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TalkBack / RE: Nintendo Drops GBA SP Price!
« on: September 01, 2004, 05:52:18 PM »
Wonder how much the regular GBA is now....

TalkBack / RE: Reggie On Nintendo's Handheld Approach
« on: August 14, 2004, 11:49:15 AM »
You know, the legal issues on porting Goldeneye probably wouldn't be that bad.  (If I'm correct...) Nintendo owns the code and EA owns the lisence...  all Nintendo would have to do is work with EA to reporgram it for the DS and 16 players... I'd think.

Nintendo Gaming / RE: Duh, it's for drawing!
« on: August 12, 2004, 09:25:33 AM »
And with the WiFi, imangine how easy it would be to trade your AC designs back and forth...

TalkBack / RE: Four More Titles for NES Classics
« on: August 12, 2004, 04:31:04 AM »
I guess this means I'm going to have to import SMB2j...  darn.

Nintendo Gaming / RE: Gaming & Touch Screen - My experiences so far
« on: August 11, 2004, 05:59:31 AM »
You know, ya don't have to live in Japan to experience some touch screen gaming goodness before the DS comes out.  Go to some pizza places, truckstops, restraunts, movie theatres and (for those 21 years or older) bars and look for something called a "MegaTouch".  These awesome little machines come in many different shapes, color and styles are, in my humble opinion, are the best things to happen to planet earth in a long time.

Mega Touch machines typically have collections of 50+ games on them, ranging from card games, word games, puzzle games, strategy games and sports games.  And while some of these game could be played with a cursor (via joystick, + pad or mouse) most games just wouldn't work or just wouldn't be as fun.

Anywhoo, I highly reccomend going out and playing one of these before making any decisions on touch screen gaming. It'll make quite the impression on you.

TalkBack / RE: Nintendo Announces Metroid Prime Bundle
« on: August 04, 2004, 03:44:11 PM »
An e-mail I got today...


From :     <>
Sent :    Wednesday, August 4, 2004 2:53 PM
To :    (me)
Subject :    You're qualified for the Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Bonus Disc!

Registration = Rewards!

You've registered your Nintendo GameCube and five games, now reap
the rewards and get the Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Bonus Disc! This
highly anticipated sequel won't be available until November, but
you can be the first to get a sneak peek as Samus ventures into
the planet Aether, a world torn between dimensions of light and darkness.

Just let us know that you want to receive this awesome reward. It's easy,
but act now because supplies are limited!  Just go to, log in and choose "Yes!"

Hurry, you don't want to miss this amazing offer!


Nintendo of America Inc.

TalkBack / RE:Round 3 of Famicom-Mini for Japan
« on: July 10, 2004, 02:19:05 AM »

Originally posted by:
Michael "TYP"

Yey to Kid Icarus and Zelda 2. Boo to Mario Advance .5 (buy SMB DX already) and Metroid: Retro Mission.

Actually, I'm excited about the prospect of SMB2jp coming here.  The version that was included in SMB DX sucked (a good 1/3rd of the game was cut out) and the SNES version had all those snazzy updated graphics... and who knows what all Nintendo edited in the SNES version for the "stupid" American audience...  The "Lost Levels" were some of the hardest things I've ever done in my time spent playing video games...  To NoA I say "Bring 'em on!"

TalkBack / RE: Advance Game Port Now Available
« on: July 03, 2004, 04:04:19 AM »
Yeah, I've heard horrible things about the version that was already released...  It's buggy and does *not* play Game Boy/Game Boy Color games...

My question is, does it play those Game Boy Video things that don't work on the Game Boy Player?  

TalkBack / RE:Dragon Ball GT Coming to GBA Video
« on: May 20, 2004, 05:50:51 PM »

Originally posted by: ruby_onix

Dont even think about the Game Boy Player, the start up screen is "Not Compatible with GBP"

That's pretty surprising. I don't see why they wouldn't work with the GBP. The GBP is a perfect GBA. Actually, I do see one reason. If it worked on a TV, it would probably interfere with somebody's "home video" distribution rights.

That means the technical term for GBA Video = "Crippleware"

This sounds plausable... I just assumed it wasn't reccomended because it'd probably look pretty crappy because of the compression and such...  I could just see an angry parent made because they thought they'd get high quality video for their kid's Game Boy Player...

TalkBack / RE: Dragon Ball GT Coming to GBA Video
« on: May 20, 2004, 05:46:57 PM »
Despite what anyone may think/tell you, the GBA Video thingee will likely sell *VERY* well...

Let's look at a similar technology - the "Video Now" player and discs HASBRO.  This player plays small discs - called "PVDs".  They are *only* in black and white (or, as HASBRO says, "16 shades of greyscale") and hold about "30 mins" (one 30 min TV show, minus commericals) of video.  They typically sell for around $8 or more (Some three packs sell for $15 and up) and have content similar to that of these GBA Videos (SpongeBob, Fairly Odd Parents, etc..)  The cheaper player (with a pretty small screen - 1.7 by 1.3 inches) runs about $50.  These PVDs can *only* play on the Video Now player and the Video Now player can *only* play these PVDs...

And while I have no real numbers, working in retail, I can say we sold a *lot* of these at Christmas time - players and videos.

Now, compare the player to the GBA - the GBA can play these videos, a large selection of games, MP3s (with the MP3 player), all in color and on a screen that's more than twice the size of the Video Now player.  The low end GBA does cost around $30 more, but I can't really see why *any* parent in their right mind would pick the Video Now player over the GBA (unless they really dislike video games - in which case, these parents probably wouldn't be buying this kind of stuff anyway.)  Plus, when HASBRO stops supporting the Video Now, it'll be pretty useless, since there will be no more videos coming out for it.  The GBA, however, will have plenty of use when Majesto stops making these GBA Videos.  *PLUS* how many kiddies already have a GBA vs those who have a Video Now player?

Now compare the "PVDs" to the GBA Videos.  PVDs currently hold a bit more content for the price (a 3-Disc pack of Sponge Bob has 6 episodes for about $15 or more) than the GBA Video (4 episodes for about $20), however the GBA video is in color (and later will hold more video).  Also, the PVDs are discs and suffer the same fate as many discs do around small children - espically those on the go...  where as GBA Carts can get ran over by a mag truck and probably still work.

Trust me...  These will sell well.

Which is great for the Nintendo market - who cares where they get the money from as long as they get it.

I kinda want to see what these look like on the Game Boy Player though...

Does anyone have (or know where I could find) a transcript of this years E3 press conference?

There's discussion that Reggie supposedly stated that Nintendo was aiming for a $150 price on the DS - however I don't recall *anything* being said about $150 (or any other particular price) for the DS...  The transcript would help.

Thanks in advance!

TalkBack / RE: No Jirachi Bonus Disc For Australians...
« on: April 15, 2004, 06:28:53 AM »
Now I'm stuck wondering how to get just the Jirachi card for my e-Reader collection here stateside... (hint, hint...

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