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XL-Value Mafia! R&R thread
« on: July 12, 2010, 06:44:42 PM »
1 There are no rules
2 You don’t talk about my Mafia games, past or present
3 No complaining
4 Standard mafia rules
5 Ties are decide based on points
6 Khushrenada cannot win under any circumstances
7 Day end at Midnight EST
8 Role actions are due 5 minutes after the day ends, the earlier the better.

Ron “The DON” McDonald: Leads the mafia, picks the hits, psycho, general hardass.
Grimace and Birdie: Henchmen

Jack: The Killer with a twist. Thanks to the mafia killing, he can kill every night and have his actions be lost in all the bloodshed. If he kills the godfather he become the mafia’s new godfather (losing his own hit but raising his odds at winning) or if both the godfather and the killer agree can join up saving his hit but they have to find each other first. If he's voted he can take one person down with him.

“The Colonel” Sanders:  The Vigilante who can kill whoever he thinks is evil. Used to failure; he can make 2 a mistake before giving up on enforcing law with force. Leads the Townie alliance
Wendy the whore: Can block a vote, or block a hit at the cost or her life.
“Little” Caesar: Investigates once a night or void it in return of being able to send out an anonymous message instead. If he investigates the killer, the killer becomes wise to him and finds his identity as well.
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