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Some 70's questions
« on: March 15, 2015, 09:56:46 PM »
I am watching That 70's Show on Netflix. I also have the series on DVD but it is so much easier to just start up the Netflix. I am sitting here going through the show once again and I realize they are really teetering on the whole Fenton and Fez being either homosexual or bi-sexual. In the pilot they kids were at a concert and met a gay couple and then there was buddy in season one then all of a sudden they dropped all gay references outside a few you know random comments as jokes from time to time. Fenton, or is if Phenton? Anyways he made some comments that kind of got me thinking.

Anyone that was actually around in the 70's was it illegal to be gay, openly I mean, or just socially unacceptable? Some of his comments made it sound like it wasn't just taboo but actually illegal. Also Fez comes off as a little too comfortable with his bi-sexuality for the period. I always wondered if that was just because the show was made in our modern times or were things more complicated then that? I was a kid in the 80's and I remember watching the LGBT thing become a major force so I just assumed it all began in the 90's but I guess it might have been around in the 70's. I just remember from Revenge of the Nerds and Police Academy I got the impression being gay was a serious taboo at that time period. I remember the lesbian thing on Friends caused a lot of stir but that was like early to mid 90's.

Also in season 6 Kelso comes back from police academy and he is wearing what looks like a pretty modern Reebok shirt. I was wondering if Reebok had shirts like that then or if they even existed then?
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Re: Some 70's questions
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You can fax your balls to Crimm all you want, but a serious discussion about sexual orientation is a no-no. It was not illegal to be gay in the 70's, even in Wisconsin.
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