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« on: September 27, 2009, 02:43:23 AM »
It's not to be confused with Killer 7.

 Sitting right next door to the Monkey Ball Step & Roll booth at TGS was the latest in Sega’s other long-running franchise, Puyo Puyo 7.    

There isn't a whole lot new to report in this version.   It controls simply enough with the Wii Remote on its side, it looks decent with sharp colours and nice shiny blobby-looking blobs, it’s got plenty of crazy characters - it’s Puyo Puyo. What more do you need to know?    

I played a best-of-three multiplayer game with the booth babe.  As you clear the Puyos, a gauge fills up along the side; pull off some nice chain combos and it will increase faster.    

When the gauge reaches the top lots of crazy cool things can happen.  During my games I filled up my gauge a few times; the first time, my screen got replaced with a set of Puyos perfectly set up for a massive combo. All I did was drop one Puyo and a seemingly endless chain was triggered, earning me big points and dropping loads of grey unmovable Puyo’s onto my opponent’s screen. Nice.    

Other times my screen was replaced with huge screen-filling Puyos.  Now instead of having to link four Puyos I only had to link three, as the screen could now only hold 4x3 Puyos.  This caused some massive grey Puyos to be dumped on player two’s screen, hilarity ensued.    

I had great fun with it, and I’m not saying that only because I won 3-0.    

Puyo Puyo 7 is set to be released on November 26 in Japan.

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