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We didn't have an Indie World - yet - but some brief news bits have dropped ahead of Gamescom.

Ahead of next week's Gamescom show, a few announcements have been made of relevance to Switch owners:

  • Indie World veteran Ooblets has been confirmed for a September 1 release on Switch, coinciding with its 1.0 release on PC and Xbox platforms. The game combines life sim elements with battling via dance-offs.
  • Pony-based fighter Them's Fightin' Herds has released a new trailer announcing the game will stampede onto consoles October 18.
  • Blazing Chrome developer JoyMasher have confirmed their next title - a run-and-gun 16-bit inspired platformer called Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider. The Arcade Crew (who published Blazing Chrome) will handle publishing duties for the game, which stars a cyborg ninja who has turned on its totalitarian creators.
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