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Gamespy's online plans
« on: July 26, 2003, 02:52:30 AM »
From "Australian CUBE Issue 09"

In a recent interview about Nintendo's online plans, Gamespy President, Jon Epstein, confirmed that his company will be providing the middleware technology that will allow GameCube owners to play networked games.
  Speaking more specifically about what actual features are ctaered for, Epstein stated that: "Developers that use Gamespy's software would be able to quick and easily add modules to their games which provide player matchmaking, text chat, voice chat, instant messaging, security, ladder systems, online storage (virtual memory card) and other online related applications". what this actually means is that GameSpy is providing the software to allow developers to make games with the option to implement networked gaming complete with headset and keyboard communication and dowload content. Whilst the actual peripherals aren's confirmed for GC, if a developer wants to code headset functionality, wants instant keyboard communication in an MMORPG, or even include downloadable extras, then it can.
  Just as interestingly, Epstein was asked when gamers can expect to see the first Nintendo title using the Gamespy setu. His reply was "I believe we're looking at Q4 2003 or Q1 2004". In fact, following this confirmation, there's speculation that Mario Kart may ultimately feature online connectivity at a later date.
  Also Gamespy confirmed all you need is a broadband adapter and a broadband connection.
  Gamespy itself wont charge any fees for connection, that decision rests with Nintendo, in fact considering that senior figures at Nintendo have long claimed to be uneasy about the monthly charges often incurred in online play, this service may even be free.

Got any other news, plz tell me!!!