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TalkBack / Re: Nintendo Direct To Air June 18 At 10 AM Eastern
« on: Yesterday at 09:25:49 PM »
If Metroid Prime 4 is still coming to the Switch this will finally be the moment it's revealed.  With how long that games been in development, it's either a final Switch going out with a bang title, or a killer app buy our new system after launch title.  So tomorrow will finally tell us what it's going to be.

So far, the only Mega Man games I've played and completed/finished are Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge and Mega Man II both for GB. Probably a weird place to start, especially for the date of 2023, but I found myself warming up to and enjoying the games as I working things out and get better at it on the first game (although I followed a poor path for the order of bosses to face based on what I thought the weaknesses of each would be by their names), plus ample use of save states helped keep things moving. That said, I wasn't a big fan of the face four bosses in row that occurs late in Mega Man II after you beat the initial 4 bosses and that trend seems to get continued in these other games.

The 4th and 5th games are by far the best of the GB Megaman titles.  They're a massive step up in quality compared to the first 3 games.  Now I do like the 3rd game, but it does have some rather BS level design at times that aren't the most fun.  The 4th and 5th game really nail the level design if you ask me, and have some of my favorite levels in the entire classic series, right up there with the best of the NES and later Classic titles.

TalkBack / Re: Lego Horizon Adventures Coming To Switch Holiday 2024
« on: June 09, 2024, 03:18:17 PM »
It's just incredible too see the turn around from 10 years ago when Wii U was bombing and gaming articles were making a big thing about phones dominating the portable gaming scene using the 3DS selling slower than the DS as proof that handheld consoles with going to be obsolete.

It just goes to once again show the bubble that many in the gaming media and message boards live in.  Mario Kart, Pokemon, Animal Crossing and both Mario Platformers were 10 million plus sellers on the 3DS.  The rest of the industry has companies spending hundreds of millions of dollars just to have 1 or 2 games that can get those types of numbers, meanwhile the 3DS had 9 games sell around that or over.

It's like Nintendo's in danger of being obsolete, even though they have literally some of the best selling games in the entire industry?  It's like seriously, people don't pay attention to the actual data.  Just like how when discussion the Switch successor many online worry it won't be backwards compatible, when there's not a single reason to worry when every other Nintendo system over the last 20 years had it, and the only reason the Switch didn't is because the system was a total reboot, combining both the handheld and home console division, something the Switch successor won't have to worry about.

It's always funny how so many in the gaming media and message boards act like Nintendo is this mysterious company that we can't predict what they might do and apparently is in danger of going bankrupt at any moment.  When in reality, Nintendo has been a pretty easy to predict company that's literally the most finically stable in the entire industry.

That's kind of the ultimate irony that many of the decisions Nintendo has made the last 20 years that gamers complain about and use these reason as to why Nintendo was destined to go third party, are why Nintendo has managed to stay so profitable, while Microsoft and Sony's decision to please these same people with the highest graphics possible, are having to go more and more third party to keep doing that.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Boredom and Nintendo
« on: May 08, 2024, 11:02:55 AM »
You have to figure Prime 4 is Switch 2-bound at this point.

I still think it's about 50/50.  It depends on how much progress Retro made on the game before Nintendo started getting serious on Switch 2 development.  I mean, something like Fire Emblem Engage was literally done around a year before release but Nintendo intentionally sat on the game because they wanted to get the 3 Houses Warriors game out first before starting a new mainline installment.  Plus Tears of the Kingdom was done in 2022, but they spend the next year just bug testing to make sure everything worked right.

So if Retro managed to have this game mostly done by last year, then I could see Nintendo sitting on it to release in the second half of this year once they realized the Switch successor wouldn't be out in 2024.  Otherwise if there was any major delays, then I expect it was moved to the Switch Successor as soon as it's dev kits became available.

f the New Super Switch 2 U is 100% b/c with Switch, unless there is a significant price difference, I could see a lot of folks just buying the newer system.

This is where the Switch Lite will play a major role.  The Switch Successor will probably cost $350 at the very least, so people that want the hybrid model the difference in price might not be as great, but for people wanting to buy the cheaper handheld only model for kids, that will be a big difference.  Especially since it's doubtful the Switch Successor will have a handheld only lite model until at least a year after launch.

Plus if Nintendo cuts the price of the regular Switch and Switch Lite either later this year or next year, and the Switch Lite is price at around $150, that right there will guarantee a few million Switch sales after the successor is released. 

Nintendo doesn't have a stellar track record of first party support once the new system launches

We already know a sequel to Pokemon Legends is coming out next year.  Plus I expect the next mainline Pokemon game will still come out next Holiday as well for the Switch, similar to how Black and White came out for the DS after the 3DS was released.  Yeah in Japan Black and White came out before the 3DS but even there Black and White 2 come out over 1.5 year after the 3DS was released.  That was still a huge release for the original DS to have well after the 3DS .  I still expect several more remasters and remakes to hit the Switch in the next 2 years, since they'll be a cheaper way to still sell games to the Switch massive user base.  So I imagine the Switch post successor support will at least be similar to the DS and 3DS post successor lineup.

So if the DS could sell 7 million after its successor and the 3DS over 13 million, I don't see how the Switch doesn't at least do something between that range.  Unless they just stop making units next year which I find hard to believe when they still made 13 million more 3DS after the Switch was released and the 3DS was performing way worse toward the end of its life then the Switch is right now.

"160 million". 🤣

Hey I'm just taking Jim Ryan at his word, even though Sony's own reports have the PS2 at 155 million.  Either way the Switch will still surpass either number by the time it stops selling.  I already said the Wii still sold an extra 2 million after the Wii U came out and that was a system with no support at the end of its life.  The DS managed to sell over 7 million more systems after the 3DS came out and the 3DS sold an extra 13 million after the Switch came out. 

Unless Nintendo outright stops making Switch hardware next year, it's pretty much guaranteed to surpass the PS2 in the next 2-3 years.

Interesting that they would just casually mention this in a shareholder's meeting.  This pretty much means a 2025 Switch 2.  I'm both excited and nervous.  With the Switch Nintendo finally had good third party support again for the first time in 20 years.  But do they know why?

Well yeah, they actually designed the system with third party support in mind.  It's been well documented the Switch hardware was designed to be scalable with all the major game engines at the time of release.  Nintendo was also really aggressive to build up relationships with indie developers going into the launch of the Switch.

Some even speculate one of the reasons Nintendo waited so long to start releasing NES/SNES games was to help indie devs who specialize in retro style games build up a good audience early on, and didn't want there own retro games taking attention from the Indies.

So yeah the Switch good third party support is a direct result of Nintendo designing a system that was at the time easier to design for and went out of their way to build relationships with many smaller devs.

Most of us are hoping for a Switch 2 but Nintendo might double down on Labo instead or something like that.  They're very unpredictable.

Not really.  Outside of the Wii and Wii U, the rest of Nintendo systems have been natural evolutions of its predecessors.  Even the Switch itself is basically a perfection of the idea they had with the Wii U of people playing on TV then playing on the tablet if others want to watch TV.

It'll probably depend on Switch hardware sales.  If hardware sales are keep at expectation or surpass them, then they'll probably hold off until early 2025, so they can get on last big holiday season out of the Switch without the general public knowing anything about a successor.

If Switch hardware sales start to sell below exceptions, then I could see them announcing the new system later this year to please shareholders that even though the Switch is selling worse then expected, here's the new system that will turn all that around.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Boredom and Nintendo
« on: May 07, 2024, 12:07:13 PM »
Yep they always have a big Direct in June, as long as something like covid doesn't mess it up like in 2020.  And look at that, Nintendo just announced a big Direct in June this year that will show off the second half of the 2024 Switch games.

Interesting to see they forecast it to pass DS sales. It would be cool if it happens, but now that a new system is official, I think sales will drop like the end of Wii

You do realize they only need to sell over 13 million systems to surpass the DS?  The Wii still sold around 10 million units in 2011, which was the year they first announced the Wii U, and then it still sold around 4 million in 2012, the year the Wii U came out.  The Switch successor is not coming out this year and the Switch software is still selling way better then Wii software was it's second to last year, so the Switch sales for the rest of this year alone have a good chance surpassing the DS.

Plus the Wii still sold 1.22 million units in 2013, over 400k in 2014, and 100k in 2015.  That's over 2 million more Wii's sold after the Wii U came out.  With the Switch guaranteed to have better post life support then the Wii did, the Switch hardware will be guaranteed to sell a lot more then 2 million after it's successor is out.

At this point it is 100% guaranteed the Switch will surpass the DS at 154 million, and still has a good shot of surpassing the PS2 at 160 million.

TalkBack / Re: ESRB Posts Rating For
« on: May 03, 2024, 02:30:56 PM »
This has the potential to be pretty sweet depending on how many games are included, what types of challenges are in it and whatever online support they include.  Also wonder if they might get some third parties to include some of their games in this as well.

General Gaming / Re: 4th Annual NWR Four on Four
« on: April 30, 2024, 03:38:23 PM »
Well I got two more done by the end of the month, so I got 4 all together for the month after all.

Raging Blasters

Well this is an indie vertical scroll shmup, that's clearly based off of older titles from the early 90's.  Not much to say, since it was a pretty short game that doesn't really do anything different from other vertical shmup's, but it was still a fun game.  If you like shmup's, then I'd recommend it.  It's actually on the easy side of shmup's , since I was actually able to beat the hardest difficulty, which is something I'm almost never able to do in these kind of games.

I find it kind of funny how when I beat the game on Normal mode my final score got me in the 600's on the online leaderboard.  When I beat it on Hard mode by top score was in the top 200's.  Then when I beat it on Expert mode I'm rank at 48.  Goes to show that most people really don't play games on the higher difficulty settings.  Beating the game on Normal mode made my score nothing too special, but just beating it on the highest difficulty makes me one of the top 50 players in the world in that difficulties rank.

Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider

Now this game is awesome.  It's like if you combined the Shinobi games with the Mega Man X/Zero games.  If you're a fan of either of those series, this game is filled with call backs to both.  The one negative is it's kind of on the easier side and I wish it had a Hard mode like Joymasher (the developer of this games) previous titles all had.  The game took me less than 5 hours to beat and that was with finding 100% of items, so it's a pretty short titles as well.  But like I said earlier, if you're a fan of the older Shinobi games, the Mega Man X/Zero games or both, the game has more then enough stuff going on to give you a good time during those few hours.

General Gaming / Re: 4th Annual NWR Four on Four
« on: April 29, 2024, 03:03:14 PM »
Say, what are they up to now... ???

They've been publishing several games from other studio's, but haven't made a game themselves in about 5 years now.  They say there's working on a new title, but haven't announced what it is yet.  They've said the biggest problem with the first Yooka Laylee was they needed more people and more time, so the fact they been able to work on a new game for 5 years without having to resort to kickstarter again is a pretty good sign.

So yeah I can't wait to see what the next game they've been working on will be.

General Gaming / Re: 4th Annual NWR Four on Four
« on: April 28, 2024, 05:03:09 PM »
Yooka Laylee and The Impossible Lair

So I must have been really tired when I first played this years ago because this game was pretty awesome.  It's basically a new Donkey Kong Country game, except you play as a Chameleon instead of an Ape.  Even the first few levels that I said bored me to sleep, were actually pretty fun when replayed and levels kept getting better as I went on.

I am curious to hear your thoughts after you finish the final level.

For the final level, the Impossible Lair which seems to be what is controversial about this game, I liked it for the most part.  I was getting frustrated because I'd keep getting to the end of the 2nd section, with only a few bee's left, and when I saw I was only about 50% done with it, thought the remainder would be just has hard if not harder, so I get replaying the 2nd section until I could finish it with at least over half of my bee's still on me.  Eventually I was able to beat the 2nd section with 26 Bee's still left, and then I finally did the rest of it and it turns out I didn't even need anywhere close to that many because the 2nd half of the Impossible Lair was much easier then the first half.  So I found that like 90% of the Impossible Lairs challenge is in the 2nd section because it had quite a few BS area's that are almost impossible to avoid damage, while the 1st, 3rd and 4th were pretty fair.

I was disappointed that the reward for collecting all the medals in each level just unlocks a pointless 4th Tonic slot.  Collecting things like that are what would unlock the hidden levels in DKC 2 and 3.  Feels like such a downgrade to not offer some final hidden level for collecting all of them.

I’m a big Image and Form dude in general. I loved Dig 1 and 2 and I’d love to play Tower Defense in some capacity, but I think Heist was the first of their games to fully embrace all elements of game design and create something super special. I like Quest, but not as much as Heist, and I’m genuinely curious about Build but it’s a bit too rich for my blood. Wondering if Heist 2 will be priced similarly, as it does seem greatly expanded from the first game.

Yeah this is pretty much my thought on the two series.  The first Dig game was good, the second was great, but Heist was amazing.  Plus Steamworld Dig 2 came out two years after Heist came out, so it's only fair that Heist should get a sequel first.  Especially when the Metroidvania genre is much more oversaturated genre in indie gaming, so Dig fans have more to keep them happy, while Heist fans have a lot less to choose from.

For the rest of the Indie World, I'm very much looking forward to Anton Blast.  Since Nintendo hasn't done anything with the Wario Land series for over 15 years now, I love that someone finally is.  Hopefully with this game coming to Switch, this will cause the Pizza Tower devs to finally port that game to Switch as well.  Still don't get why the Pizza Tower devs aren't trying to get that game on the Switch as soon as possible because they're leaving lots of free money on the table.

Yar's Rising could be interesting since it looks like Wayforward is trying their take on Metroid Dread.  Of course Wayforward can be pretty hit and miss sometimes so I'll wait to see reviews of this one first.

Europa looks like it could be cool, but I'd like to learn more about how engaging its gameplay will be.  I mean I don't mind the fact there's no combat, but I'd like to know how challenging things like puzzles can be, or else I worry that game could get boring after a while.

Cat Quest III actually makes me want to buy the first 2 games next time I see them on sale, so the trailer did a good job of getting my attention.

BZZZT is defiantly a must buy to me.  I heard good things about it when it came to Steam and I can't control myself when I see high quality 16-bit era pixel art.

Animal Well and Another Crabs Treasure both look like something I'd enjoy as well.  I'll put both on my wishlist and buy them on sale eventually.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Boredom and Nintendo
« on: April 15, 2024, 02:24:03 PM »
LOL! This thread...

As a passionate fan of Nintendo, I wish they'd announce and release some really cool sequels for series I love like Mario, Metroid and Fire Emblem ... which I'll then be justified to pirate because they are a greedy **** company that doesn't deserve my respect!

Seriously, and some of you wonder why I get so angry at times.  If you go on some of the larger video games boards on Reddit, 4chan, Reset Era, this type of attitude is extremely common.  In terms of big publishers, Nintendo by far is the best at delivering a constant supply of games as well as updating new installments in beloved series, and yet many act like they're the worst publisher in the industry who deserves to be pirated.

I mean, the fact that we keep mentioning Metroid Prime 4 is already proof enough.  When they decided to make a new installment they originally gave it to Namco Bandai who was going to make it at their new Singapore studio.  Well when development was going terrible, they then took it back and gave it to one of their own internal studio's Retro to make, which delayed the game several years and probably untold millions to do.  Let's not forget the fact that Retro's previous 2 Donkey Kong games outsold the entire Metroid Prime series COMBINED.  They took ones of their own studio's that could have worked on a more successful IP, but had them work on one of their lower tier ones instead. 

Any other publisher would have either outright canceled Prime 4, or just had Namco Bandai finish working on the mess they were making and see if they could pull a fast one on consumers like Microsoft tried to do with Redfall around this time last year.

General Gaming / Re: 4th Annual NWR Four on Four
« on: April 11, 2024, 11:06:36 AM »
Well I've got one done so far.


I first started this game about 2.5 years ago but only played for an hour because I was falling asleep.  Well last fall I played A Hat in Time and loved that game, and then I beat New Super Lucky Tale last month and liked that as well, so I thought, maybe I should give Yooka-Laylee another chance since I've been liking these other 3D platformers recently.

Well it started out OK.  Once I unlocked all 3 moves in the first world and expanded it, I actually started having fun.  I still don't get why they thought it was a good idea to make you have to expand each world, since it just makes your first time in each world feel like a waste since exploring some parts will just lead to a dead end until the world is expanded, which kind of defeats the whole point of exploring.

Overall I enjoyed the game because of the huge variety of gameplay in it, but this was also the biggest problem.  For every section of the game I enjoyed, there was another section that was janky bullshit.  The developers really should have scaled down the size of the game, and focused more on polishing up what was in it, instead of trying to throw in as much stuff as possible, whether it was a good idea or not.

So now I'll move to the next Yooka-Laylee game, Impossible Lair which I also played 2.5 years ago but stopped because the first hour was so boring I was falling asleep.  Hopefully it picks up like this one did, but without all the unpolished garbage that this one ended up having.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Boredom and Nintendo
« on: April 11, 2024, 10:44:11 AM »
Totk has already sold over 20 million copies. The switch is heavily pirated and is about to become the best selling console of all time. But sure, piracy is definitely significant  ;D

I mean for super popular stuff like Zelda, Mario and Pokemon they can survive, but pirates don't just stop at these games.  How would you feel if Metroid Prime 4 gets pirated over 1 million times?  Even if not every single one of those pirating the game would buy it, for smaller franchises, just getting a few hundred thousand more sales can be what makes the difference between companies greenliting sequels or deciding it's not worth continuing this franchise.

Companies like Nintendo kind of have to do all they can to fight piracy to protect all kind of games on their systems.  If it was something that became easy to do that wasn't being fought against I can guarantee you Switch software sales would be taking a much bigger hit.

That's why I always laugh when some gamers act like Nintendo is the worst company in the world for going after companies like Yuzu.  I mean, Yuzu was literally encouraging people to pirate Switch games and was even making money off of said piracy.  It's like seriously, if Nintendo didn't do anything it would just be encouraging others to do the same thing and before you know it, piracy is a much bigger issue that's easier for the average person to do as well.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Boredom and Nintendo
« on: March 30, 2024, 09:23:50 AM »
I think that extra power for the GameCube might be another reason why it gets more fondly remembered for that era. 

It's the entire reason.  Most people get hung up on the fact that the Gamecube was comparable to the competitors while Nintendo has been a generation behind since.  But completely ignored Nintendo's decision to use mini Disc instead of the standard DVD's like Sony/Microsoft combined with the systems lackluster sales made many third parties completely ignore the system because it wasn't worth the hassle.

The Switch on the other hand despite being a generation behind, was designed to handle the various game engines that most developers were using, so they could scale their games to run on the Switch much easier.  So even before the Switch gained the massive sales it did, many third parties where able to have games ready for the system even if they didn't have much faith in it because it was easier to port games for it then they could back in the Gamecube era.  And then when the Switch gained the massive sales it did, we started seeing ports of some of the more popular titles from the PS4 era because the hardware once again allowed for such a thing.

This is why when I've seen comments from some Gamecube fans saying the Gamecube was the last Nintendo system to have good third party support I have to roll my eyes so hard they literally fall out of my head.  The Gamecube was still Nintendo designing hardware for their own developers without a thought to third parties.  The Switch on the other hand was the first Nintendo system actually designed with third party support in mind and as a result, has by far the best third party support in Nintendo history.

I don't mind people saying the Gamecube is their favorite Nintendo system, but I do mind when they make stuff up.  Saying the Gamecube had better third party support then the Switch is just factually incorrect, when the actual data shows the complete opposite.

Oh and Gamecube fans are complete fucking hypocrite when you praise games like Luigi's Mansion 1, Wind Waker, Paper Mario TTYD, but then turn your nose at the recently released Princess Peach Showtime.  Quite a few of these highly praised Gamecube titles were incredible easy game, and yet the same people we now praise these games, say they have no interest in the recent Princess Peach Showtime because it looks too easy.  Give me a fucking break.

Seriously, this is why I have no respect for opinions like this.  This are the very definition of peak nostalgia blinding people.  Seriously, if Princess Peach Showtime was released on the Gamecube 20 years ago, the same people who refuse to play it now because it's an easy looking game, would be praising it as a masterpiece like they do to many of these extremely easy Gamecube era games.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Boredom and Nintendo
« on: March 26, 2024, 03:14:05 PM »
You really have to look beyond Nintendo published games or you'll never be happy since it's impossible for Nintendo to constantly release certain types of games every single year. 

You mention 2018, 2020 and 2021 as dry years when in reality they were anything but.

2018 had 177 games that received positive reviews.

2020 had 149 games that received positive reviews.

2021 had 136 games with positive reviews.

We're almost to the end of March and the Switch has had 22 games with positive reviews.

Plus two of the highest reviewed games are Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown and Unicorn Overlord.  The new Prince of Persia is a Metroid style game and Unicorn Overlord is a Strategy RPG, the same genre Fire Emblem is in.  That's 2 highly reviewed games that should be appealing directly to you, but you seem to be ignoring them because they're not from Nintendo.

Seriously, this is one of the reason why I've grown distant from many of the hardcore Nintendo fans online.  The Switch has been home to an insane amount of high quality games that just get completely ignored by the kind of people said games are literally being made for.  Especially in recent years where there's suddenly been all this Gamecube nostalgia and Nintendo fans declaring the Gamecube the greatest system ever made and how the Gamecube era was the best time, when it's like, are you fucking kidding me.

The Gamecube had 187 games that received positives reviews its entire lifespan.  In comparison, the Switch in just 2018 alone had 177 positive reviewed games and 2018 was supposed to be such a terrible year with nothing to play.  :rolleyes:

Never before has a Nintendo system offered the variety and gameplay experiences that the Switch has and yet some people are acting like we're in the final days of the Wii all over again.  The Wii in 2011 and 2012 COMBINED had only 19 games with positive reviews

The Switch has literally had more good games released for it in less then 3 months of this year alone, then the Wii had it's entire last 2 years combined.

Still, a lot of Indie stuff can be rather short and fleeting and third party stuff can lack that Nintendo polish and magic that keeps you wanting more. Nothing hits quite like the hype for a new entry in a Nintendo series you love that looks like it could be blast to play.

Only that's not true, there's a lot of indie and third party stuff on Switch that's just as good as the types of games Nintendo releases.  This is N64 Yamauchi era propaganda that too many still have in their heads.

Just go down the list.  Yes, Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey and Tear of the Kingdom are at the very top but after them you have lots of third party titles right around what Nintendo's releasing.  Yes every gen the very top Nintendo games like Ocarina of Time, Metroid Prime, Mario Galaxy, Breath of the Wild get the best reviews, but those titles are very rare even by Nintendo standards.  Outside of the very top 1-3 Nintendo games each gen, the best third party games are easily competing with everything else.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: What will Nintendo release in 2024?
« on: March 15, 2024, 10:11:27 AM »
Regarding third party support I figure there is a big difference in attitude depending on if a person has only a Switch or also has another current console.  For multiplatform third party games the Switch version is usually the worst and often costs a bit extra.  So if you own a PS4 or 5 and don't specifically desire portability you'll probably get the game on one of those systems instead.  If that's your situation then the Switch's usefulness is entirely based on its exclusives, which is usually going to be first party games.

That's makes complaints even worse if you ask me.  If somebody has the money to own all the different systems, then who gives a **** if one system is lacking in exclusives you want to play at the moment.  It's like when millionaires complain about having to pay taxes when they're still worth millions of dollars after taxes and can still afford to buy anything they want.

Especially when last year, 2023 was one of the best years in gaming, that just had an insane amount of high quality games come out across the board on every system.  If somebody owns all the different systems, then I doubt they even had any time to remotely play all the great games that came out in 2023 alone, let alone all the great games that have already come out this year alone in less then 3 months.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: What will Nintendo release in 2024?
« on: March 14, 2024, 10:16:21 AM »
Oh every fucking year it's the same ****.  Most of the games that come out in the second half of the year don't get announced until around June.  I remember last year so many people were so sure that nothing was coming out after Tear of the Kingdom.  So this guaranteed that the Switch successor was coming out in the second half of 2023 has well.

Hell, there was still people around this time last year who still thought Nintendo was going to pull a Sega Saturn and suddenly release it's successor at the same time as Tears of the Kingdom, since there was nothing coming out after Zelda, and since Breath of the Wild was a cross gen release, it just made perfect sense.  Despite the fact that the reason Breath of the Wild was cross gen didn't apply to Tears of the Kingdom at all, and there was no credible rumors of third parties even having any games even remotely for a Switch successor release at that time either.  But nope, apparently nothing else is coming out after Zelda the Switch is dead and a new system just has to be coming out in a few months.

Seroiusly, they just announced a sequel to Endless Ocean and Pokemon Legends this last month, with Endless Ocean coming out in May.  Now people can argue that Endless Ocean is a niche title, but the first Pokemon Legends sold 15 million copies.  If a sequel to a game that big is coming out in 2025, is is really that hard for people to believe that Nintendo has other major titles ready to come out in the second half of 2024 as well.

That said the year has started with several great third party releases on Switch, like Balatro, Unicorn Overlord, and Prince of Persia. And it's gonna be another banner year for RPGs too, with Ys X, Suikoden remakes, Eiyuden Chronicles, SaGa Emerald Beyond, SMTV Vengeance, etc.
Coupled with the stacked past few years of releases to catch up on, I think the system is weathering its twilight years quite well.

Oh and this right here.  It's funny how in every previous gen people bitched non-stop about the lack of third party support on Nintendo systems, but now when the Switch has had great third party support, many Nintendo fans seem to completely ignore it.  The third party support the Switch had in the first half of this year alone, is already better than the support we'd have in entire years in the past.  Just look at the Nintendo Direct reaction on some of the more Nintendo centric forums last September when a lot of these great third party titles were first announced.  Some people were literally saying it was the worst Direct ever, worse then even the ones from the 3DS and Wii U era that literally had only a handful of games shown and Nintendo having to talk about other **** just to fill up time.

This gen has really shown that a lot of the Nintendo hardcore really don't care about anything that isn't the big Nintendo guns like Mario Platformer, Zelda, Pokemon, Smash Bros, because so many great games get completely ignored by them.  Hell, some still ignore Splatoon despite the fact Splatoon 2 and 3 are both 10 million plus sellers.

It's like anything that's not directly related to the N64 and Gamecube era of Nintendo doesn't count, since that's when so many of them first came online to talk about Nintendo games and are permanently stuck in the early 2000's.

But then I don't think SMTIV Apocalypse ever became cheap and it's now very pricey

It actually went on sale for a pretty low price on the 3DS eShop literally a few months before the 3DS Eshop shut down.  That's when I finally bought it.  :D

So if you're willing to go digital, Atlas games usually get pretty big discounts.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: The OFFICIAL Big N rumor thread *bring your own salt*
« on: February 19, 2024, 11:04:00 AM »
The internet went into meltdown because Switch 2 got "delayed" to 2025. Can it really be a delay when Switch 2 wasn't even officially announced? I'm being pedantic.

I'm not even disappointed. I only opened Tears of the Kingdom to claim the My Nintendo Gold Points, and I haven't bought Super Mario Bros. Wonder or Super Mario RPG. My backlog is LOL even without those games. I'm old; it'll be 2025 before I know it.

Not only do I have a huge backlog of games I own and need to play, I still have over 160 games on my eShop wishlist.  So my backlog, literally has a backlog of games that needed to be added to it.

I also find it funny how a lot of the comments about people being angry are acting like nothing else is coming to the Switch this year.  Which is the same thing they were doing last year when many of these same people thought Tears of the Kingdom would be the last game released in 2023 and then a new system was guaranteed to come out in the 2nd half of 2023.

I mean Prime 4 is probably still a regular Switch title and can still come out this year.  Grezzo hasn't done anything since the Links Awakening remake so a new 2D Zelda could come out.  The rumored Fire Emblem 4 remake that has been around for years now could finally come out.  There's also the rumored Donkey Kong platformer that EAD has been rumored to be working on for years now.  And who knows what other 3rd party collaborations Nintendo mights have for Switch titles as well.

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