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Re: Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet
« Reply #25 on: January 15, 2023, 10:06:27 AM »
Ehhh. I think it would be a bit strange to tease those combined legendaries and then say “you won’t actually get these.” But also, if there was any Pokémon capable time travel, it would have been Dialga or Arceus, and we already got that story in Arceus. I think it would be much more exciting if the entirety of Scarlet and Violet was getting to the bottom of the Time Machine narrative, and uncovering the truth. It doesn’t really make sense that a Pokémon should both enable time travel and the Terastelize phenomenon… unless that’s related to some real-world mythological reference I’m not aware of.

But… that’s just me.

I think Paldea’s strongest feature are its caves, honestly, so getting a substantial expansion into the depths of Area Zero could offer more of that great design. But again, that might be my personal preference, and while I understand why a new area/island is appealing, I’m not sure if we should always anticipate that sort of “departure” from the main game’s content. Call it a hunch.
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