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I have a task for all you Nintendo GameCube owners out there. The time has come for major developers to start supporting Progressive Scan on ALL, not most, ALL GameCube games. Progressive Scan is easy to implement on GameCube (with a few rare exceptions) and there should be no excuse for omitting this. Pretty much 99% of all Xbox games support the Progressive Scan, it's time for GameCube to have the same support!

So here is what you need to do. You need to email all the major game publishers and tell them you want them to support the Progressive Scan on GC. Also sign my petition!


Ars Technica thread on this issue
Sign the petition! NOW!

Here's a list of the biggest game publishers:

Electronic Arts
Vivendi Universal
Ubi Soft

Hi there, I joined this forum just to ask this question. If this thread is in the wrong category, I apologize.

My question is just as the thread title states. Has anyone bought anything from the website They seem to be a company called "A.I. Trading" and they claim to have been in business 10 years or something. I'm thinking about ordering their GC VGA cable and I wonder if anyone has bought this, or other things, before from this company? Thanks.  

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