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General Gaming / So Steam Machine still a real thing?
« on: January 22, 2015, 02:47:17 PM »
I was trying to find news on this today while at work, pretty bored with all the State of the State **** and that stupid football story, anyways I was noticing that apparently something big is supposed to happen at GDC coming soon?

Anyone remotely interested in this stuff at all, still, ever?

General Chat / Television Debut
« on: December 06, 2014, 08:47:21 PM »
I will be making  my first TV appearance at the station sometime this month. Its just for a commercial/promo but its still kind of exciting for me. It is a Christmas themed promo so we dressed up. Me and two other guys wore reindeer hats while the girls wore Santa hats it was kind of fun. I will probably post the clip after it airs for those who want to have a real-world reason to make fun of how stupid I look. The only frustrating thing was I went and got a stupid $75 dollar hair cut for this shoot and then ended up wearing a hat anyways. The hair cut was not worth the money either.

General Chat / Happy Thanksgiving Thread
« on: November 27, 2014, 02:56:31 PM »
Say whatever you are thankful for and be respectful please and thank you. As much or as little info as you wish.

Today I sit at home alone as I wait to go to work. I am mostly thankful for my friends and family, my awesome new job that I start on Monday, and for finally getting through my depression.

I was bumped up to Assistant Producer full time at work so I am super happy for that. I was recognized by my boss in a mass email to the entire staff for all my hard work so I am also thankful for that. My parents went to visit my grandmothers so I have the house to myself so I was thankful for the quite time and with my new job I finally make enough money, if it works out, to start looking for a place of my own again, so I am even more thankful for that. And I am thankful to have at least one place on the world wide web to speak my mind and make some friends.

General Chat / Any journalists haging around here?
« on: November 02, 2014, 01:42:49 AM »
Alright so I will just make this short and to the point, My main gig is video production. I been trying to get into something professionally for a while. Started mostly in you know web videos, weddings, stuff like that nothing too serious. Recently I got a job as a video editor as a local news station. The good news is they work fast, how fast? I wasn't even two weeks into my training to be AP when they asked me if I wouldn't mind filling in on cameras, and since then I have worked more in production/studio than in the newsroom I was hired to work. No complaints here I love my job, for the first time in my life actually so there is that.

Anyways work in the news room, which means I have two choices going forward (staying an AP is not a good career move its under paid, short hours, entry level stuff) so I have to decide to either try to continue working my way into production, or moving into journalism. The production side interests me a great deal, especially if I can get into cameras and running the sound booth those would be great places for me to go next. They currently do have a part time opening for production technician but since I am still fairly new and they can't give me more than 30 hours they want me to stay mostly in editing for now. They continue to schedule me in production so yeah I get to do cameras a lot, more than I do editing honestly. And yes I love it, being in the studio is more fun than in the news room, well most times.

BUT here is the thing, I work with reporters, anchors, writers, editors, and producers all day long, and my main job as an AP (Assistant Producer) means I am well aware of the stories that we run, since its my job to match them up with any video, photos, sound bites, etc, and pull stuff down from the web and put it onto the server.
The other career path is Producer, which is more a journalist thing. I don't know how much experience you have to have, all of the producers worked at a TV station before coming here but every one I talked to said they did what I do, AP, or something else, reporter, weather, stuff like that. So I am curious if there are any journalists who could offer me some advice in how to maybe break into that.

My background is slim but not much more so than anyone else. I took some writing classes in college, and yes my real writing is much better than my slop I throw up here. Anyways I took a news writing and photography class, a creative writing class, some English courses, Linguistics, tons of communications classes, lots of journalism theory classes, communications law, stuff like that, so I know I have a solid foundation to go in there and tell my boss hey if you need an extra reporter or Producer let me know, I think I could do that. My fear is if I sit still too long I will get stuck, everyone tells me the business moves super fast and I am witnessing it before my eyes every day. So should I keep working towards the production side and leave the reporting to the journalists, or would it be worth my time and effort to break into real news? I personally am more confident in my writing than I am in my technical skills but they were hiring for editors at the time and I was working for a wedding photography company on weekends so I saw it as my foot in the door situation.

I see what the reporters have to go through and yes there is a downside, I am not that photogenic so getting on air is going to be a challenge, but the producers don't have to show their face on air so I am just wondering if I might want to pursue that option as they do have producers moving around all the time and my boss told me last night to hang in there where I am because people are leaving soon and I already told them I would like to do more and she scheduled me three days next week in studio so that is promising.

Administration / Did you know we have a troll?
« on: October 29, 2014, 12:37:12 AM »
I won't say who it is but I uncovered evidence of their existence recently and I think we need to flush them out and burn them at the stake., or however it is you kill trolls these days, get them to fall in love with a princess sounds far-fetched.

Administration / Why are people so stupid?
« on: October 16, 2014, 07:18:48 PM »
Metallica sues Napster into bankruptcy and people bitch about evil, greedy record companies ruining our society. U2 gives everyone in the world their new CD for FREE and so many people bitch he has to go on national TV to apologize. It's not like U2 is even a bad band the're actually pretty good, I loved the new album and hey, free is free.

General Chat / I would like to study you guys
« on: August 28, 2014, 08:40:35 PM »
I am a year and a half away from finishing up my communications degree, currently I am taking a sociology class and a course in communications theory. My project in both courses requires doing some research into ways people communicate. Because we are living in modern technological times the professor is talking a lot about how the internet affects our views on communication. Anyways I would like to ask if the people here wouldn't mind being observed and studied for my project? I don't fully know all the requirements as this is still the first week of class, so I will probably modify my thesis once I get closer to writing something more concrete. I took a marketing class last semester and got a really good grade on a paper I wrote about the difficulties facing the Wii U in the marketplace, which earned me an A so they say to write about things you are interested in and have previous knowledge of so I was thinking this is the only social group I am actively a part of outside of work at the moment I should study this group. I am also a semi-active member of the Blu Ray forums but that site is no where near the low levels of regular posters like here and they aren't as tight knit as you all appear to be so it makes more sense to study a crowd that is more intimate than a large, shifting crowd whose make up is less familiar. If anyone wants to share their views, ask questions, offer concerns, or get some input on what I intend to do please feel free to share those here in this thread.

Also keep in mind this is for school so while my posts here will remain casual, my research is important to me so the actual paper will be far different in tone and style than the slop I spill over your laptop screens daily.

Nintendo Gaming / Post your favorite Wii U games
« on: August 27, 2014, 11:20:59 AM »
Keep it simple post a list of your favorite Wii U games, offer as much or little information as you like about them, why you like said game, why others would/should too. Lets try to shift the focus from all the negative to something a little positive for once. You don't have to do a top 25 list or anything like that just list all the Wii U games that make you glad you own the system.

General Chat / Do you use Blu Ray Discs?
« on: August 10, 2014, 02:16:24 PM »
I have a Blu Ray Writer and I have a ton of unused blank discs. I was curious if anyone else tried to use these things or if I was alone? When DVD -R came out I was all over it so I thought yeah Blu Ray cool. But then I realized it was cheaper, and easier, to just keep adding new USB hard drives than it was to keep track of so damn many discs. So I have a TON of unopened discs just sitting in their spindles waiting to be resold on Amazon down the road. I used to frequent the Blu Ray forums when I was first getting into all things HD, but I have long grown tired of them.

If you do or did buy a Blu Ray writer and discs please share your experiences, thoughts, impressions here.

Administration / Family Guy Live Action Movie?
« on: August 07, 2014, 05:12:02 PM »
Could it work, would you see it, has this been asked before?

General Chat / Retro reviews
« on: June 16, 2014, 10:36:12 PM »
Would anyone be up for another retro show? I am thinking of doing something different than the typical review bad games and get angry thing but instead reviewing retro stuff with a focus on is it still relevant today or not. Would anyone be up for checking something like that out? I would not limit myself to just video games but also movies, cartoons, toys, comic books, pretty much whatever I felt like.

Administration / the trolls don't live here anymore
« on: June 16, 2014, 10:24:53 PM »
its no fun when you ban all the trolls and then get people to play a game of Mafia. You can't have any kind of fun without having some loose cannons running around stirring things up. A true outcast belongs on the fringes of society. Count me out. :@

Administration / A Guide to Marvel_moviefan_2012
« on: June 05, 2014, 10:12:11 PM »
Rule number one, I am always right so deal with it okay thanks.

Rule number two, I get the last word so the best way to end a discussion with me is to let me get the last word okay thanks.

Rule number three, Atari is the best video game company on the planet any notion otherwise will put me in a bad mood okay thanks

Rule number 4, I am not kidding okay thanks

Rule number 5, Marvel_moviefan_2012 does not mean I am a fan of MARVEL movies, it means I am a fan of Marvel, the company,  and a fan of movies, okay thanks.

Rule number 6, I live in frigging Nebraska cut me some slack okay thanks.

Rule number 7, I hate Super Mario Sunshine and Wind waker, they are awful games please understand, okay thanks.

rule number 8, I lurk more than I post so if I get to posting a lot it's because I been lurking a lot okay thanks.

Rule number 9 that does not make me a stalker I swear my intentions are pure of heart, okay thanks.

Rule Number 10 I actually do secretly love Nintendo but I openly despise Nintendo fans okay thanks,

amendment 1, I do not hate dislike the hating of Cheetos.

amendment 2, I accept your challenge to play mafia and I will destroy you all okay thanks.

amendment 3 Star Wars is perfectly fine how it is, Greedo shooting first and all that okay thanks.

amendment 4, Mario Kart is for kidz and gorwn ups should not play it okay thanks.

amendment 5, I am not now nor am I ever going to get humor, sarcasm, or satire okay thanks


I am in love with Lindsay Lohan okay thanks.

General Chat / The Nostalgia Critic
« on: June 03, 2014, 10:58:05 PM »
Does anyone watch his series? I been getting back into it lately but I was just wondering if anyone here watches it and if so what are your thoughts? I think he could tone it down a bit sometimes but for the most part I really like his reviews. I don't always agree with him but I do more often than not it seems.

Nintendo Gaming / Nintendo made my day.
« on: May 24, 2014, 12:00:59 AM »
Oh and they just sold me on a Wii U too.

The other day I was doing some serious thinking and I came to the conclusion that maybe I have been too harsh on Wii U up till now. Money issues aside, I realized that it was mostly my own expectations that had changed along with well personal tastes evolving over the years. But watching some youtube videos has sort of gotten me excited for some of the new games out there. Sure there are less than ten games released or announced I am interested in but I realized hell I got a 32X for basically one game so whatever.

But I have been wrestling with the value propositions for some time so I decided to make a random phone call to Nintendo to ask if they could clarify a couple of points that had me confused. My initial thought process was how everyone rags on how few the virtual console titles are on Wii U but after creating my very sloppily not too well thought out post about eShop I realized I needed to do some research. So I asked the Nintendo rep the questions I had, starting with Virtual Console. Mainly I was curious if you could still access VC games from Wii on Wii u, which since you can it kind of confuses me why the fuss over them not releasing on Wii U in the first place but that is not important here.

Then I asked some questions about my games I had purchased when I still had a Wii, after a very long conversation verifying all my games, console serial number, My Nintendo account info, Wii Network ID etc, the rep confirmed that if I bought a wii U not only would they allow me to link it to my old account and re-download all the games I previously purchased, they would also credit my account for the games no longer available like TMNT, DKC, and a few TG16 titles. considering that leaves me at about $150 dollars worth of VC titles if I get a Wii u, plus she explained to me how the MK8 deal works, I figured if I can get four games plus all my VC titles back plus some credits on eshop and a whole bunch of coins, it actually works out so that I am basically getting the console for free. So knowing I can't pass up that deal, and knowing I absolutely need to get one before Hyrule Warriors releases, I decided that I am going to head over to K-mart and pick up a Wii U this weekend. Or put one on layway to be precise but still I decided to hell with it.

I also gave up any hope for it ever getting real 3rd party support but if they can support the eShop at the very least it might still be worth it, especially if they can unify their accounts in the future allowing me to keep these VC games forever, or for a few years anyways.

General Chat / A behind the scenes documentary?
« on: May 18, 2014, 10:11:42 AM »
I am in the process of starting up a new video production company and I am getting things together for my next video project. Instead of making an actual full on movie, what I plan on doing is a series of micro movies, basically a bunch of snippets of what would be scenes from bigger movies. I am going to do a little bit of everything to get different feels for things. But instead of trying to tie it all together into a single film with a coherent story which is not going to be doable,  I am going to do it in the style of a behind the scenes documentary instead. Mostly this is my way of testing a few ideas to see what I can do, experimental film if you will, and seeing what I am capable of.

My film class project ended up being a total mess. Basically what I did was over the years here and there I would shoot little video shorts like this and edit them into clips that I was going to tie together at some future point. I got side tracked when I took a creative writing class and took time off to tackle suspense novel, that remains unfinished. Then I took a film class and needed a project so I took all my random footage, edited, shot some scenes of a guy watching TV late at night and edited it into a guy watching TV changing the channel as a way to change from one clip to the next. It was you know in a way like Robot Chicken but only more terrible. It sucked but I liked the idea and always wanted to do it again only better.

I would like to do a small, sci-fi short that I did story boards for but never shot anything other than some test footage. I am going to use models because I can't animate or draw to save my life and models are not particularly difficult considering model trains is one of my hobbies. So I will be making it a combination of models and live action, the live action stuff will come latter once I get money for props, costumes, and can build some sets. Anyways in the process of building models I decided to experiment with some other stuff, been watching a lot of behind the scenes making of DVD's lately and getting ideas.

What I am curious is if something like this would be interesting to watch, behind the scenes clips of a movie that never gets made, or a series of random movies that is? I am sure something has been done before probably on Youtube I don't know but I also want to tackle a documentary at the same time so that is where I got the idea.

General Gaming / PSN vs eShop
« on: May 14, 2014, 05:27:42 PM »
Ok the topic is broader than Rayman but that is where I will start. Recently I have been in a slump so I began trying to get some more use out of my PS3 than just watching endless hours of Netflix. So I began downloading a ton of old PS 1 classics and some PS2 games I missed out on being a GameCube supporter back in those days.

So as I browse around the PSN store I stumble across a game I remembered wanting but never getting into Rayman. So on an impulse I buy it and Crash Bandicoot in the same binge. I would say half of my Ps3 library is made up of HD collections/Remakes from the PS2 which is one reason why I wish Nintendo would do a few more of those. Then I realize as I am playing these games, Gex was another I grabbed recently although that one I had before on Saturn so I knew what to expect.

 I have two questions, upon playing Rayman I am starting to really like it and I know there is a new one, Rayman Legends or sometime, just curious if that is available on PS3 or is it just the new stuff like Wii U and Ps4? Second are there more games like this on eShop? or specifically is there a place to browse the games on Eshop? I am curious because I hear how lame Virtual Console is for Wii U and honestly unless there are game Cube games on there I am not interested anyways I had all the games I wanted on VC on Wii. Everything else I now have on PSN and am enjoying that. Also what is that new Rayman game like on Wii U is it any good compared to the first one?

Although I hate the interface I am finding that PSN has a ton of games I am interested in, most are under the Classics and the bundles/collections but I am also finding a few indie titles I am curious about. Up till now I got most of my indies on Steam so my other question is how does eShop compare to PSN and Steam for titles and selection? I know there aren't likely to be many PS1 games but are there Arcade games on Wii U? I have the Duck Tales Remastered and am thinking of getting Castle of Illusion and the D&D Arcade games two pack and I have SSF2T HD also. Are any of those on Wii U either? I ask because I am contemplating getting one eventually, maybe when Mario Kart releases to get in on that Bundle Deal, but I am curious what the digital library is like because if I invest in a Wii U it has to be justified so I want to know if the digital games I want to get are on Wii U so I can decide to hold off for a while or just get them now on PS3. I am already interested in NES Remix 1 and 2 but there has to be more than just those two games.

I am somewhat aware of the games released on disc, the few that I know about that I might like are the three Mario Bros. games, DKC:TP, maybe W101, and that new Sonic game and the new Pac-Man game because I always enjoy those Pac-Man world games. But I know there are few games in stores especially around here so I am hoping the digital shop is better I am not expecting to be have everything PSN does, but does it compare? Does it at least get some of the 3rd party stuff that the retail stores don't? And aside frim Wikipedia is there a reliable, easy to read list of games for the system that isn't a mess like Nintendo's site?
Last question, any news on if or when AVGN Adventures will be on PSN/E Shop? I have it on Steam already but I would gladly buy it again for either console if it is improved at all, or just to play it properly with a controller that is fully supported as the Windows version is a mess in that regards.

sorry post is a mess was typing with one hand.

General Chat / dropping out of school perhaps
« on: April 27, 2014, 05:02:08 PM »
A little back ground. For the last three years I was attending a certain four year university, then round November some stuff happened and I was kicked out of school. When I began I was studying broadcasting because I am into media production, when I ended I was doing Advertising and Public Relations with a Marketing Minor. I switched because the school split the broadcasting degree into two, Journalism and Ad/PR, I chose the ad PR because I hated my news writing class. Not sure what to do after getting kicked out of school and my campus apartment which effectively left me homeless, I enrolled in the local community college to keep going but I was stuck, the campus I was at did not offer the media degree only the campus over an hour away, so I enrolled in their online business course instead, Business Administration with a Management emphasis, their other choice was just Accounting. But I don't want to go into corporate suit and tie sit in an office world I wanted to get into video production. Now after a full semester closing down I am at a crossroads.

In order to keep going I have to either forfeit my four year degree and settle for a 2 year business degree, depressing notion. OR I have to try to transfer to another four year school, since none are close by that either means moving again, or taking online courses. I am OK with online courses for some stuff but not video production that needs to be hands on, I did an online film class and an on campus cinematography class, both were fun but I got way more out of the on campus one than the online one. I found a school in state that offers courses online but it is very expensive and due to my suspension from the other school there is a high chance I won't get in.

So I am thinking I might as well just drop out and regroup latter instead of continuing down a path that will not take me to where I want to go. I have three years at the four year school so I have plenty of credits to transfer so if I decide to finish up latter I am sure I can do that, if the credits will transfer. The thing is I just had to get back on my feet and in order to do that required me to take a full time job, I was getting by before living on campus and making do with nothing but now that I have to support myself that isn't an option. Because I am 31 I don't qualify for a lot of the assistance others might but I do get some financial aid and such but again because of the suspension and change in income, now that I have a full time job, things have changed.

I am in the process of starting up my own sort of freelance video production company, well sort of, and I am hoping with money from work I can spend the summer trying to get my business going, got the website started and will be doing the social media thing soon. But right now I am in a real bind where I am working for a parts store, I know literally jack about cars so I am having to learn a lot to keep my job, which requires I get ASE certified within two years anyways which again is a distraction I can't have going to school full time and trying to start a business too.

I will not give up on the business I need to do something and I have everything I need just trying to get the legal and business stuff sorted out so I can get it going, but I also can't lose my job, the hours are pretty good so I can work around my schedule but throw 12 credits of full time, fully online classes on top and I am stressed to the max and I am about to burst. I had a panic attack/nervous breakdown early in the year sold all my possessions loaded my van and headed to LA, made it all the way to Hollywood before realizing it was about the dumbest thing I ever did. I can't afford another break down and the stress building up is what got me kicked out of school in the first place so I need to get that dealt with.

Any advice, opinions, thoughts, kind words, just want to tell me to suck it up? Family is well you know family they all have their own plan for my life which apparently doesn't require consulting me anyways.

General Gaming / They found E.T
« on: April 27, 2014, 10:36:43 AM »

I know not very exciting for most people but I think it is very exciting that they actually solidified decades old myths about an obscure game nobody played. Not that it matters but I actually liked this game as a kid, until I played better games that is which is strange because I actually didn't care for the movie much.

General Chat / Do you ever get out of the loop?
« on: April 12, 2014, 10:32:17 PM »
I don't watch the news much anymore, ever since the boston marathon thing I kind of realized there just wasn't a point to it anymore, when I first went back to school my major was originally Broadcasting and then I lost interest due to how depressing it is constantly. I don't follow the news much or stay up to date on current events I go to work, I study do my school work and spend my free time watching movies, playing video games, etc. So every once in a while I will hear about something that makes me shake my head and re-affirm my avoidance of the mainstream news outlets. But then something happens like this:

I was watching the newest AVGN and James and Mike plays videos on Youtube, I know they have become stale and boring but I keep watching anyways while I wait for the movie. Anyways along the side I see a video for Nostalgia Critic. Now I used to love that guy, his website, his whole crew, but I thought I watched a video suggesting he was retired or done or shutting down the character or something so I stopped watching and moved on. I didn't even bother to check the website I just assume okay his show was going downhill anyways so maybe he just ran out of material. Long story short I click on the video as it caught my attention, Top 11 things you never noticed about Ghostbusters and I go in expecting something cool. Instead I get a slap in the face with a dose of reality that shattered my world. He starts it off by telling me Harold Ramis died and I was in shock, then to make it worse he died more than a month ago and somehow I didn't even hear about it. This reminded me of the time when Nate Dogg died I heard about it like months latter and was so shocked at how did it go by without somebody I knew mentioning it. Well the Ghostbusters thing was depressing because I was still holding onto some baseless hope that there might someday be a Ghostbusters 3. Anyways has that ever happened to you, you take a break from "world events" or the "mainstream media" and then you find out about a major news event that you think someone would have told you about?

Nintendo Gaming / Nintendo systems old and new
« on: April 04, 2014, 05:14:47 PM »
What got you into Nintendo gaming, what are your best/worst Nintendo moments, memories, and favorite, least favorite games?

I am genuinely curios because lately it seems like most Nintendo fans are just fans of the company and have either forgotten what they used to like or what got them into Nintendo in the first place. I am guilty of this, the Wii had so much potential and then I lost interest because it wasn't more like the Game Cube and then Wii U has me kind of not caring at all. I should be hyped I stood in line in the cold winter to get a Wii, I got a paper route and saved all my money to get an N64 and I sold my drum set that I had been dreaming of starting a rock band to get an SNES so once upon a time I would bend over backwards to buy the latest Nintendo console.

I will share mine first and others feel free to chime in or ignore it if you want. What got me into Nintendo gaming was Donkey Kong. I played it in the arcade, and on the VCS. I also loved Popeye and Mario Bros, similar gameplay. I got an NES one special Christmas and was hooked, I loved every minute of it, the dark times, the endless glitches and blinking aside I couldn't wait to get home from school to play some more Super Mario, Duck Tales, or Mega Man. I rented more games than I owned back then. I got a Sega Genesis for my 12th birthday and like most people it just made me hungry for more Nintendo. I kept it for a while but once I got into Super Mario World, Mario RPG, DKC, that was it, Sonic was dead to me.

I got an N64 day one, loved it played it to death, got all the big titles, Turok, Mario 64, Smash Bros, Mario Party, Banjo, MK4, MKT, DK64, Kirby, and many others. I traded in my aging Genesis and a used Saturn I grew tired of never finding affordable games for and picked up a Game Cube with the Zelda Collector's disk bundled in and took it home plugged it in and instantly reminded how awesome Nintendo was. I loved the Game Cube, it has the first and only decent 3D Sonic game released, it had a pretty good Pac-Man world with a Vs. bonus disk, it had a unique and interesting Final Fantasy that didn't rely on emo tranny saving the world with big sword. I stood in line to get a Wii because the idea of motion controls sounded super exciting, Wii Sports was pretty good, there was Wii Play which held my interest for about a week and then motion controls became unappealing. I tried to love the Wii but somehow I lost interest. Looking back even the few Wii games I might be interested in is not enough to sell me on Wii U, as tempting as Mario 3D world and DKC TP are, I just sort of lost interest.

At first I thought I lost interest in gaming entirely until I picked up a PS3 early last year and remembered what I was missing out on. I also had a PS1 and a PS2 during their heyday so I was covered but when Wii came out I just couldn't afford the behemoth PS3 so I went all in and I think that was what soured me to Nintendo, it was the first console they made that I really felt lacked all the games I wanted. Wii U is even more lacking and as hard as I try I can't get excited for it, I should Mario 3D World and DKC look amazing, but thats not enough. But why is that when Mario 64 was enough to shell out $250+ of my hard earned paper route money? That is why I think the Wii U biggest problem is price, for the first time ever Nintendo priced their console out of the target market that usually buys their machines.

Right now even a used Wii U costs more than every single previous Nintendo console did at launch and that is including the useless Basic models that are also way over priced. It isn't just the Wii U, I struggled to pay $129 for a DS but the 3DS is too far out of my reach to care and even the cheaper 2DS as appealing as that is, is still too much for a hand held, especially ones that traditionally launch at that price and go down quickly. I would grab a 3DS in a heartbeat at $129 or lower but I can't find anything even used at that price. I won't get a Wii U until it gets down to below $250 where it should have launched and by then it needs some games too. Look at Playstation, their first was $300, their second also same price, their third double that, which one had trouble selling, and it wasn't all due to games PS3 had the games all along. PS4 is only $100 dollars more expensive and with bundles it's priced right where it should be, that is why I think Nintendo needs to drop the price ASAP. I especially think a $50 price drop days before Mario Kart 8 would be a miracle for Nintendo and might save their asses.

As far as hand helds go, this is console discussion but I will throw this out there, had a Game Boy Pocket and then a GBA, and then a DS all within a year or two of release. I would have gotten a regular game boy sooner but I was young and no money then and my parents gave me Tigers and said that was good enough.

Anyways my best Nintendo moment ever was playing Super Mario 64 for the first time, magical never forget that moment. I still go back and replay that game and as old as it is and as lame as this sounds just that game in full HD with proper graphics upgrades I would buy Wii U tomorrow.

My worst Nintendo moment was playing Wario World, probably the worst game they ever had anything to do with. I liked the Wii at first and I think if I got another one I might give it a second chance but I am torn, get a cheap Wii for next to nothing or get a Wii U and play Wii games on it?

So what are your memories and if you aren't sold yet on Wii u, or even 3DS what are your reasons and what would be the tipping point for you? Me dropping the price would get me closer, but honestly it needs more games, Hyrule Warriors has my interest and Mario Kart 8 could be a good game but other than that I think all I am interested in is Mario 3D World, DKC TP, and maybe New Super Mario/Luigi U but even that is not much. I thought I was interested in that Sonic game but I lost interest after watching videos of it on Youtube, even still that is just barely one more game.

Of course all this would be settled if the virtual console was worth a damn because that held me over on Wii for a while but even that is not enough I have Steam and PSN for indie games already.

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