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I'm such a fanboy sometimes. Outside of Marvel getting back the rights to 90% of it's ip's, I would think this is a completely horrid and shitty move however, Doom is in the MCU (which I called years ago) and this is the only thing that matters to me.

I have enough current entertainment to last me 2 lifetimes, I'm an old dusty man now and don't really care about most of those other affairs now.

Disney will try and buy Walmart next...mark my words

For right now, the X-men are not as important to the MCU as the next villain. They need to set up the post Infinity Gauntlet idea in either Captain Marvel or Avengers 4. Doom is the only villain I can think of that can follow Thanos and it not be a let down or contrived.

Movie will gross 1 Billion dollars domestically.

at least 1 X-men/F4 character will be teased (I have been right every other time I've predicted this so hush)

Namor tease

Trailer will be shown in front of Star Wars. I'm not sure yet if it will be the one form Comic-con. Also Platinum Blonde Widow does something to my jeans.



Rotten Tomato is terrible as it's statistical  foundations is absurd that produce equally absurd results. It doesn't help everything is graded on an equally absurd curve they promotes score inflation where you can see broken shows get an A score.

Metacritic has the same issue that you are dealing with humanity but they cushion that with better statistical frame work and presentation of the data.

You also have terrible taste in movies.

I know I do. I like "some" so called high brow films but for the most part I like my movies like I like my women cheap and easy...Hioooooo!  But seriously folks. The sin that is connivence lessens what RT should be and turns it into some kinda topical seal of approval from the movie gods.  Justice would be considered a mid tier Marvel movie I would imagine.

Rotten Tomatoes is toxic. I've been debating this thought with myself for sometime but after watching Justice League I can safely say that the influence of the RT outreaches its usefulness. This movie was straight up dope. It's even too short for it's own good and needs to be 20 minutes longer.  I'm not saying this because I disagree with the conscience of RT but because it tens to discourage people from using their own opinions in place of a vocal minority. Citizen Kane this movie is not but the reviews would have you think I just walked out of a of a black and white subtitled version Night Trap. The hive mind controls all. Plus RT gave Iron Man 3 a 79% which should have the site investigated by the Better Business Bureau and charges filled by the State Department for fraud in practice.


I have terrible taste in movies. I very much enjoyed Prince of Persia, John Carter, Clash of the Titans(remake).

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Official Sales Thread
« on: October 23, 2017, 07:48:46 PM »
I hear it taste bad... And apparently has a coating made from crushed bees, but I'm not allergic.
Is this all some sort if deterrent from kids trying to eat the games?
Because I don't know why they would prevent the rest of us from licking our cartridges like normal responsible gamers do...

It taste like licking a tire, very bitter and very dark. Like a salted tobacco cinder block.

Movies & TV / Re: Anybody Want A Bunch Of Digital Movies Free?
« on: October 22, 2017, 01:43:49 AM »
I shall return soon to fill this thread...Its been a while but I shall makeup for my absence with glorious free movie codes.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Is 2017 Nintendo's Greatest Year in Software Releases?
« on: September 15, 2017, 01:29:52 AM »
First, what's with all the "Kong"  usernames?

To the question, I say yes! Breath of the Wild alone makes it top 3. HOWEVER, the 12months between November 2002 - November 2003 is Nintendo best 12 Months ever

Took on my first Lynel the other day, a blue one as I believe those are the weakest.  It was not that hard but it was still an intense fight.  I certainly wouldn't want to take one of these on if there were any other enemies lurking about to divide my attention.  I made extensive use of the Statis rune to hold him in place and get in free shots.

I found what I assume is the last fairy but she wants 10,000 rupees!  So I guess I'll be working at that for a while to power up my armor.  I hope that's not going to make the game get boring since I've explored almost the entire world.

The first time I didn't run from Lynel, I felt like Neo in the first Matrix "He's beginning to believe". Also after 190+ hours I run into a freaking BEAR? We had this little "The Revenant" moment. There are still moments to be had in this game it would seem.

Also I have never put 200 in a single player game in my life. Not ever , not even close. I wonder if this is a first for others around here.

And thus the 4 Beast have been tamed.  None too hard but All of the battles outside of the Beast were pretty good. To Ganon or Not to Ganon, that is the question.

Now that is finished, I shall proceed to a statue to cash in my chips and see how easy this game is with 20 heart and more stamina.
Oh, so you're finally going to play the game on its normal difficulty and not casual mode?

Are you saying the game is harder with more hearts?

Nile Boogie:  Did you beat any bosses with only 3 hearts?

Death Mountain Divine Beast
Lynels and hinoxs of various colors.

If there are "other" bosses, I have not encountered them yet. 

I just finished filling out the map...still only had 3 hearts. Felt good.

Now that is finished, I shall proceed to a statue to cash in my chips and see how easy this game is with 20 heart and more stamina.


So I can't get "that" weapon with only 3 hearts? BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!

I don't understand why you would need that weapon if you're doing a strict 3 heart run.

Also, I can totally understand the gating mechanism used for getting it because without it you could have easily broken the game.

Well even thought I've played over 100hours, at best Ive seen half the map. So when I finally got there it seemed like I only started playing the  game even though I'm over 40 plus shrines or such. Also, I'm guessing I can't beat the game without it...or so I thought?

So I can't get "that" weapon with only 3 hearts? BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Switch Discussion Thread (The early days)
« on: March 31, 2017, 05:15:47 PM »
I would pay for a pair of vanilla Joy-Cons, D-Pad with no HD rumble and no analog stick.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Switch Discussion Thread (The early days)
« on: March 31, 2017, 09:18:58 AM »

I bought KOF '98 and that game is almost impossible with a standard horizontal Joy-Con. To the point that I won't buy another arcade fighter on the system until this is fixed. I could buy a Pro Controller but that's far less elegant than an actual D-Pad. I've only played on other game (Zelda) and of course there is no problem there.


I'm beginning to be a bit trepidatious on the hardware in terms of hardware specs. As a handheld, I think the system is solid and I am giving them a first year grace period but as a home console, I'm thinking this may not be robust enough. When I do the math, the specs should fall into the "good enough not to suck" but the lack of a Switch version of Destiny 2 seems smells reminiscent of the Wii U. Just something I noticed  and I want to keep an eye on.

...and thus my 3 heart quest has come to and end. Completed my first dungeon/and grabbed a heart container not thinking that it was for Link. Made it 85+ hours  on 3 hearts.

I am now trying to figure do I go back to my previous save and skip the heart or just go on from here like a normal player.


Madness...OG bar is SO limiting in terms of the world's verticality.  Unless you're leaning heavily into cooking to boost stamina, I would find that to be really constraining my ability to make progress in the game.  But you do you, lol.

Think about it like this. You can go anywhere from the beginning of the game so I'm basically playing every new area like it's the beginning of the game.

Coming up on 80 hours and it looks like it's time to head to my first Beast.

Still on Three hearts and still on OG Stamina bar.

60hrs in and I feel like beating this game is not even important anymore. Just living in this world and experiencing all it has to offer if far more satisfying than trying to complete the main quest.  Pilgrimages to the far corners of the world, cooking and finding neat places to camp is just so much fun, which is still really weird to say in a Zelda game.

Still on 3 hearts and still on OG stamina bar. Might not ever upgrade till I absolutely have to.

By the by, looking at the activity log of some of you guys is quite impressive to say the least. 100plus hours in a single player game is insane, especially when the game is still only under 3 weeks old.

Looks like my 3 heart no stamina upgrade play though might be over. 47 hours in and I'm at a part pre-dungeon. I need more stuff, or stronger Melee weapons. Im going to try and find some stronger stuff.

45 hours in 11 shrines, No dungeons even close to started.
I'm surprised you've been able to find things to do for that long, the shrines are one of the big things to find in the world.

I've found shrines but if I'm on a side quest or in this case a pilgrimage I tend to skip them until I get where I'm going. Or sometimes I let the Force guide my path and I just end up in some ****. Looking for meat or getting fussed at by some obsessed flower lady. Looks like late spring before I reach Ganon. I intend to be a world traveler and a bad ass mofo before I meet my destiny.

only doing 3 hearts for as long as I can stand. Also not doing any stamina upgrades, which makes for some interesting choices.

Fast forward to me in the rain and I have to set up a camp site. Found a cave, dropped some wood, started a fire and open roasted a some acorns and apples to regain my strength. Sit till night when the rain would stop. Came out ready to fight...Rise of a Blood Moon.

This god this game.

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