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I should've posted this sooner, but this is the new attraction coming to Avengers Campus in Disneyland revolving around an experience of the Avengers taking on the multi-verse King Thanos

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Official Sales Thread
« on: September 13, 2022, 11:34:28 AM »

Considering Splatoon 2 is over 4 million in Japan, the third game will at least deput with over a million, maybe even close to 2 million.  I'll predict we'll see about 1.7 million on the physical charts next week.
IGN posted the following based on a GamesRadar report
"Splatoon 3 is off to an incredibly hot start in Japan as the game has sold 3.45 million copies in just three days, outpacing huge Nintendo Switch titles including Animal Crossing"

That's a HOT start!!!
what if it eclipses Splatoon 2 in it's first week!!!? that would be crazy.

I Am Groot was short, a series of 5 minute shorts. you can literally watch them all in about 30 minutes.

And actually, the next thing to drop I believe is the Werewolf By Night Special on Oct 7.
GotG XMas Special is in Dec.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur trailer released

Looks cool. Animation reminds me of Disney's The Proud Family

Secret Invasion Trailer Released

Looks good. Spy thriller. Dark in tone. Skrulls. Emelia Clarke. Samuel L Jackson.... what more could I ask for?

edit: well I could ask for more trailers....

Werewolf By Night just got a Trailer

Black & White.... campy, pulp horror setting and MAN-THING has made an appearance!!?
this is certainly a very experimental project from Marvel Studios.

and it's Marvel's D23 Day... so why not drop some more info?

Thunderbolts lineup has been revealed as well!!

Val, Ghost, Red Guardian, Yelena, Bucky, US Agent, and Taskmaster....

I have to say, Taskmaster looks more "male" now than before.
and this isn't the line up I was thinking of... no Abomination and no Zemo is surprising.
and the only one of them with actual powers is Ghost.
3 of them are Super Soldiers... having enhanced strength and speed.
and 2 of them are Widows.... assuming Taskmaster is still female.

and here's another unexpected reveal...

An Incredible Hulk callback.....

I wonder if this connects to She-Hulk and a current side plot?

and the Original Super-Soldier - Isiaah Bradley- is back too

Not that anyone is out there.... but could the no one out there update the title to include She-Hulk!?

I know we only 4 eps in, but this the type of show that since Marvel is following the weekly 30 min sitcom angle, should make that 23 episode season arc. This show is just fun & entertaining, and I would watch a full season of it, as long as it kept on like it's been keeping on so far.

The Wong cameo's, the Hulk cameo, Megan Thee Stallion cameo, we know DD is coming, the random Monsters/Villain/Case of the week structure is just more silly but fun **** is gonna happen, like the pleasantly not as annoying as you'd think Madisynn who buddy'd up with "Wongers" to drop Soprano spoilers (WARNING for those that haven't seen Soprano's yet. LOL)

I'm hoping for a Deadpool cameo at some point were she breaks the 4th wall infront of him, and then he does something like walk up to the screen and tap on it, and say something stupid, like "oh you see them too!?" then they look at each other, back at the screen, and then just back to whatever they were doing in the show.

they better already be working on S2 so they have it ready for next year.

edit: Anyway.... here is a Mid-Season Trailer from D-23

How is She-Hulk you ask....

If I told you it was the most fun you will have in a Marvel D+ show would you believe me?
If I told you it was genuinely funny and entertaining.... would you watch it?

What if I told you a celeb guest star led to the creation of this gif....

these are two completely unrelated scenes, from 2 different episodes.... but it's funny, and captures the tone of the show in a way... so whatever.

General Chat / Free Chicken Sandwich from Wingstop - 12 Flavors
« on: August 30, 2022, 06:13:36 PM »
Wingstop now got 12 flavors of chicken sandwich....

If the first 2 good.... I'm in trouble. Wingstop is right next my house :/

Anyway, try one free!!
Who want a free chicken sandwich from Wingstop?

Valentina was recruiting for the Thunderbolts.

Wong keeps showing up to recruit for.... Something.

Black Panther: WF is the big "event" movie of this phase, and if the rumored cameo at the end will definitely get all the fans attention if true, and also gives a clues towards the likely Avengers: Secret War villain.


*We are NOW in the Multiverse saga.
edited the original post to correct.

The previous portion leading up to Endgame was The Infinity Saga

We are now in the Multiverse Saga, of which Loki, WandaVision, Spider-Man: NWH, and Doctor Strange: MoM have all directly interacted with.

The phases are shorter mostly because we don't have to wait for all the movies to expand the plot and characters leading up to the next big event. It may seem a little aimless, but this is the breather period where a bunch of new pieces are being added to the board, and thanks to D+, their being added very quickly.

Off the top of my head, for those that haven't kept up with the shows, tons of new characters and their current situations include:

From Loki:
Female (and many other) Loki,
Kang (variant xx1 aka The One Who Remains)
the unleashing of the "Multiverse" with the death of Kang

From WandaVision:
Monica Rambeau aka Spectrum
Agatha Harnkess
White Vision
Wanda's Kids
Wanda's dip into the Darkhold

From Falcon and the Winter Soldier:
New Super Soldier that's Not Captain America
Falcon is NOW the new Captain America
The Original Super Soldier and his son
and the new Falcon

Kate Bishop
The Sword Master

From Moonknight:
Moon Knight (and his multiple personalities)
Konshu (and other Egyption Gods + the Afterlife)

Ms Marvel:
Ms Marvel, her genetic makeup, and her setup for The Marvels
the other guy with powers from "The Noor"
the other Dimension "The Noor"

What If!?
- First appearances of Supreme Strange, Zombies, Captain Carter, and others....

Upcoming on She Hulk:
She Hulk
Daredevil in Costume
countless other cameos (Wrecking Crew, Frogman, and potentially Johnny Blaze?)

Can't say every moment of every show has been amazing, or even entertaining, but I can see how fatigue may be setting in... in part because of the frequency of the content, but more so because the quality. Although She-Hulk looks to hopefully be the funnest of them so far.

SDCC is underway, Marvel Studios panel is happening right now.

Here is the Phase 5 slate

I might update with the list of updates later when on a computer

Wakanda Forever teaser trailer

Namor is in the trailer, and i think the Atlanteans as well

Movies & TV / Re: Rate the last movie you've seen
« on: July 23, 2022, 01:03:36 PM »
Saw NOPE last night...

Just want to pre-face that I LOVED Get Out, and thought that a scifi thriller movie for White people, but a true HORROR movie for Black people.

Didn't love Us, thought it was ok, but not on the same level as Get Out.

This movie upon initial theater watch was a big NOPE from me. Beginning of the movie just kinda dragged, and then when it got interesting, it turned out to not be what I was expecting. some thing didn't make sense, and we all left the theater thinking... did I like this movie - NOPE. would I watch it again - NOPE. recommend to anyone - NOPE. potential second watch on streaming..... maybe.

Now i have to admit that I had a long day prior to watching this movie, and there was part where I dozed off for about 2-3 minutes, but I didn't miss anything significant.

Now I read up on things that happened in the movie this morning, and while it adds some insight to stuff that I didn't really piece together in the moment, it doesn't change how I feel about the movie.
I didn't really enjoy it all that much. There were a few moments were it was entertaining and thrilling, but this was a miss for me.

p.s. I would barely call it a horror movie, as the trailers before the movie were scarier.
More of a "thriller" as it had some tense/exciting moments.

oh, and Kaluuya seemed too muted and lacking of personality throughout the entire movie. Wish he was a little more personable, as that would add something to movie.

**WARNING** Movie Spoilers - don't read till after watching **WARNING**
-the scariest part of this movie turned out to be a psych out, and was just kids in alien mask creeping around in the dark playing a prank.

-also the part with the chimp, which was the 2nd scariest/most terrifying part of the movie is actually based on a real thing that happened:

-the Chimp incident and the scene with the horse training on set were all foreshadowing interactions with the alien ship, that turned out to not be a ship at all, but an actual flying alien jellyfish.
Yuen survives the Chimp incident because the table cloth blocked eye contact, much like when Kaluuya tells the set guy to not make eye contact and get in the horses face, which caused the horse to react with a kick. possibly the same reason why the last horst didn't get sucked up, because it's blinders prevented it from making eye contact

More Netflix new today.... is Netflix about to massive drop in the Streaming Warz?
Netflix only loses $970k users in Q2 2022, which was below expectations.

and how do we respond to that (besides the 2 stories from yesterday)?
We introduce new pricing tier.... and Ads!!!! who didn't sign up to Netflix to get away from Ads?

Is Netflix in panic mode? They do need more quality programing, and less massive dumps of mid-to-trash quality programming.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: My Video Game Collection/Museum
« on: July 19, 2022, 01:22:10 PM »
That's a nice and super clean presentation.

It would also be pretty dope if the black shelves with all the Amiibo also had a light in them.
But the booklets with the disk, and the cartridges on the frames. I love the entire setup.

and I agree, the casing with the white shelf, and black frame was definitely the way to go. Looks great.

And they need to bring back Santa Clarita Diet.

I'm sure we could create a whole list of shows that were cancelled that should've gotten at least 1 more season to wrap things up. Can create franchises if you keep killing your products off pre-maturely.

and speaking of Netflix and Franchises...

[summary: Netflix wants to build out franchises that span all media, and find it's "Star Wars"]

Now we don't necessarily need another MCU. 1 massive media collective is already hard enough to keep up with and at the same time have enough QUALITY content to keep relevant.
But them finding hits that can crossover and/or spinoff to other formats (TV > Movie > cartoon, etc) would be helpful, but besides Stranger Things, nothing ever lives long enough at Netflix to do that.

As a matter of fact, why don't we do a list of good Netflix Originals, that were cut short and should've continued. I've already gone first.

Also how about some properties that may fit what Netflix is looking for.

NWR Forums Discord / Re: Random LOL of the day thread
« on: July 18, 2022, 10:29:03 AM »
Not a real ad... from the Onion

Apparently Netflix is exploring licensing out some of it's Netflix Originals

Personally I think it's a good idea to re-introduce some older Netflix material to an audience that ma not be familiar with those properties, and even bring them back to Netflix when New Season/Sequels are released.
I mean it might even introduce some of older good stuff to current and long-time subscribers as well, as most of that older content may be drowned out by all the new stuff (garbage and quality) constantly added to the service.

Also easy money to fund more hopefully quality originals that they can then eventually license back out to keep the cycle going.

Natalie Portman said she was down to come back again and play Jane/Mighty Thor, but I guess she would have to be cameoing from Valhalla.

And Janes use of Mjolnir I thought was one of the best parts. Where Thor might circle the hammer around the room to hit enemies along the way, Mighty Thor was using all the pieces to take out multiple enemies all at once. And then when she also used it to snare all the Necro Sword pieces and then basically nullified them with a dose of Lightning while being held between the pieces of a reformed Mjolnir was a another good Mighty Thor moment.

Also I heard there was more scenes with the Gods, a bunch of extra footage of Gorr killing Gods, and more Mighty Thor scenes as well, but Marvel just mandated that the movie be no more than 2hrs long. Maybe they'll release an extended cut on home release, as long as none of the extras break canon.

I actually just read that Ayton can't be traded until January 15th, and can't be shipped to the Pacers till next season.
So I guess it's time for the Suns to try an run it back. Time to set a new regular season record for the franchise!!!

Well, so much for the Jazz possibly trading for Deandre Ayton. -_-

And the Suns matched it, so they may do a Sign and Trade with the Pacers.... unless the Jazz want to or can even afford to hop in that money pit too?

Ms Marvel ended on a high note. which is good, because I was worried it wasn't gonna stick the landing after that rocky middle.

Episodes 1,2, and 6 were all decently good, and pretty fun.

Kamala is officially a MUTANT and her bangle is apparently a Nega Band, which is "confirmed" by the fact that she swapped places with Captain Marvel, who appeared suddenly in her bedroom.

Show would've been so much better had they just ditched most of clandestine and Noor dimension stuff, and just focused on Kamala being a teen in highschool, with popularity and boy problems, dealing with her powers, in her NJ/Muslim community, and then having to cope with the M word. They could've woven all the India history and other stuff into the story still, but the episodes focusing on it were dull and confusing.

and now they trying the play the KD back to the Warriors as a high possibility.

I know trading away our future for what could be another ring or 2 in the next 2 years sounds great, and I'm hearing it would ease that luxury tax and give Klay & Dray their retirement bonus contracts, but we'd have to give up a chance to run it back as a full squad all year, and some good youth on our team.

There's a chance Steph, Klay, Dray, and Durant are all done by the time Durant's contract is over. Not sure what it looks like. But do we want to give up some combination of Wiggins, Poole, Wiseman, Kuminga, and future picks to grab Durant for the next 4 years? Assuming he even wants to come back? and won't request to leave once things don't go his way and realizing once again that "it's not his team"? Does Curry take another "co-pilot" arrangement to make Durant happy again?

well, final episode comes out tonight at midnight, so may be a good time to binge watch, and then watch a breakdown to explain all the things you didn't catch or understand.

First 2 episodes were cool, then the last few kinda lost me.
Actress that plays Kamala is perfectly fine, but the show itself, and what is happening in it, have just lost me, once they tried to explain the origin of the power.

I'm really hoping the final episode brings it all together and ends on a good note, and then we can just catch up with her again in The Marvels, whenever that comes out.

and if they do a Season 2.... just stick a little more closely to the day to day teenage life of Kamala (Highschool, Conventions/hobbies, home life) and her neighborhood heroisms.

Is anyone watching Ms Marvel?

and am I the only one that just really doesn't understand what is happening in this show?
It started off well enough... but the last 2 episodes diving into the past(?) and the lore behind the Clandestines and the Bangle just don't seem to make much sense to me.

I even watched the New Rockstars breakdown of the latest episode, and they try to make sense of what's going on... and even they say they don't really know, and just trying their best to explain it as well.

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