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Nintendo Gaming / RE:Racing game controls
« on: April 30, 2006, 11:16:57 AM »
Well seeing as my idea would generate the feel of ACTUALLY driving the car, I thought my idea was pretty awesome.  Still do.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Some things I need to get off my chest about Wii
« on: April 30, 2006, 05:55:11 AM »
lol dont feel guilty.  We're just having a healthy conversation is all.

Nintendo Gaming / Racing game controls
« on: April 30, 2006, 05:53:41 AM »
Mr Ass Kicker a.k.a Reggie spoke of a racing game debuting at E3 and that the controls will be done in a very different way.  Well, its just my own guess, but I bet the wii-mote control and the nunchuck unit will be used as a sort of steering wheel.  The nunchuck unit will be left hand on steering wheel while the wii-mote is obvsiously the right hand.  While playing a racing game you'll be moving both hands in a "turning the steering wheel" sort of way.  The z button on the bottom of the wii-mote control can be used as acceleration while simply pulling the 2 controls closer to you fast will be for breaking.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Some things I need to get off my chest about Wii
« on: April 29, 2006, 07:39:48 PM »

Originally posted by: Arbok
I'm willing to bet you don't have a clue what "joe average 21, and insecure, year olds" are like then... Seriously, you are speaking about this core demographic as if they were seniors citizens and now long immune to feeling childish in front of their peers (ok, well most of them). This is the DRINKING AGE DEMOGRAPHIC! Appearance and conception is everything. Go to a college campus and tell me how many iPods you see. Peer pressure is very much alive and I don't know where one would think that it somehow vanishes when one gets out of high school.

Thinking it over, I would have to agree.  I dont really have any friends cuz all my old friends suck and I never bothered to find some new ones.  And I dont go to school.  So I dont know many peoples reactions to things like that.  But im speaking for myself.  I am 22 and that is generally how I feel.  If people are going to make fun of me cuz im getting a system called wii then thats just silly and I dont need to surround myself with people like that.  It all comes down to if im having fun or not.  If I want to get KY Jelly at walmart, and the only possible cashier to go to happends to be a female, im still gonna buy the jelly.  To me, thats a more embarrassing thing to get then a system called wii.

Nintendo Gaming / RE:Some things I need to get off my chest about Wii
« on: April 29, 2006, 11:54:22 AM »

Originally posted by: RickPowers
and Joe isn't walking into a store and asking for Mario on Wii.  He won't care how easy it is to say, or what it symbolizes.  All he cares about is how silly he'll feel saying it in front of his friends, and he'll avoid that embarrassment if at all possible.

That is if Joe Mainstream is a 13 year old kid hanging around with his 13 year old friends.  But if Joe is 21 years old, hes going to walk into the store with his friends already realizing before walking in "hey, its called wii.  All jokes aside.  Let's get the game and get the hell out of here so we can play it."  And yes, there might be some chuckles, especially if the friends are PS3 or XBOX360 fans, and Joe might even feel a little awkward getting a game for a system called wii, but im willing to wager 21 year old Joe Mainstream will just laugh it off and join in.  I mean, the clerk already knows the system is called Wii.  Why get embarrassed?  Laugh it off!!  But if he gets embarrassed from that then he must have some serious self-esteem issues. Its just a name.  Another look at it is if hes getting embarrassed its because his friends are being a**holes about it, thus making them pretty bad friends.  Theres a difference between kinda making jokes at the names expense and totally embarrassing the person for buying it.

It all comes down to the games.  If the games are fun and great, then ill have to disagree with you about him avoiding the embarrassment if at all possible. Besides, Joe doesnt have to go to the store with his friends anyways.  He can go by himself like I do and im sure thousands of others do too.

Nintendo Gaming / Some things I need to get off my chest about Wii
« on: April 28, 2006, 01:41:38 AM »
I like the new name.  I liked it the moment I read up on it.  Its weird as hell to say, ill admit that.  Its just a fricken retarded-ass name!  But you know what, dudes?  Thats exactly why I like it.  It's different.  Its unique.  New.

I was reading the discussion the employees here had on the new name.  And I found myself stopping not even half way through.  I was TIRED of their bull****!!!  For christs sake....  They were blabbiling on about how the name has no meaning WHATSOEVER!  That for one pissed me off because there is a meaning.  Wii's explanation was clearly already explained, and you can already find it here on Planetgamecube.  Johnny is the guy that comes to mind when it comes to that.  I mean, this news story was posted before that conversation happened.  Anyone who has half a brain after reading that (and I am sure Johnny read it) should know that Wii means "we"  meaning "us.  you, me, them, grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, dog.  we the people"  And plus the 2 i's symbolise the controllers, says nintendo.  It makes PERFECT sense.  I don't see where the confusion is!!!

On a final note, its been confirmed that its not called The Nintendo Wii.  Or Nintendo Wii.  If it was then people would be able to abreviate it to NW.  There are no abbreviations, says Nintendo.  It's called Wii.  If you just simply call it Wii, and if you put aside the immature potty, penis, excited kid, and midget humor, you will find it rolls off your tounge.  "Excuse me sir, but do you by chance have Super Mario 128 on Wii in stock?"  Sure it sounds weird as hell right now, but it works for me for some reason.

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