launch where they had Amiibo for 3 for $30 so I picked up 3.

Got Pikachu, Samus, and Princess Peach.

First impression is that they look nice.  I'm sure not E3 nice but still nicer than Skylanders.  I also met the Nashville Nintendo Rep but I didn't get her contact info.

At least in my area Samus was the hottest seller but, there was a good supply of some of the other ones.

I couldn't find a thread just for general Amiibo talk so feel free to share you thoughts as you get figures.

Also without trying I got into a conversation with a good amount of the clerks who are getting Amiibos.  I honestly don't think all of them had WiiUs.

... You can make do with A Ceric, Uncle and Aunt Bob + a Random family to get you out of the Layton like room. 

Last night it was established that we are better then 70% of Humanity, vie statistical sample set, at getting out of puzzled based rooms.

We can know say we are ready for the Laytonopalist.

General Gaming / Destiny
« on: July 16, 2014, 10:56:10 PM »

I pre-ordered the game and I'm going to play the Beta.  I enjoyed the Alpha and I be more excited by the game if they hadn't already announced Expansions.  With that being said who else is playing?

General Chat / ATT Cellular Data Back in the South. Let's talk Cell Plans.
« on: December 19, 2013, 09:58:39 AM »
Just talked with a Tech and it seems Data coverage is down in Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and most of the rest of the South.  I can't find a News story about it from my typical outlets.  Phone doesn't seem effected but its been out since 3:30 this morning.  Sort of annoying for me.

Just a Heads up ATT Workers.  Also I won't be on Twitter today.


I'm back on Twitter and the Data is Back.

Nintendo Gaming / 2013 Platinum and Gold status Choices up.
« on: July 15, 2013, 06:42:08 AM »
This year getting Platinum and Gold was made a little harder but, for a lot hear that was not a problem.  For your Troubles you have your CHOICE of:

Platinum:Gold:This is the only other text on the page:
What is Elite Status? Club Nintendo members with super Coin-earning power can become Elite Status members. Earn 300 Coins between July 1st and June 30th to earn Gold Status, or 600 Coins to earn Platinum Status. Reach either of these milestones to get an exclusive FREE gift, only available to those with Elite Status.

General Chat / NWR Forums Let's Suit Up
« on: July 09, 2013, 11:44:15 AM »

I've actually ran an experiment to see exactly how fake people can be. I've gone to the grocery story....nothing fancy, just the story in both a classy suit and warm ups. Both times I was cordial, charming, witty, and all around a nice person. Now why was it that my conversations were much shorter with random people or store clerks when I was wearing warm-ups compared to when I was wearing a suit? The answer is obvious and that's pretty much how most of the world works....if you let it.

So Barney was right.  We should wear suits?

ha "grocery story"

Every time I've seen someone who has mentioned Barney or "Suit up" while wearing a suit has looked desperate. Their suit didn't fit right; they were with someone else equally desperate in a suit; they were still drinking shitty beer.

I don't like to wear full suits, but I do like blazers. But even then, it's only because it gives me an advantage and not because it makes me feel better. I'm at my most comfortable in an Arabic robe, and while I do where it from time to time, you can see the distinct disadvantage in wearing it.

Wanting to continue this discussion and we've had some of these before I moved this out. 

Personally I'm most comfortable in Dress Clothes and Tennis Shoes.  I find Jeans and T-Shirts to be clingy or baggy in the shirt case and Jeans to be heavy and restrictive in the waist.  Not to mention Dress clothes in general have superior pockets.

I own 4 suit coats.  1 that needs to be taken to a tailor. My wife I'm fairly sure hid my Sky Blue one that I wear at Easter.  I like to try to wear them when its colder with a tie possibly.  Man do people act differently when you have a suit coat on.

So what is everyones common threads.

So as soon as I saw the name of the Forum this time: I'm Just Going to Sit in My Car and Not Come Out

I immediately thought that this song should play in the background every time you visit.

I would have also linked this great explanation that Phineas gives to their Dad about how to be an 80's has been that works perfectly for this song but alas YouTube has failed me.

Nintendo Gaming / NWR Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Thread
« on: March 19, 2013, 05:02:53 PM »
Hello all,

I thought I start a new thread for the New game.
Anyone going to be hunting soon?  I want to figure out to get this game now or wait.

Like the old thread feel free to talk all Monster Hunter with meet-ups and like.  Once we get a preferred server I'll post it.

For one developer, historically I would have to go with EAD.  Nowadays that wouldn't quite float my boat as much as it did, but for their overall output there are just too many classic games covered.  You get Zelda and most Mario games.  Unfortunately it would be the NSMB games and not the more creative 3D ones by Tokyo EAD, unless we cheat and consider both the Kyoto and Tokyo EAD groups as a single entity.  They do share the same Wikipedia entry.

So their you have Ian's Page
Japan -> International Space Station -> European Space Agency -> WWII -> Adolf Hitler

Now for me This is mine
Also First Person Shooter -> WWII -> Adolf Hitler

Does not come with Midnight Brown's "Too Hot"

MP3 Download

The Nintendo Free Radio team has gathered around the Internet's open fire to roast chestnuts and the rest of the year in gaming. The personal Game of the Year segment leads off, as Donald, Stephen, and Austen count down their top 5 games of the year with some choices both obvious and not. Did anyone agree with the VGAs? How many of these games are actually available at retail? Will a rhythm game be in someone's top 5... or everyone's?
After a dramatic (in more ways than one) Now Posted segment, the (blank) of the Year segment somehow manages to include Sony hatred, WiiU discussion, Bethesda/Sega jokes, and February 2013 references. In other words, it's every NFR episode ever. There's also discussion of disappointments, underrated games and the best game(s) that the hosts didn't play.

After a quick break, it's a look ahead to 2013 as everyone evaluates the state of their Lindemann Syndrome for what they missed in 2012, and some predictions for 2013. They were supposed to be quick, but, well, you know. Finally, a quick Whatcha Watchin In Review and resolutions end the year on an entertainment note. We encourage you to mock us in a year.

As we look into 2013, we want to know what you think. Is there something blatant we missed for GOTY? What should Donald watch? How awesome is Stephen's editing? (So awesome.) Send your feedback to  or to the hosts on Twitter (@DonaldMick, @cericme and @broodwars64). The show returns in 2013, but until then, keep on keeping on!

This show was edited by Stephen Shook. All music used under fair use protection.

Some quick Editor Notes due to holiday time constraints and other factors I have chosen to cut this episode behind the scenes style.  To that effect I left different important Sausage making into the episode. In other words the stingers that made it you can hear when they naturally occur.  Plus how we sync if your interested.  I'm interested to hear how everyone opinion of the rawer take.  I hope you enjoy the episode.  Next episode will be cut in the normal style everyone has come to expect.

Nintendo Gaming / TVii naturally described by Michael Powell in Interview
« on: November 20, 2012, 02:51:15 PM »
I couldn't find a topic on TVii so I thought I start one.

What I Really wanted to talk about is this article on Verge where they interview the former head of the FCC Michael Powell.

TVii isn't actually mentioned in the article directly.  Its about the different challenges TV and providers face.  If you read through it, an interesting read, he naturally ends up describing precisely what Nintendo envision TVii to be.

Its sort of interesting.

Nintendo Gaming / Nintendo Talks Hardware in Newest Iwata Asks
« on: October 11, 2012, 11:20:22 AM »
Hello All,

I'm a little disappointed to not see this come up during the Night Shift but, here we are.

There is an interesting Iwata Ask over Wii U Hardware with some good shots.

Here is the actually Iwata Ask.
Here is a good post someone made about it summarizing some interesting points an another forum.

Sounds like they've done a lot of different testing especially on the Heat side of the equation.  From what I gather from this it looks like the GPU and CPU are actually made separate and then married together to become the system on a chip.  They say the Heat Shield is for protect against electric interference I've never seen that done before.  Talk about how when they started this it was "we should get into this HD Stuff." 

With as much as we're back and forthing on Hardware its interesting to hear the philosophies.

I was linking something for amusement value and look what I found.

How big is the save file? I had and liked Elebits but I ended up selling it because the 100+ block save file didn't work with my habit of buying way too many VC games.

This is JP selling a game because it took to much room away from his VC games back in 2008.  I didn't realize that the problem had really started over 4 years ago.

(If search was finding stuff I would have put this in one of JPs collection threads.)

This is how things get settled in our home towns.
Ryan is on vacation this week (wow, only 1 episode in and we’ve already killed our first editor!), but Stephen; Austen; and Donald are jazzed up to deliver this very musical encore performance.

In New Business, Donald appropriately kicks off the Prelude with tales of his “No deaths, SNES only, FINAL DESTINATION!” run through The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.  Following a brief look at the GBA’s WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames, “Impressions are…GOOOOO!” for the DS’s rhythmic Elite Beat Agents.  Afterwards, Austen continues the motif with an enthusiastic look at the recently-released PlayStation Vita/PS3 downloadable musical platformer Sound Shapes (a game with not one but TWO Platinum trophies, so of course he had to have it!).  Afterwards, strap yourself in for a lengthy Solo about how the writing and gameplay mechanics certainly aren’t the forte in the latest installment of the Kingdom Hearts series on 3DS.  Find out how the “Drop” system lived up to its name by encouraging him to drop the game after a few disappointingly painful hours.  Eventually, Austen wraps-up his New Business with an ironically-brief look at the PlayStation Network’s grind-heavy downloadable dungeon crawler Rainbow Moon.  Finally, Stephen brings the segment to a close with impressions of the perplexing (and apparently steamy) PC RPG The Witcher; some final thoughts on the 3DS’ Theatrhythm Final Fantasy; and his experience playing the mystical board game (Yes, Board Game!) The Magic Labyrinth with his son.

After the break, we begin our Second Movement going for the Gold by discussing what we’ve been watching lately, including the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games; the Secret World of Old Nickelodeon TV shows; and the anime Blu-Ray for the terrible, but aurally-pleasing, Escaflowne: The Movie!  Next-up, we have the long-awaited debut of Listener Mail, featuring a submission from beloved NWR listener Sarah from Iowa City asking why companies often release games from similar genres within the same time period!  We then conclude the show with our Grand Finale: “1Ups/Poison Mushrooms,” where we hand out praise and derision in equal measure to the best (and worst) things we’ve seen in the past 2 weeks.  Some topics include Japan’s fear of reverse importation, the 3DS’ “Download Later” feature, and the sudden trend of developers refusing to patch games on the Xbox 360.

The full crew should be back next time, but we’d love to hear your thoughts on this and past episodes, so feel free to drop us a comment in the Talkback thread or on our website.  Be sure to send in your Listener Mail as well, and (time permitting) we’ll read and discuss it on an upcoming show!  You’re also welcome to talk with us and other fine (and often eccentric) folks over at the Nintendo World Report Forums!  Finally, please don’t forget to rate us on iTunes.  We’ll see you in a few weeks, but until then we hope you enjoy the show!

MP3: Grooved to the Internet!
M4a: His Canned Heat is in his Heels!

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This podcast was edited by Stephen Shook. Music for this episode is copyrighted to Yoko Kanno; her band, The Seatbelts; Victor Entertainment; and the band Canned Heat. This music is included under Fair Use protection.

NWR Feedback / Megabyte Fix these Stupid Ads
« on: July 04, 2012, 09:13:30 AM »
Now when I go to the forums without an Ad filter I get a pop up/redirect that takes over and says I have a virus and is obviously something malicious trying to get installed on my computer.  I then have to force kill my browser.  What are the points of ads when no one can use the sites with them enabled?

General Chat / The Recliner Conundrum
« on: December 31, 2011, 05:21:50 PM »
So my wife bought me the recliner I've been wanting for Christmas.  The only thing is that she wanted a Sofa for christmas and we ended up getting a sofa and loveseat.  There isn't room in the living room for the new recliner.  We were loading the recliner into the truck to return it and my wife joked that I could use it as a computer chair.  I thought this was a good idea so now I'm sitting on it in front of my computer.  Though is a recliner really a good computer chair?

What are your guys thoughts.

General Chat / Black Friday around the World
« on: December 01, 2011, 01:24:37 PM »
I was in the Sales Thread and I got to thinking.  What is the Equivalent to Black Friday around the world?  I mean most places celebrate a gift giving holiday in the December time frame.

I thought I start a thread asking are fairly international bunch;

What is your Equivalent to Black Friday? 
When are the biggest sales for you Gift Giving Holiday (GGH)? 
Does it have a name?  Any interesting Stories?

For the US bunch why not Share the Craziness.  You can't argue the Black Friday doesn't bring out the Crazy here in the US.  It can become the normally non-physical a competition equivalent of Football or Gladiatorial combat.

Nintendo Gaming / Hunt for Zelda Skyward Sword
« on: November 20, 2011, 03:52:17 AM »

So I have some time without my Son this weekend and I thought, "what perfect time to play Skyward Sword" with it coming out. 

I don't own a Wii Motion Plus.  Never saw a need for it and never got around to getting Resort so, I definitely want The EPIC BUNDLE.  You know the one with the Gold Wiimote+ and Anniversary Soundtrack.

To make sure I would be guaranteed The EPIC BUNDLE I pre-ordered it on Amazon the day it was listed as Pre-orderable.  About the end of October I was verifying everything was OK with the order and looking at it I noticed something disturbing.  Zelda wouldn't be here till the 25th of November!  I mean I like things on my Birthday but, that was after Thanksgiving which would Not Do.  Off to change my Shipping.

Standard... Still after Thanksgiving
2-Day... Before Christmas but what do you mean 2 day isn't Tuesday.
1-Day... Tuesday and just 2 more dollars then 2-Day (If your going in Full Hog anyways...)

Disappointed Amazon could not get the game to me at launch, I had made my decision.  I had informed the Misses.  Time passed.  I got Older.  I got Wiser.  I got Worried.

You know people will probably start to talk on Sunday.  The social element of any on release game purchase for me is very important.  Thats why I hunted Portal 2 down like a Wild Boar.  I plan started to form in my head...

Queue Plan Music
Step 1 *slap board, click boots*:  Check Amazon on the day of the 20th to see if my order could be cancelled.
Step 2 *slap board, click boots*:  Go to Walmart at Midnight and obtain bundle.
Step 3 *slap board, click boots*:  Maybe eat a Sandwich or Something.
*board falls*

The Plan was made and all Parties were informed.  I had even got a companion for the deed.  Though being 3 he really didn't know what he was signing up for.  Now where is a ridiculously oversized scarf or a Bow Tie, I hear there cool.

The Day of Reckoning has Arrived.  Fate had Dined to leave me Childless for this oncoming Day.

After a Hard Day of Podcast Chat Participation, Do'n It for the Kids folks, where we shattered through the goal like the line at the end of a foot race,  I took a bit of a nap .  Well I slept past Midnight.  It was time to figure this Out.

Amazon: Request for Cancellation is still viable
Pants: Check
Cat: Outside
Keys: Keys... where are those oh there they are. Check

Wait, its not Midnight so everyone that is open 24 hours a day may already be out.  No problem. *Heroic Voice*It's Time to Use TECHNOLOGY!*end Heroic Voice*

Alright here we go to  let me put in The EPIC BUNDLE.  Oh, Hey look I could get a Cinch Bag with a Nintendo Select Title.  Wait, The EPIC BUNDLE isn't listed on the site.  Thats odd. Well I'll just give them a call.

1:46am CST
"Thank you for calling Walmart."
Ring x 4
Female Wally World (FWW): Welcome to Walmart
I (Ceric):HELlo, I'm calling to see if you have any copies of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword in Stock.  In Specific the one with the Gold Wiimote bundled in, (aka The EPIC BUNDLE)
FWW: Let me check.
about 6 minutes later
FWW: I'm Sorry we don't have any.
Ceric: Thank you for your time.  You have a good night.

Thwarted but, not beaten.  Come on Internet what else is open 24 hours Daddy Needs a New Game.  Lets see maybe Target.  What do you mean its online exclusive bah.  It was then I knew I wasn't getting this game at Midnight and I may have to go to the Devil to get it earlier then Tuesday. 

Alright, Lets Dance.  Sunglasses.... No, No, Put those mats away.   :cool;

Much better.  The EPIC BUNDLE.  Processing...

The Results are in: In Stock*

In Stock*?  Wait there is a Star there.  What does this mysterious Star means.  What Secrets does it hold?  Oh well it doesn't say anything on the site.  Talk about bad Footnote usage... lets see if the Interweb knows.  Hmmm, it seems to be Just bad English though I know its more Nefarious.  An opening for LawNinjas.

With my Bubble Popped I came here to provide a thread of Rainbows and Unicrons.

I know somewhere out there is a gamer getting Skyward Sword.  That Gamer is not me. So Tomorrow...Wait Today is another day and Will I over come this challenge.  Will I just start to play the Waiting Game again? (Probably)  Though I think I'm just going to go to sleep and Remiss that OSX doesn't have MS Paint...

On a Serious note does anyone have a Story they like to Share of Hunting Skyward Sword?
Now I have a compulsion to try to note that I used a Lance and Armor with Attack(L) and Heat Resistance

TalkBack / 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure Trailer Appears on the EU eShop
« on: November 10, 2011, 11:22:46 AM »
I wish they would have moved the info stuff to the bottom because it looks like aspect ratio was what would be left of the screen could fill the 3DS top without warping.

General Chat / Pax East 2012
« on: November 03, 2011, 02:00:34 PM »
Hello Everyone.

PAX East is coming. April 6th - 8th 2012

The registration has just opened.

I guess if you book a block of rooms you can get a discount.

I figure I start a thread to get everyone interested or whose gone in the past to come in and talk about there experience, give tips, etc.

Personally, I'm still trying to work it out with Finances and the Misses.

Nintendo Switch Online Lounge Service / CGA
« on: October 08, 2011, 09:59:58 AM »

My Name is Ceric...
and I'm...

A Casual Gamer.

I was recently looking at the 3DS Playtime thread when I realized my times were not as High as the others.  I then thought back and realized the last game I "beaten" was the Single Player mode of Monster Hunter.  Before that was Super Monkey Ball 3D and before that was Super Princess Peach.  I do regularly raid 3 times a week and the last game I "played" on PS3 was Magic the Gathering.

I think it all happened when my Son became more interactive then a Smart toy Bear.  He started wanting things like me to play with him and could start realizing that I was exterminating things on the screen and mimicking them that way.  I also got a cat.

I now must vi for time on the TV more then I use too.  I fear soon I will go back to playing Brain Age and Meteos.  I am planning on trying to go to PAX East to up my Street Pas... Cred.  Hopefully its not to late.  I fear I may have to take up Knitting or Needlwork.

General Chat / Cleverbot
« on: September 12, 2011, 11:34:56 AM »
I was having a conversation for the first time with Cleverbot and this came out.

Me: Why did you gimp the multicolor end of Google in your Logo?
CB: I'm Sorry, I had no such intention, and I apologize if such intentions where implied.
Me: You used "intention" to many times in one sentence.  You should consider using synonoms.
CB: Ok.
Me: How in the future will you fix this sentence problem?
CB: No, you have no reason to assume I am lying and by your existence you are not imaginary.

General Gaming / PSP Prices
« on: August 25, 2011, 02:40:32 PM »
A local shop is selling used PSPs for PSP-:

1000 $79
2000 $89
3000 $99
Go     $150

If cheap enough I like to buy one for Monster Hunter and some of the other games.  Just wonder how cheap can I get them?

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