Author Topic: Episode 857: A Mighty Craving for Microplastics  (Read 542 times)

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Episode 857: A Mighty Craving for Microplastics
« on: January 14, 2024, 03:17:21 PM »


A totally uncurious Jon Lindemann returns this week.

New Business: James got this goddamned podcast on Google's goddamned YouTube Music service, even as it attempted to kill him in the process. He also started The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero, his first foray into the Legend of Heroes series. Lastly, he's been caught up in the undertow that is Atlus' marketing rollout for Unicorn Overlord, and this was before they detailed the entirely overly-elaborate card game.

Guillaume is learning the finer points of Tents & Trees and has some thoughts on Cocoon.

Jon and Greg don't have any New Business, so Jon talks about various Monster Hunter titles for a bit.

After a break, a few intrepid RFN Tax payers paid their Listener Mail tax. You must too. This week we delve into our backlogs and talk about depth vs "depth."

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