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Vote on the NWR 2021 Hype Meter
« on: December 29, 2020, 09:57:43 AM »

We want to know what your most anticipated games of 2021 are!

The NWR Hype Meter is back!

For those who may have missed it in the past, the feature is called the the NWR Hype Meter. It's meant to bring back those feelings many of us used to get when looking over Nintendo Power's most wanted games list. Like Nintendo Power, we need your help in figuring out what Nintendo games are the most wanted. This edition of the Hype Meter will also help serve as a preview for what's to come (hopefully) in 2021.

So what do you need to do? Fill out this form with your most wanted Nintendo things. This can include both first and third party games. You can also include games, such as indie titles, that haven't officially been announced for Switch but are likely to come to the platform. The list should be between five and ten titles in length with your most hyped game being ranked one, and the least hyped at ten.

You will have until January 7th to send in your list.