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Looks like Ja Morant could miss more than the 2 announced games for the Grizz....

Between the SUV training lasers at Pacers staff in Indiana, the threatening of a 17yr old with a gun after a pick up game, bringing the posse to threaten a Finish line employee and Mall cop because his mom called, and now flashing his piece in a strip club on IG Live while on tour with the team in a different state... rumor has that it could be (but mostly likely won't be anywhere near) up to 50 games suspension.

the only way a lengthy suspension is likely to happen though, is if it turns out it was his personal piece, that he brought on to the team plane/facilities and cross state lines with.

But chances are he's gonna miss more than than yesterday vs the Clips, and tomorrow vs the Lakers. Probably also gonna miss Thurs vs the Warriors and probably Sat vs the Mavs as well. But I guess we'll see.

Not to downplay Ja's own self inflicted troubles.... and I hope he gets the help he needs, but all 4 teams this week need that win against the Grizz, who are also missing Adams, and another player that just suffered an ACL tear.

Grizz are likely to slip into the 3rd or possibly even 4th seed before Ja is back.
leaving the Kings in the 2nd seed!!!! (who saw this coming or even as a possibility!?)

We need to win both, sorry.

Lakers with no Bron and a sad AD, vs Warriors with possible return of The Chef... Not sure what's on the menu that night, but i hope to be served up something good.

Warriors pulled a Warriors tonight.....

down 11 at the half, couldn't hit a shot their lives.
Kerr says or does whatever he does in the locker at the half
41-16 Warrior run in the 3rd

This was despite the multiple questionable calls made by the refs, such as where Kawhi slaps the ball out of bounds, and the refs call it Clipper ball. Kerr almost challenged it.
The flurry of fouls on a single play leading to a collision between Dray and PG13 that was STILL a no-call that just lit the Warriors fuse.

But I do have to give a shout out to Ty Lue for the beautiful challenge call in a situation i've never seen before and was ready to laugh at.

Kawhi elbows DiVincenzo in the mouth, lengthy over the commercial break review to call it a Common Foul and 2 Free Throws for D, then the challenge happens,
Here I am wondering who in their right mind would challenge that after that 5 minute review, and turns out to be successful in not just reversing the call, but flipping back onto DiVincenzo as a foul before the elbow giving Kawhi 2 free instead. ::standing ovation::

Well played Ty, well played.

But we ultimately kicked they ass, because it was literally 4 on 5 with no respect shown to Westbrook whatsoever. It was REALLY embarrassing. Literally daring WB to shoot ANYTHING at all. Dray didn't get within 15 ft of him if he wasn't coming into the paint. All the open shots he want to take, and of course he missed them all.

Hopefully this 2nd half Warriors is the Warriors we continue to see now that the "Playoff" switch has been pushed.

But we have yet another back 2 back tomorrow, and apparently one more this season after this.
That's quite ridiculous.

Just got out of Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania

First thought when watching this.... What if Marvel made a Star Wars movie, but in the Marvel Quantumverse....
and that thought stuck with me the entire movie.

Movie is entertaining for sure, but kinda suffers from the same thing every Ant-Man movie does... and that is just  something that keeps you from being all the way engrossed in it.
I don't really know how to describe it, but I feel like you know exactly what I'm talking about.

As for MODOK.... LOL
what can I say. You've seen the leaked photos. It's just as bad as you know it to be, but in live action.
It what happens when keep it True to the Comics kinda goes wrong.... in a "good" way I guess, because it was pretty funny, but so got damn silly. His assembly scene was hilarious, but the character in whole was just kinda fucking absurd comic relief. I can't believe he got as much screen time as he did looking like he did.
It kinda sucks to see him die, but I really can't imagine him moving into another movie series and the director being forced to use him, and not just walk off the fucking set throwing the clip board in the air :D

Kang was good. what their doing with Kang... well, that looks interesting.
Plays right into Loki season 1 ending.

Also there are 2 end scenes. so stick around after the black and white credits.

Maybe in a few years time, it'll get leaked to the Internet, and then we can all clown on it for being even worse that we imagined.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Official Sales Thread
« on: February 13, 2023, 12:31:08 PM »
What is pushing PS5 sales so high the last 2 weeks?
I don't see any games in the top 10.... So is there anticipation for something coming?

According to Gunn's other partner in charge, Batgirl was really bad and unsalvageable.

I say walk away from what they may have spared us from, and embrace the DCU reset that will be The Flash.
It actually looks..... Good.
And I'm really surprised to say that.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3

I'm sure this will be fun as usual. A farewell tour for this group (as a group at least) and James Gunn as well.

Looks like The Flash is finally coming out. June 16th

It's really not looking as bad as I was thinking. Actually looks like it might actually be really good...

I saw a tweet mentioning that Westbrook didn't hug LeBron after he broke the scoring record. Which, I mean, can you blame him?

I saw a video of AD sitting on the bench, and uninterested in Lebron breaking the record.
But AD really didn't seem into the game at all.

But Trade Deadline was interesting.

Kyrie to Mavs
KD to Suns
WB to the Jazz.... likely to be bought out and then to the Clips or the Heat
John Wall back to the Rockets....
Warriors finally dump Wiseman, and turn that into getting GPII back
DLo to the Lakers
Beverly to.... the Magic?
Conley to the Timberwolves
Mo Bamba to the Lakers....

That's all I can remember off the top of my head.

I'm glad the Warriors finally got rid of the 2nd or 3rd year Wiseman who still couldn't figure out how to play with the team. He really needed to go to a non-contender and find his game or run out his contract. Dubs don't have the cushion to coach him on court, since we still fighting to pull everything else together just to make the playoffs.

Oh and the best story I heard, was that the Heat were ready to deal Lowry to the Clippers, but the Heat Front Office couldn't get ahold of Pat Riley in time to finalize the details before the deadline..... because Pat Riley is old and was taking a nap.

They supposedly backtracked on that 31 day BLOCK thing. That's pretty stupid.

If they just do a 2FA thing every 31 days for a device that never touches the home network, (and you should've have to log into Netflix from your phone from home, because why would I do that when I have unlimited data at 5G connection speeds at my house... and all my TV's are already connected to Netflix) then I think that will suffice and maybe even be enough of a deterrent in most cases to get some people to just pony up the cash and get a sub of their own.

True, but the it's very likely had they called that foul (like they should have), Lebron would've made attleast 1 of the 2 freethrows and the game would've been over. Then that Pat Bev moment would've never needed to happen.

Just like the one in the 76er game against WB where Embiid was literally holding WB's wrist for a solid second or two.

and the other 2 games where the same exact thing happened.

Holy **** at this Warriors game tonight..... I just .... can't.

of all the things that went wrong, they literally stall in the last 5 seconds to give the Warriors an opportunity to challange that foul on Klay's pass, which was called a foul on Looney who didn't even touch anyone (it was Klay being hit trying to pass to Looney)... Game was tied, Warriors in the bonus...

If Kerr had called the challenge and won (he would've, they showed the replay), Klay would've had 2 Free Throws to put the Warriors in the lead with under 5 seconds in regulation. Then we don't need to watch the Ice Cold Dubs Show continue to **** the bed in the 4th and OT.
What a disaster.... and now the Dubs fall from 5th to 8th in one loss.

So many things led to the loss tonight, but the above mentioned could've bailed them out of this one, and not put as much pressure on having to play the Nugz tomorrow.

General Chat / Re: ThePerm's Accounts 20th Birthday
« on: February 01, 2023, 09:24:11 PM »
Who would've ever thought the group of us would ever still (irregularly) frequent this place for 20 years....

Few things in my life have lasted 20 years, so congrats on lasting that long!!

and that's from each device and from your "Home Server", otherwise you will be "Blocked" and have to call Netflix to unblock the device..

Seems a bit much to me.

you can also get a 7 day log in code for unowned devices... like Hotel/AirBNB Smart TV's.

But there are devices I may not log into every month just to watch Netflix....
Now if those devices at home that you haven't used, attempt to log in after 31 days, and it's on the home network (and it knows what kind of device it is), then it should renew your timer.

As for other devices, it shouldn't "block" you, but log you out, and require 2-step authentication to log back in.

I feel that has to be less inconvenient for an account holder than to have to "Call Netflix" to access my account from my device.

They should have enough data, such as the type of device, and where it usually and last logged on from to know if it's an account sharing device
- i.e. it only logs on to the home network once every 31 days, and it always on a different network every other time.

Anyone watch that Lakers Celtics game?

has there been a worse referre'd 4th quarter specifically so far this season?
Calling fouls that didn't happen... both ways, missing obvious fouls that the Ref was literally staring at from several feel away (Lebron Layup end of Regulation), stupid flagrants....
This 4th quarter was just fucking awful, and despite all that, the Lakers should've won in regulation.... but apparently, just as when Embiid help WB's wrist a few weeks ago, apparently Tatum didn't slap Lebron's arm down on that layup to end the game.

Lakers gave up in OT.... AD not getting back on D and just watching Brown run past him... that's when I knew it was over... even though there was still about 2.5m left in the game. and then WB with the block by the rim....smfh. comical, especially since Lebron was open in the corner right in front of him.

I feel Lebron's frustration.



Lakers got the job done. Can't say the same for my Dubs....
Wiggins is still not back to form, Klay was back to forcing shots when others stand around him open.... Poole losing the ball at the end of the game has become something to expect at this point.
This was Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory game. Not like the Blazers blowing a huge lead, but the Warriors failing to get a huge lead in the first place, when it was very possible.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Official Sales Thread
« on: January 18, 2023, 02:48:11 PM »
I went all in and said ten or more. There’s really nothing coming from the competition that would dethrone it more than 42 weeks out of 52 in the year.

No money on the line.... I'm all in too!!!

According to the article, this had a lot to do with it:
As we’ve previously reported, now that the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, as well as 2021’s 100th anniversary of the Party, are out of the way, we hear there’s less fear within the government agencies. This was a big issue: No one wanted to make decisions or be seen as doing anything wrong at a time of geopolitical uncertainty and uncertainty within China. The Marvel issue seemed to stem from cultural and political sensitivities.

Which is why I was wondering if Disney, especially now that Iger is back in charge and negotiated the unbanning, would go back and make little "edits" to rake in an additional $100M-$200M Box Office on some of these movies that they could release.

BP2 crossing into the $1B territory is a good headline, and for status.
Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man getting some additional BO is always a plus.
Eternals getting any new money would be helpful

but since you mentioned it... Shang Chi is probably not getting that release, although I think it would've done really well there.

and then there is always this issue which could be why Iger might push to get those movies released to make that extra money.

this is a fight between Iger and his apparent nemesis in Perlmutter and a hedge fund manager he sent to disrupt Iger and Disney (presumably since removed from Marvel Studios business....)
Aside from the succession problem, for example, it’s stating the obvious to say that streaming costs have to be reined in. But Iger also has some cards to play, aside from his reputation as one of the best executives in business. He’s already moved to respond to the sense that Disney (under ousted CEO Bob Chapek) was price-gouging at the theme parks. Avatar: The Way of Water is still rolling — just the kind of megahit that can drive many aspects of Disney business and there are more sequels ahead. And China just agreed to give valuable release dates for Marvel movies generally. (Not only are we extremely unlikely to see any Chinese villains but presumably the talent will be well-schooled to watch their words.)

Iger looking to maximize profits after Chapek was soiling that Disney park reputation. Pushing the missing Marvel movies into the Chinese Cinema seems like an easy win for both sides.

Looks like Black Panther 2 and Ant-Man 3 gonna get that China release!!!

But what I wonder, is do they speed run the other missed movies through the Chinese theaters as well?

MCU Movies missed by China so far:
Black Widow, Shang-Chi, Eternals, Spider-Man NWH, Doctor Strange MOM, Black Panther WF

This could push BP2 over the $1B mark, as that's still relatively new.
Not sure how a theater run in China might help the rest of the movies, as they've all been out for quite a while now and likely been pirated to death, assuming there was no official DVD/Streaming release dubbed in local languages.

Movies & TV / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: January 17, 2023, 12:49:35 AM »

I really enjoyed this movie. I'm sure the trailer described it enough, but this was pretty enjoyable from beginning to end. A sort of "Scifi Horror/Thriller" that flirts on the edge of "is that possible" in the not so distant future.
I could see this having a future of sequels.... at least 1.... MEG4N

Basic story is about an animatronic doll with the ability to learn, takes instructions too personal.
This doll with it's almost lifelike "uncanny valley" appearance, is just so creepy.... Like if Anabelle had an Alexa inside it that learned to hold a conversation. How the creator didn't see the issue until it was pointed out, wasn't that surprising, as being a parent changes perspective on things.
The issue was very apparent to me right away, but there wasn't really any stupid people tropes taking you out of this one.
....or maybe I was just enjoying it too much to notice.

***Potential HEAVY Spoiler***
If I had to summarize this movie after having seen the entire thing.... I would say it's as if Ultron had possessed a child sized Chucky doll, and then decided that it deserved more than to be thought of as a machine.

Seeing how it ended though, I really expect there to be at least 1 sequel. And tbh, I'm looking forward to it.

Verdict: Highly Recommended

Edit: And the sequel was announced!! M3GAN 2.0 - Jan 2025

There's plenty of season to tank left. I'm sure the Thunder will be fine 😉

I'm glad I was wrong about it too.

Now if I can just be wrong about Jordan Poole.... we can have a decent squad at home and on the road. The last 3 loses were all unfortunate, and we realistically could have and should have won them all.

Movies & TV / Re: Rate the last TV show you've seen
« on: January 13, 2023, 03:47:21 AM »
The OA

I'm really not sure how to explain this show without myself sounding crazy, but I got absolutely caught up in this wild tale of a show.

Psychological Sci Fi Thriller is probably the best way to drop some descriptors on there.
It has to do with the main character and her recollection of her supposed past and her supposed NDE or Near Death Experience, and why she was missing for 7 years, and left blind but can now see.
Most think she is crazy and needs help, some think she is fascinating and want to know more.

Full Disclosure.... this show was supposed to go 5 seasons according to the creator, but Netflix cut it short after 2 great seasons. and TBH. the ending of S2 teasing S3 looked like it was setting up another wild season full of who knows what. I do not regret getting invested, because it was a good ride, even if I don't get to see how it ultimately ends.

If you looking for a spoiler to tell you what is really going on in this show...  and I suggest you go in knowing no more than what was said above.....
**SPOILER**The closest comparison I can come up with is group Quantum Leap meets the Spiritual Matrix

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