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TalkBack / Re: Comparing Wii & Wii U Launch Lines
« on: November 20, 2012, 09:54:39 AM »
I think you're right about it just being a different time than it was in 2006.

For the Wii I had to camp outside of a Wal-Mart from 9pm to about 7am, when they finally had pity on us and let us come in a purchase our Wiis well before the store was supposed to open. There were 50 total at the store, and there were 49 of us in line all night. One lucky kid and his mom showed up around 6 am and managed to get the last one. It was an amazing experience, and I thought I'd definitely do something like that again, but I wanted to secure my Wii U so I pre-ordered.

There were virtually no midnight launches in my area, and I don't think anyone had to do camp outs to get their console. Anyone that really wanted one just pre-ordered it and had it shipped to their store of choice, or straight to their homes.

I think launch lines like that will definitely die out. Lots of gamers enjoyed that experience, but in the end the security of pre-ordering will win, so long as it's an option.

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