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Eternal Darkness Review
« on: August 14, 2003, 06:41:40 PM »
Eternal Darkness is one of the best single player games on GameCube. The superbly written story, smooth controls, the atmosphere, and sanity effects push it above most horror games. Only minor flaws detract from it.

The game starts off with Alexandra Roivas traveling to her grandfather's mansion because he has been murdered. She decides to investigate the death herself. Soon enough, she finds the Tome of Eternal Darkness and starts reading it. The story seems almost standard at first, but it soon turns into something more. It's clear H.P. Lovecraft influenced the story, because it is about humans finding a terror they thought couldn't exist, but to their terror, it really is happening. The Tome works as a way to tie many character's story together. You will play as many characters in different times, such as a Roman Centurion, a war photographer, and a firefighter.

Each of the characters will have to fight terrible fiends, so it's great that the targeting system is fantastic. You hold R to target an enemy and you can target body parts. It's fun just to cut  heads off zombies. They can't find you, so they may attack other zombies in their effort to find you. The game's moving controls are just as good. People who have trouble with Resident Evil's control scheme will like the controls. The camera never leaves you in the lurch and it is truly analog. It controls more like Zelda than Resident Evil.

The levels don't dissapoint either. You will play in a cathedral, a Cambodian temple, in the Roivas mansion, and in a Middle Eastern Crypt. There is another level, but I won't reveal what it is because it is a spoiler. Since you play in the levels during different times, the levels are different in the future and in the past. The levels are beautiful and smooth. Torches illuminate them as do weapon firings. I especially like the volumetric fog, which is impressive. The enemies of the levels are great. There are zombies and much more. Animation is smooth and slowdown is virtually absent because it only occurs rarely and never disrupts the game.

Eternal Darkness has a landmark feature:the sanity system. When a monster discovers you, your Sanity Meter will lower. As it gets lower, the game will play tricks on you, so what seems real may not be. I also will not name any of the effects, because they shouldn't be spoiled.

The audio end of Eternal Darkness is good. You can easily hear monsters and the soundtrack is great. The voice acting is extremely good, and the in-game cinemas are actually fun to watch.

The only problem with Eternal Darkness is that in a certain level, there is a lot of backtracking to do the same thing over and over. You play the level twice, too.

Hardcore horror fans may pass on this game, as it is cerebral. But don't miss it!

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RE:Eternal Darkness Review
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2003, 05:34:16 PM »
it did kikazz.
only gripes i really have with it are wading through the underworld city twice and the length - i wanted more!!!  nah, it was a great game, i'm really keen on seeing a sequel - as long as the story is as good, though we'll likely see a tv series or film made before then (the rights have been sold!) - arg.  i hope they don't bollocks it up.
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