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Movies & TV / Re: Rate the last TV show you've seen
« on: Yesterday at 11:01:47 PM »
The Good Place


Second viewing. I binged the entire series this week. Wasn’t planning on it, kind of just happened. The Good Place is really good, and it may have supplanted Wonderfalls as my favorite show. I recently rewatched most of Wonderfalls’ lone season, and some parts did not age that well after 17 years. Maybe I’ll feel the same about The Good Place. I clearly really like these kinds of high concept shows. They’re similar in that they both follow kind of a dirtbag character who is positioned by circumstance to become a better person.

The Good Place is, however, not a perfect show. Jason is perhaps too dumb. I get that he’s there mostly for laughs, and I like that he had moments when his inane analogies were weirdly poignant. However, Jason is dialed to 11 when 8 or 9 would have worked better for me. He’s definitely the weakest of the main cast. At the same time, the entire main cast is great. Janet is easily my favorite.

I’m conflicted on pairing Eleanor and Chidi. Their relationship grew over the course of the show’s run, and for the most part, the writers did well (particularly the end). I just really had trouble getting past the show’s first season twist in relation to it. They’re in The Bad Place. Michael paired Eleanor and Chidi specifically because they’re the absolute worst people for each other yet they’re still perfect for each other. I don’t know how that could ever translate into those two becoming lovers.

Despite that, the writing is very good. Most jokes landed even and especially the second time around. I like that the plot kept moving. With the way the first season ended, it would have been really easy to retread ground yet the writers wisely swerved and kept pushing the plot and the characters forward. They could have really dragged the show out, and it was much better because they didn’t.

The final season is the worst season yet still really good especially the finale. Its main problem is it’s too short so it rushes through several plot points, and some characters do not get a proper resolution. John complicates Tahani’s afterlife a little bit then he’s just kind of there. He disappears for a few episodes then pops up in the finales for five seconds. Most of the characters started off as caricatures or archetypes then evolved past that. John never did. He never got the chance to be more than “stock gay man” which was frustrating to me. I guess one could argue he was a minor character thus not that important in the grand scheme of the show. Then again, Simone played such a big role in Season 3, returned in Season 4, complicated things a little bit then disappeared until the finale. One more episode to give both John and Simone a bit more depth would have been nice.

Side-note: Brent was surprisingly handled really well as a minor antagonist in Season 4. The moment he realized what a **** bag he was and legitimately tried to apologize to Chidi is one my favorite moments in the entire show. Brent almost seemed like a caricature then I think about who our president was, and nah, Brent’s character was weirdly like the most realistic one.

The penultimate episode is one of the most frustrating for me. The group finally got to The Good Place, and it sucks. That was an appropriate swerve and completely makes sense thematically and philosophically. The Good Place Committee also tricked Michael into becoming the Good Place Architect then proceeded to **** off entirely. The implication was they didn’t know how to make The Good Place not suck so they passed the buck onto the first immortal being they could. Sure. The group (Team Cockroach/Soul Squad) fixes this in one weirdly brief scene. They could have gotten at least two or three episodes out of that (i.e. brainstorming, failed attempts, more scenes from the Judge, Shawn, and the committee even though I find Paul Scheer thoroughly unfunny).

I am a fan of appropriate endings, and The Good Place’s finale may be my favorite of any show including both Futurama and Breaking Bad. Each main cast member was given an earned ending. Eleanor convincing Mindy St. Claire to enter the system is the only thing that felt rushed. It answered a question I didn’t need answered but was glad I got anyway. Seeing Mindy St. Claire’s test would be a neat El Camino-like epilogue should Michael Schurr ever go that direction.

One thing I wanted to touch on is I get the counter-argument that The Last Door is afterlife suicide. I don’t agree because it fundamentally, intentionally, and problematically distorts and diminishes why most people die by suicide. For the most part, people don’t intentionally end their own life because they’re content and complete as in the show. They do so because they can’t live with the pain, whatever that may be. I’m not down with that reading of the finale.

Finally, even though I didn’t completely buy Eleanor and Chidi’s relationship, it was almost entirely worth it for this scene. F you, Chidi’s wave. Tears. TEARS EVERYWHERE.

I’m conflicted on the play-in tournament. I like the experimentation and welcome more of it. However, I dislike the implications of this particular method. Any team can lose a game or two.

Maybe that’s the point. It forces teams to care more about random mid-season games because they may be the difference between being in the play-in tournament or not.

Looking at the standings, I dislike the play-in tournament more from the Warriors’ standing than the Lakers’. I don’t want the Warriors’ post season to hinge on one game. They clawed and scratched to be in the position they’re in, and as of today in any other season, they would be. Full stop. One potential bad or worse, good-but-not-Super-Saiyan-good Curry game would distract from the incredible run he had. I don’t want to f-ing hear all the bad analyst takes if that happens. I don’t know how you feel about it. To me, that’s worse. I hope the Warriors get in, and I’d hate it more if they didn’t than any other team if that makes sense.

As for the Lakers, they’re not winning anything if James and Davis aren’t healthy. Even if they make the playoffs, potentially running into the Jazz is not ideal (and I really wanted that matchup for the conference finals assuming everyone was mostly healthy by then). The Lakers really could have used that ramp up then James reaggravated his ankle injury. That said, ignoring toxic fans, I don’t know what I’d like more: chasing a three-peat or a revenge season.

Just imagine Lebron not even making the Playoffs!!!!
That literally happened two years ago. 🤷‍♀️

I guess I don’t really understand the sentiment. Why would anyone be excited about that? I hate when injuries derail a player’s or team’s season.

I see no winners here. If the Lakers somehow win this year despite the injuries, I’m not even going to enjoy the collective salt because toxic Lakers fans would be the cuntiest cunts who have ever cunted. I really don’t feel like dealing with that.

Blue / Re: apex booty pop (the spambot thread.)
« on: May 07, 2021, 04:36:50 PM »
Do we have a general birthday thread? An alarming amount of forum members are turning 40 soon.

That’s standard for shows. Producers will limit budgets of mid-season episodes if they need to reallocate that money for the finale. Those are typically bottle episodes like “Fly” in Breaking Bad. They needed more money to pull off blowing up half of Gus Fring’s face. Castlevania has been popular enough for Netflix to renew past their normal two or three seasons so maybe later seasons will have more consistent animation quality throughout.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Run the Developer 1: Shin'en Multimedia
« on: May 06, 2021, 02:56:13 PM »
According to the loose copies have gone from $10 to $30 in the past 6 years. Is that happening with most GBA games?
Common games like Mario Kart: Super Circuit can be found for ~$15 and free shipping. Sellers will still try to inflate the value. Just have to be patient.

Rarer games like Pokémon Emerald, for example, will cost you one kidney, 13 months of hard labor, your house, and first born child. If you do not have children, you must steal one in order to complete the transaction. May seem steep, but do you want to catch Rayquaza before facing the Elite Four or not?

Finally, Nintendo is providing its fans with tools to create their own games so it can then send DMCA takedown notices when they try to show off what they made on YouTube. I have to admire Nintendo’s commitment to the long con.

Andrew Garfield Denies Spider-Man: No Way Home Cameo Rumors: 'I Would've Gotten a Call By Now’
"I feel like I'm in a game of f---ing Werewolf or Mafia where I'm like 'I'm not the werewolf! I promise you I am not the werewolf!' and everyone's like 'You're the werewolf! You're the f---ing werewolf!'"

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Game Boy: Finally time to Play It Loud!®
« on: May 04, 2021, 11:13:30 PM »
I snagged Mario Kart: Super Circuit. I remember not liking this entry, but it was cheap so I wanted to give it another go.

I also managed to snag Game Boy Camera and Pokémon Crystal. The former is mostly for collection purposes. I never had one and always wanted it. I putzed around with it earlier. Not great. The latter was hella expensive. Pokémon Crystal is now the most expensive used game I’ve ever purchased, just edging out Metal Gear Solid (Ghost Babel) on Game Boy Color. I am embarrassed by how much I spent, but I will admit: After taxes, it was still under $100.

There may be an issue with Mario vs. Donkey Kong. I paid for it at the end of March and have yet to receive it. The last time I bought from a Canadian seller it took forever so I waited longer than usual this time before contacting the seller for an update. The seller has not responded yet. I will likely have to go through eBay for the money-back guarantee then find another copy. THANKS, CANADA.

I have to replace the battery on Pokémon Crystal. It’s the only game I bought that absolutely needs one. Game Boy and Game Boy Color games use CR2025 coin batteries. Unfortunately, I can only find off-brand CR2025 batteries with solder tabs. CR2032 batteries can fit and are more readily available from Panasonic, but they’re apparently a tight fit, and I’d rather not risk it. The Pokémon Crystal I just bought had an off-brand aftermarket battery installed, and it’s already dead. For comparison’s sake, the batteries Nintendo used in their cartridges typically last 20 to 30 years.

I’m considering doing this battery mod (here’s a tutorial by makho if you are interested/have half an hour). The short version is a modder, Martin Refseth AKA HDR, created a flex PCB that has solders to the cartridges and has solder points for a battery retainer (metal thing that holds batteries in place) so you can use CR2025 without solder tabs which are available everywhere. The flex PCB is ~$5.00, the retainer is ~$1.30, and a battery is ~$1.50. That’s almost $8.00 for a battery I may only have to replace one more time ever.

Battle Arena Toshinden on GB/GBC - Knew I liked Takara's take on Game Boy fighting games after Samurai Shodown, but I thought they kicked it up a notch here. Pretty sure I played it more than the original PSX game my brother had.
Interesting. I will look into this. Thanks!
Castlevania Legends - Another GB/GBC standout for me. Though it might just be because it was made after Symphony of the Night, yet it wasn't a metroidvania. Sometimes I just want to whip my way from point A to point B without having to backtrack.
I had every opportunity to get Castlevania Legends in the late 90s. I was partially scared off by EGM’s review. I wish I didn’t because this game is hella expensive now. Authentic cartridges are currently over $200 loose. This may have to be an EverDrive game for me.
Oh, & Kirby's Star Stacker. Everyone I let play it told me it was boring & both Tetris & Yoshi were better, yet I got addicted to it.
Hmm, I will also look into this. I’m not a big puzzle game person, but they’re perfect for these handhelds. I never played Kirby’s Star Stacker so it might be worth a shot.

First modded Game Boy Advance:

I gave this to a friend as I previously mentioned I would. I left the lens film on so he could officially do the honors, but you can still see how nice these displays look. He chose the aftermarket shell which is pre-cut for the larger display and does not require an aligning bracket so good thing I bought a bunch of those. 😒 This does not include a custom lens (used the one included with the IPS display from Funnyplaying) or the momentary switches for the shoulder buttons.

I actually broke a Game Boy Advance on my first attempt by accidentally desoldering a tiny component (which I immediately lost) while trying to remove one of the shoulder button switches. It can be repaired, but it’s probably not worth it because the component is stupid small, I’m not sure where to get the replacement part, and I’m not skilled nor invested enough to do so. I guess I now have a test/practice board to work on. 🤷‍♀️

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Run the Developer 1: Shin'en Multimedia
« on: May 04, 2021, 08:26:05 PM »
I have none of these games. I’m familiar with the developer. I’ll see if I can track down Iridion II.

So I didn’t watch the Lakers game, but these inexplicable weirdos lose to the m-f-ing Kings then beat the best team since the All-Star break.

The Lakers also gave up a 13 point lead in the fourth quarter so not an absolutely win, but I’ll take it.

I respectfully disagree. I really like the name, notably more than a generic “Black Panther II”.

Not that it matters because again, everything is non-canon. Thanos won.

I’d feel the same way except it’s all non-canon now. The MCU ended with Infinity War. Endgame was just a bedtime story Tony tells his daughter to make him feel better about failing the entire universe.

I don’t think the Lakers are making the playoffs this year. LeBron reaggravated his ankle injury and is out tonight against the Nuggets tonight because of course that would happen. Dennis Schröder is out for 10 to 14 days on health and safety protocols which is most covers most of the remaining games. Yeah, I don’t know how much basketball I’ll watch for the rest of this year. GG, guys. See you all next season.


LOL. These f-ing clown shoes lost another season series to a bottom feeding lottery team. They really want to be in the play in tournament. **** around and find out, guys.

Unfortunately, I just watched the slow-moving, pointless dumpster fire that was Season 3, so they have a lot of ground to make up after the fantastic Season 2.
That's fair though I'm not as hard on it. Season 3 was all escalation and setting the board for what will hopefully be a Season 4 closer to Season 2's highs. Ellis straight up didn't know what to do with Alucard, and there wasn't enough material as written for the Hector/Lenore thread to last an entire season. Season 3 was very uneven except it didn't have to be. It needed a little reprioritization. Take out Alucard's blatant stalling and maybe make Hector less of a simp-cuck. Give him a little agency, have him do something. Hector's thread was too slow of a burn. There were other, better ways to get him to be Lenore's slave than that ridiculous, unearned sex scene. For example, at some point mid-season Hector should have escaped, been found by Lenore then willingly returned with her. More manipulation to make him think he's making these choices on his own.

Otherwise, Season 3's highs are really high. Isaac's arc was excellent. The entirety of Saint Germain was excellent. Trevor and Sypha's Scooby Doo mystery thread was good until that largely unnecessary post-final battle swerve.
I don't know why they decided to only kinda, sorta adapt Curse of Darkness, a Castlevania game so few people played that Konami set fire to the entire franchise after it and rebooted it all with Lords of Shadow. I further don't know why they decided to kinda, sorta adapt it and then not really DO anything with it.
I'm glad Ellis cherrypicked parts of Curse of Darkness. He turned one of the coolest sounding Castlevania-anything (the Infinite Corridor) from a generic late-stage to a significant plot device. How much do you remember about Curse of Darkness? Game Hector was boring as hell, and the less said about what an insufferable edge-lord Game Isaac was the better along with his sister who inexplicably looked exactly like Game Hector's dead girlfriend or something. The plot was paint-by-numbers Castelvania.

I was under the impression that Marvel will write out T’Challa and continue with the Black Panther character. Maybe another character takes up the mantle. I’m on Team Recast. It’s sad that Boseman died, but T’Challa is too important culturally to tie the character to the actor who played him. I’m sure Marvel had its reasons.

Season 2 was my favorite. Season 3 was good but weird. The animation in the trailer is simply *chef’s kiss*

Apparently, Season 4 is expected to close the current arc so I’m curious how all the various threads close off. Warren Ellis has supposedly been dropped from the show presumably due to the egregious amount of sexual misconduct accusations against him. Collectively, this is such a bummer. First, control yourself. Is it really that difficult to not sexually harass others? Second, his writing on the show has been mostly excellent. I hope the writing doesn’t take a significant hit in future seasons.

At the very least, the title card at the end should have read “Captain America and the White Wolf” or something decidedly not “the Winter Soldier” because Bucky’s entire arc is about making amends for the harm he caused as the Winter Soldier so doubtful he wants that designation.

Goddammit, I really need a Warriors win tonight (playoff implications for Lakers and Warriors). I’m not watching the game, but I checked the box score, and they scored 29 points in the first half and are down by 43 points. Didn’t Klay Thompson once score 37 points in a quarter?

I’m hoping for theyhadusinthefirsthalfnotgonnalie.gif.

Blue / Re: YOU GUILTY!!! On all counts... ain't no denying it!!!
« on: April 27, 2021, 09:28:45 PM »
But then I realized I'd rather eat something more substantial, so I'd sneak in come Chipotle.  To make up for it, I would just buy two movie tickets.
No need. Just obtain the proper paperwork, and you’re golden.

General Chat / Re: Um, Apple thread
« on: April 27, 2021, 04:47:12 PM »
Apparently, Apple’s M2 chip has entered production and will ship as soon as July.

My guess is the X-variant of Apple's M-series chips is the plan for the company's desktop computers; it may have gotten disrupted by *broadly gestures at 2020/2021*. Also, isn't there currently a chip shortage? Is it possible that could affect things?

Ted Lasso is on the list. It's the only thing on AppleTV+ I've heard of. RABicle's assessment is interesting. I'll keep that in mind.

insanolord, what MacBook Pro are you eyeballing? If Apple finally releases the 14" model, that will probably be what I get. The MacBook Air is also an option though I remember feeling that the extra cost was worth upgrading to the Pro. We'll see if that holds up later this year.

Episode 6 was good, notably weaker than the previous episode. I don't want to write a big, long thing because no one reads those so here are some quick thoughts:

No issues with a black Captain America. Rather, I'm having trouble suspending disbelief because Sam is a regular, non-powered hero. When he got whipped into concrete tubes by a helicopter, I wondered why/how he was still alive.

John Walker is Steve Rogers' Wario.

"That's the Black Falcon there! I tell ya." / "Nah, that's Captain America!" is probably the worst bit of dialog in the entire show. Not needed, too on-the-nose.

"You don't think Lemar's life mattered?" is similarly bad dialog. I get it; I know what they're doing, and I didn't like it. The show tackled the topic of race really well that I felt invoking Black Lives Matter was unnecessary. It reminded me of when Coulson said "Fake news" in that one episode of Agents of Shield.

Sam's speech/lecture to the GRC in front of all those cameras was lazy writing. He isn't wrong. A big, expository dump is almost always the wrong choice. It felt very much like when shows wrap up "A Very Special Episode".

I liked the John Walker misdirection. I was really hoping he wouldn't do a full heel-turn. He can still be antagonistic without turning into a mustache twirling cartoon villain. Valentina calling him "U.S. Agent" could have been more subtle.

Sharon Carter as the Power Broker was a letdown. The writers leaned into it so hard, I was hoping they would swerve. They did not swerve.

The scene where Bucky's admitted he killed Yori's son was not as strong or emotionally resonant as I thought and wanted it to be. 🤷‍♀️

I have cast a total of 69 votes so unfortunately I cannot in good conscience vote on any more polls.

To answer the questions: Yes. A non-committal “when sales dip” but possibly when the rumored Switch Pro releases because the OG Switch could see a price cut as well. Probably most games. $29.99.

The original Player’s Choice line were games that reached over one million units sold. That isn’t especially difficult for Nintendo these days. What’s the criteria for Nintendo Selects? If it’s a broader “sold a bunch”, that’s most of those games even Astral Chain which I thought was going to bomb.

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