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Nintendo Releases Financial Results For Holiday Quarter
« on: February 06, 2024, 03:35:47 AM »

Is the Mario movie halo effect still in play? Oh, absolutely.

Nintendo has had to revise their earnings estimates upwards for the second time in as many quarters after their latest financial results, which continue to pile on records in the sales department.

All monetary figures quoted in yen, with a US$ comparison provided based on an exchange of $1 USD = ¥148.644.

Financial indicators

Revenue: ¥598.559bn (~$4.026bn US), down 6.22% year over year

Operating Income: ¥184.32bn (~$1.24bn), down 3.1% year over year

Ordinary Income: ¥126.241bn (~$1.077bn), up 17% year over year

Digital Sales: ¥128.9bn (~$867m), up 1.9% year over year

Mobile/IP (film) Revenue: ¥20.2b (~$136m), up 31% year over year

Ordinary income is reflective of exchange rates, which continue to favor Nintendo as more than 90% of their sales in the reported period were outside their home market of Japan. This is reflected in the revised estimates below.

Hardware Shipments

The Switch's new lifetime sales are 139.36m following a 6.9m shipment quarter; although this is the lowest Switch holiday ever, it was also the seventh holiday for the platform. The breakdown was 3.48m OLED, 2.15m standard, and 1.27m Lite.

With the new total, the Switch needs to ship 14.66m units to pass the DS for #1 on Nintendo's all time shipments list, and 19.34m to pass the PlayStation 2 for 1st among dedicated gaming hardware. It has already taken the latter crown in Japan from the DS with shipments in the homeland of 33.34m.

Software Results - New

Nintendo had four first party titles in the quarter, with the biggest being Super Mario Bros. Wonder which shipped 11.96m units in the quarter - the fastest selling Mario game ever. (Sell-through - to customers - was reported at 10.7m units.) The Super Mario RPG remake also clocked in with 3.14m sales in the quarter, while neither Detective Pikachu Returns or Wario Ware: Move It were reported to have crossed 1m shipments.

Software Results - Catalogue

The headliner is the continued dominance of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which (buoyed by the annual Black Friday bundle) shipped 3.57m units for a new lifetime total of 60.58m copies: just the second game ever to cross 60m sold. (For comparison, the original Mario Kart 8 shipped 8.54m units.)

Other milestones in the top 10 (which ends with New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe at 17.2m and can be found here): NSMBU is the only top 10 game to NOT be over 20m units with both Super Mario Party and Tears of the Kingdom crossing the barrier, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have passed Pokemon Gold and Silver to become the third best selling Pokemon pair (though the first slot is held by the trio of Red/Green/Blue), and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate cemented its hold on 3rd in Switch game shipments with a 1.23m unit quarter buoyed by being included in Switch OLED bundles.

Pikmin 4 - released this fiscal year - also received an updated life to date of 3.33m.

Other Announcements

  • Although confirmed last week by Universal, Nintendo confirmed that the Universal Studios Orlando will add a Super Nintendo world next year
  • Due to current results and a stronger Euro against the yen, Nintendo has revised their estimates for the fiscal year upwards for the second time: net revenue up 3.8%, operating profit up 2%, ordinary profit another 3.3%, estimated hardware to 15.5m (from 15, they are already at 13.75m for the year), and software to 190m units from 185m (already at 163.95m).
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