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RPG stands for Roll playing game. It is a game were you play the roll of someone and go out on a adventure most times and pretty much all of them have a diferent stratigic battle style than running up to someone and hitting them or shooting them, it is hard to expland online but basiclly you choose what attacks your character(s) use and you watch the damage go down on your oponents and is a great style. and Skies of Arcadia is In my opinion the best RPG for game cube so far. Its pretty long and has a huge map layout its one of my favorites.

I would sugest Super smash brothers Melee. sence it has diffuculty settings rangeing from very easy to very hard it is a great game for begining gamers, they could play it together. And the game is so fun i have not gottin tired of it and you can play if for months and still not complete everything. And you become better and better the more you play it and the game will always have a challange for you. I would get this game deffenently in the future if not now. I would rate it as one of gamecubes best

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